Sunday 12 December 2021

d12 Fantasy Psionic Traditions

These are some schools for my psionics spells in my games. Part of some fill-in for the booklet I'm prepping. Almost done as a 16-page booklet.

d12 Fantasy Psionic Traditions
1 Illusionists
rare and exotic foreign system employed in secret often by criminals, spies, assassins or even just entertainers
2 Shaman
Priestly specialists who deal with spirits, divination and healing, usually a type of priest
3 Mystics
Psionic martial artists and athletes belonging to mysterious sects, prefer to enhance themselves in close combat and seek knowledge
4 Exorcists
Hunt and fight undead and evil spirits, some specialise in ghosts or ghouls or vampires depending on local problems
5 Inquisitors
Witch hunter specialists who hunt cultists, heretics and unlawful spell users are often referred to as witches
6 Seers
Specialist divination experts revered for wisdom and judgement, usually scholars in many fields and widely respected. Some are even healers or diplomats or operate great libraries
7 Cultists
Specific otherworld entities of the void share their knowledge and power and granted puny humans strange mind expanding powers. In return they aid their planar master and serve their glory
8 Witch
Outlawed anarchist spell users who flaunt the kingdom approved magical orthadoxy often work on the fringes of society helping the poor and outcast or just getting revenge on their enemies or doing crime. Many fear witches but many know one and owe tthem
9 Mediums
Specialise in contacting dead spirits and other planes for knowledge information, often aid people who seek to commune with the dead or to investigate supernatural menaces
10 Mentalists
Scholars of occult sciences of probing the mind and gaining mysterious obscure lore. Some are grubby entertainers and con artists, but eventually, their powers gain them great fame and status
11 Philosophers
Students of debate and meditation prefer to study and work with peers or all alone but some may choose to interact with the world to test a theory or learn new traditions. Their disciples alter their brains from years of esoteric study
12 Psionicists
An order of psionic schools who graduates travel to face enemies and hazards to test themselves on. Once they have been fired in the forge of hardship they can bend reality to their will and live forever in a paradise of their own creation. Wear famous robes and some fear them for their mental powers and ability to steal secrets

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