Friday, 20 October 2017

Another old Campain

This is from my early 90s RQ3 campaign. Each nation was menaced by a different evil god. The evil gods of four pantheons had united into a new pantheon and promoted a daemon to lead them as a new greater god. Each god had a favorite monster it used to weaken a nation. Heroes spent years traveling around circles of continent trying to warn everybody and even get the non evil gods to wake up and enter time again instead of living outside it in ignorance. It was pretty grim and at time I only used rune magic requiring POW sacrifices.


  1. The maps are so beautiful, and hand drawn! All the text is handwritten! We might never see that again with the great digital tools we have today.

    You are an artistic treasure.

    Was this campaign based on a book or other fiction? It's a grand idea and I don't think I have heard this exact story before. Simply amazing.

    You know I'm your biggest fan and you continue to amaze and delight me. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. It was inspired more by art than books but I was Into 200AD, Moorcock, Russian and German Fairy tales, history. I should have linked previous posts on religion for this setting here...

    I used these and probably might end up using them again - all in fours like my usual obsession


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