Tuesday 7 December 2021

Psionics Revision Lv Five

One more post, a bit of revision and will put into my homebrew rulebook and make a small booklet for use at the table. Probably revise nature spells next.

Psionics Revision Lv FIve

1 Animate Matter [R12][A1][DT] turn pile of junk or artwork into a temporary animated automaton that obeys simple orders from the creator AC +4 junk or wood +8 metal or stone 1HD/Lv Mov6, ram small d6 human-size 2d6 large 3d6 depending on size. 

2 Contact Plane [RT][DR][SN] question helpful specific planar being, but it can be used to try and contact other beings but they get a saving throw to determine if their information is incomplete or a lie. They can provide information relative to their plans or interests on one subject matter of lore

3 Dismiss* [R12][DI][SN] command non-nobility planar being to depart to its home plane if more HD than caster it can save to resist *Invite calls a being to negotiate to perform one task (one fight) if higher HD and saves will betray caster or twist the instructions to punish caster

4 Magic Jar [RT][DT][SN] spirit can exit the body and hide in an object or possess a victim. If the body dies while spirit away the caster becomes become a free-roaming spirit requiring host bodies or objects to avoid their afterlife fate

5 Maze [RT][A30][DT][SN] make the location a spacial maze requiring leaders Reason saves to escape, otherwise, the victims are trapped outside time-space until the spell collapses

6 Mass Hallucination [RT][DH][SN] makes illusionary terrain that could conceal roads, a village, buildings or even a ravine. 100m square per level of wilderness terrain or 10m cube in an urban area with multiple stories and occupants building and inhabitants. The terrain slows travellers as real terrain or might conceal a hazard or place. If has some reason to be suspicious like someone burns in unseen lava all who see this would get a talent to save. Or make a save each hour spent in the area of effect to see loops and mistakes. Illusionary people have limited conversation but seek to distract and slow those in the area with twaddle, possibly even offering food and drink and a rest

7 Mass Invisibility [RT][DH] ten persons per level become invisible as per the spell but also limited to an hour per caster level. Usually, you can make ten persons invisible per round by touch

8 Mind Probe [R9][DR][SN] more powerful version of ESP, -4 WIll save to resist can probe deep memory of a person each round find a memory or snippet of information even things forgotten by the subject. If a subject resists can try another each round. The subject feels a pounding painful headache that hurts

9 Mind Storm [R12][A6][DR][SN] a psychic storm with arcs of energy and coating all in chilly ectoplasm, all beings with a mind including self-aware undead in the area each round save or lose d6 HP and suffer confusion

10 Phase Walk [RS][DT] become semi ethereal requiring +1 or better weapons to hit and can walk ghostlike through non-magical walls

11 Planar Trap [R12][DT] create a zone that blocks dimensional travel, teleport, phasing, displacement, blink, dimension door or other spells. This can prevent demons from gating away or calling allies while in the area. Can be cast on a being and if it saves the effect is centred on the location, not the creature. Killing planar beings in such an area complicates things for them. They can move out of the area

12 Project Image [R100][DT] creat a phantom duplicate you can see through, cast spells through while the real self stands still. 

13 Steal Spell [R16][SN] target if a spell caster saves or loses a spell of up to three levels of spells. Can choose if known or guess or may choose random spells. Once stolen the spell thief may cast them once but a wizard could use knowledge for spell research

14 Sense Spells [16][DI][SN] if the target fails Will save you can perceive all their known spells and magic abilities and how many usable ones they have remaining. 

15 Sleep of Ages [24][A6][SN] a more powerful sleep spell that affects 1HD per level of the caster and If they fail a save they will fall into a sleep-like magical coma they do not age in until dispelled or a time or a condition of the caster is met or the caste dies

16 Spirit Circle [RS][A3][DT][SN] non-corporeal beings require a saving throw to attack or cast spell on that inside as long as they do not attack first. Spirits trying to pass become visible if they pass the barrier to all. Can be cast on a point or location to block or imprison spirits

17 Spirit Trap  [R20][DP][SN] A container can be prepared and when the spell is cast on a non-corporeal being it must make a Will save or be imprisoned in the container. Certain spells may communicate with the spirit and it may be questioned or bargained with for freedom or hidden in a secure place. When the vessel is broken or unsealed the spirit escapes and is usually hostile. Some make traps from these spirit bottles so the escaping entity attacks anyone close
18 Telekinesis [R15][DR][SR] object 50kg/level 12 range causing the object to Fly 12. May grab a creature but it gets a Might save to escape each round, on following rounds a captive can be flown into the air, dropped, held or crushed for 3d6 damage per round

19 Telepathic Call [RS][DR][SN} talk to a known person on the same plane, they may make a will save to shut caller out, if first target off-world or shuts you out you can try another person as long as you have a remaining duration  

20 Teleport  [RT][DI][SN] teleport self and passenger/Lv to any known location on the plane

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