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D100 Tundra Tribal Tribulations

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Anyway, Im thinking I need to make a tribe record sheet recording tribe skills and if the skill has more than one expert or if a skill is part of the tribe without the expert. Basically, the exotic skills and tech party witness on travels has made them above-average tech-wise and skills party have with time to settle could enrich the party with food.

Tundra Tribal Tribulations
These are more events and not location-based like last few. They are events that might put tribe or territory in peril or make the season memorable. Lots of games I go a bit Pendragon and have characters hole up over winter or even a few years to develop their communities so these can give you a few memorable crises for such a period. You could roll to see what local excitement is when visiting another tribe.

d10 Tundra Tribulation Types
01 Strangers
02 Elements
03 Discovery
04 Mystery
05 Malcontent
06 Diplomacy
07 Raid
08 Changelings
09 Strange beast
10 Haunting

Tundra Tribal Tribulations
01 A wandering magician seeks shelter and aid, seeks a safe home but will spread ideas on magic and alignment from a foreign tradition
02 A cunning hunter who seeks a new tribe after being exiled and scarred for murder. Will be friendly and subtle in manipulations at first but often driven by greed or lust to fight and kill
03 An old person "abandoned" for lack of food and her harsh tongue but she has some prised skills and knowledge
04 Loner escaped slavery with ape folk for several years and is far from home. Relieved to find people will offer servitude to join a tribe
05 Child who survived an attack of enemies, able survivor but not good at propper talkification after years alone
06 Woman kidnapped from her tribe but escaped seeks her home or at least somewhere to rest awhile in safety
07 Non-human loner wounded and unarmed is found by locals unsure what to do
08 Assasin pretends to be needy person but really seek to spy on tribe then flee killing a leader or vital expert before leaving
09 Madman with wounds babbling about some horror in hills
10 Pale worn old person escaped slavery in the Underland or faerieland. Knows much but tainted by forces and won't last long. Relieved to die in sunlight
11 Pounding storm floods in summer of covers everything in a few feet of snow in winter
12 Blizzard lasts for days and some die of hunger and cold or die searching in the snow
13 A month of chilly fog chokes the area with only a brief pause in the afternoon
14 Eclipse strikes in the day terrifying animals and people afraid the long night will return and making evil beings rejoice and take risks under belief now is their moment
15 A fire breaks out, perhaps a grass or forest fire in summer or someone's hut in winter
16 Quake releases avalanches blocking passes and opening others long-sealed
17 Sinkhole opens into a vast cavern system leading to the Sunderland and causing some accidents
18 Meteor falls amazing everyone by night and a next day search yields a d4 chunks of star stones (meteoric iron) Each is 1ENC
19 A wicked wind spirit of north increases the cold and will not leave till driven away
20 Great miasma released from earth spreading disease and mosquitoes for a month
21 Someone found a cave entrance to the deep
22 Someone finds a strange alien monolith and other strange stones
23 Someone finds a previously worked diggings in a quarry or mine d4 1=half carved monoliths 2=flint 3=ochre 4=copper
24 Someone found a strange stone seal on entrance into a prehuman labyrinth
25 Petrified remains of d4 1=great beast possibly dinosaurs 2=giant 3=huge trolls 4=gargantuan monster
26 A wretched beast abhuman in strange robes was found unconscious, some say it is one of the old beast lord rulers from the ancient age of darkness. It requires medical aid to survive
27 Someone found a strange metal relic of the ancients with some minor magic power d4 1=+1 ornate iron short sword 2=+1 helm of protection with horns or a dragon crest  3=+1 shield 4=+1 mace. Plus one extra power d4 1=light as a torch at will 2=has random alignment and will curse the wrong to not heal naturally only with magic 3=detect undead 10 yards 4=extra +1 vs one specific enemy (d4 1=undead 2=reptiles 3=spiders 4=mammals)
28 Someone found a wooden totemic carved tree in a clearing. It is a sanctuary of an ancient barbarian storm god forgotten from the apocalypse long ago and possible site to recover ancient human religion
29 Someone has found a cursed object of evil ancients and begins a spree of deceit and murder then flees to find minions to kill all their kin. They might be saved from the curse but not the terrible feelings of their wicked deeds
30 Someone found a strange stone idol and has come in contact with an evil spirit and begun a cult rewarding them for evil deeds and recruiting others with spells
31 Someone is murdered? whodunnit & why d4 1=enemy tribe always up for malice 2=allied tribe by mistake will pay compensation for peace 3=someone local struck by a recurring cannibalistic urge during argument 4=dopelganger or some changeling preditor of humans
32 Something is glinting on the peak of a distant mountain
33 A new mountain pass is opened in an avalanche revealing a mysterious valley
34 Some unknown small tribe is stalking the clan territory, who are they?
35 Someone is a lycanthrope and murders every full moon
36 Something or someone is stealing food from stores
37 Something partially tainted the water and source must be stopped 
38 Something or someone is casting petty annoying curses and spells on the tribe
39 Someone is meeting in secret with another tribe according to tracks found
40 Something has been stalking tribe camp area by night and making lights
41 Someone in tribe complaining and stirring up trouble in tribe
42 Someone is greedy for a mate and has been jealous of others and might cause trouble with another tribe with a kidnapping attempt
43 Someone has offended another tribe who demand compensation or blood 
44 Someone has become interested in learning magic and angered by slow teachers who point out their bad attitude and lust for power
45 A tribal magician becomes malcontent with current leader and disagrees, will find other malcontents to take over or support the new leader
46 An old timer is complaining and telling young how much better everything is 
47 Miserable and gloomy tribe member preaches doom and destruction lowering group morale
48 Someone is badly wounded and tribe split over keeping them alive and crippled or killing them now
49 Someone in the tribe is a secret cannibal especially during hardships where they are number one
50 Someone preaching tribe should go backwards and stop using new skills and technology
51 Other tribe wants to negotiate borders
52 Other tribe wants to trade goods
53 Other tribe wants to trade skills
54 Other tribe wants to trade magic
55 Other tribe want to cooperate against enemy tribe
56 Other tribe want open borders
57 Other tribe seek to trade some mates
58 Other tribe seek allegiance and brotherhood
59 Many tribes meeting to battle a non human tribe d4 1=goblins 2=orcs 3=apefolk 4=
60 Many tribes meeting for a great festival and trading opportunities 
61 A tribe of cannibal apefolk move into area and seek to take over territory
62 A tribe of savage orcs with pet wolves move in are wish to enslave humans
63 Werewolves moved into area, most change under the moonlight and the leader can change at will, newly bitten turn in the full moon. They seek human flesh and to harry humans away
64 A tribe of abhuman muscle-bound barbarians arrive who seek common men as resources in their war on wizards and magic. Seek thrills to gather food and raise their offspring so seek to take over a human tribe to grow their numbers. Those surrendering can join them but will always be inferior
65 White apes move into area and hate humans who they eat and sacrifice to their demon ape ancestors and other evil gods. Human captives are sacrificed, skinned and devoured
66 Goblinoids increasing in area, at first they flee but return better organised. Later some evolve into hobgoblins or bugbears and call apon other goblinoids like thouls and workers and Darkstalkers. Somewhere they have a secret cave complex. Peace might be possible but these have a evil shaman urging them to war on surface in service to a death cult
67 A tribe of brutish abhuman cave folk exit bondage in the Underland through a cave and seek territory. Competing humanoids are to be eaten or enslaved but peace might be possible
68 A tribe of baboons recognise the threat of humans and raid and pester and steal food until driven far away or killed. Mostly skirmish with thrown rocks but might if confidant attack loners to eat
69 A tribe of nightmarish hyena folk with their hyena pets move into the area seeking to devour all humans it can find for their dark demon prince who hates all sons and daughters of humanity
70 An evil necromancer has found a burial ground and has been raising undead minions. When they have enough it is time to attack local tribes and take their bodies to the master. He is one of many of this new order obsessed with evil arts of the past
71 Attractive strangers seek a tribe to join appearing as attractive gender preference choices of whom they meet and seduce. Once in the camp will kill and eat tribe members and have hidden fellow doppelganger friends to replace them. Children often notice parents being odd first
72 Several people vanish taken by a Dryad or Satyr or Nymph, usually near a spring or grove the being lives with it's enthralled lovers
73 A shapeshifting animal spirit folk in human guise seeks to join the tribe. They are skilled in arts and magic but understate their powers and abilities. d4 1=mischievious fox seeks mate and to help them rule at any cost 2=cat spirit selfish but friendly 3=rabbit spirit wants protection from enemies 4=wolf spirit seeks to hunt werewolves hidden among mortals
74 An evil wizard uses illusions to infiltrate the tribe and reports to tribe enemies
75 Friendly attractive and strong strangers seek a tribe to join, really they are part ogre and just want to join so they can eat people. They might call ogre kin to aid them or hide for some time with humans if they can get away with it
76 A scarred lonely hunter seeks a healer, really he is a ogre magi dedicated to killing human healers and reducing survival chances. It might even replace the healer adopting their form for more mischief
77 An old woman who lives in a cave has been advising local women and trading potions and giving them funny ideas about magic and religion. The first who bother her dies mysteriously and then others who doubt her have a nightmare. Actually, she is a had teaching darkness preisthood powers. She will flee to torment the tribe again
78 A tribe member has been killed and is now a shapeshifting undead seeking to spread conflict, destroy stores of food and murder others in secret so they too become undead
79 An old person with a cane seeks a new tribe offers healing and knowledge of fermenting beer. Actually, she is a Bhut, a demonic undead lycanthrope like horror. By night they become a monster that seeks to eat and murder. By day as human seems good and wise and those shunning advice to tribe vanish
80 A dragon in human form has heard these creatures will rule the coming age so wishes to learn about them. This odd stranger is both wise and ignorant and offers magic freely once accepted. Eventually will reveal itself and will usually depart or kill everyone depending on type
81 A stone seal on an ancient pit was broken and a horrible shoggoth roams the area hiding in some hole and murdering tribe members till killed 
82 An aggressive wooly rhino moved into the area and making life hard for humans
83 A golem with a beast head from some pre human civilisation has been exposed by a mudslide and walks the earth killing humans by night
84 A giant has migrated to area and now humans are here. The giant will demand food tithes or will eat humans
85 A dragon lands announcing the tribe are its thralls and it desires a virgin sacrifice once a year henceforth. It has done the same to every tribe in the area
86 A troll has moved into the area near a crossing or pass and demands gifts of food to cross
87 A Griffin has been seen flying over carrying tiny ponies and occasionally snatching a human
88 Peryton mated pair live in peak with a nest. They need human hearts to breed so begin the harvest
89 A giant roc has snatched a few people and carried them to a distant mountain top
90 A feathered allosaurus has moved into the territory disturbing hunters game and chasing people. It seems determined to stay 
91 An evil imp has been whispering to loners at night while invisible, promising them every desire for a blood bargain. The creature will flee when the gig is up
92 A shadow lurks by the camp trying to drain victims in their sleep. As it gets bold it kills and old person creating a new shadow
93 A spirit has been seen lurking often in animal form but invisible. The spirit if placated with gifts will warn the tribe and protect the hearth but if it is insulted or certain tabus are broken it will instead be a menace. Mostly it is invisible but certain magic might contact it or a shaman will know how to entreat it
94 Someone sees a spectral minion and near the camp of an old person spying on them. The spirit requires its remains put to rest by a holy person so it can be reincarnated. Otherwise, the spirit gets more aggressive trying to drive them from area
95 Something skulking near the camp and digging at any grave sites the tribe may have (or might not know of). A pack of ghouls in an ancient barrow have been awakened by the voices of tribe in area
96 A barrow mound is disturbed by accident and someone finds a shiny cloak pin. A wight awakens from the mound and seeks return of it's pin and then just wants revenge and mayhem and to create lesser thralls
97 A spirit falls in love with a tribe member with musical ability and some occasionally see a person spying on the person performing. If anything happens to the musician the spirit may vindictively lash out at any threat to the one they love. When angry appears as spectral human whose flesh rots off to terrify those it hates 
98 Sobbing spirit near water lure curious close so it can grab and drown them under the waters to be with it forever
99 A idol is found and broken releasing a trapped lesser demon that moves into a small cave and terrorists the area and kidnaps some slaves to worship it till it has its own tribe
100 Someone who died in community has been seen in dreams warning the tribe about some coming danger or new enemy

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