Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Dungeon Repairs

Its bad enough modern dungeons are sentient magical spirits beings drawing power from strange universes, now they fix themselves while your kipping in the village waiting for your wizards to relearn fireball and sleep and web spells.
d10 Quick Dungeon Self Repair Types
01 Tiny humanoids
02 Demihumanoid workers
03 Hired work crews
04 Larger humanoid workers
05 Lower creatures
06 Secret sub system tunnels
07 Spirits of the dungeon
08 Living dungein
09 Planar effect
10 Magical effect

d100 Dungeon Self Repair Crews
01 Tiny gremlins live in cracks and mend doors and reset traps rapidly
02 A tiny trapdoor in dungeon houses four kobolds in a secret works depot 
03 A tiny trapdoor in dungeon houses a dozen kobolds in a secret works depot 
04 Tiny trapdoors with four dub depots of four kobolds and one central dozen kobold  
05 Horrible filthy gremlins with their pet rats repair the dungeon and torment invaders
06 Tiny shadowy ceiling gremlins creep about and repair dungeon defences
07 Tiny drain trolls creep out to mend the dungeon and clean up
08 Tiny horrid ratling witch things live inside the walls and work their evil
09 A hidden depot of 4-6 goblins with a store room live in secret maintaining the level  
10 A secret depot of grey stone faced underland gnomes repair dungeon works
11 A single gnome works on a fantastic machine that sets traps and feeds monsters
12 Several black hat wicked gnomes gate in via tiny hidden doors to repair the dungeon
13 Vicious red hat gnomes enjoy the blood and come to set traps and mend locks
14 Several short dark elves arrive frequently to repair the dungeon with spells
15 A vicious gang of halfling thugs are under contract to fix the joint when not on breaks
16 A dark dwarf from the underland maintains the level from a secret room or trapdoor 
17 Several horrible Derro come to make the dungeon more horrible and dangerous
18 Morlocks from a secret plant room with cogs and steam engines run the level
19 A gnome Illusionist visits to repair illusions, magic mouths and other magic traps
20 A changeling maintains the level from a secret room often in animal form
21 A gang of mason guilds men working under contract, dont want to get involved in beef
22 A gang of criminals escort craftsmen under contract from the dungeon boss
23 Professional dungeon crew specialist under hire by the boss 
24 Humans press ganged keep getting dragged back here for a beating if escape
25 Prisoners in chains being bossed by two junior guards with clubs
26 Foreign labour, desperate for work under contract by boss
27 Slave labour crew bought for purpose, whatever spare space to sleep or store stuff
28 Evil cult pilgrims come to help the monsters in the name of their evil god
29 Non regulated tradesmen work here where the guild cant stop them
30 Tradesmen employed by a evil merchant cartel dealing with dungeons
31 Small group of hobgoblins operate from a secret depot under a trapdoor
32 Group of  long in the tooth surly orc veterans, sloppily repair and reset the dungeon
33 Bugbear craftsman repairs the dungeon silently from a secret room
34 Group of bugbears repair the dungeon from a secret supply depot
35 Resentful gang of teenage goblins who would rather be doing something more cool
36 Work gang of hobgoblins who go mental if their work is disturbed or they are insulted
37 Bugbear with a whip leads six goblins from a secret supply room
38 Several hobgoblins guard several goblin craftsmen who visit frequently to do repairs
39 Visiting senior orc dungeon craftsman with several young apprentices learning the ropes
40 Elderly goblins with tiny carts amble about repairing things and ignoring intruders
41 Teenage goblin gang on community service led by bugbear with whip makes repairs
42 Large hive of insects like ants or termites build and repair the dungeon
43 Several giant dungeon beavers maintain and repair the dungeon
44 A gang of dungeon baboons repairs the dungeon and flings feces on intruders
45 Rats swarm around the dungeon using tools to repair the fittings
46 A crafty carnivorous ape in a tool belt wanders the dungeon making improvements
47 Giant ants work on the dungeon repairing it to exacting standards
48 Mimics come out and repair dungeon when nobody is looking
49 Giant termites replace damage with digested wood pulp and spittle
50 Crew of monkeys in vests and tiny hats make repairs from a tiny pushcart
51 Sub tunnel complex of kobolds where their repair crews hide and aid wounded monsters

52 Crawlspace throughout dungeon with secret depots for kobolds to crawl through
53 Crawlspace throughout dungeon with secret depots for goblins to crawl through
54 Crawlspace under the dungeon with machinery operated by gnomes
55 Sub tunnels where derro operate mood altering ray devices and strange machines
56 Sub tunnels where morlocks operate steaming machines and turning cogs
57 Sub tunnels where evil dwarves maintain the dungeon systems
58 Dungeon sewer system with small ratmen creatures who make repairs59 Air passages and chimneys that allow that allow gremlins all over dungeon
60 Secret sub levels with bunks, shops and a tavens for monsters only
61 Poltergiest repairs petty damage to dungeon
62 Lesser spirit uses repair spells to fix dungeon, adopts small humanoid or animal form
63 Major spirit repairs with telekinesis and magic, adopts form of a dungeon boss
64 Minor dungeon divinity repairs the dungeon as long as it has shrines and followers
65 Dungeon dimension, a self aware cosm sends minions and spirits to mend the dungeon
66 Spirit of long dead dungeon boss haunts the area and mends traps and fixtures
67 Spirits come from a work of art to mend the dungeon
68 Dungeon monster god makes repairs to aid worshipers
69 Monsters take turns repairing dungeon as tithe to a evil deity
70 Evil deity of mechanisms and traps regards area as holy and makes repairs
71 Dungeon is filled with plant matter and vines squeeze from cracks to mend things

72 Dungeon is filled with plant roots which squeeze through tracks to mend things
73 Tiny organisms like coral repair and maintain the dungeon
74 Dungeon is a titanic living thing which mimics stone and wood and heals damage 
75 Inside the walls is a matrix of imps which manage repairs and hold everything together
76 Dungeon is made of living stone which weeps silica when damaged and heals
77 Dungeon is a living earth elemental and repairs self daily
78 Dungeon is made of tiny spirits of law who cling to each other to make solid objects
79 Dungeon is a magical self aware creature made by wizards
80 Dungeon is a colony of invertebrates like shellfish interlocking with brick like surfaces
81 Imps come from hell and repair the damage with spells
82 Tiny demons from the abyss come and help with repairs
83 Things from the nightmare dimension leak through and repair the dungeon
84 The dungeon replaces damage from other parallel dimensions regularly
85 A daemon bound to the dungeon makes repairs in return for souls
86 Elemental spirits bound to dungeon make repairs one hour every 24 hours
87 Angelic being is forced to work on dungeon until binding object broken
88 Tiny wicked sprites or faeries come out at midnight to make magic repairs
89 Clockwork daemons of law come through a gate to make repairs on dungeon
90 Shapeshifting spirit folk appointed by a god make regular repair rounds from a gate
91 Tiny repair golems live in secret panels and come out to perform maintenance
92 Wood golem from a secret room performs repairs on wooden fittings

93 Brick golem can lay a tonne of bricks in an hour and make other basic repairs
94 Clockwork golems from a secret room come out to mend traps and mechanisms
95 Animated tools from a cart perform maintenance brought here by a wizard

96 Time flows backwards in areas which repairs damage 
97 Gang of apprentices from a secret room repair dungeon with petty spells
98 Magical living bricks assemble selves and are lesser spirits of law
99 Zombie or skeleton work crew with pushcart makes rounds to perform inept repairs
100 Spirits of slaves bound into tools make repairs on dungeon from a pushcart


  1. Cleverplayers and the murder hobos they play should be able to pose as repair crew contractors now and again to gain an stealthy edge now and then.

    1. we are not murder hobos
      we are tradesmen
      we cant make it back for 3 months
      your boss will be mad if you stop us


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