Thursday 7 April 2016

The Ten Plagues of Planet Psychon!

"Ever since we opened that container of ancient noodles and now i want to eat only
 from flying spaghetti moster italian meals from the resteraunt and supermarket freezer."

"Resteraunt? supermarket? What are they?"

"I have no idea but i need to find them at any cost!"

Diseases of the gamma aeon are mostly left over bio weapons, terra forming and population altering plagues grown artificial. Worst of them compel you you to consume goods that no longer exist outside of occasional ruins. Many weaponois populations for the fourth world war and the apocalypse. Undead outbreaks from alien nanobots had been spreading long before the final times. Some reprogram brains.

Most get a saving throw or stat roll to resist
Viralent versions half chance to resist

d10 Contagions
1 Sexual
2 Food
3 Wounds
4 Dirt
5 Animals
6 Sneezing victim
7 Body fluid contact
8 Touching infected victim
9 Water
10 Airborn pathogen

d10 Psychonian Disease Types
1 Necrovirus
2 Mutagenic plague
3 Machine Infections
4 Parasitic Infections
5 Bio war agents
6 Adware bio agents
7 Malware bio agents
8 Abhumanoid agents
9 Metagenetic agent
10 Nueral Viruses

d100 Psychonian Plagues
01 Zombie Virus - turn into zombie on death, some strains 1in6 activate on near death
02 Fast Zombi Virus -  - turn into fast zombi on death, some strains 1in6 activate on near death
03 Ghoul Virus - turn into ghoul on death - turn into ghoul on death, some strains 1in6 activate on near death
04 Wight Virus - turn into wight on death, some strains 1in6 activate on near death
05 Mummy Rot - every day save or lose CHA point, die when ay zero
06 Kyuss parasitism - infested with glowing worms, die in 24 hours and arise as Son of Kyuss
07 Gargoyle - body turns into cacoon for 24 hours, mineralizes and hatches as gargoyle
08 Skeleton plague - turn into wizened sleletal undead on death, some strains 1in6 activate on near death
09 Vampire virus- turn into vampire after a week of fever and 24 hours death, some strains 1in6 activate only after victim dies with no sign of vampirism
10 Spectral Plague  - turn into non corporeal undead on death, some strains 1in6 activate on near death d20 1-6=Phantom 7-8=Shadow 9-10 Poltergiest 11-14 Spirit 15-16=wraith 17-18=spectre 20=Ghost
11 Colour shift flu - changes hair,eyes, skin, blood colour and taste of victim
12 Tentacle polyp - save each month or tentacled growth covers 5% of body till tentacled monstrosity that just wants to die 1in6 crawl into sea or swamp or sewers and live as monsters
13 Tumour buds -  save each month or 5% of body covered in horrible growth covered monstrosity that just wants to die 1in6 growth develop baby face and drops off forming a angry baby clone, 1in6 of those the being doesnt seperate but develops own intelect and is abusive towards host
14 Tentacle growths - Sprouts a tentacle from a body part with own will, can be reinfected and develop more
15 Small mutation pox - develop a minor mostly cosmetic mutation, 1in6 replace a existing one if any
16 Mutation pox - develop a first level or random mutation
17 Chimera mutation hybrid features - develop bestial extra head, limbs, tentacles till insane monster save per month or new mutation, complete insane monster by fourth
18 Sphynx Fever - turns you into a quadrapedal mutant, later mutates cross species features, one new mutation per month after becoming quadraped and keep human face, after four mutation become a ridling obsessed carnivore
19 Shoggoth devolution - 24 hour fever save or body part begins squirming and changing and sprouting tentacles, save per month for extra body part infection. At four mutations become a insane cannibal sex maniac
20 Gorge fever - a 4 hour fever that increases urge to eat raw meat and have sex
21 Cyborgismic fever - save after week fever and craving to chew metal and plastic, if fail a body part develops a random cyborg feature or interface jack. Can get multiple infections
22 Brainborg - brain modified after craving for plastic for a week, save or die, if live brain now in a sealed pod can survive body death and be installed into a borg, 1in6 develops spider legs and scuttles to saftey
23 Robosapiens virus - painfully over week of eating metal and plastic turn into a robot
24 Carbon syndrome - turns victim into carbon statue after 24 hours of fever if fail a CON save
25 Bioplastic syndrome  - turns victim into plastic menequin after 24 hours of fever if fail a CON save
26 Cyber parasites - painful cyber bugs crawl under skin, when you die they reanimate corpse as a cyber zombie
27 Android virus - painfully over week of eating metal and plastic turn into a android with metal skeleton and bioplastic organs and flesh
28 Akira syndrome - evolves painfully after 24 hour fever into tentacled evolving machine freak on killing humans spree
29 Tetsuo syndrome - evolves painfully after 24 hour fever into devoted soldier with a biological assault rifle in one arm that serves a cult or AI
30 Slaver virus - after a short hour fever if fails save becomes a biological drone in service to a AI
31 Gamma bed bugs constantly drained 1hp less per day and prevent natural healing from rest, itchy and prone to getting other infections
32 Psychon ticks constantly itchy -2DEX -1CON once infected and spread to others and beds
33 Chaos Crabs - tiny arachnids live in your skin, making it dry, scabby and thicker +1AC -1CHA
34 Blood worms infest internal organs -3 DEX, -d4 move (roll daily for speed penalty)
35 Gutworms - need to eat double food, constantly flatulent and shit worms
36 Chlorophyl skin syndrome - overgrown with symbiotic plant tissue reduces need for food by half
37 Fungoidal skin syndrome - coated in hideous fungal threads adds 1d10 HP -1CHA
38 Clot jellies - 1in20 chance of death per round of stroke if exerting self
39 Rad mould - grows thick coloured fur all over, absorbs 90% of incoming radiation
40 Brain worms, attracted to predictors and risky situations that could kill you, resistant to fear attacks
41 Bio slime - disolves your flesh, wood, plastic and leather rapidly fatal requiring burning to remove
42 Yellow spores - grow toxic yellow furry mould on body and inside lungs, save every day or die from choking, 1in6 arize as yellow mould covered zombie
43 Plastivore bug - you spread a plastic eating bacteria using you as a host making you unpopular
44 Kemelco Fever - die after a hour of fever if fail save. turns you into high octane liquid fuel over 24 hours
45 Death Spores fatal mould covers in black fur in 24 hours if fail save 1in6 arise as mould covered ghoul
46 Psychonian Tetnus - targets wounds if fail save stops all natural healing from rest, then save daily or lose a d4 HP till cured or dead with horrible grimace
47 Gamma Gangrene - targets wounds requires amputation or will spread over body and kill host in 24 hours. Some body parts like head or torso cant be ambutated normally
48 Trojan plague - save or makes victim sociable and seek company, after 24 hours blossoms into horrible fleshy flower that spreads the disease via spores
49 Apocalypse bug - if fail save get headache and victim after 24 hours burst open into a frothing airborne plague mass
50 Assassin bug - makes fever but tailored originally to kill certain now rare genetic markers only found in ancients, 1% of modern victims make a save or die in a hour
51 Spamfeast virus - only eat products from packaging or purchased from one ancient food chain
52 Loyalty shopping virus - only buy certain goods from one ancient brand
53 Jingle bug - makes you hum and sing and whistle ancient add tunes, save to resist for a turn
54 Shopoholism fever - desire to visit any new shop and go to markets daily if possible
55 Mission fever - preachy about one religion of one modern space god or ancient cult
56 Colectaholic fever - collect one type of ancient toy or item with obsessive seal
57 Randaynn fever - makes you selfish, greedy and lose empathy for life not related by blood
58 Videoholic fever - urge to watch programs of a single ancient network or broadcaster
59  Patrioholic bug - turns you into fanatic party member of ancient democratic faction
60 Munchhousen fever - constantly worried about health and disease, obsessed with health products
61 Gambling bug - you want to gamble on any outcome and only feel joy when taking risks
62 Narcoholic fever - you crave consuming a particular drug or alcohol illegal to ancients
63 Klepto bug - you desire to steal small items from stalls or peoples houses
64 Vegan bug - ancient food terrorists made, infected can only eat non meat but can live off grass
65 Amazon fever - turns you into a female amazon dedicated to the sisterhood
66 Exterminator fever - unite with infected to cleanse world of impure, mutants and weak with guns
67 Pyro bug - turns you into a pyromaniac favouring incendiary weapons and burning down structures at least once a day or you cant sleep
68 Pimperholic bug - sleep walk and sell sexual services, try to deposit money to black account of ancient crime cartel, forget everything when you wake up
69 Firewall bug - some thing you can no longer think about, talk about or see (possibly a colour, type of threat, common type of thing)
70 Babel virus - can no longer use or understand language until treated
71 Abuman flu - Turns you nto a type of abhuman after a weeks fever
72 Morlock flu - turns you into a morlock (dwarf) after a weeks fever
73 Eldren flu - turns you into a eldren (elf or eloi or grey) after a weeks fever
74 Lycanthrope fever - turns you into a lycanthrope after a weeks fever
75 Gigantism fever - Turns you into a giant after a weeks fever
76 Orc Pox - turns you into a orc after a weeks fever
77 Goblin pox - turns you into a goblin (d6 1-3=goblin 4-5=hobgoblin 6=bugbear) after a weeks fever
78 Hobbit Pox - Turns you into a halfling after a weeks fever
79 Changeling Fever -turns you into a changeling after a weeks fever
80 Morph Plague - turns you into a less common humanoid creature or monster after a weeks fever, each strain makes a different creature like baslisk plague for example
81 Sexmorph Flu - change sexual characteristics d4 1-2 opposite 3=sexless nueter 4=hemaphrodite
82 Frankenvirus - now receptive to transplants from anything safely by amateurs without rejection
83 Psi Virus - develop a psionc power (d6 a zero level cantrip once a day on a 6 get a 1st lv mentalist spell)
84 Hemovirus - Changes your blood type (and possibly color and flavour)
85 Sterilizer Plague - makes you sterile
86 Power Up Plague - increases a atribute by one, body runs hotter by a few degrees
87 Power Blast Plague - makes your body highly flamable and explosive
88 Hot Fever - makes you more atractive +1 CHA after 24 hour flu
89 Crome fever - makes you more positive and receptive to machines, implants, cyborgs
90 Bioblaster plague - explode like a gory hand grenaide after hour fever, some strains only explode the head
91 Ego Plague -overwrites peronality changes to an alignment
92 Citezen Fever - turns you into a patriotic ancient of specific nationality with knowledge of dialect of ancient
93 Hate Pox - makes you violently hate a ancient nationality will go besek on sight
94 Berzerker fever - makes you psychoyic kill crazy madman
95 Psychon fever -changes your reality, see everything different to everyone else (the past, a trip or a fantasy game or movie)
96  Passive flu - makes you unable to initiate violence, 1in6 strains make you flee from violence
97 Slave virus - makes you passive and respond to orders
98 Drone virus - makes you a moron (halves INT)who likes to obey orders and perform labour for mediocre food
99 Red fever - makes you a communist, enforce sharing, kill the rich, seize means of production for the people!
100 Terror pox - makes you weekly perform random acts of sabotage and terrorism to all but one ancient tribe and not remember anything

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