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Psionics Revision Lv Four

Psionics Revision Lv Four

1 Abjure [R9][DI] command planar being to return home 50% base chance +/-5% difference between the caster level and the being reverse Implore calls a lesser planar being using same formula as Abjure but it has no obligation to obey but might be willing to negotiate

2 Charm Monster [R12][DD][SN] charm a monster friend, -4 save if used as charm person, may gain additional saves if treated poorly or alignment challenged

3 Cloak of Concealment [RS][A3][DT] items and persons in area invisible to magical divination or tracking or detection spells and magic items outside the area

4 Cloak of Fear* [RS][A3][DR][SN] any in range make will save or flee d4 rounds and, reverse Cloak of Courage any in range immune to fear magic or effects, any effected by fear are cured

5 Confusion Ray [R9][AC30]
[DR][SN] Will save or targets confused 2d4 rounds target rolls d4 1=attack nearest person 2=stand still indecisive while hallicinates 3=flee in random direction screaming 4=wander around confused babbling in random direction

6 Dimension Door [R20][DI] teleport to a visible point in the range, +1 willing touched person/4Lv

7 Divination [RS][D1H] ask deity a question, one-word reply per level in hour-long ritual 

8 Dream Walk [RT][DT][SN] can enter the dreams of another creature to observe them, learn information or create illusions to please or torment or deceive them. Each turn in the dream may seek an additional scrap of information or clue or implant some idea. If you help a person they gain +2 on Will saves for an hour after waking, if tormenting with nightmares -4 on morale checks or will saves to resist fear for an hour after waking 

9 Exorcism* [RT][DI] drive the unwelcome spirit from object or person by touch or remove a charm or curse or mind control. *Possetion invites a random hostile spirit to occupy a person who fails a will save

10 Fear Ray [R9][AC][SN] Will save or flee one round/Lv 

11 Find path [AS][DH] directs you safest direct path to a place you visualise or name

12 Implant Memory [RT][DR][SN] can implant, remove or alter a past memory of an event, each round in contact with the subject you can change a minute of their memories. If confronted by evidence, trusted friends or incongruance between memories and facts they get a new saving throw even if years later  

 Improved invisibility [RT][DT] like invisibility spell but remains invisible for whole duration

 Magic mirror [RS][DR] Can spy on a person, place or object known to you on the same plane. Use a reflective surface such as a crystal orb, mirror or water. Beings that can see ethereal plane or use truesight may detect the blurry face of the observer

15 Mirage [R12][A4][DT][SN] advanced programmed illusion that is triggered on conditions but loops the same actions every Turn/L. Includes sensory experiences even a building with occupants or a burning devil filled pit.  

16 Phantom killer [R12][DI][SN] victim Will save or die of fear having seen worst nightmares. First aid for one round may revive them with a success. If the caster knows a specific fear of the victim through esp or spying on dreams or other means the saving throw is -4, but not all beings have such a specific fear to prey on 

Regeneration Field* [RS][A3][DR] Area around caster heals 1HP per round on up to one living being per level. *Life Leech Field drains 1HP per round on up to one living being per level in the area

 Spirit Bargain [AS][DI] hour ritual to contact a powerful local, land or nature spirit to make a bargain to aid the mortal petitioner. Spirit demands d4 1=treasure 2=punish enemy 3=labour 4=quest.  Possible services include d4 1=safe camp or route 2=obscure lore about region 3=healing potion or scroll 4=use powers to help. If you know a specific spirits name you can call it otherwise a random one attuned to area with personality reflecting the landscape 

Tongues [RS][DT] can speak or understand any sapient species written or spoken language for a turn per level

Truesight [RS][A6][DT] see through effects of any magic disguise, invisibility or illusions


  1. I thought that Baphomet hated moon-days…

  2. Garfomet as he is known this age
    keeps his secret lore enscribed on pasta sheets in boiling cheese and metal sauce in a metal casket


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