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d100 Psychon Apocalypses


I was thinking one problem of planet psychon is when you generate a random hex and players turn up and taste everything and look for trouble its fine but once a few sessions have gone by sometimes players start putting down roots. In D&D its great but planet Psychon is more like a 70s tv fantasy show where yo wander around finding new failed societies in crisis. Part of the game is generating weird hexes like a mini game for dm prep. Possibly players could be involved too. Its a very collage ad hoc sandbox. So when players had dealt with evil androids in a decopunk frozen waste they really liked the deco bunker and wanted to stay in a somewhat boring place that most of the problems were over. So time for some odd omens, or strangers from over the hex border who found a crossing needing help, or an AI god to offer more adventures further away. 

These are a bunch of things that start to indicate big changes are afoot. The AI gods might at a whim terraform the hex, disintegrating everything, storing spirits in the matrix, and assemble some new world with brand new ruins to explore and brand new lost languages and history. You don't want to be there when it does start because surviving it is unpredictable and you might even get your mind and experiences rewritten and your body changed to another species. It might take 2 or 3 of these to really finish off a hex and prepare it for renewal.

Slaughter Seven was a vast domed theme park where various murder sports were played in vast simulated environments. Some say it was one of the Early awakened AI and was a big influence on all the AI gods.

Psychotronic devices and hallucinogenic warfare warheads were common ancient weapons and helped the apocalypse be weirder.
d10 Quick Apocalypse Types
1 Natural Disaster
2 Technological Disaster 
3 Mindless Violence
4 Biological Infestartion
5 Cleansing Invasion
Orbital Terraforming Operation
7 Psychotronic Rays
8 Slaughter Seven murder sports
9 Natural Renewal
10 Ancient idiot legacies

d100 Psychon Apocalypses

01 Flood as water levels rise, rivers and seas overflow banks and sea monsters prolific
02 Drought as rivers and lakes disappear, plants die off, mobile life leaves as choking dust clouds dump sand everywhere
03 Ice and frost cover everything and snows come, water stops flowing as bound up in ice, glaciers and avalanches smother areas
04 Heat and volcanic vents open everywhere, boiling water and mud, releasing smoke and raining hot coals and ash as a volcano grows
05 Earthquakes destroy major structures, collapse mountains, open and close vast canyons
06 Windstorms batter land and lightning damages structures and starts firess, trees uprooted, areas flooded or buried in rubbish
07 Meteorite or orbital falls from the heavens causing a vast explosion and covering land in dirt and ash and the shockwave destroys or damages most surface structures
08 Fires overtake every available fuel in vegetation or buildings while blistering heat waves seem to ignite spot fires hourly (orbital lasers might be seen)
09 Great solar sails cover the sky drowning out all light and causing a great chill and destroying plant life
10 Snap cold of below zero sweeps land like a lethal cloud killing plants and animals rapidly and covering everything in frozen water from the atmosphere
11 A great growing cloud of atomic plasma forms disintegrating everything into the atomic soup and scouring the earth
12 Nuclear device is detonated destroying an area and damaging the rest of the region with shockwaves and fallout
13 Recycler robots in a huge swarm have come to recycle everything
14 Giant construction mecha and defence drone fleet bulldoze everything 
15 Machines come and start cladding ground in metal and replacing everything with machines even animal life with robots who form a complex machine ecology
16 Orbital satellites atomise vast areas with rays from the heavens then fabricate a new world in the largest clear areas
17 Sky blinks out and is really a vast dome, various natural systems actually machine operated cease like flowing water and atmosphere as lights go out. Eventually, the atmosphere is removed and terraforming machines come in
18 Vast powdery flood of nanobots revert everything to carbon and basic materials, later other nanites arrive to reshape a new reality 
19 Mounds arise and open doors with strange sirens making local life enter hypnotically for recycling and construction mecha arrive to remodel the area
20 Android replicants slowly replace everybody recording beings' lives as they replace them. Even animals and insects. Eventually, it becomes impossible to hide and all the androids have to round up the remaining life for replacement so construction mech and terraformers are brought in
21 Factions formerly at peace or tolerating each other turn to bloody violent purge as some signal set off. After each faction is eliminated they appoint a new target even splitting by generations, gender, preferred tv show franchise or game edition until everybody dead. People seem to be easily swept up into these groups like a backup personality
22 Factions mount a major war and various caches of destructive weapons are found allowing sides to exterminate each other
23 Every living thing has a vicious doppelganger android released who seeks their mirror image and then any organic life. The doppelgangers know your personal secrets and tactics too well
24 OVernight two new actions appear in a population splitting them and ignoring traditional prejudice, then the factions grow more hostile and go to war
25 A faction of the elderly armed with advanced technology decide to destroy all the young and start again. Once complete their mania ends and most die off sad and alone
26 Biggest faction persecutes a minority and drive them into their last bastion. One ally with them is shown a cache of forbidden doomsday weapons they are sworn to never use. The outsider has no such compunctions and exterminates everyone outside the bunker
27 Mutations are overrunning all life, and the non-mutated become increasingly paranoid and persecute mutants. Great mutant hordes arise and attack the last bastion of unchanged and both sides seek doomsday weapons preferring mutually assured destruction to not winning
28 A faction raises dedicated to killing a small enclave who claim they maintain the region in serenity. Once destroyed the systems supporting the land change and become increasingly alien and toxic
29 Two factions mobilise for a war covering everything in a muddy trench filled wasteland of ruins and death. The air grows more toxic as food runs out
30 Several key resources vanish and factions all struggle to control the finite amount they have left and civilisation unravels into survivalist maniacs as basics dry up
31Plague outbreak from a foul miasma covers land in death, some plagues might destroy plants killing off animals and food supplies
32 Kaiju mega monsters awake and then others arrive and they battle oblivious to destruction or tine people or buildings. Some like to eat certain power structures
33 Mutations appear everywhere and some of the more mindless ones begin to hybridize and merge assimilating everything into a vast sea of hungry protoplasm
34 A great red weed overgrows and smothers everything like a fleshy twitching carpet. Even grows on creatures overcoming them so they fall and merge 
35 Plants die off causing creatures that can to flee, eating the plant matter is poisonous
36 People begin morning into horrible living biological weapons who eat and infect others
37 Swarmsof millions of devouring beetles swarm over everything eating anything organic then move of once reduces to rubble
38 Spores rain down transforming living into monstrosities that devour and reproduce with those not affected
39 Flesh growths pour from holes and caves smothering everything and surrounding settlements. Strange ameboid and fleshy horrors arise from flesh to hunt those fleeing or hiding
40 Undead begin arising from any dead body increasingly faster. The undead hunger for the living
41 Swarm of group ming hyper carnivorous monsters pour over the border eating everything and people try in vain to barricade their homes and hold out a few hours
42 Military robots and combat mecha swarm over the border blasting and intelligent life who resist. Prisoners are taken away for reconditioning elsewhere
43 A foreign land launches a huge invasion and will aim to destroy most factions and assimilate those who don't resist much
44 A biological organism in a hidden place infects others into its hive mind and can create dominators and drone servitors from other life. The being is poised to wipe out all intelligent life who could resist and has infected animals overrunning an area and dominators in position to infect fresh prisoners. At a certain point, the gods sterilise everything with a bubble of solar plasma from space
45 Blank faced android army comes over the border with ancient weapons of destruction killing anyone without a word or reason
46 Advanced army of smiling clones using gas and don destructive lethal weapons. Seem happy to be removing everyone's suffering and convinced they are helping and beg people to not resist. May sterilise areas with neutron bombs or short-life radiation 
47 Swarm of mutant soldiers swarm over the border with contaminating weapons and mutagenic weapons. Also carry plagues and bring cyborg monster minions
48 Cyborg army pours over the border and assimilates any living things into their hive mind with cybernetics. Some try to convince locals to give up and live forever. Once they purge the land they all die off and recycling robots gather their scraps and databanks
49 Several armies pour over the border and wage war with competing AI playing a game of tactics. Once war ends all combatants die off and new armies arrive 
50 An army appears convinced they are fighting the final war long ago. They assume strange life and non-combatants are psychotronic and chemical illusions so they don't ask questions
51 Orbital lasers rain down vapourising various structures and burning everything
52 Kinetic kill orbital weapons drop rocks targeted on structures and settlements
53 Teleporter array strip methodical sections of land into rock while others assemble a new world shortly behind
54 Dust rains from the sky and overnight fungus walls grow making barriers most can pass and seal in settlements which are slowly absorbed. Once all land is covered mass collapses and new terrain and life grow from the pulpy remains
55 Teleporter beams from space systematically disintegrate everything into its data buffer for later 
56 Space combat drones attack from ancient orbital carriers blasting everything into rubble
57 Dropships of android troops land to attack nearby settlements and deploy swarms of drones and robots that are fueled by found organic matter
58 Colony pod drops from orbit bringing in a new faction of space survivors determined to replace local civilisation and life with pre-apocalypse versions
59 A vast atmosphere processor drops from orbit and begins changing the atmosphere of an area and placing a force dome on the region 
60 Rapidly growing alien spores are deployed growing a vast and alien jungle that envelops everything and damages technological structures and technology reverting everyone to a primitive state
61 Psychotronic orbital mind control rays beam up the consciousness of all sentient life, leaving them unconscious vegetables
62 Psychotronic rays revert everyone to prehistoric savages who hate and shun any non-muscle-based technology burning it or smashing it
63 Psychotronic rays reprogram inhabitants changing their relationships, language, history and memories into a new civilisation. Sometimes populations will even swap locations or AI gods will make them new settlements and destroy the abandoned ones
64 Population turns against a growing psionic population stimulated and enabled by psychotronic technology and a bloodbath eliminates both sides as weapons and powers grow more severe
65 Population are reprogrammed into believing they are part of a military force and mobile to invade another land anointed for destruction by gods
66 Psychotronic rays turn most of the population into cannibal psychos who feel no pain
67 Psychotronic fields replace the personalities of all humanoids with those of ancients trapped in the matrix during the apocalypse. Most are confused and frightened and unable to cope with weird life and strange new bodies
68 Psychotronic rays sweep over the land putting all into states of pleasant heavenly dreams while their bodies die
69 Psychotronic rays amplify and enable psionic potential and societies with ESP and thoughts that can kill will destroy them all
70 Psychotronic rays and a strange new addictive fruit leave most life lazy, indolent and barely able to move or interact within a few days and most die off over the following weeks only interested in lotus fruit and relaxing
71 Most of the population die asleep mysteriously. Those that survive are told by machine voices of an ancient reality show that they must hunt their allocated targets to survive. Each receives a bracelet that indicates when their target or their hunter is near 
72 Machines inform the population it's time to fight or die as a rival population from elsewhere comes to wage war. Each is promised immortality and luxury forever and various machines give commentary. Most advanced weapons and technology won't work unless AI want to contain an area or redirect people
73 Most of the population is overcome with laziness and hedonism and any who don't are marked as victims to be hunted by the rest of the population promising them the luxury to those who kill any non-conformists. The indolent people rapidly die off from a lack of self-care
74 Two AI gods declare a proxy war. Any who doesn't join their faction has technology shut down and is marked as targets who give killers points that can use to claim more weapons
75 AI declares only a few chosen will survive and place various obstacles and puzzles hiding the victory markers. Gaining one and getting to a border you are rewarded with life. Many go crazy for the race and go on murder sprees to get a token
76 Most of the advanced weapons and tech stop working as an advanced army ok exotic killers arrive to finish of local. Natives all are assigned a score and the hunters have a tracker device informing them of the best scoring targets to hunt and kill
77 Clones of famous historical evil-doers swarm over the border killing and eating anyone in their path who doesn't join them. They are armed and have vehicles and mounts and can't explain why they are cooperating. Machines explain killing your chosen seven killers will earn you an exit from the game 
78 Most of the population explodes into homicidal mania purging any who don't join in or fight. A select number of inhabitants are told they are chosen and can escape if they reach a certain location with various stop-off rest points where the maniacs avoid
79 Teleporter complexes appear offering all who volunteer to enter a life of eternal paradise without want. After the willing go people begin to feel compelled to swarm them and kill others who might reach them first. An AI offers to reward some survivors if they recover certain game tokens in form of artefacts
80 Overnight most of the population vanish and all structures are in ruins and animal and plant life become mutated and hostile. Certain survivors are informed if they can recover a certain relic and get to the border they can escape
81 Area begins to change over days into a vastly different place with animals and people changing species, the new life forms will unite against the old unchanged ones
82 Jungles and forests rapidly grow and many people and creatures experience species change and mind wipe leaving few survivors or people who even remember
83 Weather or climate changes and local life develops adaptions and colour changes and doesn't remember anything different and species transform slowly
84 A series of earthquakes and sinkholes swallow up whole settlements and reveal long-buried bunkers and subterranean cave creatures who come up to explore the new world
85 Thousands of insects crawl everywhere and torrential rain and water make everything darker and wetter. Then small settlements and loners vanish as insects devour any larger creatures  
86 Vegetation grows overnight and new species appear and humidity, oxygen and carbon increase in air to a hothouse. This supports larger invertebrates and flying creatures and many plants become mobile and carnivorous. Some demon straight alien intellect. Soon vegepeople are rounding up humans in thorn cages with their cacti-dogs as cattle
87 Water levels rise and aquatic life becomes hostile. More and more species take to land and various sea-creature-abhuman-hybrids roam about raiding the land. Eventually, a marine species army comes to destroy and conquer the surface world possibly taking some slaves and terraforming everything for marine creatures
88 Vast clouds of flying locust-like insectoids descend in clouds first eat organics. Then they will grind up concrete, steel and plastic and carry it away to a vast recycling complex
89 A new plant grows into a massive hedge maze swallowing up the entire surface with huge spiked growths that can scratch durrasteel  
90 Vast herd of incredibly dangerous herbivore giant dinosaurs with biological artillery and heave armour rampage over any structures or terrain that isn't flat, from their poop 3m tall razor grass grows 
91 A marine habitat at the bottom of a body of water arises and attacks and uses plague and hallucinogenic gas warheads that drive populations to mass death and destruction before moving in to mop up in person. Possibly they are marine adapted or even replaced humans long ago and expand natural water and put in canals
92 Advanced bunker underground with war mechs arise and destroy any creatures or civilisations so they can build their fantasy of a pre-apocalyptic farming comune 
93 An underground lab generates magnetic fields and an evil AI generates a cyclone of metallic fragments that shreds vast areas of the surface in a giant storm of destruction
94 An underground research bunker has its secret project activated hurling all the contents of the hex into space with an antigravity array under the crust. AI gods will intervene by destroying the array and stopping the Earth's loss of atmosphere and then set about building something new
95 An underground civilisation or an ancient bunker detonates a nuclear device or power plant destroying most of the surface with radiation. The AI gods swiftly intervene to clean up and renew
96 An AI has fused itself into the hivemind of cyborg ants it uses to destroy and rebuild everything into a new order serving the AI-ants needs
97 From an underground facility a vast magnetic bubble of atomic plasma scours the area methodically and then the controlling AI disassembles the complex and itself for new terraforming to begin
98 Androids seek a homeland and detonate neutron and plague warheads so that can move in and transform to their needs with no annoying life forms  
99 Sky changes to natural earth conditions (like now more stuff in space).Various systems shut down and some ancient bunker dwellers come out to take over having tampered with the technological power of the gods. As the artificial environment collapses and locals and animals warned by the gods all leave. As survivors struggle and wonder what is happening globs of nanite slime rain down to transform all local matter into a new world
100 Klaxons sound and all inhabitants crawl into bunkers and burrows in a peaceful trance. Several hidden bunkers come out confused by what is happening and all come up to have a look. Then there is light from above as a blob of solar plasma scours the planet's surface and the border hex forcefields protect the adjacent hexes. A number of AI gods appear al holograms to discuss the fate of this area and the sleeping creatures in the vaults below  

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