Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What is in that Dwarfs Trunk?

d100 What is in that Dwarfs Trunk?
01 Touchstone to asses metal types and quality
02 Lodestone magnet to use as a compass
03 Set of d6 files
04 Heavy wooden mallet
05 Thieves tools for locks and traps
06 Bag with one pond of sand
07 Set of copper scales
08 Copper mirror
09 Vial of metal eating acid eats one lock
10 Empty glass jars and bottles

11 Bottle of wood alcohol poison to non dwarfs
12 Pewter beer stein with lid

13 Ten foot length of iron chain
14 Hammer and ten iron spikes
15 Box of 2d6 candles
16 Bulls eye lantern
17 Bottle of lamp oil
18 Lead bar for seals
19 Copper wire
20 Silver wire
21 Gold wire
22 Sealing wax
23 Alchemist potion test kit
24 Hair dye
25 Curly toe boots
26 Thick leather belt
27 Beard wax
28 Set of d6 old keys
29 Pet rat
30 Pet bat in cage 
31 Runestone
32 Lead pipes d6 lengths a foot long
33 Lubricating mineral oil
34 Box of grease
35 Box of d100 ball bearings
36 Tin of dwarf rations
37 Iron bars d6
38 Boiled leather apron and gloves
39 Smoke quartz goggles
40 Bellows
41 Accordion
42 Bugle 
43 Bottled of beer d6
44 Rat jerky
45 Bag of mushrooms and pipe
46 Goblin or orc head
47 Throwing hammer
48 Carved cave walrus tooth
49 Roll of toilet paper
50 Set of brushes d6
51 Tin of beeswax polish
52 Bottle of mild acid for cleaning metal
53 Large tongs
54 Wineskin full of mushroom wine
55 Metal box with charcoal chunks
56 Tinderbox
57 Torch bundle 2d4 torches
58 Can opener
59 Harmonica
60 Tin with stud rivets and hammer
61 Tiny jars with 3d6 soil samples
62 Bronze arm band
63 Knife
64 Copper bowl
65 Steel cup and straw
66 Thermous
67 Salamander skin cape (asbestos)
68 Interesting rocks
69 Fools gold
70 Bag of coal
71 Interesting fossil
72 Chisel and hammer
73 Grappling hook
74 30 feet of rope
75 Dry rations d6 days
76 Fishing line and hook
77 Sewing kit
78 100 foot long spool of string
79 Ancestral helmet
80 Tiny terracotta cult statues
81 Ceramic beer mug with articulated breasts
82 Knitting needles and ball of wool
83 Whittling knife and d4 wooden animals
84 Whetstone 
85 Cast iron grenaide with fuse
86 Horn of gunpowder
87 Mini Abacus
88 Selection of tokens for services in dwarftown
89 Bag of mushroom compost
90 Trowel
91 Box of rat poison
92 Cameo with portrait of mother
93 Buckler
94 Dagger
95 Crossbow
96 Crossbow bolts 3d10
97 Bar of acrid soap
98 Turnips d6
99 Large pair of heavy work gloves
100 Mini anvil weighs 20 pounds

oops forgot cogs and pulleys

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