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D100 Strange Lonely Old Houses

Originally this was going to be weird science based but my weird science needs a swing back to traditional tropes and this is perfect for it.

So houses are our first dungeons we explore. Many classic adventures in houses i haunted and otherwise. Always can use to slip in some horror. You could have multile inhabitants in a larger house or once every six rooms or locations. You could even populate a huge house with these freaks like a dungeon/

A house is a mini dungeon but could be a gate to another world or a land of dreams.

Ill do a tower and mansion table another time

House Age or Style d10
1 Ancient 400+
2-3 Antique 100-400 years
4-6 Vintage 50-100 years
7-10 Modern last 50 years

House Size d12
Some larger houses give options to roll d4 for extra featres
1-2 Shack one room
3-4 Cottage one room
5-6 Long Hall one room (partitioned)
7-10 Multi roomed one story house
-Attic 1in4
-Basement 1in4 (1d3 rooms)
-2d6 rooms
11-12 Multi roomed two story house
-Attic 3in4 (1d3 rooms)
-4d6 rooms
-Basement 3in4 (1d3 rooms)
-Balcony 2in4
-Tower 1in4 if yes roll again till fail
Rooftop Walkway Feature 1in4
-2d6 rooms per floor

Outbuildings d20
roll 1d6-3 for number of out buildings or
roll 1d6-1 if multi story building

1-2 Toilet
2-3 Bathhouse
4-5 Woodshed
6-7 Workshop
8 Slaughterhouse
9 Shearing Shed
10-11 Barn
12-13 Stables or boat shed if near water
14 Animal Pens
16 Greenhouse or ornamental garden
17 Statues and ornaments
18 Graveyard or crypt
19-20 Well or fountain if rich

House Condition d20
cover is a measure of weatherproofing, rooms with ceilings and hoe sheltered the structure is

1 Crumbled ruins 10% under cover
2-3 Intact ruins 50% under cover
4 Shambling mess of garbage 30% cover
5-6 Decayed over time 90% cover
7-8 Flooded and water damaged 75% cover
9-12 Burned out 50% cover
13-14 Vandalism and graffiti 96% cover
15 Rotten, bug ridden, collapsing 75% cover
16 Partially Collapsed 30% cover
17-19 Abandoned, dusty and mostly intact 100% cover
20 Immaculate and well cared for 100% cover

Strange Lonely Old Houses d100
1 Poverty stricken old people who need chores done, needy but kindly and nice
2 House is a gigantic monster house mimic and every so often eats inhabitants
3 Trapped by a crazy old man (possibly a wizard or rogue) seeking bodies for crazy purpose
4 A hunter lives here, welcomes strangers, at night he is a werewolf
5 Hidden in the house is a vampire coffin, by day guarded by servants
6 Animals lair d6 1=Pack of wild dogs 2=wolves 3=bears 4=snake 5=giant lizard 6=rats
7 Invertebrate lair d6 1=spiders 2=centipedes 3=crabs 4=scorpions 5=mantis 6=wasps
8 Monster lair d6 1=owlbear 2=hookhorror 3=rust monster 4=stirge owls 5=giant lizard 6=rats
9 Humanoid lair d6 1=Goblins 2=hobgoblin 3=bugbear mob 4=orcs 5=ogre 6=lizard men
10 Meeting place d6 1=bandits 2=cultists 3=theives 4=assassins 5=pirates 6=revolutionaries
11 Friendly Old man is actually hybrid beast man with collection of books on cannibalism
12 Cult headquarters for hostile secret group, will seal house if intruders inside
13 Abandoned cult hq with evidence of rituals, some lingering evil or monster remains
14 Lonely poet really anoyed to be disturbed but will recite his bad poems to you
15 Crazed clan of hillbilly beserkers with wood axes looking fur lurve and fights
16 Warlock and his followers hide in house, assume intruders are hunting them
17 Necromancer with weird lab experiments does not tolerate intruders
18 Criminal enterprise like smugglers use this as a base and workshop, fake ghosts to scare intruders
19 Corporeal undead haunt house d6 1=skeletons 2=zombies 3=wight 4=ghouls 5=hecuva 6=lich
20 Non-corporeal undead haunt house d6 1=wraith 2=haunt 3=spectre 4=spirit 5=ghost 6=phantom
21 Kobold or gremlin infested house filled with traps and escape tunnels
22 Retired assassin, suspects party out to assassinate him, uses deadly traps and secret doors
23 Loneley old woman with cats who can act as a local healer and herbalist
24 Hideous crone welcomes visitors, has pets and monster followers and magic powers
25 Old widow who is mostly harmless but will curse those who dont leave
26 Hermits or nuns resting here and considering settling but some problem in house
27 Albino woodsman idiot chopping wood, actually superior warrior who fights monsters for fun
28 Lonely hellcat hides in dark house seeking someone to serve and corrupt
29 Mad wizard is breeding a strain of beast men, party possibly can help him...
30 House travels in time and space
31 Poltergeist traps and attacks party with household objects, being turned drives from house
32 A greenhouse or herbarium attached to house filled with killer plants and possibly pod people
33 Doppelgangers appear a family of attractive amorous youths
34 Human slaughterhouse - crazy cannibal gang run house as sausage factory or pieshop
35 Imps or some other mischievous otherworldly being terrorize explorers with powers
36 Were rat community dwells in house with rat swarms in many rooms
37 Devil swine house with warrior body guards, looking for new slaves and  evil pleasures
38 Chests and trunks and boxes of mostly crap but some valuables and documents
39 Escaped slaves hiding here, some hostile, others just scared, only explored part of property so far
40 Children have formed a gang and support themselves, mostly hostile to adults
41 Artifact in house generates monsters if feelings of fear intense enough, device can be destroyed
42 Overgrown with strange fungoid creatures, cache of magic mushrooms grow in dead wizard
42 A spirit pleads to be avenged or looks for a body to achieve its quest so it can rest
43 A shapeshifting monster in human form lives here and welcomes visitors
44 A well in basement is enterence for fish men hybrids and cultists
45 Lights in the windows d6 1=maidens on lark 2=undead 3=glowing fungusmen 4=mutants 5=lantern spirits trying to cleanse evil 6=goblins trying to frighten people away
46 Wood golem of blood druids can merge with wood structures in the house to help it murder people
47 Werebats hungrily welcome party for dinner
48 Elves, the last of their kin hiding here hunted by enemies
48 Dwarfs looting house fittings, scrap meal and wood
49 A group of tako octopus faeries live here trying to live like humans, very friendly
50 Were ravens hungry for murder try to direct party to traps
51 A tree grows in house inhabited by a dryad, guarded by human lovers and animal friends
52 Gargoyles pose on house as ornaments, mini ones (babies) all over house
53 Insect people with disguises try to hide out from mankind (only want a billion kids in peace)
54 Hellhound haunts house,  howls by night, guards horrible secret of the house
55 Sheetghosts hide in beds, curtains, tablecloths and rugs
56 Mindflayer with guardian slaves uses as a base for his evil schemes
57 Ogre magi with enslaved women dwells here, the women beg for help
58 Hobbits engaged in petty crime hidden by domestic kitch and smiles
59 Homeless youth gang live here and keen to defend their turf or get a toll
60 Villager refugee family with children and elderly, something trying to drive them from this squat
61 At night grey aliens walk through strange angles in house looking for people to probe
62 A subterranean race like morlocks or derro undermining the house and using as a front
63 Alchemists house full of hostile furnishings, chemical traps and occult puzzles
64 Worm filled creepy house of dead wizard, can reform as a mass of maggots to steal spell books
65 A monster child has been locked in basement for decades feeding off rats, growing resentful
66 A shoggoth living in ruined lab of a wizard, hates humans and wizards most
67 A great old one crashed through the roof decades ago and is trapped but telepathic
68 Ground squid have driven folks away,  they like this house and come up to explore it
69 Blood Druid with mutant killer plant followers, invites party to join his cult or die
70 Stuffed animals in house may animate and attack thieves
71 Magic mirror gate to dream scape version of house where original inhabitants are trapped
72 Insane immortal family of wizards, die if they leave house
73 Devil or demon with followers dwells here as a cult, toy with intruders for fun
74 House unnaturally cold d4 1=ice toad, 2=frost salamander 3=wight 4=icetrolls
75 Sentient animals species co mingle in house of furry love
76 Abandoned automaton pines for long dead creator, guards his remains and treasure
77 Wizard biomancer lab and home, roaming with reject mongrelmen and resentful beastmen
78 Monster tavern where beastmen, goblinoids, bandits and worse drink and plot evil
79 Demon house, is alive and is actually on a different plane, torments victims till bored or killed
80 Plague house D6 1=diseased zombies 2=moaning spirit 3=wight 4=ghoul 5=mummy 6=skeleton
81 Necromancer attempting to resurrect lost love will try to get party to aid him on a crazed scheme
82 Monsers gathering for birth of the next evil one who will unite them, they bring gifts for parents
83 Political organization uses as hq to plot against the regime or feudalism or something
84 Necromancer swapping souls with ancients needs guinea-pigs, party all swept to other setting
85 Elementalist coven meet to plot against outer planar influence over human kind
86 Sylvan beings, elves, gnomes, treefolk gather here for secret feats and parties
87 Reclusive once famous wizard wants to be left alone, house is his entry to his pocket universe
88 Beastmen with human slaves are here setting up a home, resentful to humans for past crimes
89 Animals here are shape changed from original inhabitants by curse, animals look at you funny
90 Bound elementals operate flowing water, stove, doors, etc, if wizard killed they break free
91 Reptilian hybrid cult with serpent man wizard, exterminate any who witness them
92 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen worship god in a black pit under the house
93 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen want your fresh blood in family offer marriages
94 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen are hybrid monsters or shape shifters of some kind
95 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen seek new love and cannibalistic rituals
96 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen friendly and ooky but ok, living among monsters
97 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen souls sold to outsiders, looking for new toys  of flesh
98 Decadent inbred rich family of madmen, home filled with cursed relics and magic artworks 
99 Whole house has parts of machine for rendering humans into tallow and blood
100 Cavemen have moved in and are having a ball smashing stuff, lighting fires and other fun

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