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Into the Sylvan Realm

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I've been wanting to do elfland tables for a long time. Some of my forest tables (predating my infallible d100 days) touched on this. My fungi Gardens do too. Probably should do hazards, wonders and mysteries of faerieland too. Ive long had references to the otherworldly kingdoms of elves and the temporary gates in faerie mushroom rings and barrows and standing stones on certain nights. these encounters might bleed into the waking world or adventurers might stumble into elfland.

d10 Quick Encounter Types

01 Animals - most animals talk but might not want to
02 Goblinoids - are the commonest labour in elfland
03 Nature Spirits - all kinds of entities who are mostly non material
04 Sylvan Fauna - mythical and hybrid creatures
05 Faerie folk - various wee folk
06 Spirit folk - spirit folk linked to land or water or plants or animals
07 Beastmen - wild animal folk
08 Elves - the main event
09 Once Mortals - humans here so long they are mythic beings now
10 Elder Entities - superior beings of the sylvan realms

Creatures capable of a wide range of behavior so rolling for reactions here works especially well. Anything could be friendly, indifferent or homicidal from the cutest bunny to foulest troll. Charisma, manners and gifts might help.

d100 Faerieland Encounters
01 Talking kneehigh animal folk dancing and picnicking and singing
02 Hardworking talking animal carrying load of goods back to tree stump cottage
03 Tiny shack with animal run shop filled with all manner of goods animals like
04 Talking fox sees some easy rubes offers to help the party
05 Number of adorable animal folk tiny cottages with a common area in the middle
06 Herd of deer ahead in the woods look wary and twitch with uncertainty
07 Group of critters insist humans attend a kangaroo court for crimes vs animals
08 Animals are hunting something d4 1=hunting dog 2=child 3=goblin 4=brownie
09 Faerie dogs with magical abilities haunt area menacing travellers
10 Faerie cat slyly follows party seeking food, might offer advice

11 A goblin market with stalls selling strange goblin goods and magic things
12 Goblins offer delicious fruits, highly addictive and may make eater a charmed slave

13 Goblin warriors approach demand papers or toll or bribe
14 Hobgoblins soldiers demand you follow them to prison till identities confirmed
15 A cheeky bugbear follows ready to garotte or kidnap anyone who drops to the back
16 Goblins demand sexual favours or will curse you
17 Goblins are having a noisy party with dancing, food and terrible music
18 Goblins follow heroes hoping to learn martial and magic secret techniques
19 Redcaps appear harmless gnomes them turn to hideous, demand toll or blood 
20 Ogres are wandering about looking for people to smush and eat
21 Dryad with d4-1 lovers seeks to charm newcomers into her harem
22 Nymph from a sacred pool desires a lover from the pary, will try to kill any who stop her
23 Land spirit takes up a form to meet the party for conversation from curiosity
24 Wraith from a barrow hates all life and seeks to silence it
25 Tree spirit folk dancing serenely in a clearing between their trees
26 Sylph spirit flitters about curious about strangers
27 Ghost of some ancient king of elf lord bitter about mortals
28 Horned spirit of the hunt follows with his hounds
29 Banshee outraged by mortals begins to howl
30 Kelpie in form of a elf pony or beautiful woman lures visitors to waters edge
31 Leprechaun dragging a cauldron of gold coins "oh please don't rob me mighty ones"
32 Pixies curious about strangers will try to pick pockets while invisible
33 Brownies naked ask for clothes or clothed but offer to swap clothes
34 Faerie women with butterfly wings and lovely dresses having tea
35 Faerie lads in green with insect wings try to prank visitors
36 Faeries having a dance about a faerie circle opening a gate or summoning faerie noble
37 Faerie court with knights, ladies and local lords
38 Faerie offering magical food or treasure but actually a moral test, failures are cursed 
39 Nixies playing around a pool invite you to join them for water games
40 Gnomes fishing, gardening or just realaxing outside a mushroom cap cottage
41 A treant lumbers through the box, mostly friendly unless anyone has a axe
42 Fauns having a drink invite strangers to join them
43 A lusty satyr comes to play his pipes and possibly steal any women  
44 Centaurs will demand toll in form of wine, food, gold or women
45 Troll in disguise as a child tries to provoke humans into a fight
46 Horned Snake in a tree dispenses wisdom, prophecy and healing to the worthy
47 Hairy green furred wildmen look curious and concerned by mortal humans
48 Hairy green furred wildmen angrily pelt rocks and throwing sticks at mortal intruders
49 A faun a dwarf and a badger working in front of their shack in the garden
50 Unicorn with dancing elfmaid guardians purifying forest spring
51 Changelings change form before you and flee in embarrassment
52 Doppelgangers pretend to be friendly generous elves
53 Faeries in children form approach humans curiously, very beautiful
54 Goblins syhapechange into babies to trick humans
55 Find a baby actually a changeling faeries hope you will take home
56 Tree spirit folk change form trees to elf like beings confront strangers to faerieland
57 A fox spirit witch woman in human form asks for protection, seeks husband in mortal world where she can create trouble
58 Water spirit curiously seeks to know humans and seeks to join party
59 Devil swine in human form with charmed minions invites join them for stew, seeks to charm more mooks
60 Shapeshifting ogres in human form approach in friendly manner but hungry
61 Selkie relaxing on rock in pool playing a harp missing the ocean
62 Swan Mays bathing, have protective spells on clothing left ashore
63 Jolly werebear bard playing accordion to squirrel, cat and pig who drink beer and dance
64 Goatmen dancing with naked elven witch
65 A mixed group of trolls, beastmen, mushroom men, gnomes getting drunk
66 Serpent men ambassador with gifts for faerie court and lizardmen guards
67 Unicornman in robes blessing animal babies with elf escorts
68 Dragonman smoking a hookah in a cave reading magic lore and elf poetry
69 A gentle donkeyman being adored by faerie maidens, cursed by wizard
70 Werewolf hunting hound confronts party, help me escape or i lead elf masters to you
71 Elf nobles with knights on horse, demand visitors explain what they are doing
72 Elf musical processions with acrobats, dancers, musicians with noble on palanquin
73 Werewolf hunting pack followed by haughty and cruel high elf nobles
74 Beautiful elf maiden offers strangers to suck her breasts, milk is adictive elf food
75 Drunken elves feasting offer addictive elf cakes that trap you in elfland forever
76 Young elf hero offers to join you and adventure in mortal world
77 Elf bard offers to sing of your deeds and follow you for a spell
78 Unicorn riding elfmaids offer pure virgins maids to join them
79 Elf youths tease mortals try to get you to follow them and get lost off trail
80 Elves offer sexual favours exchange in name of peace between worlds
81 Shepherd has been looking for his flock, have you seen them?
82 Blacksmith has been lost forever but has enough iron elves avoid him
83 Hunter chasing game actually changelings
84 Witches travelling to see elf king curious about mortals they meet
85 Bard singing stories and tales from long ago about almost forgotten kinhs
86 Grey King offers to guide you and tries to lead to the underworld
87 Knight seeking magical questing beast lost in faerie realm
88 Fisherman who fell in sea wound up here, looking for home and keen for help. Home has long gone, he will age and turn to dust when returns to mortal world 
89 Young man addicted to elf or goblin food aging rapidly and desperate
90 Child lost and missing parents chased a faerie here
91 Amadan the trickster of darkness plays cruel mischievous tricks sometimes with gifts
92 Reed and pondweed muddy river god offers sex and to restore your virginity after
93 Snake god in sacred jewelled tree offers healing or prophecies or fertility or knowledge 
94 Green Knight confronts mortals and offers to grant wish if he can cut off head which he replaces effortlessly and he will expect to return the favour after a year and a day
95 Elf king or/and queen ith entourage curious to meet mortals
96 Horned god with his hunt and followers will persue party till dawn or out of faerieland
97 Earth goddess appears as maid or housewife or crone or all three seeking a hero to receive her mission to destroy chaos or save one of her magic children
98 Kindly spirit of winter arrives with snow bringing gifts for everyone
99 Goblin King appears curses visitors and offers a morally transforming quest to remove it
100 Severed giant head attended by druids offers prophecies and wisdom to worthy

I need to do more of these....

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  1. Totally! These are rich like folklore. You can never have too many fairy tale elements on hand. Once you accept elves as a given, you need something like this to keep them from getting dull.


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