Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Curse in dnd is one of those spells that is kinda vague and mostly non satisfying.

Original Oriental Adventures had a greater curse for weirder things that would curse a bloodline. More curse spells would be better. Other possibility is to stack curse with another spell like polymorph other or flesh to stone or fireball to make magic traps.

Possibly a family of curse spells or hundreds of specific variants like the black lotus root curse or the ten thousand sting curse.

But what i will offer here is standard basic curses the spell can do

Could be specific spell for each or chosen by player

d10 Basic Curses
1 Weakness -2 worse on all rolls saves, attacks, skill or attribute rolls
2 Alignment - change a target alignment (law or LN might stop a thief)
3 Vulnerability - AC -2 two points worse off
4 Phobia - afraid of one specified thing (lemons, dark, swords, this chest), save to approach or touch
5 Dullness - always last in initiative (unless vs another cursed or zombie)
6 Wounding - cannot heal naturally with rest, first aid might work
7 Slowing - lose -1/3 your speed score for the worse
8 One attribute reduced by -4 yes this is hard on spell casters and can lock some bonus spells
9 Feebleness - all attacks inflict one less point per dice or always at least -1
10 Hindrance -4 to hit worse off

Specifically less worse than blindness spell

I did a flawed d1000 curses here long ago

Im considering making racial spell lists mixing best from all lists
Might help new players and suggest kinds of things in playing them

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