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Hells Plague Lands 2

Most of my recent research based on medieval art and texts

Some nice medieval clip art - odd but small


Some ideas on devils and demons Ive had is to almost build like a character class. Starting with zero level imp with a d4 hp then progressing in HD or levels and getting extra abilities. Most have wings and tails and basic resistance to normal weapons. Cold iron hurts demons, silver harms devils. Higher creatures gain extra resistance vs weapons and specific attacks or magic. They also get more powers, implements and skills. A basic devil gets several claw attacks or uses a pitchfork or crude spear or pole arm but mostly peasant tools. Quality of weapons and more natural attacks increase as they get stronger and more HD. Senior devils Weapon are more likely to be made of silver or cold iron and magic for greater still. More monsters of hell use spell like powers per day and might use others magic items.

Apocalypse devils are skeletal looking devils with far greater range of mischief and torture dreams than a plain skeleton. Very few have wings or tails or use unarmed attacks like claws.  They are sadistic tormentors with senses of humour. They keenly act out the torments on he damned they once received . They enjoy their work and enjoy ironic or imaginative torment. Mostly laugh and scream but often silent when serious. More like Mars Attacks than Predator for a modern movie analogy. Spears, tridents, clubs and occasional agricultural flails are their main weapons. They often act in unison and may be seen letting loose in dance and revelry. Without a leader and numerical advantage they lose confidence rapidly.

Leaders are cool, grim and merciless.  They prefer to capture and entertainingly execute victims than let them just die. Greater ones use weapons of knights or executioners or twin sickle style or scythes. Flails and maces are popular too especially from those who were once clergy. Powers include animating dead, stinking cloud, death gaze, or banshee howl, Some also have strengths and weaknesses of undead. Greatest can summon the dead, call walls of bone, ride skeletal horses or chariots, Some can grow huge or heal harm by adding bones to selves or by eating them. More powerful ones more likely to speak sensibly or act as character classes do.

Uncommon variants include forms of other undead even non corporeal ones. Only some have have wings, mostly skeletal bat ones, possibly with magical invisible membrane. Some with bird wings in white, grey or black. Tails and horns might appear on some or bestial heads. Tails like scorpions allow them extra attacks instead of claws or wing slaps. Some wear clothes mocking the stations of mortals with devil nobility dressing as knights or bishops. Skeletal demons more likely to exhibit mixed species, fused to weapons, deformities and be individuals. Flayed skin variety have visible muscles and are a bit more haughty.

Possibly when actual undead die the devils and demons and spirits n them can be seen departing when in hellor with supernatural vision. Could be in form of smoke or imp or swarm of bugs. Possibly he corpses look less horrible after the unclean animating entities flee.

Hellmouths can form on any surface - a giant devil face with teeth and scaly coloured skin. They are living gateways around hell. Mostly they exit another hellmouth but sometimes (1in6) they come out the other sort of exit farting flames and stinking clouds. You could adventure inside a diant devils digestive tract. Possibly the gates could be spoken to or controlled by some duke of hell. The mouths could be bribed with some promise or a body part or a sacrifice. They might lie - not a blatent one more like a trick word bending lawyer,

d10 Hellmouth Exit
1 Devil fortress
2 Duke of hell estate
3 Hellish city
4 Another hell terrain or kingdom
5 To a evil simulacrum of mortal world
6 To mortal world in disaster zone
7 To mortal world surrounded by cult sabbat
8 To the same starting entry that brought heroes to hell
9 Exit on other plane d4 1=elemental 2=elfland 3=giantland 4=
10 An abyssal plane where you fall into pit of fire for eternity

Hazards can be avoided by wits or going around them or fighting through. The point is they can be avoided and often threat is visible a long way off. Encounters proactively pursue you to attack.

d100 Hell Plague Lands Hazards 
01 A sheer cliff difficult to climb
02 Muddy slopes difficult and filthy to climb
03 Hidden pits of quicksand
04 Tar pits 1in6 burning
05 Burning pits with choking smoke
06 Pits with sharp bone shards in bottom 1in6 hidden
07 Pits with vicious snakes in bottom 1in6 hidden
08 Pits with writhing maggots 1in6 hidden
09 Gaping cracks in earth
10 Canyon blocking way

11 Canyon with old rope bridge
12 Canyon with bone bridge

13 Canyon with ricketey wooden bridge
14 Canyon with fortified stone bridge with gatehouse 
15 Canyon with burning bridge with houses, damned trapped inside crying for help
16 Line of trenches with sharp steaks, traps and rotting bodies
17 Fortified wall with gatehouse and guards
18 Wooden wall eternally on fire
19 Wall with flailed human skins nailed to them 
20 Wall of burning trees
21 Burning houses blocks passage
22 Hill with guard tower and sharp shooters
23 Wall of stacked coffins some with skeletons asleep inside
24 Wall of impaled corpses
25 Wicker fence with angry undead bull inside 1in6 flaming
26 Table with eating and drinking mercenaries, offended if you don't join them
27 Skeletons serving fat damned gorging themselves on addictive food and drink 
28 Skeletal soldiers with leader demanding chess match victory to pass
29 Skeletal executioners demand you decapitate a few dozen damned for them
30 Skeletons having a funeral, if you disrespectfully come near they are enraged
31 Skeletons chopping up victims into cauldrons ask if you are new ingredients
32 Skeletons dancing to band, a skeletal wizard tries to charm you to join in forever
33 Skeletal prostitutes in broken wagon lewdly offer sex, if refused they are enraged
34 Swarms of flies stripping meat from corpses in area
35 Swarm of imps in locusts form eating a village ignoring damned trying to stop them
36 Skeleton herding imp chickens enraged if you dont admire his huge red cock
37 Skeleton herding devil swine to market who will try to charm you to take their place
38 Herd of screaming undead horses block path 1in6 on fire
39 Skeletal wagon train in path, cry out to defend selves from bandits if you get close
40 Huge flock of undead vultures eating corpses get agitated by living
41 Huge flock of ravens all muttering same word as they pick corpses clean
42 Valley ends in living hellmouth face gatehouse with guards
43 Fortified castle in path
44 Hundreds of robed skeletons in prayer angry if living try to push away
45 Crude fortified wall from wagons, coffins and garbage with crossbow armed skeletons
46 Giant skeleton with scythe reaping humans buried up to neck attacks if sees living
47 Giant skeletons making earthwork and stone walls throw rocks at tiny mortals
48 Skeletal slave auction with naked damned humans, exited if fresh stock get close
49 Trenches with skeletal bowmen wishing target practice would come by 
50 Crude stone wall and earthworks difficult to climb
51 Lake or fiver of dirty yellow grey water with floating corpses 
52 Feverish swamp full of corpses, leeches, maggots, mosquitoes and flies
53 Treacherous bog with undead hands reaching out for victims
54 Wall of jagged bone steaks woven with sinew
55 Plain of jagged bone steaks among scattered bones
56 Plain with mounds of skulls covering ground, chatter hungrily when mortals near
57 Line of skeletons with crucified humans, threaten to torment them if you come closer
58 Slopes of slippery ruble and ruined building scrap
59 War between factions of skeletons in path
60 War between attacking skeletons vs horrible human mercenaries in trenches
61 Hundreds of stinking bandaged plague victims covered in sores and flies
62 Skeletons on hill with bone catapult hurl exploding rotten plague corpses at you
63 Skeletons on hill with bone trebuchet hurl squads of skeleton troops at you
64 Skeletons with bolt thrower and shield wall troops around them on hill
65 Skeletons of flayed horses with devil dogs hunting human victims keen for new sport
66 Skeleton horses eating a farmer hungry for more
67 Skeleton beast men having orgy get exited by fresh meat
68 Rapid stream of fetid diseased water with slippery rock crossing
69 Lake with huge devil fish chomping on corpses eyes you hungrily
70 Burning river or lake of blood
71 Lake with undead huge fish with skeleton ferryman and raft
72 Putrid lake with dozens of old boats on shore some possibly seaworthy
73 Frozen over lake with undead under ice trying to break to surface
74 Lake with wreckage to make raft, burning hulks and wrecks float in middle
75 Skeletons making humans fight get exited if new victims come near
76 Graves many open and corpses scattered about, dead beneath ground try to grab living
77 Camp of starving people cooking a undead dog, will swarm strangers for food
78 Meeting of desperate humans of all types voting for leader, will elect strangers and follow
79 Flagellant humans whipping each other and moaning will blame outsiders and attack
80 Flagellant skeletons flailing human skins for leather happy to see fresh skins
81 Dozens of humans tied to poles being whipped by skeletons, try and make you join
82 Burning witches on steaks arise as burning undead and attack if you come near
83 Skeletons impaling and spitroasting humans over burning pit need more food
84 Skeletons executing humans then resurrecting them to repeat forever invite you closer
85 Skeletons planting humans neck deep, keen for more humans to plant and harvest
86 A shield wall of skeletons holding top of ridge attack any who get close
87 A dragon on top of hill eating corpses
88 A drunken giant in tattered noble clothes sleeping against ruined wall, wakes up hungry
89 Skeleton troops crucifying victims but have left over crosses, what will they do?
90 Necromancer skeletons in robes forming a huge collosus from corpses
91 Devils hiring demon bounty hunters need a suitable test of their skills
92 Witch skeletons with giant riding cats having a sabath feast and a bit low on meat
93 Ruined cathedral complex haunted by a banshee
94 Two lich wizards playing chess while skeleton armies await outcome or trouble
95 A stone fortified wall with devil gatekeeper demands a soul for passage 
96 A grid of 64 000 skeletons raising left or right arms being used as computer by lich
97 Skeletons trying to get treasure inside sleeping snoring giant, if you help you pass
98 Skeletal beauty contest, if approached they offer you be judge, otherwise they attack 
99 Skeletons with crying undead babies, you can pass if you feed their babies
100 Skeletons with trebuchet offer to shoot you over burning canyon for free, spattered corpses over area and against canyon cliffs

d100  Hell Plague Lands Encounters
01 Swarm of black plague rats attack 1in6 giant rats
02 A black devil cat befriends visitors, might not reveal is sentient, can talk or magical, seeks to corrupt to serve hell in long term 
03 Fire breathing hell hounds hunting for intruders
04 Devil dogs in pursuit, howling causes fear, will try to drive into further danger 
05 Skinless pack of stray dogs savage with hunger
06 Skeletons with skeletal hunting dogs tracking outsiders
07 Skeletons riding horses with undead hunting dogs looking for sport
08 Flesh eating skinless horses attack intruders
09 A devilish horrific bull that breathes fire
10 A devilish were swine with charm powers, usually pretends to be friendly at first

11 Skeletal executions with 2-handed axes and swords
12 Skeletal flagellants with flails see new souls as wicked in need of punishment

13 Skeletal knights in armour riding skinless devil horses
14 Skeletal templars with chain, helmets, sheilds and maces led by a priest
15 A skeletal wizard with bodyguards and servants demands magic items
16 Skeletal monks and hermits with staffs outraged by mortals being here 
17 Skeletal troops with pole arms led by ambitious sergeant
18 Drunken skeleton soldiers looking for victims to torment
19 Winged skeleton devils swoop from sky to grab and drop victims for fun
20 Skeletons warriors with scorpion tales and halberds
21 Giant undead snake grown from spinal nerve tissue with necrotic bite
22 A undead lion ridden by a noble skeleton with jeweled mace and crown 
23 Giant undead vulture tries to snatch a victim
24 Swarm of devil locusts hungry enough to strip corpse bare of flesh
25 Swarm of flesh eating flies descends on intruders 
26 Swarm of crows chanting a phraze attack
27 A great devil toad jumps from putrid pond or concealed pit
28 Devilish behemoth from a bog (used a sauropod dino, pleistocene mammal or hippo)
29 A young dragon in flight wiling to risk life by attacking strangers
30 Gigantic burrowing insect looking for fresh kills
31 Gremlins attempt to sneak into baggage to sabotage equipment
32 Terrible gang of Imps follow and attack when weak or meet another encounter
33 A horrible giant looking for dinner
34 Scrounging bone eating goblins exited by strangers swarm to attack
35 Hobgoblins in armour with polearms confused about being here attack
36 Nighthag riding a nightmare offers advice to escape hell in return for favour
37 Hags quarreling over idiot human headed worms, welcome to see fresh free souls 
38 Gang of minor demon bounty hunters have heard undamned souls loose
39 A terrific hellmouth maw opens in the earth and attacks, luckily not very mobile
40 Burning hell tree man grabs victims to impale in burning branches to eat later
41 Damned wizard or sorcerer with retinue and guards looking to sell undamned souls 
42 Damned murder hobo adventurers with sacks of loot, gleefully killing and robbing
43 Damned band of bandits and thieves signal peace to get close to backstab
44 Damned nobleman with mercenaries taking advice from his jester imp
45 Damned village welcome strangers or hunt them if they refuse to enter trap
46 Damned cultist with robes looking for sacrifices to earn favour from hell
47 Damned farmers with horrible hell farm beasts on road to market, need to feed monsters
48 Damned judge and retinue believe they can escape by burning strangers at stake
49 Damned monk wishes to join party but is tempted by either gender and cannibalism
50 Damned gang of murderers and grave robbers pursue any strangers they can kill or rob
51 Frog men looking for victims to abuse, rob and impregnate
52 Goat men on holiday keen to kill and eat and dance at any chance
53 Undead skinless centaurs enraged by non damned attack with lances and bows
54 Pig men soldiers looking for humans to eat and enslave on patrol from their tower
55 Wolf men on the hunt and found trail of tasty strangers
56 Cat folk of both genders invite humans to dine on tainted food and take cursed treasure
57 Horrible owl folk see adventurers from distance and head them off in ambush
58 Snake man wizard and reptile men minions seek metaphysical mystery, up for a snack
59 Degenerate ape men furious about humans charge on sight 1in6 mounted
60 Rat man priest and followers spreading plague, desire to infect any victims tey can reach
61 Skeletal funeral carriage pursues intruders and skeletal necromancers desire new meat
62 Skeletal chariot with skeletal wizard who hurls fireballs and his crew and devil horses
63 Skeleton riders with burning skulls and whips in pursuit of trespassers
64 Skeletal plague doctors with foul incense braziers that spread a diseased miasma
65 Skeleton archers carries one special arrow with adventurers name on that always hits them first shot (carry other arrows too)
66 Skeletal robed reapers with angel wings swoop down to decapitate the living while screeching
67 Spectral glowing skeletons harder to harm and reach inside living bodies to torment souls while laughing
68 Skeletal torturers with tools and apparatus in wagon wager mortals cant take torture
69 Skeletons bathing in lake of blood seem peaceful till they point and scram at living
70 Skeletons making a feast, bakers use bone meal and butchers making sausages from the living
71 A hoard of standard skeletons led by skeletal devil officers on patrol
72 A large sprawling gang of zombies commanded by a undead priest
73 Ghouls in robes out gathering corpses, long for fresh flesh of mortals not damned
74 Wight knights on undead horses with zombie levy
75 Shadows rise from the ground or corpses hungry to sap life from mortals
76 A horrifying wraith commanding zombies seeks life to destroy
77 A mummy on a palanquin or a chariot with standard skeletal minions
78 Giant coffin on a ox waggon stops and skeletons march out for war
79 Devil spies sent to resemble old friends or dead kin try to trick adventurers into a hazard
80 Hellmouth opens in cliff and hundreds of skeletons come through
81 Vultures with skeleton riders tilt buckets of fith on ground targets
82 Animated siege juggernaut rolling about looking for victims to kill
83 Animated gallows attacks like a beast but with a strangling riop attack 
84 A happy giant impaling humans on sharpened tree trunks but running low on victims
85 Skeleton with magic horn summons diseased clouds to rain filth over area
86 Skeleton priest exhorts his skeleton templars to crusade against the living
87 A devil with living demon bagpipes summons horrors of hell to attack adventurers
88 Skeletal choir who's singing causes terror and herds victims into dangerous hazard
89 Skeleton lord with scythe leading warriors to enslave stray mortals 
90 Knight wights riding undead wyverns tookig for mortals to destroy 
91 Great serpent writhing across landscape looking for something to swollow
92 Damned lesser angel, charming sadist and tormenter, looking for intresting victims
93 Multi headed demon rat king and rat men plague warriors looking for victims
94 Crowned horned hydra ridden by it's pet sucubi looking for souls to eat
95 Incubus mercenaries looking for loot, murder and non consensual good times
96 Two lich kings with armiesm, set a gladiator teams contest which will kill most adventurers
97 Revolting undead giant eating everone to join the great commonwealth in his belly
98 Ghost demand help that cannot begiven, flies into a rage and attacks
99 Son of orcus demon prince of death, with goatmen, sucubi and necromancers retinue, wants mortal slaves and been banished from world of man for an aeon
100 Fiery arch demon intrudes hell for trouble, strafe mortals with fir, if the react with threat he tries to finish them off

Some good questions:
What if i die in hell?
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