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Gamma Aeon Tourist Beareau

amazing panorama art from 70s kids transfers - more here:
lots of images for cardboard figure fans too - space1999, kojak, marvel, dc, dr who, kung fu

I suspect this one has a hint of 2000AD comics

Working weekends is cramping my gaming style - may get a DnD game in to finish current dungeon and level up.

So once my gamers are done with Beaver Island, If they dont end up lost in space what next?
Ive hinted various things to see in my Gamma Aeon setting but here are some things to encounter.

Inspirational Stuff:

Im a big fan of The Night Land by William Hope Hodgeson
you can read it hear:
Im going to add more evil dwarves and giants as standard mutant types and enemies

Darwins world RPG - only a bit straighter than gamma world - easy to adapt really
Metamorphosis Alpha - what happened to those colony ships
Pandorum - best sf film in 10 years - also see above
The Morrow Project RPG - good story with bases and vehicles with lots of detail
After the bomb aka teenage mutant ninja turtles RPG good for beast-folk
Gurps Autoduel - i use this for outside cyberpunk cities - awesome
Death Valley Free Prison - an outdoor cyberpunk jail for cyberspace game - brilliant
Dark Future - RPG and novels, Games Workshops forgotten carwars-ish game - great vibe
Post Apocalyptic Hero - good source-book with lots to plunder
d20 Modern Apocalypse - ok but christian and angel stuff a waste on  me
Aftermath - a bit too gritty but some good game options, and organizations
2000AD comics - Judge Dredd, robots, mutants, weird tech heroism and craziness
A boy and his dog - great bleak film with gangs, a mutant telepathic dog, and an Amish bunker
Mutant future - more monsters and compatible stuff for me - spidergoats!
Iron Dream and Men in the Jungle by Norman Spinrad
Roadwar 2000 80s computer game
Morbis gravis comics from Heavy Metal (a bit too blue but great ruined mutant city ship)
Paranoia - life in a crazy AI run underground city
I want mutant future....

On the road:
Pack beast caravan of traders
Road gang of psychopathic cultists
Pilgrims off to holy place
Ultra-tech roadster of a sanctioned op from a megacity on a quest
Bandits who prey on traders and pilgrims
War-band of adventurers out for trouble
Gladiators on tour - like to drum up support or recruit
Warlord patrol - the tax man, possible pressgang
Tribal Hunters/Tribal cannibals
See a high altitude airship pass (or a ship if near water)
Abominations and chimera fight over travelers
Acid Rain
Rad Rain
Seed swarm - spores or seeds fill sky

Weirder stuff:
Quake or vulcanism
See a distant brutal battle
Beautiful auroras effect technological items
Ash storm - irradiated ash has been exposed and blows across land
Severe storm, gale force winds
Strange colour fog blocks vision more than 30ft
Gargantuan landscape monster opens an eye in a hillside
Knife Storm - a nanoswarm of edged blades rains then re-vaporizes and moves on
Swarm of critters covers land eating everything in sight
Flesh forest - organ plants over land in quivering mass tended by robots
Huge cloud of mystery matter blocks the sun
A gigantic living gelatinous mass falls from the sky and melts to nothing
Cyborgs with vehicles looking for unmutated humans to cyborg
Poison gas cloud rolls across the land
Undead army marches across land
Nanoswarm or grey ooze stripping the land of elements for somebody
Metallic paving slowly spreading across land, covers several hectares
Mobile building rolling across the land, semi inhabited

Typical Settlements:
Tribal village with a hunt lodge and shaman healer 30-150pop
Truck-stop with general store and wrecked vehicles 20-60pop
Nomad camp 12-200pop
Outcast plague carrier camp - want healing and food 12-40pop
Gangcult camp - always up for killing 12-40pop
Small farming community - dont like trouble makers 30-300pop
Fortified outpost - local powers that be or a cryptic alliance 40-150pop
Lab outpost - scientists and guards up to research 12-40pop
Mining outpost - prospectors for artifacts may dislike claim jumpers 12-40pop
Small Bunker - 12-24pop 1000 cryonic pods
Ruined Shanty Town - semi inhabited ruins 40-200
Small Temple - 12-75pop

Fortified town - a mixed economy and tech settlement 50-500pop
Industrial town - mostly steam and alcohol fueled settlement 100-4000pop
Medium Bunker - 120pop 2000 cryonic pods
Large Bunker - 240pop 4000 cryonic pods
Castle fortress - 200-1000pop
Great Temple - 100-1000pop

Industrial Bunker - stockpiled machines and resourced with caretaker staff 40-2000
Industrialized City - walled mostly steam and alcohol fueled, heavily polluted settlement
Domed City 400-50000pop
Bunker Complex - A subterranean citadel 300-10,000pop
Mega City -  super dense termite mound or pyramid walled city, 5 on earth 1 billion pop

Most advanced settlements hide behind walls and forcefeilds and have no interest in wastelanders. Sometimes a gladiator is admitted as a novelty but on the whole mutant scum and non-citizens are shot on sight. Many settlements have had their most advanced tech nobbled by material eating bacterium and nanoids.

Yes i realize the Irony of having over 6 billion sentient in a post apocalypse setting

Whats wrong with this bunker?

(Bunker mutations!)
1 - Morlocks in the lower levels run the show
2- Undead have contaminated the bunker, all dead are cremated or attack
3 - Undead have contaminated the bunker, rulled by vampire cabal
4 - Undead have contaminated the bunker, there is a losing battle in progress
5 - Mutagens have contaminated all the gene stock and population
6 - Radiation is slowly killing everyone
7 - Vermin taint the complex, slowly ruining it
8 - Disappearing population, secret cyborg conversions
9 - Disappearing peaople, population control
10- Disappearing population, cannibalism - high tech recycling of organs and protein
11 - Psychological experiment not a bunker - all inhabitants are test subjects
12 - Selective breeding - for purity, psionics, uniform appearance or other purpose
13 - Colossal mutants and their hordes surround the bunker in a siege
14 - Everyone is a really a replicant or androids
15 - An extreme ideology like scientology or star trek fans dominate
16 - Cryptic alliance are battling for control
17 - The population are docile and drugged eloi
18 - Insanity and degeneracy overrun the complex - a mockery of the past
19 - Humidity has flooded lower levels and damp is ruining everything
20 - Humidity has spread a mutant fungal with strange often lethal properties
21 - Mutant fungi or vegetation has run amok and infected occupants
22 - Overun with infectious abominations and chimera mutants
23 - Bioplague outbreak damns all
24 - Drug abuse rampant
25 - Dictatorship - megalomaniac in power
26 - AI in control is unhinged
27 - All population very young
28 - All population very old
29 - All population male
30 - All population female
31 - Bizarre sexual or other customs
32 - Over taken by sentient animals
33 - Organized crime in control
34 - Police state ruled by security forces
35 - Extreme class differences - think Metropolis
36 - Robots do most work and thinking jobs
37 - Androids "protect" the humans from harm
38 - Populace ignorant about technology
39 -  Power shortages, desperate power conservation
40 - Moronic populace slowly grinding to halt
41 - Water shortages - rationed water, no washing water
42 - Air Shortages - air-con on the fritz
43 - Agents within seek to betray all to outsiders
44 - A faction are ready for a coup
45 - Constantly in deep submersive game experience
46 - Subject to mind control technology
47 - Violence and bullying the norm
48 - Everyone frozen and awaiting awakening
49 - A non human species has infiltrated the complex
50 - The power plant is unstable and will possibly explode
51 - Inhabitants immune system un-prepared, contamination spreads
52 - Corrosion of systems or materials from some agent loosed when seals broken
53 - No weapons - inhabitants ill prepared for violence, unskilled
54 - Too many weapons - factional and interpersonal feuds turn into gang war
55 - Primitive regression - inhabitants believe bunker is magic world
56 - Cult takes over, sacrifice trouble makers and leaders abuse their powers
57 - Inhuman Cast - the ruling cast are of a different sub-species (Dominators, GM Human)
58 - Slave state - workers controlled with brutal force and treated like cattle
59 - All seems nice but AI routinely harvests organs and hides in mega storage freezer
60 - All over 30 are recycled or escape
61 - All are clones of original inhabitants
62 - All are inbred clones of one family with only a half dozen members
63 - An eco system of flora, fauna and machines has reached homeostasis
64 - Paranoid AI keeps away outsiders and is the law
65 - All have coloured skin symbiote giving them unnatural primary skin colours
66 - All belong to one ancient ethnic group and are intolerant of others
67 - Military bunker base - plan to conquer the outside
68 - Filthy and corroded but mostly functional, with low tech additions
69 - Youth gangs patrol corridors and bully people
70 - Inhabitants immortal til seal broken, all very angry
71 - Evil scientific researchers cruelly dissect and study things from surface
72 - Automated prison for most dangerous scum, frozen genetic criminals for study
73 - Monastic and mystical religion operates the bunker as a monastary
74 - Military Unit - frozen rangers - orders never received so have stayed put
75 - Biological components overgrown making whole bunker a living creature
76 - Terraforming equipment activated, hyper evolving inhabitants into new creatures
77 - Open for decades, runs as a trade town perhaps keeping bunker a secret
78 - Cannibalism and mutations evolving into ghouls or mutants or morlocks
79 - Freezing - all dress in arctic jumpsuits and other adjustments
80 - Boiling - sweaty polluted hell hole which kills the weak
81 - Partially flooded, inhabited by amphibious Atlanteans or Fish Animen servants
82 - Madness has spread, the AI now runs as a mental hospital staffed by androids
83 - A cryptic alliance has turned into a secret base
84 - The inhabitants have a special secret mission which dominates their lives
85 - Every one has a single true breed stable mutation or a mental mutation
86 - Black Lab - has automated DNA assemblies to breed monsters and plagues
87 - A Secret Society rule the bunker and actually influence surrounding survivors towns
88 - Many levels have been abandoned and are now dangerous to enter
89 - Brains are collected and stored or operate mecha, humans are servant scientists
90 - Symbiotic organism has modified populace into a slave hive mind
91 - Flammable - explosive, fuel or gas residue makes place a deathtrap
92 - Cavern complex is connected to bunker, inhabited by nightmares
93 - Automated factory - could make tens of thousands of rifles or other things
94 - AI with terraforming nanofac has made very strange world
95 - Hidden bio-habitat level with wilderness and possibly farms and savages
96 - Teleporter with uplink send to moon, bottom of sea, space or somewhere exotic
97 - AI unaware populace are dead, keeps everything going as normal
98 -00 Roll twice again

here is a page on what 50 years can do for a bunker

Remember lighting a torch or flame in a dungeon may activate long dormant fire extinguishers


  1. Ok, this list chart is awesome. From one Gamma World nut to another, great work!

  2. Cheers ill compile all my gamma stuff in a pdf after xmas


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