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D100 Islands

Gearing up to move so will be quiet for a few weeks as i need to move stuff, get boxes, pack, apply for jobs for next term, make any quick cash i can, chuck stuff, sell stuff and school holidays my busiest work time. So maybe i will be lazy and make some monster variant tables for classic creatures. Or whatever.

Tuesday night game party in city so ill just carry all my tables and maps and note so far and use runequest-cities/thievesworld tables book. Will possibly be party base for a while. A post on  weird towers of the ancients might be needed shortly.

Exile Island Weekly Bards Report:

Empire and Barron attempting peace with Elves - death to elfkillers! Both sides court new allies from the lost lands and hidden kingdoms

Elves and the Far East control Silver. The elf king has held off humans for thousands of years but if drawn into war could finish it. The elf queen insists on no talks till unicorns protected and unicorn run is made sacred.

Strange peoples of the sea demanded and end to whaling and seal industries of the Barony that provide the cities lighting and light houses with fuel.

Empire is maintaining the gold standard. The Young Emperor still fighting succession wars has designed his gold capped pyramid tomb. Exile Island is a global trade hub and influences exchange rates. Race is on to locate jackpot dungeon hordes worth millions. Dungeonrush! declared by all. Boatloads of settlers arriving. Dungeon claims and explorers licenses are being issued by both sides.

Dwarves did dominate copper but lost it to humans in the dawntime as they did iron and steel and gunpowder since then. They dislike trading with humans due to these losses but necessity is opening them to trade and surface war again. Dwarf tribes disgusted by humans and orcs and goblinoids mixing freely on Exile Island. Dwarves of all types seen in public. Some of the ones who never left and have been here all along dont seem pleased.

Barrons farming yeomen class reaffirmed loyalty. Their elect speaker for the occasion declared the emperor decadent untrustworthy murder fop. Yeomen have no place in the imperial caste scheme. People like them were replaced by professional soldiers a thousand years ago. Most are lawful, many are good. The dont mind the Empire existing just the Emperor. The Barron is strict but fair and gives yeomen special rights in return for their mastery of the long bow and two handed swords. Their elite train like monks.

D100 Insular Islands within and around Exile Island
This could be for any small coastal islands or ones in the huge broad rivers or many lakes and even swamps. You could probably use some results for a mountain in a pinch.

1 A lonely old house
2 A single ancient tower 
3 A redbrick dungeon complex of kobolds and traps 
4  A crypt or tomb of an ancient mighty leader
5 A mausoleum complex for hundreds of dead
6  A lonely isolated gravesite 50% haunted by one undead
7  A graveyard 1d6 undead
8  A goblin mine riddles the island
9  A kobold nest, too small and primitive to start brickwork
10  A tomb or crypt of an ancient wizard
11 A decayed ancient fortified cursed manour
12 A sprawling fortress with walls, towers, dungeons, crawling with giant humanoids and beasts
13 Haunted by ghosts of hunter ancestors and beast spirits, megafauna
14 Sprawling ruins of inhuman civilization from the dawn of time
15 A temple palace maze complex from an ancient civilization
16 Sunken decayed city of prehuman monsters inhabited by snake cults and mongrelmen
17 Frozen slab of stone age glacier filled with tunnels and monsters from dawn time
18 Remains of a exposed sunken city with hidden tunnels inside island
19 A great entrance to the underland, a vast hidden kingdom under the earth
20 A force of time travelers on mission d4 1=Wizards 2=SEAL Team 3=cyborg 4=Spacefleet
21 A strange old hag
22 A bizarre robed magician unlike any other ever seen!
23 A boss monster is hiding out here after his last fiasco - party may have met
24 Devil swine and his helpers brewing addictive drugs with slave labour and other trouble
25 A stone age Monolith
25 A stone age Barrow
26 A stone age wizard tower
27 A tribe of stone age humanoids, humans or demi humans
28 A keep of mysterious men d6 1=all women 2=vikings 3=beserkers 4=knights 5=priests 6=cult
29 A Dwarf mine and fortified complex  d3 1=blackbeards 2=redbeards 3=greybeards
30 Gnome tunnels d4 1=redcaps 2=deep gnomes 3=druidic tree worshipers 4= illusionists
31 Elf tree fortress d4 1=dark elves 2=high elves 3=ancient eldren 4=sylvan elves
32 Halfling burrows with charming little waterside village hidden from view 
33 Mongrel man hovel and ancestral midden heap
34 Pirates clan hide out full of scum and loot
35 Cannibal clan hide out caves, wrecked here or fled justice and trapped
36 Wreckers use tricks to sink boats and murder travelers for loot
37 Lonely shepherd stranded here with beasts by other shepherds
37 Holy hermit dwells here d4 1=solitude 2=penance 3=fight a great evil 4=erecting a shrine
38 Tako clan dwell here in giant sea shell houses d4 1=refugees 2=settlers 3=crusaders 4=cultists
39  Monastary or nunnery with mysterious sacred purpose
40  Bardic and artist retreat with decadent parties and free love
41  Hellfire club meeting place, guarded by agents with bird messengers to summon aid
42  Druid stones and ritual site with all the sacred trees in plenty on sculpted island with grotto
43  Sorcerer pleasure dome for cult of forbidden vice
44  Witches sacred place with monoliths that can aid communion with other side
45  A wizards tower with apprentices, body guards, men at arms, familiar and summoned monsters
46  A magic relic imprisoned magically awaits a heroes destiny to be discovered (high ego object)
47  A casino or gambling den or private high stakes game is being held in ruined manour
48  A gang of feared bandits 40-60 men with dogs and some horses, have years of provisions
49  A counterfeiting or coin clipping or diluting metal in coins operation, fake legal documents
50  Slavers headquarters with cells full of prisoners
51  Smugglers secret base, hostile to intruders
52  Lighthouse or ancient heliograph station
53 Ailing old wizard with magic dream world hidden inside hill
53  Gateway to elfland in hillside
54  Huge geoglyphs dedicated to ancestral totem beasts of early man
55  Bugbear clan happy in every way except for lack of victims to terrorise
56  Hobgoblin farmers, easily mobilized to war in scale with halberds and crossbows
57 Orc fortress with murderholes and cauldrons of oil, guard orc spawning pits
58 Drunken cult of the wine god holidaying here in stupors (1in6 include nonhuman)
59 Island of talking animals, two legs please go (leaders might be swayed by good)
60 Lich dwells in a fortified tomb and a lich inside has power only limited by corpses
61 Strange small humanoids possibly fey kin likes of never seen before
62  Beast men living in isolation and mostly nuetral
63  Ruined buildings and signs of old industry
64  Volcanic cone of dormant volcano, hidden lost world area
65  Cliffs and reefs and rocks make safe landing difficult, monster guards secret of gods
66 Impossibly hard to get to house on hill with old sea captain and now wizard dreamer
67 Mentalist school of psionicists here to meditate and study new disciplines
68 Grog shop under tarpaulin over fallen tree with local exotic sentients drinking together 
69  Frog men come here to summon one of the frog lords from interspacial cosmic spawn
70  Reptile men dwell here and fish peacefully but evil forces sleeping in prehuman vault
71 Goatmen or other beastmen perform horrible rights to purge humans from world
72 Tiny village of harmless fisherfolk of simple ways
73  Tiny village of crazed fishmen hybrid cultists pretending to be harmless fisherfolk
74  A petty god with enterage is here cooling off after some crazy adventure and may be wary
75  Were beast clan of one species dominate this island
76  Ogre lair, has a pet d4 1=bear 2=wolf 3=lion 4=rust monster
77  Troll dwells here full of hate and rage, if hurt hides and awaits rain or uses water next time
78 Aquatic ogre lives in a cave under the island and possibly has prisoners
79 Hill giant lair has a pet d4 1=cave bear 2=wooly rhino 3=mastadon 4=sabretooth
80 Cyclops dwells here with his d4 1=herd of goats and sheep 2=forge 3=prisoners 4=wizard pal
81 A gigantic sea serpent hides in a cave here to recover from encounters with worse monsters
82 Giant invertebrate nest d6 1=bees 2=ants 3=killer beetles 3=wasps 4= termites 5=spiders 6=flies
83 Menaced by flying creatures 1=bloodhawk 2=dragonflies 3=flumph 4=eyeballs 5=bats 6=ravens
84 A marine hag and d6 1=undead 2=charmed party 3=lizardmen 4=frogmen 5=fishmen 6=cult
85 A naga and cult dwell here in seclusion, some kindly some evil
86 Mad old fisherman with many tall tales of the sea and local waters
87 Huge habitable statue or monument d4 1=prehuman 2=from gods time 3=dawn age 4=recent
88 Selkies live here often frolicking in human form
89 Sirens here lure men to their deaths
90 Harpies torment locals with disease and famine
91 Beautiful mermaids entice you close to day your brains and eat them
92 A niad and her entourage of familiars and followers dwell here in idyllic splendor
93 An immortal couple from the dawn age living peacefully together may have useful information
94 A vampire lord is trapped here, a crumbling collapsed manour is only remnants
95 A magical creature dwells here for the needs of the gods like griffons or pegasi
96 A dragon dwells here in a cave slumbering for most of eternity in hiding
97 A great beast slumbers here d4 1=chimera 2=hydra 3=tarrasque 4=manticore 5=sphinx 6=gorgon
98 An outsider from the alignment planes is bound here imprisoned and asleep for the ages
99  A sylvan colony of few critters and aware beast ruled by a d4 1=Dryad 2=Treeant 3=Druid 4=elf
100 A cave dwelling holy man or wizard has developed a new spell living in a cave with familiars

D100 Islands and oceanic phenomena on Planet Psychon
1 The island is formed from wrecked marine hab possibly habitable
2  The island is artificial and floats, possibly could be towed and moored
3  The island when approached is seen to be a shimmering crystal fortress
4  At night the whole ecology changes and life transforms into incredibly hostile monsters
5  Island is a sentient sargassum of weed with habitable zone it can sheild with a bubble and dive
6  Island is gargantuan fish back with vegetation growing on it - inside is inhabited
7  The island is an ancient armed marine fortress with a kill field and nuke proof force barriers
8  Island is a colonial multispecies organism that would like you to join it
9  A dinosaur filled lost world ruled by some prehuman horror under a volcano
10  A kaiju reserve crawling with gargantua, people travel in subterranean tunnels
11 A crashed saucer and d6 1=wardroid 2=mutant 3=grey in battlesuit 4=grey 5=androd 6=Nazi orcs
12  A bunker of the ancients
13  A subworld complex of the ancients
14  A temple to a well known god
15  A temple to a local god
16  A abandoned temple to a forgotten god
17  A ruined complex hidden under a mansion with advanced rescue vehicles but no weapons
18  Psionic creature or person dominates the island
19  A non stop island of lotus eaters in a non stop rock concert, even machines enthralled
20  Cryptic alliance seasonal secret meeting place
21  Cryptic alliance settement
22  A science dungeon
23  A glowing crater swarming d6 1=mutants 2=fungus 3=maggots 4=rodents 5=plants 6=undead
24 A herd of gamma gobblers dwells here guarding an ancient structure
25 Steaming cavern entrance to a morlock village with captive drugged eloi in pleasure dome
25  Huge mass of ice covers island, inside a robot with a freeze ray is looking for protein to horde
26  A derro bunker where derro beam hate rays over the region to ferment war
27  Millitary androids bunker with brain and workers inside guarding precocious pleasure models
28 A hidden bunker with guns, tools, vehicles and military in cryopods
29 Demented mongrelmen gangs battle in the ruins
30  Triffids or pod people other deadly plants cover island, vegepygmies herd humans like sheep
31 A mighty duralloy crypt with sacred sigils - if opened releases death machine Azrael
32  Find a cryopod, inside is a duralloy skelleton robot with a meat disguise coating, tries to kill all
33  Drones tend island plants and animals peacefully, if bothered an ancient in a mech awakes
34  Island is a gargantuan mecha with AI intact and enemy combat bots still inside
35  Island is a weapon rest site d6 1=nuclear 2=poison 3=plague 4=undead 5=mindhack 6=nanoids
36  Something weird
37  Extraordinarily Strange Things In The Sky
37  A settlement of some kind
38 Bizzare psychonian terrain and 1in6 and roll again
39  Constantly bathed in aurauras and 1in6 and roll again
40  Constantly bathed in chem cloud shroud
41  A petty god takes an interest in you may appear, send a sign or a servant
42  A colony of rust monsters and their related kin of other colours
43  A strange encounter
44  Roll for a crossroads encounter
45  Stuff falls out of the sky
46  Mad wizards beastmen breeding project
47  Local false apocalypse triggered
48  A different local false apocalypse
49 A apocalypse strikes every day nobody remembers next day, dead returned alive, etc
50  A transmat station and 1in6 and roll again
51  Machine village of d6 1=robots 2=androids 3=cyborgs 4=replicants 5=holographic ai 6=golems
52  Alien base d6 1=greys 2=reptilians 3=migo 4=martian tripods 5=eldren 6=cyborgs
53 A monastery of cybermonks jacking in to the datastores of the gods to raise the worthy
54  A band of beast men engage in brutal initiation rites
55  A frozen island where the local ice wizard and his penguinmen have many kidnapped girls
56  Automated  kill drone base if awoken defends self
57 Lesure hive complex built on living empathic mega amoeba that drains evil from population
58 A brain in a jar has enough servants and drones he can make warborgs, needs brains...
59 A gang of water gypsies living here in isolation
60 A common family wary of strangers
61  A mountain man mutant wants to be left alone with gold
62  An outpost of the beaver king with radio link supported by one of the greater gods
63  Pirate beast men d6 1=walrus 2=bipolarbears 3=pteradactyl 4=fish 5=shark 6=killer whale
64  A gang of lost children protected by d4 1=nannybot 2=giant ape 3=dinosaur 4=AI
65  An island of sentient crystals that effect moods and effect powers like aurauras and roll again
66 A kingdom of the dead where undead have formed a society
67 Zoo of exotic creatures run by d4 1=druid 2=carny folk 3=wizard 4=gladiators
68  Public toilet block populated at night by local cult of gay lovers
69  Sleeping gargantua with alien expedition trying to attach control helmet to it
70  Locals harvesting sleeping gargantua body parts and excretions
71 Whole island covered in feces and sewerage of ancients bubbling up from subworld
72 Scientist lab d6 1=robots 2=weapons 3=defenses 4=pleasuredroid 5=drugs 6=monsters
73 Scientist comm tower d4 1=aliens 2=other scientists 3=commune with god 4=dead
74 Remains of castaway d4 1=aliens 2=human 3=ancient 4=eldren 5=morlock 6=replicant
75 Beastmen party, rowdy and a bit out of control but otherwise drunken revelry
76 Wierd rich family in ancient manour house with bizarre secret
77 Convict colony with a few soldiers or security guards or even robots keeping them inline
78 A stage here local bards test new works, a colony of revelry and parties
79 Art colony with sculptors, painters, dancers, models and wild parties
80 Mutant moppet rule island nothing over 3ft tall, love guests and put on mutant moppet party scene
81 Shroom island ecology of mushroommen, funganimals, mobile mold and a spoorisaurs rex
82 Insane asylum run by d6 1=doctor 2=priest 3=vampire 3=scientist 4=maniac 5=morlock 6=eldren
83 Automated eloi pleasure dome ruled by local god and guarded by androids from morlocks
84  Newt men cover island living simple lives, excellent slave race with edible tails to some
85 Rabbit men with armoury and sacred shooting range reproduce fire arm tech
86 Ape colony, offended by humans with have factional debate over what to do, gorillas try to usurp
87 Androids living like pre apocalypse looking like ancients
88 Remains of a theme park with androids native to the magical kingdom
89 AI in control of island and traps intruders in his fantasy world of illusions and applicants 
90  Cyborg bunker ruled by wrathful AI overlord who demands tech and living humanoids to cyborg
91  Crazy dentist drones loose on island terrorize locals, but all victims have great teeth
92  Island is domed nature preserve ruled by AI for its utopian fantasy world
93  Island is surrounded by force fields and holograms but inside is a monster filled treasure trove
94 Remains of a huge ship, a mile long floating city with numerous colonies and lost zones
95 Island is a mobile base of a d4 1=supervillain 2=cult 3=aliens 4=Androids 5=pirates 6=cryopods
96 Sargasum of fused plastic crawling with nanobots building houses, clothes etc from mass
97 Aquatic research station with minisub, diving suits, monsters and androids
98  Eldren lab researching how to save world from AIs, think tank protected from spies
99 Wrecked and partially sunk land leviathan mega tank or aircraft carrier, inhabited
100 Partially exposed ancient buildings under collapsed cliff face 

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