Monday 18 April 2022

Easter Gamma Encounters

Hoops are giant humanoid-rabbit mutants with a knack for firearms and are to turn metal into rubber somehow. They often ride horned riding jackalopes and they are well known for being jerks. They can get along with people though. There is an ancient festival called Easter. The ancients celebrated a magic rabbit who gave away chocolate eggs he got from somewhere to feed the survivors of the apocalypse. The rabbit saviour freed life from the machines by dropping the big egg long ago destroying the old world with fire.

After humanity reached the stars and fell to ruin in the war two hundred years ago. Somehow Hoops have uncovered ancient cartoons, ruins of a bunny club, dolls, breakfast cereal and especially remnants of easter. People who live near Hoops get ready with bunkers and keep their pets safe indoors. It is possible to placate frenzied hoops with chocolate bars of the ancients. Chocolate rabbits and eggs appease them the most. In some cases, marshmallows or solid sugar may do. 

If not appeased hoops will rampage around the region stealing vegetables, digging holes and throwing their coloured "egg" grenades as "gifts". They do select grenades in accordance with their past dealings. People sit in their bunkers and foxholes in fear of that first coloured egg and if it is a gift for a friend or something deadly

d12 Nice Eggs
1 Yellow - Laughing Gas
2 Magenta - Musk scented pink fog
3 Green - Vitamin gummy candies
4 Orange - Candied baby carrots and beets
5 Navy - 10d10 rounds of 5.56mm plastic printed ammo
6 Rainbow - light show and music
7 Coloured spots - Streamers and crackers
8 Lime - salad pack garden fresh 
9 Black - seed bomb produces huge fast-growing carrots
10 Sky - nanite virus turns you into a hoop 
11 Silver - summons jackalopes
12 Gold - nanites turn area into chocolate

d12 Nasty Eggs    
1 White - sonic blast 3d6 
Red - incendiary 4d6 +1hp/round for 2d4 rounds
3 Black - frag 5d6
4 Copper - breaks into four proximity micro fragmines mines 
Green - contaminated shortlife rad waste material contaminates area-
Blue - altered myxamatosis, victims resist or blinded and lungs drown in foam
Navy - toxic nerve gas
8 Purple - mutgenic compound dispersal
Yellow - Swarm of modified mosquitoes or fleas carrying zombie plague
10 Orange - nanites alter your tissue to mutant vegetal matter usually a carrot
11 Brown - seeds of fast growing carniverous mutant plats
12 Grey - nanite colony swarm reduces everything to slime and ironpellets until power depleted

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