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d100 Events on a 5 Year Exploration Mission

So one of my dream campagns is to run my Commonwealth Gunship Campaign where a fleet of armed FTL ship is searching for hundreds of much slower one way colony ships sent out 200 years earlier. Some weird stuff has happened in that time. 

These will work along side my space book niceley

So these are for exploring ships to meet stuff while searching for signs of lost colonists. Aliens can be fakes or just creations or minions of an older species. A black op is running along side the colony searchers to fake an alien threat so they all agree to join the commonwealth. Its totally illegal and the characters could exposes this. Other factions might try this scheme on a smaller scale. In my setting at least one adventurer crew released a abhuman lab made species to expose the program with mixed results. Some of these have started colonies with clones using stolen colony technology. Possibly some found a colony gen ship struck by a disaster and used it. Lots of colonies modify themselves. Its cheaper than terraforming and sometimes people designed to do the terraforming object to making the planet hostile to them and take over. Coloured skin, facial features, eye membranes are the most common changes. Some have elaborate colour patterns. Abhumans are made from plans for labour or combat troops in a shortage and meant to be obsolete but sometimes they don't agree. Some colonies use abhumans or androids or robots as a bottom caste.

d10 Quick Event Types
01 Signal detected  
02 Technology Hazard
03 Astronavigation Hazard 
04 Allied Vessel
05 Colony Vessel
06 Unidentified Vessel
07 Unidentified Object
08 Space Wreckage
09 First Colony Contact
10 Alien Remnants

d100 Commonwealth Gunship Exploration Events
01 SOS beacon from a damaged small vessel from a colony
02 SOS beacon from a settlement under attack by oppressors
03 SOS beacon from someone under attack by pirates
04 SOS astronaut in cryonic capsule or possibly several together 
05 SIgnal from missing probe ship, its experimental drive now standard
06 SIgnal from ships boat from ancient colony vessel
07 Hostile signal from isolated colony gon mad to some cult, broadcast their scriptures to convert the heathens to true clarity of their cult and the genetic and cosmetic mods they provide
08 Signal from a new generation probe scout ship in trouble, has records of new systems
09 Signal from a failed colony, last signal as they face some doom years ago d6 1=disease 2=disaster 3=attacked 4=alien animal life 5=ancient alien bioweapon 6=ancient alien machine
10 Eratic strange band readings not natural phenomena possibly advanced technology
11 Mines from some ancient battle in area detected - ship requires silent running
12 Engine failure ejects current fuel core or reaction mass or damaged requiring resupply
13 Rare components blown require rare minerals to replace ships stores
14 Artificial gravity offline or unavailable for maintenance making spaceflight slow and awkward (anti grav plates or hab wheel need realignment) 
15 The ship strikes an object setting off every alarm possibly requiring repairs and risking some crew
16 Life support in crisis mode needs urgent work especially if cryonics, clone vats, embryo racks or DNA printer protein pods need to be saved
17 Computer problems d4 1=gone serial killer 2=error in protocol from different brand parts 3=system viruses 4=self destruct device keeps arming need some talking to disarm itself
18 A drone or robot becomes hostile, attempts sabotage and suicide if caught destroying memory data of who is responsible
19 Some system needs jury rigging bypass or programming to keep working with some other brand parts
20 Some exterior damage a spacewalk is required to repair and is still some risk
21 Some preprogrammed in course correction has been made by the ship AI in accordance with some surprise secret mission 
22 Some rough subspace travel and a surprise destination or fight time to expected
23 Subspace navigator having some crisis and too traumatised to jack into the nav comp for a while
24 Find debris of an earth colony ship and a possible trajectory
25 Find wormhole a damaged entrance to some hyperspatial network built by the ancients taking you somewhere unexpected
26 Unstable wormhole from some stardrive mishap creating weird effects that will eventually close
27 Unstable wormhole to d4 1=hyperspacial graveyard of fused ships 2=an isolated colony world 3=planet with ancient ruins 4=planet of crashed humanoids and aliens
28 Computational anomalies and conditions for FTL systems are non-optimal from some hyperspatial phenomena like weather
29 Detect some other mass close in hyperspace requiring quick calibration in course to avoid
30 Collision with something d4 1=debris 2=alien object 3=recognisable ship 4=wreckage 
31 Gunboat happy to meet and share data and supplies
32 Pirates from a colony jacked the signal and plan a trap
33 Scout ship returning home route wants to share data on several systems
34 Supply vessel here to provide fuel and supplies to extend the mission
35 Supply station partly built from supply pods and fuel tanks to extend the range of explorers, new and barely inhabited yet but has fuel, possibly automated or left for some time
36 Signal relay beacon to improve FTL coms of the more advanced ships possibly with supplies
37 Mercantile vessel off legal course possibly trading with isolated colonies unfairly
38 Survey Exploration Ship & science team  
39 Black ops gunboat d4 1=moves to threatening position 2=in orbit 3=avoid contact and hide 4=following wont answer hails
40 Older model scoutship in orbit around a planet or possibly landed
41 In system mining ships from colonies
42 In system explorers ship or scout
43 In system colony gunboat
44 In system interceptor fighters in group of 3
45 Colonial assault gunship with boarding equipment
46 In system colony freighter ship
47 In system colony defence frigate
48 Colonial space station or orbital
49 In system pirates or criminal organisation
50 Remains of old colony ship or exodus colony module
51 Drone missile attack
52 Nuclear detonation laser drone
53 Mysterious readings of some kind of stealth scout
54 Several unfamiliar ships converging on your position
55 Spy satellite of unknown manufacture
56 Gunship of hostile androids on black of for some faction 
57 Gunship of abhumanoid animen made to be fake aliens for a secret op
58 Spy vessel of another colony unknown to local inhabitants or explorers
59 Automated defence station (possibly current colony don't control)
60 Three defensive drone fighters guard colony (possibly current colony don't control)
61 Object moves beyond ability of best known ships
62 Advanced alien vessel detected spying on you flees when detected
63 Ancient alien probe scans ship then flees reporting to other machines
64 Warp effect phenomena from some advanced civilisation activity
65 Ancient alien defence drone awakened by technology
66 Alien vessel d4 1=equivalent civilisation 2=less advanced 3=automated or robot crew 4=ancient ship with less advanced crew
67 Alien signal from an incredibly dangerous location requiring specialised equipment and suits that even standard drones fail in (hostile planet, radio active area)
68 Ghost signals of ship detected of point where a FTL mishapoccured once, repeats randomly
69 Ruins detected possible older than humans, possibly in non habitable location in system
70 Biological creature or vessel or object, possibly in a comet tail or orbit or on planet
71 Wrecked spacecraft graveyard that moves in and out or hyperspace in anomalous region that possibly moves around several systems
72 Fused mass of mashed up wrecked ships or megastructures dropped out of hyperspace and will probably returm
73 Colony ship or module
74 Remains of wrecked old colony module or ship resolving an old mystery
75 Remains of orbital and ground structures from colonisation attempt
76 Wrecked scout or gunship crashed on a planet
77 Abandoned space station with mining drone bays
78 Wrecked vessel from slower drive era, should not be possibly here
79 Empty ships lifeboat
80 Remains of megastructure in space - a huge station or asteroid habitat 
81 Primative colonists worship autofactory AI
82 Colony in long civil war destroyed or fight over most advanced colony
83 Operational colony taken over by cult or political despot and xenophobic, some modify themselves to be distinct from humans
84 Colony at war vs engineered combat humanoids or robots originally made by some faction
85 Colony in conflict with more recent solar system sub colonies
86 Colony sprawling developed eugenics cast system and extreme social control, fairly advanced
87 Colony had some apocalypse or disaster and recovering but fragmented
88 Colony over run by psychotic murder space cult willing to use genetic engineering and mass murder for control. AI might have been sabotaged, modified or responsible
89 Conlonists have used cybernetics, robots and androids with good technology
90 Colony has successful culture and does not welcome contact with the mother planet
91 Planet has indigenous sentient life although it might take time to recognise, sometimes humans might have also settled and not notices natives or given them credit or respect
92 Crashed alien vessel with remains, quite old very valuable, unsure if has any function
93 Life signs and alien signals to a strange structure, trap left by ancients in their galactic war long ago
94 Remains of an alien base difficult to spot and very ancient
95 Alien ruins of some non human colony covering a large area like a city
96 An alien vessel attempts communication but is difficult, requires some materials to reach home 
97 Ancient monumements and ruins of alien civilisation that vanished
98 A species here is in fact some alien caste abandoned here long ago and survived as primitives and some might not think they were sentient or linked to alien artifacts
99 Human colony reverted to primitivism but among alien ruins with evidence both co habited for a while and humans preserve some culture
100 Backward human colony exploits and abuses alien species they don't believe are sentient

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