Monday, 8 February 2021

Tundra Protogods vs Lichsent Demons

Cave game amazingly surviving and players deciding what shenanigans to get up to. Having to define cosmology and history more now planeshift is available to 14th level party. 
Rulings for today:
-followers from charisma can get 2 alignment oaths, others just follow their hero blindly
-demons make summoning demon rolls until they fail
-demons with separate % for summoning each type of demon can fail each type separately 
-demons on mortal plane as 1st ed AD&D MM and on home plane dnd5 MM

Reaction rolls with race mods got referred to as prejudice saves 
Orc bard follower got a reduced reaction roll with the dwarf king who never talked to an orc in 400 years. As players did lots of diplomacies with various strange peoples and demihuman clans these sorta happened a bit. Each player and sometimes key followers got reaction rolls and each had different reactions. Giants are pretty unpopular.
Todays Game
Party of heroes satisfied necromancer driven away and his temple destroyed and people scattered or eaten by a dragon. The dragon has a year pact and claimed the coast. So there is peace. Considered visiting other dimensions but instead flew castle from the north most land to the middle of the world looking for where these trouble makers might have come from and hoping to hunt and kill the lich who escaped by 8hp. 

Sourberry the Elflord of the Twilight Clan - hobbies: plane travel, magic craft
Lanos the Sky Giant - hobbies: smiting wicked, raising giant intelligent dogs
Boron the Warrior Lord of the sky ziggurat of red ape valley 

Said goodby to ziggurat of Red Ape Valley and Sunderhill Cavern village. Weeks over the sea they came across a great rock wall and rose over a great mountain land. Did spot a giant valley and saw glacial forts, giant redwood log cabins, and huge caves where giants dwelled. A shapeshifter changed from a dove to a frost giant and party got pretty aggressive at visitors taunts about what lawful and good people should do to an ambassador. Ambassador demanded castle handed over to his legitimate clan. Party said they took it from formarians not frost giants and nobody wanted to admit being kin to them or losing to them. Some chaotic evil giants think other chaotic evil giants take it to far and spoil it for all demonic fanatics.  Giant turned in a dove and flew away with an agreement they would fly away. The frost giant seemed confident party would die eventually and then they would claim it. 

Flew past a vast elf kingdom then over mountains and some mammoth tusk huts and a vast evil swamp the sky castle dubbed Lanoshiem flew over. Met a swamp tribe then found the former vast sprawling City of Skulls, the slave lords of the world under the monster kings used this port a thousand years ago to enslave the world.

Flew over the sprawling cursed ruins of the city of slavery and someone called a demon to attack. It was one of those boar headed ones with tiny wings and fur. Players made preparations and a spell had no effect on the projected image. The demon was bad enough but it summoned one of the Balor demons to it's aid. This battle was a mess. The melee specialist Boron and Lanos couldn't reach the flying demons mostly and they used their first missile attacks in a while. The griffons proved quite handy and resilient. The demon made a fear symbol and Lanos ran and got chased by the Balor who tried to tear out mace of Lanos from his grip with telekinesis. But Lanos had his loyal big dog ran over and cast +1save fear cantrip and he got a new save with protection from evil and resisted. Lanos tried climbing castle walls and running on the top and the demons easily got out of his way. Sourberry meanwhile found chain lightning fizzled on the Balor's superior magic resistant and broke the chain effect pssst! The boar demon slashed the elf and that demon got a griffon on its back. The Balor got a griffon on its back too. The castle sky priestess and Lanos fired light rays at the Balor hoping it's fire and darkness would be affected but it couldn't beat the magic resistance. The magic missile ended up destroying Balor and Boron got on his griffon and finished the boar headed horror. Heroes took little damage but were shit scared and freaked by the difficulty of magic and the necessity of flight. 

Hid in a close mountain area and met dwarfs of local under the mountain town. They met the king and the great librarian, the alchemist master who sold them metal magic weapons and grenaides and the dwaft archbishop. Studied various things dwarfs knew as a spybase watching the ruins. Some 60 lich lived in the ruins in mostly sealed towers. Only the recent most less than a thousand years were humans and Arthraxus the enemy lich was one of them. He was a founder of the necromancer templars after the monster empire fell that made most people hate wizards. The dwarfs were going to help players access a tunnel with Sourberry using earth elementals to unblock it. This made a nice walk to the city ruin faster than climbing and kept the flying castle hidden from the city in the mountains. The orc bard follower of Boron proved a bit of an obstacle but he was the best orc the dwarves had ever met and found it confusing to meed a charming, witty one with courtly manners.

Party all prepped and moving into the underground road to get to the city ruins with less peril and possibly enter the tower via the celler as long as its not a cursed death trap. Using elementals to clear underground road to get close to the tower of the Lich. Might try and see if there is an underground entrance....

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