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How horrible is the Big Bad City?

I'll dig up some of my Marvel campaign stuff soon I recovered for original Marvel Superheroes game
Added more links on sidebars.

But for now here is some every day tables for use in my upcoming city adventures:

Main City Districts:

Martial Quarter - The Military District
You need a pass to enter hear. It includes armoury, training, barracks, mess and several dungeons.
1 - A patrol of soldiers who assume your meant to be here
2 - An officious sergeant requests to see your documents
3 - A snooty official demands you see your papers
4 - See prisoners on way to dungeons
5 - See dead body collection wagon
6 - Secret police tail party
7 - Soldiers sparring or shooting for practice
8 - A patrol of drill march past - might notice suspicious party
9 - Magical surveillance trails character
10 - Secret police stop and question party
11 - Monsters in cages being taker to be released in sewers
12 - Humanoids in chain gang working on wall repairs
13 - Secret police dragging off crying victims to dungeon
14 - Humanoid workers building a gallows
15 - Humanoid workers putting heads in pikes to decorate walls
16 - Secret police escorting elf prisoner
17 - War dogs on loose try to tear you new orifices
18 - A noble requests you meet him for work oportunity
19 - Barron's dungeon excavators setting off with wagons and soldiers and labourers
20 - Some workers feed something in manhole acorpse

Mariners Quarter - The harbour district
This includes the docklands, hulks and bridges and the warehouse and ship building wards.
1 - Drunken pirates looking for fun join them or fight
2 - Slavers driving coffle down the street with whips
3 - Dock workers moving goods to and from ship
4 - Dock patrol after thieves and gangs
5 - Gang out for criminal opportunities
6 - Press gang offer party free beer
7 - Harbour officials ask to see your papers
8 - Diseased rat swarm or giant rat attack then flee
9 - Cult try to murder you for their god (possibly fish men or sea demon cult or Tiamat)
10 - Bright eyed Tako (octopus folk) gang looking for adventure

11 - Seedy fish men hybrids take a fancy to you
12 - Free beer in a sly grog shop (run by press gang)
13 - Drug dealer offers what he knows what you need
14 - Dock watch mistake party for robbers
15 - See an old man jump slyly into water and not come back up
16 - Drunken sailor sure your his crew and follows you singing and belching
17 - A lost pet (parrot, dog, cat, rat with a hat, monkey) follows party hungry
18 - Seedy man with cape offers you amazing goods just down this alleyway
19 - Robbers desperate for food attack in great numbers
20 - A robber with 2 pistols tries to hold up party for coins or maps

Merchant Quarter - The guild district

Subdivided into market, wizard, craft, traders wards.
1 - Pedlar offering goods or street food
2 - Fortune teller
3 - Pick pocket
4 - Street gambling opportunity
5 - Hue and cry try and lynch a theif, hand to law if guild member
6 - Merchant thinks adventurers are a great opportunity and introduces self
7 - Guildsman demands to see your papers
8 - Offered illegal goods, children, surgery or magic in an alley way
9 - Mad serial killer stalks party
10 - Fight over crooked weights, measures or contracts
11 - Merchant guildsmen feud over who has licensed monopoly in this street
12 - Mercenary asks party if they need any guards
13 - Find an eccentric tiny magic shoppe that you can never find same one again
14 - A begger with a curse tells story of strange condition for coins
15 - Exotic creature in a cage hauled through street with great commotion
16 - Glimpse a sweatshop full of children, goblins, zombis or skeletons
17 - An uppity wizard on a slave carried palanquin zaps any who slow him with polymorph wand
18 - Impromptu street auction for amazing goods
19 - Magic carny offers prize for any who can overcome his strange challenge
20 - Goblins or kobolds offer to be your (cheap) servants so their kin can stay in city

Holy Quarter - The Temple District

A thousand temples shrines and and idols are said to be here from every corner of the world. More popular faiths have many temples for different castes.
1 - Flagellants preaching masses to repent and join their cult
2 - Preacher blocks the street with crowd
3 -Huge funeral procession
4 - A cult is having a holy day festival
5 - Acolytes are outraged by parties blatent heracy
6 - Sham priest tries to enlist party for treasure hunt quest
7 - Two cultists fight over ideology
8 - Cult ecstatic seducing or attacking passers by
9 - Priests perform a public sacrifice, possibly a defiler of the temple
10 - Pilgrims visiting local shrines ask party for assistance
11 - Priests dispensing free bread to poor
12 - Scruffy prophet declares world will be destroyed soon by adventurers greed
13 - Fair acolyte maiden/man seeks marriage partner they can convert to faith
14 - Priests and faithful having a sing off fills the street and stopping conversation
15 - Priests thow copper coins to poor and proise more for converts
16 - Possessed person is exorcised in street
17 - Free Healing being offered to needy with every holy symbol you buy
18 - Acolyte being flogged by peers for breaking sect rule
18 - Sacred holy day for some cult - food, festivities and danger if you stay too long
19 - Young Cleric asks to join you to learn your ways.
20 - A pretty nun or cult slave passes you a note asking to be rescued

University Quarter - The navigators district

An outgrowth of the navigators guild has grown into a full university. The uni has a nautical theme with sextants, astrolabes, anchors, hooks, tridents, fish, swords and skulls for symbols .
1 - Drunken frat-boy wizards molest party with cantrip
2 - Students playing crazy pranks provoke party
3 - Magical creature being moved by wizard and guardsmen
4 - Golem performing some task
5 - Bored familiars stalk party for hi jinx
6 - Wizard thinks party may be of assistance in a quest
7 - Party accused of being wayward students - penalty is castration
8 - Students offer party employment to pass their exams
9 - Tempting university job vacancy
10 - Students hassle party for tips and trivia
11 - Drunken student kegger - a carousing oportunity
12 - Fraternal ritual in progress
13 - Librarian asks party to confirm facts about them in journals
14 - A student bard decides to drop out and follow party
15 - An evil mid lv student practices a spell on a party member or follower
16 - goblin servants bump into each other and mix packages
17 - Scream and explosion from spell gone wrong
18 - Student chased by creature from spell gone wrong
19 - Student offers to groom and grow your beards with cantrips for small fee
20 - A wizard with their magical concubine glares at any who look too hard

Rich Quarter - The royal district

This is were the captains and nobles and any who can afford it live. Also called nob hill it is divided into allied house and corporate estate run wards. You need a permit from a resident to enter.
1 - Palanquin and guards herd party out the way
2 - Guards check your papers
3 - Secret police trail party
4 - Noble takes interest and demands party attend them
5 - Chariot of conquering hero barges through, doesn't break for riffraff
6 - Rich people cry help when they see party
7 - Rich youth gang attack party, cry to law and kin if harmed
8 - Rich youths tease party
9 - Invited to orgy by anonymous admirer
10 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
11 - Rich youth waves to party from a window, imprisoned by parents!
12 -  A noble accuses party of being his slaves with his stolen property
13 - A rich youth berates party for being unfashionable riff raff
14 - Guards say your sort are not welcome in this ward
15 - Noble thinks party can help him win a strange bet
16 - A bored youth shoots passers by from rooftop - then flees with secret door
17 - Exotic cult vice den sprukers tempt you to come and try the delights
18 - Servants being flogged on the street
19 - Unemployed servant begs party for work
20 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party

Scum Cove - The beggars ghetto
Fit refugees are allowed to squat in this part of town till they get a job. Jobs are put on offer and may start riots. Many just stay here and pay to get a begging permit from the city and the beggars guild.
1 - Gang beg for work
2 - Gang beg turn nasty if refused
3 - Beg party to take their children
4 - Beggar with no limbs in a giant rat powered cart (more than one in town)
5 - Riot over job offer nearby
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Giant rats or rat swarm attack from a drain
8 - Cult recruiting members with job and food offers
9 - Beggers guild are using this alley - go somewhere else
10 - Slime or ooze or trash elemental attack from a drain
11- Someone drops food scrap or coin and starts a riot
12 - Corpses in pile on corner awaiting collection
13 - Sly meat store in alley selling cheap sewer meat
14 - A Kindly acolyte casts purify food on bucket of sewerage to feed some starving
15 - Rat seller with his guards sell through barred window to needy
16 - Followed by an old man talking to his tattooed rats (also his spell book) 
17 - Spot some giant jungus in shadows
18 - find a fresh blood covered edged weapon - a dirty shiv or silver cult knife or magic dagger
19 - Prostitutes taken over alley to service customers en mass
20 - hobo market - weird trsh and broken stuff and odd shoes and orphans
Beggars guild follow your every move

Mutants District - The accursed place
This is wear those tainted by the blood and curses of the elder races are forced to live. All mutants are to wear a mutant third eye design painted on their forehead. They are desperate and hated, many serve horrible cults. Some kin breed true to type others are unrecognizable as same species. People see them as lazy, chaotic and untrustworthy.
1 - Mutant begs for help or healing
2 - Mutant is suicidal and attacks party
3 - Mutant in alley offers you mutant power
4 - Resentful mutants follow and abuse you
5 - Insane mutant asks for help, doesn't believe is a mutant
6 - Mutant offers self as a mercenary
7 - Mutant bounty hunter trails party
8 - Mutant prostitutes offer unique service
9 - Mutant cultists attack party to sacrifice
10 - See mutants talking to elder race member in sewer
11 - Mutants prostitutes offer unusual sex
12 - Mutant pets for sale - 2-headed fish, one eyed intelligent rat, talking ass,
13 - offered healing mutant symbiote to bond with
14 - Mutany cultists preach agaonst the unmutated persecutors
15 - Fall into dirty trash pit filled with dirty ooze and wollowing mutants
16 - Mutant baby for sale - guaranteed strange powers
17- severed tentacle twitches towards you
18 -  Mutant orphans beg for adoption
19 - Mutant old man begs for you to kill him
20 - Elderly ask you to evict mutant in the cellar

Grogtown - The vice district
This is where everybody comes to party, get drunk, get laid, then vomit lots and lots. It is divided into casino, red-light, tavern and theater wards.
1 - Colourful prostitutes make lewd suggestions at party if they dont come for a tumble
2-  Drunk adventurers pick a fight or drinking contest
3 - Drunk farmers visiting the big city are about to be horribly exploited and robbed
4 - Hobo vomits in front of party
5 - Chamber pot dumped on party, a youth for a coin will show nearest bathhouse
6 - Theif gang try to roll party
7 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
8 - Children looking for missing parents
9 - Secret police tail party
10 - Street performers distract while pickpockets attack
11- Slave being ofered on the street at discount price for quick sell
12 - Gang kid offers to take you to hidden sewer club where real action is
13 - Pimp offers increasingly weird whores till threatened with violence
14 - Student wizard offers depraved secret book of spells
15 - Desperate wizard offers cheap spells - he owes a gang
16 - Magical being in disguise pretends to be attractive prostitute and tries to lure adventurer off
17 - Offered cheap gender change or other potion by guy in alley
18 - Offered entry into secret drug den
19 - Alley full of passed out persons and a drug dealer
20 - Suspicious dealers in robes are actually not humans

Knotswarren - The gangland ghetto
This is were the gangs live and work. Whole sweatshops, brothels, secret prisons, illegal craft guilds, drug dens and worse are here. Multi leveled maze with ladders, ropes, scafolding and trapdoors everywhere. Many gangs here but a close knit community against outsiders or "top nobs".
1 - Youth gang pelt with rocks
2 - Youth offers to be a guide or sell treasure map
3 - Cheap potions being offered from alley way
4 - Counterfeit goods, stolen loot or other contraband on sale
5 - Giant rats or rat swarm attack from a drain
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Gang take interest and monitor party
8 - Crime boss wants to meet party
9 - Gang of bandits attack
10 - Secret police follow party
11- A good fairy offers to lead you out to safety (possibly an imp)
12 - Drug peddler with busy stall
13 - Assasin contracts 10% off this week
14 - Trap goes off if you leave main path
15 - Prostitutes offer services from windows
16 - Poison monger sale on henbane today
17 - Mob accuse you of being pigs
18 - Junior assasin sent after party member as a random test
19 - Were-rat cult take dislike to you
20 - Cult follow you home

Goblintown - The humanoid ghetto
This is were the goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears rule or rather are forced to stay. Ogres, orcs, kobolds and troll are also found in key positions. Orc pirates stay here when in town. The 7 humanoid chief meet with the barron monthly. Each tribe has a ward and the Bugbear chief is high king. It is surprisingly clean and has a military order about it except the trash ward which is the city's gigantic midden heap with tunnels going to stone ages scraps. Goblinoids use every scrap of bone, rag , dung and rats fear this area.
1 - Kobolds offer inferior goods at low low prices
2 - Goblins wizards offer to trade cantrips
3 - Hobgoblins want to know your business
4 - Bugbears want you to perform a service, pay in catnip
5 - Young orc heroes try to provoke into single combat
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Gang take interest and monitor party
8 - Tribal cheif wants to meet pary
9 - Monster spots kinslayer amid party and attacks
10 - Gremlins mess up your stash and pick your pockets
11 - Pelican eats a kobold and flies off
12 - War drums and angry shamen in the street
13 - Dung merchant offers his best stock
14 - Acidently get in gang war of interspecies killing
15 - Offer of goblin maidens cheap
16 - Humanoid celebration - cheerful but touchy
17 - Dog fight between humanoid dog breeds
18 - bizzare sport in progress, dont get too close
19 - Goblin hags offer abortion and matchmaking service
20 - Cheap humanoid wedding chapel - with kindly orc shaman and brides on sale

Gildedtown - The nobby slum
This is were the well to do poor dwell and flaunt their slightly superior status with hideous kitsch copies of what they think the rich would be impressed by. A grotesque parody of rich town with faux empire columns made from old sewer pipes, cheap gold paint and the cheapest colored fabric obtainable.
1 - Crappy palanquin and tubby eunuch herd party out the way
2 - Local gang pretend to be city officials seeking bribe
3 - Secret police trail party
4 - Local rich trash lass/lad decides player is her meal ticket
5 - Donkey wagon of uppity shopkeeper run party down
6 - Local rich-poor trash youth gang criticize party status symbols
7 - Youth gang attack party, cry to law and kin if harmed
8 - Youths tease party, cry to law and kin if harmed
9 - Players service as a cheap prostitute requested
10 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
11 - Harlots call at you from windows of monster home complexes
12 - Wedding coach with fake unicorn horns on donkeys painted white. Mock at your peril
13 - Cheap flashy peddlers have a fight in the street
14 - Old people look at party in horror and tell their friends in the watch later
15 - A wagon stops because of you, passenger gets out to sort you out mate!
16 - An obese spolied local wants to marry a party member at any cost
17 - Some cheap bejeweled thugs are having a dog fight
18 - Palequin accident, two overly made up women scream abuse and death threats
19 - Local youth out on town for mischief like beating hobos or finding lovers
20 - Local nut thinks your somebody who crossed them back in the ghetto days

Sewers - the horrors beneath
There are many levels and drains and sewers where humans maintain the topmost but the lower lurk degenerate elder races.

Upper Galleys:
1- Giant rats or rat swarm attack from a drain
2 - Gang attack
3 - Sewer workers on prison duty just passing thanks
4 - Rat hunters collecting pie ingredients
5 - Dung shovelers on way to unblock a drain
6 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
7 - Gang take interest and monitor party
8 - Sewer gremlins looking for food and fun
9 - Giant vermin  tick, bug, maggot, spider, centipede or slug 1d4HP
10 - Sailors smuggling goods
11 - Cultists en route to ceremony or murder or kidnapping
12 - Feral kobolds up to no good plot
13 - Feral albino goblin falls in love with your most precious item
14 - Rat Wizard and his pet giant rats
15 - Corpse found murdered and partially chewed
16 - Gang up to no good dont want any witnessess
17 - Gang fued between several factions of sewer
18 - Beggers looking for place to sleep
19 - Beggars on a delivery job
20 - Something from the lower levels comes up

Lower Levals
1 - King rat commands giant rats and a swarm, multi headed wizard beast man
2 - Goat men with sacrifice
3 - Serpent man wizard with lizard men looking for lost relics
4 - Giant mage spider looking for wizards to rob books from
5 - Bat folk assasin looking for manflesh
6 - Rat men spreading plague with unholy brazier
7 - Degenerate albino lizard men
8 - Fish or frog men looking for prospective mates or snacks
9 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
10 - Cultists having a secret ceremony
11 - Zombie on duty
12 -  Evil templar priests having a black mass with undead or demons
13 - Wights from a tomb breach in sewer
14 - Demon or devil or similar evil being
15 - Behir
16 - Purple Worm
17 - Adventurers party assume everything this deep a threat
18 - Draconian fiends looking for prehuman loot from genetic memory
19 - Otherworldly Hag
20 - Mystery magician from my earlier blog

town - the unclaimed necropolis

This is the semi inhabited not-patrolled district where many intact door seals from the ancient world still remain intact. Many dangerous types squat here and the dead walk at night.
1 - Otherworldly hag
2 - Bandits attack
3 - Undead attack
4 - Undead go about business unless stopped
5  - Gang from Goblintown of humanoid or mixed race
6 - Creature from Lower sewer levels scouting surface
7 - Beggars pour out of a squat wailing for help
8 - Cultists attack defilers of elder gods
9 - Magical disguised being intrigued by party
10 - Beggars selling children to cult
11 - Mutant gone feral and on the prowl
13 - Serpent cultists and gangs search streets for victimes
14 - Secret police rounding up riff raff for secret purpose
15 - Stray dogs of many exotic breeds
16 - Cultist ceremony
17 - Two gangs meet on nuetral turf
18 - Thing from below crawls from sewer and eats a dog
19 - Earth swallows up a beggar before your eyes.
20 - Mystery magician from my earlier blog

Barron's Dungeon
Hope you never see this place and learn the Barron's terrible secret of power.

The Black Skull Barrows

This is were champions are sent in monthly and are viewed by rich who use wizard eye and illusions casting wizards to see actual events. The commoners get a puppet show or stage play versions later. Lucky heroes are rewarded with magic helmets as a gift (some conditions apply).
1 - Otherworldly hag
2 - Giant scorpions or spiders (1 in 10 groups clockwork or glass)
3 - Undead attack
4 - Goat men with a goat masked wizard attack
5  - Gang from Goblintown of humanoid or mixed race
6 - Creature from Lower sewer levels scouting surface
7 - Carrion crawlers and rust monster pack formed strange alliance
8 - Cultists attack defilers of sacred barrows
9 - Magical disguised being tricks and tries to destroy party
10 - Horrible devious trap
11 - Shiny robot with alien weapons from another world
12 - Wights looking for food desperatley
13 - Crimials offered freedom if they kill adventurers
14 - Gargoyles hiding near a deadly crossing
15 - Were rat gangsters and cultists
16 - Were wolf berserkers might offer to join party
17 - Were bear thrown here as enemy of city, quite friendly
18 - Dead hero with interesting loot used as bait by cave fisher
19 - Mimic pretending to be a door
20 - Mystery magician from my earlier blog

Magical Beings In Disguise
1 - Devil swine
2 - Rakasha
3 - Imp
4 - Undead
5 - Ogre Mage
6 - Elf
7 - Dwarf
8 - Wererat
9 - Humanoid spell caster (prior blog)
10 - Elemental spirit folk
11 - Familiar
12 - Serpent Man
13 - Mutant
14 - Golem
15 - Doppelganger
16 - Possession by ghost or spirit
17 - Clockwork horror
18 - Otherworldly Hag
19 - Mi-go in a human skin
20 - Minor divinity or great spirit embodied

How Corrupt is this official? 1d12
1 - Is smart enough to know is too dumb to be corrupt
2 - Thinks they are a master conspirator then blab about everything
3 - Could be tempted for a trifling matter
4 - Would sell own mother for enough loot
5 - Will go along then betray you and keep your money
6 - Shake you down for more money
7 - Will go along then blackmail later
8 - Is Barron's secret police informer
9 - Is being monitored by superiors in secret
10 - Bring it on business as usual here
11 - Prefers sex or vice to cash
12 - Demands some service instead of cash

Otherworldly Hags
Generally 1d4+3 HD and Level as a caster and needs a + to hit, 1d6 x 2 claws, AC+4. Hags can appear as old women with only weaker ones gathering in groups. Many have followers and pets. The may threaten the party as old women or manipulate party int performing evil or taking more dangrous route or going to their trapped lair.

1 - Wood Hag
Vegetal plant women or wood wives who defend the forests. They also punish bad manners, sleights against kin and all manner of transgressions. Use Druid and Wizard spells.

2 -Lesser Night Hag
May have a lesser nightmare or imp pet. Darkness magic hags from the underworld who also haunt dreams. Use reverse cleric or wizard spells. Crave treasure and flesh.

3 - Grave Hag
Vengeful dead who hate living especially lovers. They command undead followers and carry away young men to their crypts. Necromatic wizard spells.

4 - Bone Hag
Horror who builds her house from bone, often has giant pets like rats, weasels or skeletons. Can hide in bone pile till attack. Often steels victims from gibbets or stocks

5 - Sewer Hag
Transform into liquid filth elemental of equal HD. Otherwise appears as be dunged robed old woman. Spread disease and ruin food and water. Reverse cleric and wizard spells.

6 - Lesser Sea Hag
Horrible marine slimed body - a viscous marine predator who devours those lost at sea or sometimes just being near water.  Amphibious. Wizard and Druid spells.

7 - Stone Hag
Hide in the form of sacrificial menhir AC 0/+10, can pursue and paralyses on touch but only move 6" and for 3d4 dam. They grind victims to pulp but can be appeased by sacrifice which keeps them asleep.

8 - Bog Hag
Lives in mud burrow and can move through mud and clay like water by swimming. Will grapple and drag with 18 STR under mud. Use Druid and Wizard spells.

9 -Blood Hag
A pool of blood in a cauldron congeals and clots into a hideous dripping hag. She drains 1d4 STR with a hit or can vomit blood onto a victim for a fear attack. Blood hags just kill and drain blood - heroes or innocents blood is best. Use wizard or reverse cleric spells.

10 - Carrion Hag
Form from a mess of roadkill and meat slurry in a pit. Can summon a swarm, of demonic flies who inflict 1pt dam/rnd to all in 30ft. Wizard spells. Can breathe a stinking cloud once per battle. They pollute water and land.


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