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d100 Apocalypse Beach: Surf Nazis Must Die!

Big thankyou to everyone who gave me nice comments over post 2000 space pdf and the blog in general. Also big thanks to the new Patrons. Several have requested more gothic fairytale stuff too which will happen. Also found some nice threads discussing me like proper blogger which is nice. So somewhat inspired again to go back to my d100 roots a bit.

d10 Quick Types of Beach Stuff
01 Sand

02 Slime
03 Surf
04 Recreation
05 Wreckage
06 Structures
07 Maniacs
08 Camp
09 Mutant life
10 Technology

d100 Apocalypse Beach Discoveries
01 Sand soft and most sink 50cm with deeper spots
02 Sand dunes slow movement and visibility
03 Vegetation and grasses with bamboo or bushes easy to hide in with trails
04 Sand Monster Ambush d4 1=sand shark 2=sand squid 3=giant ant lion 4=giant leeches 
05 Fragile cliffs, chasms and canyons in sand where water flows in trickle
06 Swarm of marine vermin in sand d4 1=crabs 2=worms 3=jellyfish 4=sea lice
07 Signs of a boat dragged ashore or tracks of ground vehicles
08 Tracks of a pack of dangerous animals looking for beach food (pigs or wolves), they are close and just ahead. If they hear you they will scatter then follow you or make ambush 
09 Stinking mudflats with scattered garbage up to one metre deep 
10 Constantly blowing sand and dust devils, often leaves strange formations and erosion
11 Beach is covered in gigantic ropey masses of seaweed
12 Beach covered in dead d4 1=fish 2=squid 3=crabs 4=jellyfish
13 Drums of industrial waste washed ashore with pretty coloured pools of slime
14 Rotting corpses of giant marine creatures like whales or tylosaurs
15 Sea mutants mating and egg masses and bodily fluids everywhere
16 Rotting human corpses creatures have been feeding off, many are crab filled
17 Beach is covered in strange coloured slimy worms 1m deep
18 Masses of quivering gelatinous protoplasm and foam on beach, slime and ooze mutants hiding
19 Sewerage everywhere, if you look find pipes leading to community possibly a hidden bunker. Attracts some creatures
20 Colony of animals everything covered in shit and nests, eggs, babies and angry parents
21 Tideline moves dramatically easily trapping or flooding beach
22 Shallow sea where you can walk out for several km, some plants and sharks and other animals
23 Huge wave crashes ashore infrequently taking people by surprise
24 Really good surf conditions 1=frienfly dolphins 2=surfer gang own the beach 3=mutant supremist surfers 4=marine abhumans surfing
25 Someone hanging onto wreckage calling for help at sea
26 Raft of garbage with a mutant animal trapped floating by
27 A melting iceberg 1in6 something odd frozen inside possibly alive 
28 Cliff coastline with crashing waves at base
29 Pillars of stone or ancient megastructure offshore, possibly inhabited
30 Distant platform on sea visible d4 1=hydrogen fuel rig 2=part of destroyed sea barrier 3=desalination plant 4=fish farm 5= 6=
31 Beach area with carpark & wrecked cars, a kiosk where icecream, soda, burgers, fish &  chips were sold. A toilet block and outdoor showers
32 Remains of a huge waterslide in a fake mountain, castle or fantasy atlantis
33 Ancient Aquarium a holy place where many marine abhumans created and crawling with weird sea creatures and marine dinosaurs. An AI with a cult or androids guards inside
34 Private boat club marina, fenced off with robot guards and secure buildings. Damaged boats and wharfs but useful ancient junk and survival gear
35 Surf life saving club over several hundred metre section of the beach between flags. There is a watchtower, toilet block, clubhouse with bar and snack kiosk, a gym and boat shed for various equipment. Inhabited by d4 1=android lifeguards 2=faction base 3=killer surf gang 4=marine abhumans
36 Protected fenced nudist beach with attractive naked androids frolicking at ancient activities. Will admit members and accept ancient payments for new members. Some locals humans have lived here for years for food and safety as disappearance are scarce. Androids guard humans from hooligans and conservative morality murder cults of the pre apocalypse. Their is a pool, BBQ area, bar, cafe, playground and a secret dungeon bunker with d4 1=awful rich naked perverts living in comfort 2=frozen libertine rich hippie love cultists 3=morlocks who eat human guests and run everything 4=bunker with AI and force of defence androids and robots
37 Carny Pier with damaged shacks with carnival games and ancient traditional foods like soylent dogs, tofu burgers and printed pizzas just like Papa makes. Inhabited by d4 1=crooks running vice and casino 2=
36 Submarine tours complex with semi submerged building with windows and transparent metal tunnels under the sea floor with a submarine pen and giant aquariums
37 Old time wooden ship or metal warship or sub on pier  a historic restored vessel with a resteraunt and museum. Inhabited by d4 1=robots in historic dress who keep in perfect condition 2=pirate scum 3=Fish abhumanoid folk 4=mutant giant octopus
38 Club Mod resort chain for the rich under a dome with elaborate service and worker tunnels. Inhabited by d6 1=morlocks and eloi herds 2=rich undead 3=faction base 4=marine abhuman colony 5=androids and replicants of ancient celebrities 6=Gaudy pirates with pretentions of nobility
39 Giant concrete novelty building d4 1=crab or lobster 2=fish 3=fruit 4=food or beverage 5=fast food mascot 6=ship. Has kiosk and resteraunt with novelty statues and lots of photo ops. Inhabited by d4 1=cultists 2=marine abhumanoid scouts 3=violent gang 4=feral children gang. Inhabitants often wear ancient uniforms found here
40 Coastal themepark ruin d4 1=Biblical Funland 2=DNA dinosaur park 3=Pirate World 4=Slaughter Seven (guests released in environment and hunted by seven android replicants of famous evil doers they must defeat to escape - once a popular program)
41 Beached cruise liner ship overgrown and damaged but at sometime someone fortified it and lived here for decades. Now inhabited by d4 1=wild mutants 2=undead 3=settler colony 4=marine abhumans 5=cult 6=Canetoad abhuman base guarded by well armed and trained veterans. Inside are pools with thousands of tadpoles, spawn and baby toads being trained in combat by commandoes 
42 Wharves and dozens of damaged boats scattered from a past tidal wave
43 AIrliner crashed long ago and broke into sections along beach
44 Rusted huge ship surrounded by vegetation and overgrown with plants. Many mutant animals and plants live here 
45 Several wrecked transport ships off shore and a mountain of cargo containers are mostly covered by coral below water
46 Beached ship with huge tear in hull and wreckage half buried in sand. Someone has has secured the wreck and fortified the upper part
47 Offshore transport ship lower levels sunken but upper intact levels have been used for a settlement in the past with signs of aquaculture and deck gardens
48 Almost completely buried luxury yacht. If you could get in the remains of rich and their robot servants are trapped inside
49 Millitary warship offshore. Part of its systems still work and are AI directed. It is hostile and even walking onshore with any heavy weapon might get a laser cannon or worse fired at them. This would make a dream base and has many intact weapons and tech and power. It may need maintenance and exotic parts
50 Artificial Island or sea dome megastructure, partly damaged by war and hundreds of years of exposure. Possibly has bunker or sealed or subterranean habitat inside
51 Coastguard base surrounded by sandbags, monowire, electric fences, sensor domes and automated weapons otherwise destroyed wreckage possibly with a sealed basement. Various vehichle berths and sheds for boats and flyers and hover skimmers
52 Naval base now irradiated crater d4 1=horrible mutants 2=mutation cult 3=undead 4=deranged damaged defence mecha. Possible bunkers intact, great base for an AI
53 Remains of megastructure of a bridge or undersea transit tube train now mostly collapsed
54 Remains of massive cargo depot with a d6 wrecked ships and mountains of stacked cargo containers and rusted crane mechs. All kinds of treasures here attract constant conflict
55 Shattered remains of a small port town, many buried areas and ruins. SOme overgrown and claimed by sea or sand
56 Coastal arcology partially flooded ruin inhabited by d4 1=marine water humans 2=marine abhuman beast folk 3=undead 4=mutant sea creatures, plants and coral
57 Hotel complex with large carpark and many courtyards each with a pool and playground
58 Beach townhouse apartment complex, gated community inhabited by d4 1=security and service robots 2=faction base 3=settlers with gardens 4=brutal gang of cannibal fisher folk
59 Lighthouse, automated with micropile, also an antenna. Someone has secured it and it has limited access by land or rough sea. It seems in good condition
60 Shopping mall and carpark complex, some areas flooded and overgrown, with multiple factions and hostile mutant life
61 Scruffy beach combers in fisher folk garb wave in friendly manner, actually cannibals
62 Robed cultists 
worshiping a mutant horror of the deep d4 1= with sacrifice victim and chum to call their beast god 2= chanting to an idol and dancing 3=priests making psionic contact with distant sea kaiju god 4=having a party with marine abhuman beast folk
63 Savage brutal fisher folk killing beached sea creatures look surly as they take turns punching the monster in the face
64 Fascist historical cosplay gang with surfboards claim this patch of beach for the master race only. Boast that only death will stop them and hurl purist abuse. Locals will all help finish them off if you ask
65 Fish folk in tactical webbing over woven string vests with tazer tridents and stun nets, come out of the sea to kidnap humans - they have airmasks for victims who become slaves in deep sea cities for fish kind
66 Corpses washed up on the beach begin to move, all are undead
67 Strange pointy eared people in jumpsuits walk from the sea smiling claiming to bring new ways and secret knowledge to those who follow. They seek to scout coast and gain DNA samples of surface degenerate peoples
68 Submarine vehichle beaches itself then morphs into a land mecha. The pilot is on a mission and has little interest in local primatives
69 Loner in a scout battlesuit with an ancient tech weapon, fearful of those who survived outside bunkers. Hopes to find nice civilisation to help if possible (no warlords) and paranoid about surface mutoids
70 Mounted or driving faction patrol looking for something will ask if their target seen. d4 1=criminal syndicate 2=suspicious or warband of brutes 3=gang want no witnesses they were here 4=militia patrol
71 Stranded shipwrecked settlers with very little looking for dry shelter
72 Survivors from a prewar sea platform disaster camped on a beach in jumpsuits with a rubber dingy, ration packs and a survival slug thrower
73 Scrappy looking beach dwellers looking for washed up technology or treasures after a storm d4 1=paranoid about claim jumpers robbing them 2=this is our claim get off 3=fisherfolk with nets, lines and a boat 4=mutant cannibal cultists
74 Mutants camp wary of anti mutant factions, already escaped a few
75 Family of abhumans secure camp where they hunt and trade from
76 Ruinsed building colonised and turned into a farm
77 Ruined waterside building and wharf used by local faction as a transport hub
78 Farmers struggling with crops and disease with almost nothing, secretly replicants a cover and bait for an android kill team targeting anti android factions
79 Tribal hunters on a initiation dreaming quest with some young people
80 Feral tribe of crusty ravers with waggons (or colourful double deckar bus or schoolbus) with a massive sound system, vegetarian curry, drugs and a wall made of ambulent trifrond-marijuana hybrid plants that protect their humans. Let cool people stay for a fee and set plants on troublemakers
81 Mutant plesiasaurus lumbers from waves with incredibly long neck to snatch a victim then flee
82 From cliff caves, hungry dimetradon mutant throwbacks pout out hungry like more mobile on land crocodiles
83 A hideous mutant freak barley recognisable by a human face is tormenting other travellers and screaming about his hunger in the shoreline
84 Mutant supremists anti-normal suicide cult out to cause all the trouble they can with poor or improvised weapons 
85 Pulsating shoggoth pours from a pit screaming with unholy hunger
86 Chimera hybrid mutant horror with many strange powers still thinks its human and wants d4 1=imprison a mate 2=eat flesh drink blood 3=slaves to worship it like a god 4=wants territory based on fear and gifts to pass
87 Sphynx like mutant hybrid possibly human or animal face demands answer to its bizarre questions, if you fail three it tries to eat you  
88 Melting sobbing mutant trying to hold self together as devolves into flesh coloured slime and washes away
89 Ogrish huge mutant clan in beach clothes and football team beanies with a ball, umbrella, BBQ and eski of stolen beer and human hands
90 Creepy grinning mutant melting flesh horror watches you from afar from height
91 Metal shipping container d6 1=now a shack 2=creature lair full of trash 3=sealed shipping goods 4=manequins 5=tyres 6=car parts
92 Antenna concealed with debris or buried in sand  is broadcasting and recieving
93 Signal Bouy with a flashing light and in fog will make loud horn sound, stands out with radio equiptment
94 Metal hatch partly buried in sand d4 1=buried sub 2=bunker 3=industrial facility 4=morlock base
95 Damaged robot d4 1=harmless agbot 2=infantry robot with dirty tricks protocol and some grenaides and a light automatic plastic rifle 3=Cargo lifter robot who likes moving things 4=recycler bot in quest for a material will attack and kill strangers
96 Robot offers you free SPF2000 sunblock tanning spray courtesy of a tri-d station of the ancients, wants to take your photo for a chance at a prize in contest, weeks later a drone delivers the prize: a book of discount meal vouchers for 300 top resteraunts and motel in each state 
97 Damaged robotank, sand covering solar cells will power up in an hour if uncovered then demand an atomic fuel cell or where to get one. After ensuring propper power it seeks to take an area in name of ancient government
98 Sea-Ag or industrial mecha wreck, part buried and part flooded
99 Dying, unhappy and wounded cyborg battle whale beached in shallows, if given a pep talk and can get it into water and some meds it may survive to menace shipping for a thousand years 
Crashed space lifeboat or re-entry pod from d4 1=eldren space explorer 2=cyborg hostile to all earth life 3=swashbuckling merc escaping a villain orbital 4=attractive replicant spy for an AI

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