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Serpent men & beast men mythology on Psychon

Best thing ive read in ages to file under "I wish I wrote that" Department

Give me a snake-man and I will explain the monster manual

Awesome stuff 75% compatible with my Exile Island

I have seven monster races who were rebelled against by the modern races and these were one (inspired a bit by forbidden city module), im thinking more and more to develop as a high level setting

On my planet psychon serpent men would say all this and others would claim to be from space and others have biobranded dna to the Robert E Howard World bio park. Where tourists murder clones and androids to relax. Where the serpent men say all this we did it stuff. This cloneline race were sold to various other theme parks with SF themes and whole reptilian and amphibian and dinosaurian races with bad attitudes. Pre Apocalypse military decantered millions of them in zone wars. Many went rogue and intuitivly developed this delusional creed. 1in6 also claim to be from space.

kinda sad poor beastmen brains cant accept truth - hardwired with fiction fundamentalists.
Other beast men like Minotaurs believe they are divine and like occupying confined warren like structures. The ones from the Dragonlance Biopark especially uppity and mostly pirates. Some feel instead they were slave race crafted by some other race for war and defensive guardians or musclemen and guards to bosses.

Ape men have a sophisticated apes rights and conflicting ideas about humans. Some feel they have out evolved humans and have stepped  up to enslave man. Some favour genocide and sterilization. Other love their human buddies (especially ones from long lost orbitals). Some believe humans are apes too and we can all get along. Planet of the Apes theme parks existed also. A few believe they are the true race and humans bio engineered out of control serfs. Other apes isolationist in hidden ape cities.

Penguin men bred for musical productions and water dancing shows. They are very angry and had scandalous sexual features from the variety of penguins used. They practice necrophilia and cross species sex (frequent taboos on this with most tribes). They develop a every day currency from prostitution and they stink of fish. If they fancy you they vomit up some fish meal for you.

Goat men branded as chaos cultists and devil and demon worshippers. Even work in the hells as grunt troops and labour. Lawful goat men say they are hellspawn. Chaotics say they are lesser demons embodied in world to fight as outer planar beings cant.The feel obligated to perform vile acts of cruelty and like heavy metal.

Otters are sophisticated charming but superior. Witty, philosophical and patronizing. They have tribal wars over trivial issues of their materialist creeds.

Dolphin men and unicorn men are big jerks. They are pretty and loved yet both are sleazy and grimy. They prey on humans kind thoughts about them. "Help us humans, bullies are after us!". or "hey buddy let me get close and give you a hug"..

Dolphins often become radio dj's, quizz show hosts and junkies. The males into lewd sexual behavure and assault. Dolphin gangs look for victims to bash for fun. The gang runs around you laughing and squealing and grinning then go for kill. Killer whale men dont bother pretending to be nice to get close like dophins do. Whale men were bread to harvest krill then in turn they were plumbed into factory and farmed for fat and protien. Smaller mobile free ones today resentful to humans still for centuries of being giant biofilters.

Unicorn men are always well dressed and stylish with make up. They love 1980s clothes. Actually savage and brutal in love and make abusive partners in relationships. They are demanding, needy broken people but people still marry them readily. Unicorns prefer virgins of other species. They think shitting glitter on your floor or bed is hilarious. They love drugs, especially ones that make them angrier. They steal everyones hair care products and hog music choices. Punk unicorns protest this rot and look more extreme but many kindly vegetarians in protest to popular bourgeois unicorns. They are still crazy with terrible music and flip out if you lace your DrMartins wrong. Don't confuse them with skinhead unicorn racist gangs who are the least  artistic of unicorns. 

Dont even get me started on how shitty koala and weasel men are.

Budgie men are pretty cool and cheeky socialites. They fight very well together and are happy to have lost flight for being good at violence.

Pig men vary plenty. Some serve Set to wage eternal war, some call themselves "real orcs". Others are pinky fun loving fatty hedonists, the eloi of the beast man tribes.  Some are bristly tusked hunters and soldiers for long lost causes. Others are park rangers bred to hunt poachers. Space pigs were used to scare colonials as horror brutes or later to be shaven hedonists controlling war ships. They cope with boredom and smart and comptant in a crisis.

Bug men or mineral men might also claim to be ancients or aliens or elder servitors. Plant men often hostile and "remember" when plants ruled!

Many farm animal beast men have attitude to humans for enslaving and eating them for thousands of years and stealing their land. Mixed farm beastmen preach humans are bad for not creating sentient beast men sooner. They live in farm communes and struggle with poor leaders like humans do. Zoo type beastmen prefer tribal society and even hunt and eat humans to prove their superiority. Wild beastmen preach serving nature as they butcher human villages.

Cereal and fast food and sport team mascot races are the saddest of all the late pre apocalypse races created. Worshiping their products and their "ancestors" is very serious. If you mock the frog men's frog god of sugar frosted fart bombs then the tribe skin you alive and make you watch while they try on your skin and clownishly mock human kind. Toucan men, pink elephants, monkeys, etc. All crazy. Fast food clown men bread rapidly and need to be killed (part human part clown).

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  1. Good job. I like how you insinuate that clowns are another species than human.


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