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Exilon Wasteland Wandering 3 Mountains

I decided mountains include woodlands so possibly a sea & coast table or perhaps an underworld table.

This is geared toward urban explorers on distant mountains. They know for wild monster-filled wastes, sacred cedar trees and tribes of bestial folk who don't even use fire or metal. This is an exaggeration. Some mountain kingdoms are rich in stone, metal, and wood resources. There are many simple tribes folk but also newly emerging animal herding nomads and beast riders. There might be places the party might think they could take over or settle. The people here can be more innovative than the river city folk believe. Seeing some emerging new powers to be feared might be a thread you could weave in such treks.

Remember also river cities lack wood, stone and metal. They emerged with farming, clay vessels and bricks and woven reed everyday goods, rafts and houses. Many animal herding nomads were sedentary agriculturalists once. You might see styles of axes and swords here are different to river civilisation. You might see superior chariots and animal riding or mounted archers might be new to encounter. River folk have no mounted riders and chariots are still new - most cities have four-wheeled clunky battle wagons pulled by oxen and onager There are still many wild folk, centaurs and beast folk and even giants and dragons here too. Some armies here have trained beasts and monster mercenaries.

Some people go to the mountains to hunt to get a glorious story and a wonderful trophy. Many of these people die preserving the mystique.

Chariots can be broken down and transported and assembled quickly for battle

d10 Mountain Wasteland Discoveries
1 Grassy Valleys
2 Thick Forest
3 Monster Lairs
4 Human Settlers
5 Abandoned buildings & Ruins
6 Hidden Folk Camps
7 Abandoned Mines 
8 Wonderous Beasts 
9 Elder Horrors
10 Divine Beings

d100 Exilon Wasteland Wandering 3 Mountains
01 Brilliant grassy region with many fine horses and onagers and some tribal people come here to hatch animals
02 Grassy  valley with patches of woodlands rich in deer, goats and gazelle
03 Migrating buffalo herds pass through but a few often remain and attract various hunters d4 1=tribal people 2=hidden non-humans 3=abhumans 4=goblinoids
04 Herds of mammoths or elephants graze on grass and trees here, 1in12 chance to see a roc snatch a pachyderm and fly to a mountaintop
05 Luscious wood and grasslands home large numbers of possibly dangerous animals of d8 1=violent horned rabbits 2=rats 3=wolves 4=wild dogs or jackals 5=bears 6=lions 7=auroch 8=boar
06 Herders with vast flocks graze here and are wary of rustlers and thieves. Have a camp in region moves yearly
07 A valley rich in wildlife but many spirit folk live among them but may turn human to convince strangers to leave. Many tribes avoid the area and taboo to hunt here as animals even trees may be spirit folk
08 Grazelands rich in wildlife protected by a cyclops or tree giant or hill giant often with a giant animal pet d4 1=cave bear 2=giant goat 3=dire wolf 4=fire lizard
09 Grazing land thriving with herd animals and exotic predators d4 1=dire wolves 2=sabretooth cats 3=cave bears 4=griffons
10 Herd animals thrive in grasslands and trees but are guarded by centaurs who claim the land and herds in it as theirs. They have different tribes d4 1=wild are brutes with clubs and slings 2=robed bards famous for healing and knowledge 3=armoured descendants of a war god in bronze with spears, shields and swords 4=barbarians with bows, lances and axes  
11 Rich forest with plenty of game but spirits must be appeased to hunt here and given a sacrifice in the right way. Locals avoid games here as taboo or their holy folk teach how to live with the spirits. The spirits don't like swearing or disrespecting the forest
12 Forest home to a clan of large humanoids living in a cave d4 1=trolls 2=ogres 3=hill giant 4=stone giant 
13 Gigantic prehistoric carnivorous boars roam woods and top of the food chain. Even a few giants have been eaten as there are bones everywhere
14 Forest of huge trees are home of prehistoric beasts that graze here d6 1=brontosaurus 2=triceratops 3=baluchitherium 4=wooly rhino 5=mammoth 6=megacerops
15 Unicorn grotto where local faerie and animals protect the unicorns
16 Woodcutters cutting camphor and cedar wood and claim all the trees here. Have oxen sledges for logs and armed guards
17 Dryads in the area will be alerted by strangers by animals and prepare local animals and faerie folk. A force of dryads charmed lovers may be sent to ward off intruders
18 Tree spirits here are awake and whole forests sometimes move and bar the entrance of intruders who don't talk to the trees first. Some can assume the human form for communication
19 Talking animals are common here and will rally with each other to prepare when strangers come. Some animals have various allies including d4 1=demihumans 2=beast folk 3=faerie 4=druids 
20 Giant intelligent spell-casting spiders live in these webbed woods and are crawling with bugs and regular stupid monster spiders 
21 A green dragon cave lair here has a family nest but younger dragons live in the forest around the region
22 Giant clan crude village often in a cliff or cavern. They consider local land is theirs and they have the right to eat intruders
23 Evil pool in a cave is worshipped by mutated formarian giants
24 Man-eating humanoid monsters live in a cave complex d4 1=yeti 2=carniverous ape 3=giant horned cyclops cave ape 4=hairy abhuman wild folk living a simple life, 1in2 chance are cannibals with several heroes and a lead holy spell caster
25 Giant serpents live here, some 1in8 are horned intelligent magical shapeshifters who may be impressed by manners 
26 On a mountain peak with difficulty to reach a cave nest of d6 1=stymphalian birds 2=griffons 3=pegasi 4=pheonix 5=dragon 6=perytons 7=chimera 8=pteradactyls 
27 Horrible beast drives away man and beast d4 1=bonnacon 2=gorgon 3=basilisk 4=cateoplas 5=manticore 6=leaucrotta
28 Mountain giant cave feared by other giants and monsters who leave offerings for it on a stone altar
29 Crossing over water or chasm guarded by a sphynx who only lets those who answer a riddle pass and it eats those who fail
30 Forest giant champion with seven magic auroras guarding a forest of sacred timber against defilement
31Currently occupied by nomad tribe of herders with family wagons. Possibly riders or chariots or exotic pet beasts. They will move on and another clan will take their place, each treating strangers wildly differently 
32 Log-walled village of barbarian settlers fleeing nomad takeover of the homeland. Have several chariots
33 Merchant camp with plenty of guards and warry in this region of enemies
34 Bandits camp here led by a famous leader with various stolen treasures. Rewards and fame await for this bringing this leader into civilised justice 
35 Horse nomads were new in the area and possibly the first horsemen were seen. They will be camped and looking for fled people from their recent conquest. Stories of rich cities are of great interest to their kings. 1in4 a substantial force here otherwise a smaller force guarding a stockade of supplies for a bigger force
36 Simple village of mountain folk living with no metal or domestic animals. Some live around old caves in wooden walls. They hate and fear strange new people here
37 Refugees pour in from beyond the mountains and camp here. They are exotic people but surprisingly civilised and a few speak known languages. In need of food and supplies their resources are dwindling and enemy scouts seek to find and enslave them. They will try to build a community here but would be interested in a home in civilisation as free people
38 Stone fortifications defend the entrance to ancient civilised people with their own language and rich in metal arms. armour and statues with a chariot corp. Has allied similar hidden fortress outposts and watch towers all defended by natural cliffs and limited upward paths
39 A barbarian temple complex with wooden walls, earth mounds and local barbarian villages nearby. Hundreds of carved wooden poles are in the region placed in ceremonial events. The wooden temple has a collection of gold gifts and ritual objects
40 Various mountain folk villagers here but well equipped and secured by geographical features. A tower home of a wizard rules this area and personally destroys troublemakers. Also has students, followers and apprentices all from varied lands the wizard has visited. There are old ruins here the wizard's followers excavate from some pre-human people. The wizard will use magic like a rock to mud and create walls to menace intruders and how an area so blessed with natural defendable areas 
41 Abandoned shack farmsteads of people who fled new settlers
42 A haunted village abandoned but now evil changelings live here to lure victims to eat
43 A ruined crude stone tower and wall of some long lost people possibly haunted and trapped
44 Several small villages here burned down its people missing. There is a sign of a battlefield here too
45 Ruined stone fortress or citadel possibly from prehuman peoples
46 Burial mounds of some barbarian forgotten people
47 Common monuments of ancient people d4 1=stone shrines and altars 2=stone monoliths 3=stone dolmen 4=stone circles
48 Ruined stone fortress occupied by undead, by night the area is patrolled by them
49 High in cliffs is a ruined fortified structure not accessible by paths 
50 Cliff relief rock carvings d6 1=king receiving tributes 2=code of laws in several languages 3=animals and hunters 4=carved precision of deities and their symbols and beasts 5=idol of a foreign holy person or deity new to region 6=prehuman beings heavily vandalised with more recent holy symbols carved on top
51 Village of were beasts live here and in various shacks in the region
52 Village of animal or plant spirit folk changelings who seem human when visitors arrive
53 Several orc villages in the area, one is larger with log walls and a temple or wizard tower 
54 Villages of abhuman beast folk living in wooden walled stockades
55 Goblinoid clans live in the area in villages and caverns
56 Demihuman village protected by ancient earthworks, cliffs and difficult crossings d4 1=dwarf 2=gnome 3=elf 4=halfling
57 Villages of fairy folk in the region often concealed in trees and mushrooms or in old barrow mounds
58 Secret community of cultists and hybrid non-humans worship a prehuman species and their vile gods in a stone-carved temple. Other locals avoid this cursed place
59 Warlord has gathered an army of orcs, goblinoids ogres, trolls and giants to wage war on other peoples
60 High cliff villages of winged flying peoples or creatures 
61 Ancient quarry with many monster lairs and a humanoid tribe  
62 Claypits where various mud-loving creatures live but the clay is rare and makes the best pottery especially good for magical pots
63 Small winding passages of flint mines inhabited by kobolds and some undead from miners' graves and guarding their shrines
64 Ancient iron mine where monsters enslaved humans to toil. Now many undead and even some demons dwell here
65 Area riddled with semi-buried pits and shafts of gold miners years ago. There is still gold but bandits, hostile tribes and monsters pass through looking for miners to rob. 1in6 chance miners are cowering in the area. The concealed pits often unwary kill travellers. Many small mines here some with gold but prone to collapse
66 Ancient silver mine was taken over by goblinoids. Occasionally miners with soldiers come to seize some silver and claim the mine belongs to a distant king
67 Streams in areas where miners leave woolly sheep skins to gather gold. Touching these makes angry paranoia miners hostile. Bandits, orcs and ogres come here to steal gold and persecute miners
68 Giant ants are common here and mine gold which some creatures try to steal. One tribe of ant spirit folk appear human and live in a village inside an artificial mound
69 Cyclops orcs here dig various metals here and run a smithy to craft magic items including thunderbolts they trade with the gods. They really hate the local griffons who hoard gold on the mountain here and are protected by a god 
70 Vast ruined dwarf metropolis in a mountain riddled with gem and mithril mines
71 Gigantic mutant chaos monster lumbers through woods looking for prey. Once it was just an ordinary d6 1=slug 2=goat 3=snake 4=bat 5=slime mould 6=mushroom
72 Titanic tree giant here holds court over normal tree giants planning forest expansion but not very up to date with human encroachment and deforestation
73 Ancient pair of dragons rule here with various sub lairs of children in the area and a thrall race of humanoids to worship dragons. They give tribute to dragons from a huge temple 
74 A lake is home to a mighty monster who can assume human form and it has an underwater palace with minions d4 1=catfish spirit 2=salamander 3=plesiosaur 4=serpant. Local villagers leave tribute to the mighty being. Lake is possibly an elemental portal
75 Frozen valley with a great waterfall concealing a vast cavern lair of the world's largest white dragon a child of Tiamat. A thrall species of small humanoids worship them
76 Glacier filled with hundreds of frozen dead giants. Every so often some awaken or are revived by necromancers. After scouring the area for food, they usually migrate to the lowlands
77 Guargantuan hydra roams area looking for food. Its lair is a vast repository of treasure and an elemental portal
78 Collosal fire lizard lives in a volcanic crater here possibly an elemental portal
79 Titanic cyclops roams the area herding sheep and eating humans who visit
80 Anzu bird is a titanic bird god with a nest made with cedar trunks with elephant bones and tusks of elephants. This bird battled gods and aided heroes to resist the god's will or wrath. It must be impressed by gifts or kindness to its young who grow to rocs and colonise the mountains
81 Cavern to the vast ruined kingdom of vampire bat goddess guarding a secret passage to the underworld. Remnant of time when monsters seized the world and stopped the sun
82 Reptilian city with ziggurat ruled by d6 1=snake folk wizards 2=pteradactyl mentalists 3=vampire lizard kings 4=dragon folk changelings in mortal form 5=lizard folk dino riders 6=fire newts 
83 Black basalt towers and sealed wells where a prehuman species of void demons dwelled. Now populated by d4 1=cultists 2=degenrate hybrid descendants 3=awful crossbreed abhumans 4=horrible mutant giants 5=shoggoths 6=dark spawn
84 Remains of fish folk ruins and fossils from before land appeared. Pools and wells and lakes have ghastly prehistoric mutant creatures and degenerate fish folk hybrids 
85 Strange prehuman tombs with weird mummies and weird cursed treasures. Some of the dead will reanimate as wizard mummies if the tombs are disturbed. Undead abhuman beast folk will arise to serve them
86 Glacial citadel of prehistoric wizard now an inhuman worm demigod. Its minions and cultists trap spell casters the master can enslave for magical power by eating them. They are a living portal to a living pocket dimension inside the worm
87 Valley strewn with ruins and millions of worms smother the earth. Normal life keeps away but cultists try and reach the ruins seeking to contact a sleeping god
88 Valley swarming in gibbering mutants and hybrid beast folk. A great cave here is an abominable lake of protoplasm that spawns monsters and taints waters with mutagen. Cultists come to take baby spawn for familiars
89 Valley is overgrown in alien flesh from the world of Xor. Skinless and hairless creatures come from fleshy caves to explore this new world growing into this one. Possibly some subdermal nueral cluster complex controls the expansion 
90 A vast artefact mostly below the ground is a magical machine never activated. The machine creates servitor species and monsters to guard its secret control room. With enough sacrifices and gems the engine will start properly and a cult hope to achieve this to start the apocalypse
91 Temple complex where priests and pilgrims come to meet a living gods avatar 
92 Blasted mountain top here where gods had a palace on the mortal world before retreating, a gate here can be opened into the woodlands around the first level of heaven
93 Volcano crater within is a d4 1=divine workshop of fire god 2=prison of evil god tormented in changes 3=portal to hell 4=citadel of demons
94 Mountain walled citadel of mystics led by divine beings 
95 Demonic citadel with a portal to a demonic realm
96 Remains of a dead god a cult visit to commune with and hope to revive or usurp the divine power
97 Glass citadel of eternally celebrating fairy folk who keep out mortals with walls of force. Fartire royalty visit here 
98 Vast magical tree part of the cosmic tree where branches contact various cloud kingdoms that change seasonally. The deep root passages lurk evil beings and lead to the underworld
99 Djinn citadel surrounded by walls of wind and flame. Various elemental spirit folk dwell here and there are portals to all elemental planes. Djinn and efreet don't fight here but may trick strangers to work around their code
100 Ruins of a vast wooden ship from the dawning age used by forgotten gods. Cults come here seeking relics and holy wood and various magical vermin and monsters dwell here

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