Saturday 28 May 2016

Best month in 4 years here

On a self puff note as I count down to post 850 and half a million views I have been getting a thousand hits a day without other blogs or reddit links to blame so this month has been my busiest month in 4 years so thank you. This probably means newer readers not signed into g+ or blogger - most incoming from google searches. Thanks everyone

I did this brief description for non readers:

It's my mostly zero edition DnD blog where I post random d100 tables of horrible things to happen or encounter in scenarios. Its like a writing practice challenge to crank out imaginative stun in a non fiction format. I like fictional world building and tables do this nicely. I can write snippets on bus to work and in bed. Its what I do instead of haiku or crossword puzzles.

How dense? How Fast?
1991 Cyberpunk Culture Ethos describes what is here. It is deliberately not commercial or professional.

I'm mostly influenced by Rabelais, history, classics, mythology, fairy tales, epics, comics, fantasy of 1800-1938 (Clark Ashton Smith) and the 60's new wave (Moorcock, Spinrad). I cant read most fantasy and SF books

Occasionally art, 1/72 miniatures, maps, tabletop roleplaying and military gaming culture stuff.

Other stuff
I'm glad to see some young drama teachers teaching LARPing today at place I went to look for work as art teacher so very promising. There was a pic of educational stock d20s on wall. I've stopped commuting interstate and looking locally for work. Doing 2 design jobs for gaming stuff too. Was evicted second time in 3 months from new share house.


I love and welcome feedback but not spambots
Good feedback and suggestions inspire me to write more