Thursday 24 March 2016

Language on Planet Psychon

No I wouldn't be surprised if Venger Satanis had used this pic. But congrats to him beating the man over pornophobes. Probably good pr he should milk and use like crazy.

Having stuff like this reminds me of dealing with complaints at my youth mag i managed. Most ppl imagine extra content when complaining. They are usually disheartened when you count the genders of images page by page with them or prove them wrong or ask what page the offence is on. I always offer them to publish their alternate view which mostly scares them off.

Anyway i'm running Planet Psychon at the moment and I thought I should clean this up.

S=spoken version
W=written version

Common S W - Common is the universal tongue put in the minds of everyone by the star gods since birth or when assimilated.

Ancient S W - language of the pre apocalypse times, many regional dialects

Eldren (Elvish) SW - language of folk of low gravity orbitals, star explorers and utopian hedonistic bunkers

Morock (Dwarf) SW - language of subterranean, ultra high density bunkers and high g space space travellers and miners

Goblin S W - languages of most common breed of mutants made to fight and labour hazardous environments with little resources. Hobgoblin, kobold, bugbear are dialects. It is related to morlock and eldren.

Giant S W - language of these behemoths mostly mutated and bread for work and dumb. Rare giants

Ogre S W - is  hybrid of giant and goblin used by dumb ogres and the rarer ogre magi and high ogres

Orc S W - is a hybrid related to ogre and ancient military code. They are bred for war and are mostly born from machines or spells fully ready to fight adult males. Orcs are bred to fight in chemical warfare and many carry gas asks and horned helmets.

Troll S W - used used by savage cancerous chaos ridden cave trolls or the sweeter common house troll who are more likely to read and make you something nice to eat

Machine S W - mathematical language of binary, basic and fractal maths that machines talk in. Used by priests, robots, androids, cyborgs and AIs, it is the language of the space gods.

Abumans S W but for each race has own. More related to animal or elemental or other planar languages
Changelings S W but for each race has own. More related to animal or elemental or other planar languages  

Alignment languages used by other planes and priesthoods or wizards. Law and Chaos are most common with special types like Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good

Arcane W - a mish mash of obscure ancient and dead languages, psuedoscience jargon and occult gobildigook. To speak it if talented is dangerous and is how spells cast. It is the language that interacts with the data manifolds of the universe. Greatest wizards can cast with but a thought. Many specialize in one dialect to keep secret spells but translation spells are easily obtained. In most cases assume wizard has own dialect. It just isn't for normal communications of concepts. Sorcerers don't know what words mean, they are gifts of otherworldly beings, bloodlines and cult patron powers. Wizards use these to make magic items and new spells. Less useful for sorcerers but still interesting. Once 4th level arcane may be spoken safely and is a sighn the user is able teach now.

Animal S W - species have own language but write with scent rather than words, Beast men abumans, druids, elves, some bards, gnomes and other might learn the secrets of animal speech with effort.

Elemental S W - with dialects from all the prime elements of fire, earth, air, water and the para or quasi elements like lightning, cold, crystal, mist

Aliens speak otherworldly languages one dialect per species

Secret Languages are for secretive groups and dialects include theives cant, cult languages, druidic and more

d10 Comon Psychonian Languages

01 Common
02 Ancient
03 Eldren
04 Morlock
05 Goblin or dialect
06 Abhuman dialect
07 Arcane dialect
08 Machine
09 Alien
10 Alighnment

d100 Psychonian Lanhuages and Dialects
 Ancient English 
02 Ancient Japanese
03 Ancient French
04 Ancient Chinese
05 Ancient Germen
06 Ancient Russian
07 Ancient Spanish
08 Ancient Hindi
09 Ancient Latin
10 Ancient (other)

11 Eldren
12 Morlock

13 Giant
14 Goblin
15 Goblin/kobold
16 Goblin/hobgoblin
17 Goblin/bugbear
18 Ogre
19 Orc
20 Giant
21 Troll
22 Machine
23 Abhuman/Goat
24 Abhuman/Lion 
25 Abhuman/Wolf
26 Abhuman/Ape
27 Abhuman/Cattle
28 Abhuman/Deer 
29 Abhuman/Kangaroo 
30 Abhuman/Panda
31 Abhuman/Hyena
32 Abhuman/Rabbit
33 Abhuman/Lizard
34 Abhuman/Toad
35 Abhuman/Fish
36 Abhuman/Bat
37 Abhuman/Newt
38 Abhuman/Falcon 
39 Abhuman/Pigeon
40 Abhuman/Chicken
41 Abhuman/Lamprey
42 Abhuman/Crab
43 Abhuman/Spider
44 Abhuman/(Animal) 
45 Abhuman/(Elemental)
46 Abhuman/(Plant)
47 Changeling/(Animal) 
48 Changeling/(Elemental)
49 Changeling/(Plant)
50 Changeling/(Planar)
51 Animal/mouse
52 Animal/rat
53 Animal/finch
54 Animal/cow
55 Animal/pig
56 Animal/dog
57 Animal/cat 
58 Animal/sheep
59 Animal/goat
60 Animal/pigeon
61 Animal/rabbit
62 Animal/duck
63 Animal/chicken
64 Animal/goose
65 Animal/spider
66 Animal/fly
67 Animal/scorpion
68 Animal/snake
69 Animal/bear 
70 Animal/possum
71 Animal/raccoon
72 Animal/skunk
73 Animal/Eagle
74 Alien (dialect)
75 Cult (dialect)
76 Arcane (dialect)
77 Druidic
78 Thieves Cant (one per gang)
79 Fire
80 Earth
81 Air
82 Water
83 Metal
84 Crystal
85 Ice
86 Lightning
87 Smoke
88 Vapour
89 Magma
90 Radiance
91 Law
92 Chaos
93 Good 
94 Evil
95 Lawful Good
96 Lawful Evil
97 Chaotic Good
98 Chaotic Evil
99 Nuetral
100  Balance

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