Sunday 3 April 2016

Hell's Infernal Lands 1

Continuing with my terrains of hell. This time the overwhelming themes are fire and torment. Have started on moral tests for in between the hell zones that let you progress to the next section.

Yay I have a new laptop for travelling and in bed so i don't waste all my interstate commuting time. Life a bit more stable and can think of next few cons and getting a new job and exhibiting and curating. Gov welfare goons made mistakes every visit and forgot info they have kept on me for years. Incompetence or profiling to get ppl to give up and die - im unsure.

Will have more complete review of blood and bronze, hope to play test and run in a con. Gangbusters would be cool and im getting desire for TSR Marvel game again and have heroclix of my own so i dont need to borrow them. I will set up a donor box here and possibly do a paetron soon. Im running Planet Psychon and have local game clubs to try out. Reading real books and not just comics again. Milton's complete non latin works and George Macdonalds the Light Princess. Will get a scanner shortly and present here 30 years of gaming notes, maps and octopus doodles (i mean drawings).

Infernal Land
Some say the hells are remnants of older worlds fragmented and destroyed by disaster and apocalypse. The animals, devils and demons are immune to natural flame and hellfire but not holy fire or wizard fire. While the plague lands were obsessed with execution and disease, infernal lands are a apocalyptic burnt out volcanic land of torment. The devilish bureaucracy here are concerned with burning, eternal torment, toil in the mines and factory sweatshops. Souls are the fuel of hellfire and mortals are the best source.

Most people in the infernal realm are aware they are in hell and that they are damned. Most know why and most think attempts to escape are doomed to fail or a fresh deception to torment them. Some of those tortured will become larvae then evolve up the devilish chain of command if lawful evil. The chaotic evil will go from larvae to devils, will be shunned and driven to outlands and possibly will be hired by devils as mercenaries and bounty hunters. Demons who try to accumulate power or hoarde souls or larvae or try to corrupt hell's officials will be branded or driven to the great chaos of the outer abyss.

Heat can make encumbrance worse and heat exhaustion is common. Humans who fall will be abused by devils who thrive off the pain of others. A tormented human sould pushes their spiritual evolution or devolution in different ways. Can enhance the use of a soul as a fuel source. Hell Metals forged in soulfire develop unusual properties.

Infernal devils are classically red orange or deep magenta or even purple. Most have tails, wings and horns. Lower ranks use forks and tools like blacksmith tongs and peasant polearms. Higher ranks use whips, flails, swords, sceptres and many still use sceptres

The Damned in the Inferno are different to the plague lands. The damned here are not clothed in finery. This hell is not about bringing all low with death and pestilence. It does not punish sins like self importance and status. The damned here are irredeemably and obviously awful people and unrepentant. They are past fear of death. Here they fear never ending torment and wish it would end. These is no fighting to survive here. At best there is rage and a desire to inflict suffering on others. Most of the damned are naked or soon wind up with clothing shredded and falling off. Finer the clothing the more you stand out here. They are utterly selfish and climb over each other, fighting over crumbs, coins or drops of water.

As usual dressings are things you can see but not immediate threats unless adventurers head into them and make trouble. Wonders are amazing sights that beg questions, tempt adventurers and will make incredible stories. Witnesses of the wonders should always be able to avoid conflict. Devils might assume heroes are someones property or untouchable. Once again not a threat unless you approach and choose to interact. Part 2 will include obstacles that get in your way and encounters that try to threaten intruders into hell.

d100 Hell's Infernal Land Dressings

01 Flaming pit
02 Smoking craters
03 Flame geysers erupting from holes
04 Jet of burning gas from hole in ground
05 Pool of burning pitch or tar
06 Pool of bubbling sulphur
07 Pool of boiling lava
08 Burning heap of garbage
09 Pit of glowing coals
10 Pile of burning skulls

11 Pit full of writhing larvae
12 Pit of fire with naked screaming damned

13 Staked burning witches and heretics
14 Burning gibbets with screaming charred damned victims
15 A great brazen bull shaped furnace with screaming victims imprisoned inside 
16 Chained damned trying to avoid burning braziers underneath them
17 Devils pouring boiling sulphur down throats of the damned
18 Devils with torches burning chained victims 
19 Devils with pitchforks poking a pit of larvae
20 Devils and demons trading in larvae (possibly blackmarket crime!)
21 Devils trading larvae with witches or night hags
22 Devils whipping damned slaves in open cut quarry or mine pits
23 Devil blacksmith with damned slaves working bellows
24 Devils torturing a victim with apparatus
25 Devils tending cauldrons of oil boiling the damned
26 Devils branding damned like cattle in stalls
27 Damned being thrown in pits of larvae by devils
28 Devils extracting teeth from damned with pincers, hammers and chisels
29 Devil tormenting thirsty damned with flask of water
30 Devils driving damned through pits of coals with whips
31 Devils turning spits with impaled damned over cooking fires
32 Devil hurling thirsty damned into dry well
33 Swarms of devils flying around a mountain
34 Devil butchers flailing off skin and flesh from damned
35 Devils firing huge ornamental hell cannon, tying damned to mouths in between shots
36 Devils riding stampeding burning horned devil horses
37 Devils working in sprawling ramshackle smithy making weapons and siege engines
38 Devils experimenting with damned used as musical instruments
39 Devils tarring and setting damned alight for a laugh
40 Devils impaling the damned
41 Great burning lake of fire
42 Huge clouds of black smoke fill the sky
43 Raging stormclouds and lightening strikes
44 Fireballs rain down in distance
45 River of flowing lavs
46 Huge fire geysers shoot flame columns into the sky
47 Yellow clouds of sulphur rain acid in distance 
48 Burning city town or village
49 Burning castle or ruins
50 Burning palace or cathedral
51 Sky rippling with heat distorting perspective
52 Ripples of heat make tempting illusions
53 Distant volcano peaks overflowing with lava
54 Huge canyons with sulphurous fumes
55 Gigantic smoking craters
56 Lava waterfall spilling into a lake
57 Sinkhole with stinking vapour, sounds of workers picks from depths
58 Mountain of burning skulls with frolicking devils
59 Whirlwind sucking up devils, damned and ruined buildings
60 Firestorm destroying everything in it's path
61 Sounds of screaming and wailing damned
62 Sounds of explosions
63 Sounds of raging fire
64 Sounds of mighty thunder claps
65 Sounds of shrieking devils
66 Sounds of flapping wings
67 Sounds of workers picks digging
68 Sounds of bellowing devil laughter
69 Sounds of screaming stampeding horses or cattle
70 Sounds of devilish chanting or choir
71 Stench of sulphur
72 Stench of burning flesh
73 Stench of devilish flatulence 
74 Showers of sparks fall from sky
75 A distant star falls
76 Charred corpses scattered about
77 Escaping damned being pursued by devils riding flaming steeds
78 Damned fighting over seams of hellish cursed gems
79 Damned fighting over foodscraps or dirty puddle
80 Damned fighting while devils bet on outcome
81 Devils force feeding damned coins
82 Devils force feeding damned shit
83 Devils passing around damned, fondling and kissing
84 Devils court with crowned devil judge assigning punishments to damned
85 Angels with burning swords giving damned to gleeful devils
86 Cultists in robes freshly arrived in hell being chased by devils
87 Bloated devils eating damned while still alive then shitting larvae
88 Devils mocking and taunting a fallen holyman
89 Devils nailing hats to former merchants, nobles and clergy
90 Devils flying through sky carrying crying victims
91 Devils burning a building, killing any damned that escape
92 Devils forcing sinners to eat live angry fire toads 
93 Horizon covered in wall of flame
94 Great maze of flame in distance with hellmouth in middle
95 Hellmouth with despondent damned arriving in hell
96 Sulpher formations with spectacular hues
97 Damned linked by chains in miles long line going over horizon
98 Flaming skulls in post marking road going into distance
99 Giant smoking crater with lava in distance
100 Ladder descending into depths below or clouds above

d100 Hell's Infernal Land Wonders
01 Army of devils dragging screaming slaves
02 Wagonloads of slaves in cages pulled by devil-oxen
03 Migration of hundreds of flaming screeching skulls
04 Giant devil being fed damned then shat out and dragged back to mouth by lesser devils
05 Burning forest
06 Burning Forrest of damned tied to stakes wailing
07 Giant devil with swarms of flying lesser devils orbiting him
08 Giant devil with millions of breasts suckling thousands of imps
09 Giant burning comet falls from sky exploding in distance leaving a crater
 Damned rain from sky screaming into lake of fire

11 Huge erupting volcano rains ash and brimstone
12 Castle made from incredible sulphur crystal formations

13 Sprawling city sized prison where damned toil and suffer under devil wardens
14 Damned being forced by devils with whips to build monument to a duke of hell
15 River of molten metal
16 Mountain with huge carved text visible for miles
17 A huge crumbling tower ascending into clouds with devils flying about 
18 A tall tower with a huge flaming bonfire atop it
19 Mountain of discarded shredded clothes and hair clippings
20 Giant crowned devil on throne with thousands of damned and devils worshipping at feet
21 Great lake of fire where devils hurl hundreds of damned
22 Great lake of blood where devils push damned under with pitchforks
23 Giant flatulent devil with lesser devils forcing damned to inhale hellish fumes
24 A great slave market where devils knights bid for damned
25 Great cloud of flying devils tearing apart damned, raining blood and body parts
26 A great white city surrounded by wall of flame and besieging devil army
27 A stream of damned falling from clouds into mouth of a giant devil laying on back
28 Gigantic furnace with devils dragging hundreds of fresh damned from coffins
29 Devils hurling damned off cliff to be snatched by flying dragons
30 Great devilish orgy with wailing damned being abused and dismembered
31 Huge burning tree with damned in branches committing sins while devils care for it
32 A twisted eroded formation actually fused fleshy mass of moaning damned
33 Sprawling maze of flaming walls with lost desperate damned being pursued by devils
34 A great devil on throne with sceptre turning damned prisoners into serpents
35 A great hunt with mounted devils on burning steeds with hellhounds chasing damned
36 Plain of chained damned being rained on with fire
37 A great devil counting house, damned being assessed and locked in chests
38 Field with hundreds of damned trying to collect burning coins but dropping them 
39 Wagons of coffins being delivered and dead being turfed out and awakened by devils
40 Damned stuffed into huge living ornamental cannon by devils and fired into burning lake
41 Court of devils where damned attempt to renegotiate punishment with devil lawyers
42 Column of stone reaching into clouds, damned try to climb up mocked by devils
43 Angels in clouds hurl damned to ground where devils catch them on pitchforks
44 Giant devil dragging massive sacks or wailing damned, those escaping beaten by devils
45 Devils with shears snipping off fingers, ears, hair and extremities from damned
46 Devils riding damned herding stampeding damned hoard on all fours like beast
47 Devils attaching suckling serpents to damned, hundreds trapped in serpentine coils
48 Hundreds of devils in monk and clergy robes having a party abusing damned
49 A suspension bridge over lake of fire made from damned holding each other
50 Devils casino where damned try rigged games of chance to reduce torments
51 Procession of hellish nobility with personal entourage on way to important gathering
52 Hundreds of dragons nesting in crater, some feeding damned to young
53 Lake giving off sulphur fumes swarming with serpents and floating bodies of damned   
54 Grim castle with hundreds of flailed damned chained to walls, home of a hell knight
55 Lake of lava where devils bathe, dragging in damned and washing them with lava
56 Brothel with pimp devils selling services of hundreds of chained damned
57 Camp of hungry damned with wagons and tents being given respite from torment
58 Hellish trapped obstacle course where devils force damned through for entertainment
59 Devil market selling larvae, food and drink, but always too expensive for mortals
60 Rapid river of blood where damned caught in current are dashed against rocks
61 Court of devils trying and torturing damned inquisitors for witchcraft and heresy for fun
62 Hellish taxation office taxing naked damned with nothing so they take their body parts
63 Devil winery where devils press blood from damned, bottle then comment on taste
64 Giant naked hairy devil being shaved by damned and goaded by devils with whips
65 Giant devil buttocks in hillside occasionally shits out horde of bewildered damned
66 Devil marching band playing instruments made from living damned making terrible noise
67 Devils watching teams of damned fight over bag of coins
68 Devils beating damned to collect tears in  buckets as luxury treats for arch devils
69 Devils guarding a huge pit where overcrowded damned fight and eat each other
70 Brilliant gleaming brass city on stilts over sea of lave
71 Giant devil relaxing in pit full of squirming larvae 
72 Giant devil bathing in fire pit with damned clipping his nails and scrubbing his back
73 Devil slavers forcing damned to build a tower into the sky to invade other realm in the sky
74 Devil slavers forcing damned to work huge relief carvings of dukes of hell into mountain
75 Devil slavers forcing damned to dig canals for lava flows, sometimes workers are flooded
76 Devil slavers forcing damned to build highway connecting several wonders
77 Devil citadel ruled by minor noble devil carved into mesa
78 Devil fortress with huge armies camped around it and performing drills
79 Huge dilapidated dairy where hell's cattle milked ichor to fatten larvae
80 Farm complex where imps are hatched from eggs laid by damned caged in stalls
81 Enormous devil sigil carved into ground or mountain on huge scale
82 Crumbling ruin of forgotten evil of ancients no longer respected as power in hell
83 Column of eerie hellfire shooting from ground into the sky
84 Plain covered with charred standing corpses of damned that crumble on touch
85 A great citadel in the shape of a prince of hell with, a fortress for his followers
86 Top of a mountain carved into a skull, some burn eternally with hellfire
87 Crumbling giant throne on hilltop with ceremonial staircase from a long forgotten ruler
88 Ruined city in ancient style with streets littered in charred skeletons
89 Huge crumbling gate house in side of mountain sealed and abandoned
90 Huge devil face in cliff, a living hellgate with devil guards
91 Boiling toxic lake with colourful deposits of crystallized chemicals on shore
92 Huge statue of lady devil with bowl pouring out a stream of bile, fire or lava
93 Huge war juggernaut rolling about on way to war, covered in impaled damned
94 Huge juggernaut mining machine devouring and crushing rocks with damned slaves
95 Volcano shooting fireballs that randomly fly for miles then explode on impact
96 A giant devil in tears, bound and gagged in magic chains staked to ground
97 Giant crumbling bust of former noble devil vandalised and crumbling
98 Gigantic skeleton of dragon or other monster, damned living inside remains
99 Crumbling abandoned cliff buildings with exiled devils and demons hiding inside
100 Great procesional staircase going up cliff with carved relief scenes of nobility of hell bringing tribute to the current arch devil. Some devils who have lost office have had names and faces scratched off

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