Saturday 7 March 2015

d100 Lone Roadwar Drivers

These are guys to meet on lonely roads, race pit stops, roadhouse diners, garages and anytime you see fit. Exact car stats up to you.

d100 Lone Roadwar Drivers
01 BBQ Billy, drives to promote his chain of fast food restaurants. Obese, disgusting and currently a cyborg. Drives a 4wd pick up with flamers called Griller
02 Dan "Croc" Nielson, daredevil crock wrestler and racer. Overconfident jerk. Drives a 4wd pick up that is also converts to a boat and has a biofuel plant fed by meat grinding hopper in front
03 Bloody Widow aka Celia Hawkings, a low ranking sanctioned op for hire with a high death toll. Bloodthirsty she drives a early model well armed and armoured V10 interceptor 
04 Donna McKenzie,  a low ranking sanctioned op for hire with a high media presence. Tough and independent. Drives a Chrome older interceptor, always tailed by media drones 
05 Donny Thunder a racist loudmouth and popular hero among his kind, drives a retro body car named rebel devil, always plays loud redneck rockabilly 
06 Susie Screamer a punk rocker with a following of girl gangs. Angry and violent with a soft spot for underclass and poor. Drives black renegade buggy with lots of rocket packs   
07 Zoran Zoran, duelist and mercenary with some fame. Dresses in black with eyepatch, smokes, grunts and has a smart ingram and lots of fancy Ammo. Bit of a jerk but honorable and gets job done. Drives a high performance black ex police interceptor with MG   
08 Black Cobra a independent op. Doesn't talk much and prefers to strike by all out attack with ambush or range. Has lots of enemies and is paranoid. Drives a green sports car with concealed weapons. Often uses remote rocket artillery drones
09 Chase Swerve likes dangerous stunt driving and has a brown retro hull car with fire designs built for jumps and other trick moves. Likes to act like a cowboy and carries two HP magnum revolvers. Has a sense of fair play and chivalry, prefers machineguns
10 Don Tetsudo "The Turtle" drives a V12 heavy armoured retro black hull, known to have gangster affiliates and fashion. Even likes to use retro thompson smg with a drum 
11 Sabaran Katana a showy sanctioned op who likes samurai and robots. Futuristic interceptor with energy weapons. Carries a mono blade and full body armour. Dreams of car that can transform into a light mecha
12 Sarah Savage, tough army brat drives chamo 4WD with heave weapon turret 
13 Danny Zero, cocky young and lucky. Drives a white Porche with lasers, likes the ladies
14 Barron Von Blitz, dresses as WW1 German general in his heavily armoured half track racer with a light cannon. Has some cyborg parts, flamboyant facial hair and outrageous accent
15 Yukio Fukenada sanctioned op drives a yellow sportscar with advanced computers and handling. Has many corporate sponsors and rumoured to be genetically modified. Likes lasers best
16 Kyan Kennedy, drives a nondescript roadster with concealed weapons, uses dirty tricks off the race track. Was kicked out from a good family and desperate to make his own name
17 Sarah Tanner drives a red sportscar and is popular on the track as a death racer and off the track as a adult film actress. Her car is kitted out in gifts from her fans 
18 Dorian Slade, driving detective has solved many mysteries and always in the right place and time to meddle in plots. Drives a van with built in crime lab and has various companions
19 The Duke drives a huge retro hull monster with jet engines and a advance power plant. Heavily armed and a great shot. Always has a attractive navigator
20 Hannah Hellcat drives a cat themed car and wears a bizarre cat costume. Actually a cyborg who can mentally control car and personally attacks cars with acrobatic dare devil antics. Car well equipped with high tech surprises. Has strong fan following
21 Rick Canyon, square jawed war hero, actually a cyborg with dermal plating and a reinforced skeleton. His battered jalopy is a surprisingly durable beast buit for ramming with linked machine guns. Rick likes to light dynamite with his cigars and hurl them from his window
22 Black Alice is famous for occult antics and her black interceptor has a Ouija board on her bonnet. Fancies herself mistress of the night but uses high tech tricks like holograms, sub sonics and narcotic gas
23 Sparky Cunningham dresses in a steam punk motif and his vintage roadster is actually a high tech marvel. He is a brilliant mechanic, fencer and has a sense of fair play 
24 Tony Scarpioni a criminal hitman turned death racer. Uses dirty tricks and traps, his car is equipped with mines and miniguns. Likes to have explosives planted on rival cars  
25 Quasimodo a hideous scarified mutant liked by wasteland and urban sprawl scum. He preaches revolutionary fervor and drives a odd looking custom off-road light truck. He has a unique boiling lead dispenser in the rear of his car and he is super humanly strong and resilient.  He uses a executioners axe and noose up close
26 The Dread racer a mystery racer in his skeletal theme interceptor is actually a undead cyborg and his car is a necrovirus corrupted organic hulled vehicle that converts flesh into fuel. The fiend is never seen outside his black jumpsuit and helmet and he rarely speaks in his rasping voice. Many claim to have killed him and destroyed his car 
27 Redhawk, a pyro maniac with a red sportscar equipped with mostly napalm based weapons and a infra red laser. Will start a forest fire as a distraction happily and his car is fire proof. A well known sexual pervert and very vindictive
28 Rex Cars, a dinosaur obsessed vet uses variety of cars outfitted as monster reptiles. Like flamers and exotic weapons in well armoured novelty cars. Has a pet raptor in his car called mike
29 Diemos a greek theatre masked racer in purple robes, uses fear gas and ultra sonics and other tricks, proclaims he is a great wizard serving the god of fear, very unhinged but has a cult of followers and often has one as a navigator/co-pilot
30 Mephisto Jones, dresses in a vintage devil costume and has a electric pitchfork. Drives a red racer with a flaming oil dispenser and other weapons. Theatrical and a daredevil athlete who attaches mines to rival cars in motion  
31 Annie "Digger" Jones, ex military special forces now death racer with great flair. Hides her professionalism with theatrics driving a yellow and blue 4W Drive coupe  with a MG and GL
32 Black Knight, a medieval themed death racer always with a squire navigator. A dirty varlet with a panache for kidnapping female drivers as hostages. Heavily armoured cars with ram plates and gatling guns. Uses powered archaic melee weapons up close. Rumoured to be a cyborg or robot as never takes off helmet in public
33 Platinum Divine, a celebrated blonde racer who always wears a silver armoured jump suit. Drives a white V12 interceptor with advanced polymer hull with nanite repair system. Armed with vulcan machine guns and grenade launchers
34 Drake Hunter, safari themed death racer wears hunters outfit and drives a off road buggy with ram horns and machine guns. Likes to run down animals to feed to his bio fuel tank. Films himself for reality TV show, always acts as if on camera. Often supported by 4WD truck of mutant savages
35 Steve Savage, muscle bound brute wears torn shirt, ammo bandoilers and Hercules arm bands and belt. Actually genetically modified. Popular on TV and as women's pin up, actually oversexed bisexual. Drives a armoured buggy with grenade launchers
36 Calum "Brainbug" Dahan, racer with degenarate mutation, now limbless inside armoured pod in laser armed buggy becoming increasingly deranged. Has neural link to vehicle and android for interacting with others and to hide horrid secret
37 Mandala Kane, self professed master of magic and nightclub entertainer. Actually a Hastur cultist who uses spells and psychic powers on other drivers. Strange inexplicable deaths happen to his opponents and weird mists confound those searching for him. His coffin shaped hotrod hearse is popular with goths but he prefers to visit otherworldly libraries riding on the backs of star born demons
38 Kantor Payne a clinical sadist, cold and methodical who customises his cars for every mission and foe. Failed medical doctor worked as torturer in zone wars. Drives a heavily armed ex ambulance with anti personnel buzzsaws and a grenade launcher turret
39 Blake Thorn a former V8 racer turned death racer as career ruined.  Heavily in debt to mob and mega corps, Blake is on the edge and adrenaline fueled. His car is well equipped with surplus arms and weapons. He might do anything in desperation and he still has a high media profile 
40 Mina Silver, "the Countess" a veteran death racer from Europe rumoured to be a industrial spy. Her black custom Bugatti Nova and jump suit are famous trademarks, along with her long silver cigarette holder. Her car has advanced targeting computers, missiles and sensors. Rumoured to have an AI and advanced EM warfare suite 
41 Brutikus, a huge mutant wearing roman gladiator armour in a spike covered 4WD buggy. Also has a back up chariot pulled by team of 6 motorbikes. Likes to fight from roof with powered melee weapons while navigator drives. Not really a talker but a mutant supremacist 
42 Killrazor a serial killer from the prison death race league who earned a pardon on condition he only kill in races. Armed with gauss flechette cannons and grenaide launchers, car also has wheel scythes and spikes on ram plates.  
43 Mantigore a mutant who has fused with a lion and scorpion DNA and turned him into a monster. He drives a animal themed off road coupe with a 20mm cannon, turret with a twin linked MG and rear flamer. He is a jerk and hates scientists and science fans. Unstable DNA may may manifest different creatures  on different occasions and uncannily returns from dead
44 Zara Astra a Persian princess in a gold Porshe Like loud music, gold chains and prize money. Her car has concealed armour and weapon systems including a laser and satellite targeting system
45 Crazy Chrissie a cyborg mutant punk girl with. Angry at everyone, likes girls, guns and goggles. Drives scratch built buggies with MG and cluster packs of disposable rocket tubes 
46 Harmione Glittershot in her pink SUV likes to drive with her automaton plush unicorn Eric. She is a crazy valley girl who candy coats her killwagon and concealed weapons. Car has rear paint projectors, laser guided missiles and a machinegun mount on the roof eric sometimes uses
47 King Tutt, a portly delusional madman believes he is reincarnation of king tut and destined for greatness. Has driven a armoured wheeled sphynx but generally drives a tan Pontiac with a gold pheonix and hieroglyph designs. Likes to use linked cannons and a rear MG turret operated by a cyborg thug from his cult
48 Jenny Gorgon a biological android escaped from a lab built for uncanny survival and unkillability, drives a off road buggy cannibalized from road gangs. She likes machineguns and disguises herself as typical gang trash
49 Jooran Huxley a drug addled millionaire testing his R&D office mad science lab. Grey hair and old with a clone insurance police. Drives advanced sportcars with lasers and a AI which controls all a cars systems and EM warfare
50 Natasha Karnak a famous magician and industrial spy. Cool, charismatic  and cunning. Drives a hotrod retro hearse with her guardian, a mechanized titanium armoured skeleton android with backpack laser. Car has 4 linked machineguns and a flying rocket escape coffin
51 Dane Gordon, athletic bogan suburban slob who loves mullet hairstyle, torn denim and flannel checkered shirts. Loves pitbulls, guns, ciggies and goon. Brews and drinks his own biofuel. Drives a station wagon with rockets, a grenade launcher and machinegun turret. His genetically engineered pitbulls can tear armour plate and drag 800lb 
52 Blake Bromley a soccer team hero playboy in a sporty coupe. A bit of a dickhead, believes he is awesome and loves the ladies and celeb status. Car has ramplates a light cannon and a MG. Smoke and caltrop droppers in rear
53 Tara McMahon ex military hover tank driver. War hero from the zone with cyborg parts. She is a bitch but fair minded and less mad than most cyborg vets. Drives a station wagon with a auto cannon in the front and a MG turret. Has smoke grenade discharge packs and very heavy armor and a truck engine
54 Spiron Melmach a cultist in yellow hooded robes with strange powers to call demons and raise the dead. Claims to use ultraterrestrial power but drives a panel van with cult symbols, a sacrificial airbrush painting and satelite dish. Has several cultist machine gunners sides and rear, with a laser and hologram projector in the front
55 Zondra the great a sorceress with flowing black dress. A goth scientist used alien necro-biotech to modify herself into a life draining psionic undead. Her sports car has a  biological hull and other parts turned into undead horror show. It eats corpses to heal and refuel.  . Produces black clouds of smoke, has a rear flamer and fires biological cannon shells with hyperacid rounds
56 Igor88 a unique robot racer who has faked ID and records, most think he wears a clunky old zone battlesuit. His armoured heavily armed van iis his main vehicle and he has back up bodies hidden on his secret mountain base  
57 Dorian Bloodseed a heavy rock star with surgery to tear and ejaculate blood as part of stage act, death racing is just a hobby, drives battered retro body but really a modern v12 charger with autocannons
58 Red Demon a satanist who plays the villain as demanded by death race TV networks, has a superior rocket boosted sports racer but wastes time cheating and playing dirty, always willing to run and take a dive, has huge cult following who often die in his schemes
59 Blaze Henderson a rich pretty boy who the ladies love. He enjoys betrayal, murder and car collisions so death racing is his thing. Black sportscar with a light cannon and rocket packs
60 Cinnamon Moontree a new age romance writer looking for love in all the wrong places in her retrofeflc crystal armoured v8 interceptor Unicorn1. She likes lasers and long range rockets
61 Kane Duster a ex cult leader and long time convict, now he is out and keen to legally murder all comers. Has a armoured 4WD Renegade usually with a gunner manning a swivel mount .50cal with a shield
62 Tammy Star a once popular country singer looking to renew her career by death racing. Has a lot of mechanic fans who replace her car often. She prefers twin link MG or gauss guns if she can afford it with caltrop droppers. Always puts a ox skull on bonnet and is lies convertables convertibles
63 Horrick Stormwind a eastern European glum hero with a deathwish unless he can fall in love again. Drives a silver-grey skull motif interceptor with all the mod cons and a AI provided by the Black Lodge. Armed with computer assisted linked machine guns and a rear flamer. Plays death metal and Hawkwind
64 Bazza Stanton a beer swilling Northern Territory yob, a sexist and xenophbic but he likes animals often has pet dingoes, mutant monitor lizards and has a crock hybrid mutant navigator. His 4WD Hummer has grenade launchers in all directions and a swivel mount shielded .50 cal his croc chum uses. Despite his trash talk he is more old fashioned country redneck and focuses on winning more than prejudice
65 Alvin Starstreak in his glitter purple 4WD off road coupe has had enhanced pheranomes and other sexual mods and now women chase him everywhere. A favorite pin up in women's skin mags, his insane fans have suicidally attacked any who hurt him. He regrets the surgery and concentrates on running. Has a heavy MG and a mine dropper
66 Mariah Damelza a middle eastern beauty driving a armored porche with linked MGs, anti personnel flechette grenade launchers and a smoke caster. She is out to prove she is best and excels at driving high speed
67 Sister Mirian Donally out to prove the power of faith can move mountains and win death races especially against the depraved sinners who appear in such events. She is a cyborg driving a advanced Alpha Romeo equipped by the Vatican. She is actually more interested in eliminating occult targets but keeps this and her divine visions quiet. She wears a full body anti las reflec coated heavy body mesh armour.
68 Elvis Lee Ozmond with his huge toothy grin and spectacular hair and jumpsuits is out for sex and fame. He prefers retro model car bodies with huge modern engines and armour. He is also a cyborg and his suits are heavily armoured and fire proof. Has twin linked machine guns and a mine dropper
69 Jimmy Axeman a Aboriginal racer and ex convict who drives jellopies pushed over the limit and repairs them with incredible bush mechanic improvisation and help from his mob. Uses ram plates and armour but also has linked MGs and nitris boosters. Up close he users a mono blade edged axe with a captive bolt that can cut through armour plate. He has had a few axe murdering moments on TV and always helps out a brother against the man
70 White fox is a well sponsored interceptor sanctioned op with a penache for experimental weapon systems like a cryonic laser that freezes targets and a unit that slicks up road behind her with ice. She has been bio modded to handle cold and punishment for space travel but project abandoned by Aelita Aerospace. 
71 Lorna Doom, a lady mutant with superhuman strength, speed and body armour. Drives a 4WD truck with improvised rocket packs and a swivel machine gun she hires mercs to use while she operates car from a sealed armoured bathtub. Takes no guff from anyone and likes to ram. She is very religious and covered in bible verse tattoos and the face of Jesus
72 Jill Scarlet a popular sanctioned op who is frquently tailed by media because of her amazing skills. She has a boosted nervous system and she is smartlinked to vehicle and weapons. She drives a V12 interceptor with linked MGs, a smoke caster, a selecta-shot GL and pop out scythe blades she likes to kill pedestrians with. She just wants a few more million to quit but keeps getting sucked back into the life style
73 Elron Crowly a black magician in a armoured limo filled with armed cultists. Has MG's, smoke caster and a swivel mount cupola above passenger cabin with a 50cal. Car painted with Goeta symbols and he claims car is demon powered and blessed. It also has had lots of cash spent on it. People thought he was cool till he gave lots of other racers mutated VD. Has a pet mutant goat named Black Billy
74 Lance Stallion, a long haired body builder who advertises lots of products for housewives and appears on covers of romance novels. He is actually a cyborg with a reconstructed body frame, dermal armour and force grown muscle. He drives anything red and sticks to linked MGs as he is not very imaginative
75 Morgan Beltane with her cyborg panther prowls the roads looking to unite cultists, seeks strange relics and is preparing for the dark lord from the stars. She drives a gloss black stealth interceptor with a auto laser turret and a rear flamer. Is reputed to be psychic and other enemies have crashed due to bad luck near her too often. She often recruits allies to sheild her and distract others from her
76 Mutantstien a masked scarified canniball freak who seemingly heals any damage and now feels no pain. This has driven him mad so now he inflicts it instead. His 4WD utility truck usually has a few muties manning a swivel mount shielded .50 cal and he likes to ram and use thrown grenades and molitovs
77 Donny Low-Lie a sleazy seducer and confidence man actually has gen mods including a hypnotic voice and pheromones. He always has a different car that he cons from a sucker and loses pretty quickly. Now everyone is suspicious of him and life is getting harder
78 Kalen Von Dark dresses in black heavy body armour made to resemble a stylised crusader order knight. He has a eye of Horus on his bonnet and tabard. 
79 Kharus Green in his reptile theme sportscar uses IR frequency lasers and a cannon of hs own design that spits a superheated hydrogen fuel cell. His vehichle has a AI and posibly biological componants. Actually he is a shape shifting serpent man sorcerer who has awoken and uses the racing circuit to cover his attempts to find and revive his race. he also loves to kill and eat people and adopt their form to rob them to fund his cause
80 Charlemagne Joan a deeply catholic racer who seks to eliminate evil and exorcise the devil from from other competitors. She gets visions from god and has uncanny miracles save her. She is actually a biological android built by Vatican but doesn't know it. Designed to lurk in seedy end of occult to kill targets. Car is a V10 interceptor armed with a universal laser turret and a autocannon and AI equipped
81 Captain Talos is a bronze skinned cyborg vet with a body based on greek erotic statues. His car has limited shape shifting to allow aerodynamic profiles to change with speed. Has advanced AI and automated systems including IR frequency lasers and rocket packs
82 Mellisa Morningstern drives a spike covered renegade named the Iron Maiden. It also has ram plates, caltrop droppers and linked machineguns. She is out for murder and hates men. She often has a few corpses rotting on her car hull and her car has a biofuel plant run from roadkill

83 Veronica Steel a cyborg vet in a heavy 4WD camouflage buggy with a rear flamer and a .50cal MG and grenade launchers. Her sanity is getting low and gun fire sets her off on a killing spree
84 Doomlord drives a car themed to look like a spacecraft and has advanced computers and lasers and performs like a interceptor with rocket boosters and lasers. Mysterious helmed driver has been occupied by a alien consciousness transforming him into a shapeshifting alien monster. He seeks to destroy the human race and often tries to use his cover to a access nuclear plants, chemical weapon dumps and germ warfare labs. He has tried to replace military personnel at Pine Gap to finish WW3. He has considerable psychic powers and will find a new host body if killed
85 Morgan Black a descendant of pirates likes murder and mayhem and has replaced highway banditry with death racing at judges warning. Preferring the deathracer life to being hung he has developed a huge following and commands a criminal gang who enjoy pirate gimmicks and follow a strict code. Always decorates cars with skull and crossbows likes big caliber guns
86 Leopold Ritzhoffem a glamorous magician and showman took up death racing as the ultimate art form of survival and escapology. His car has a holographic field projector, lasers and sophisticated EM warfare suite and magnetic EMP grenaide launcher. A great trickster he has escaped death many times
87 Diablo X a masked ex criminal turned vigilante, now roams roads killing gangsters and corrupt civic officials and the untouchable rich. He has grown into a folk hero and there are huge bounties on his head despite the evidence he gives police about his victims. He mostly travels in disguise with hijacked vehicles of victims but if you see him in his Jaguar bodied high tech interceptor best stand back. It mostly uses rockets and missiles and has a mine caster
88 Jasper Cunningham appears as a bespectacled rich nerd but secretly is a serial killer with a new legitimate lease in life through popular murder motor sports. He drives a well armored mini with MG, a mine dropper and a grenade launcher. He tries to act harmless but has a killer instict. He is still good with a knife
89 Egon Vril claims to have given himself awesome psionic powers in sunken city. He seems to have uncanny reflexes for avoiding attacks and his vehichle uses a sonic frequency laser that ruins armour plate. Employs other sonic weapons like stunners and repulses. He claims to have developed these with his superior occult science. Very handsome and flamboyant lover
90 Tori Magister a Hollywood celeb turned death racer, appears as a bimbo but actually she is a witch. Drives a red sports coupe with lasers. Drives to publicly kill legally and to recruit cultists for her coven. When the stars are right her cult plan to awaken a demon from beyond time
91 Juan Cortez the Black Dynamo drives a space age V12 interceptor with rocket boosters, a minigun and a laser. He likes fame and sex but is renown for killing and looting other race drivers
92 Pastel O'Neil a glamour star and heiress who always looks the best. Drives a pink V12 armoured limo with twin gatling guns and a pink spray paint sprayer in the rear. Her bodyguards are always gene spliced with dogs and very damage resistant. She drives out of boredom with the controlled world of the policed zones. She is followed by daddies high altitude kill drone that helps her occasionaly 
93 Seth Killraven a crazed mutant fanatic who can always scav a 4WD buggy and entry fee when a race is on. Otherwise he roams the wasteland with his small crew tormenting family tourists and isolated towns
94 Sapphire Nevermore drives a green sportscar with a single molecule hull impervious to most weapons. She is really a cyborg agent of Kemelcon a petrochem and biotech company with military connections. More interested in rival vehicle schematics tech secrets than racing. Her car has smart linked MGs and mine dropper and she is a well known sanctioned opp. She has a insurance policy that includes cloning and has used a few leaving her a caricature of herself
95 Killian Thrush a huge man who looks soft but is actually bio modded to have dermal armour, skeletal reconstruction and superhuman strength. He is a millionaire head of a crime consortium who misses getting his hands dirty. His gang love him and often try to assist him unbidden often with sniper fire. His white limo with gold trim has linked MGs, a rear smoke caster and a pop up laser turret
96 Rayne Winters lost her family to gangs and now roams the roads killing any she can find. Her kitted out sedan looks humble but has concealed machine gun, a RPG launcher pack and a mine dropper. Her bloody rampage is only just beginning and growing fans send her more and more money
97 Aston Martin a suave James Bond wannabe with delusions who imagines he is at war with hidden villains and agents and thinks he lives in a bond movie. Drives luxury sports cars with different weapon systems from his inheritance. Addicted to booze, women and casinos. Only feels normal when life at risk
98 Conrad Hule a racist and mutant hunter who leads a gang of thugs across the wastelands. He imagines himself as a heroic crusader. Drives a retro body coupe with MG and a swivel mounted flamer used by one of his thugs. Often attaches a live mutant to his bonnet or drag mutants by the neck from behind from noose. He likes to wear a hood
99 Elaine Glass a scientist who likes to roam the wastes vivisecting strange new creatures and mutants she finds. Her android bodyguard Gregor silently assists her every desire. She drives a modded ambulance with mini lab and twin MG turret, rear flamer and a laser. Sometimes they pretend to be medical evac team to steal a body
100 Veronica Ortega a amazonian bio modded superwoman from Canada, possibly test subject for military bio tech corp. Drives a cam v12 with a cannon and gattling gun, smoke caster and mine dropper. Has a big fan following and makes a big show of murdering sexists on the road


  1. Great list of road rats, it gives me redline fever and I appreciate the system neutral (heck absent) nature of it. It could be used with carwars, gurps autodeul, BRP or homebrew with no issue.

  2. probably work in gamma world and post apoc settings too


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