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Local Harmless Cults

Neutral and Ambivalent Cults that locals know about and have yet to be associated with crime, murder or serving the elder evils. Mostly they are harmless less popular religions with shrines and small groups who meet. The petty god's book is full of stuff to fit in. Describing cults like this I want to be standard in my regional gazetteers.

d12 Local Harmless Cults of Shadelport
Black Lotus Cult - drug peddlers from the wicked underground empire of the west, formerly illegal but now delisted from forbidden cults now Barron gets a cut
2 Mani Green Tooth 
The River Hag - angered by the polluting city but helps orphans, she was a beautiful nymph once and shrines to her old face adorn city bridges and wharves, fewer notice the mud idols that wash away in the tides
3 Spindleshank Gulpfoot - lanky marsh spirit who helps boating folk cross the river 
4 Gloomfang - strange baleful glowing eyes are seen in fog helping ferry crossings 
5 Glorp - mutant idiot slime god who jiggles when pleased and cult eat gelatinous dishes 
6 Grubbles - cult of a hairy stove troll who gifts old dried bread to the poor and beggars 
7 Ripper Roof Jack - strange cloaked figure who jumps over rooftops laughing, people sell pamphlets of his fanciful bloody adventures at shrines and sell collectable idols
8 Bleakclaw- a huge black cat seen everywhere hunts stray dogs and giant rats, it follows people and seeing it is considered lucky, some say it talks and gives advice 
9 Vinegar Tom - an imp who steals vinegar from open pickle jars and has amusing antics
10 Jenny Fangbone - a strange clawed hairy thing familiar who lives in walls of old houses and mutters abuse at occupants, demands treats and makes threats
11 The Headless Watcher - a ghost of a watchman who roams streets with his lantern searching for his head 
12 King Jackdaw - a blackbird who warns commoners of trouble with violence or evildoers   

 Local Harmless Cults of Rural Exile Island
1 Nanny Binks - a popular goat cult (spread intelligent animals to hunt cultists in secret)
2 Bogrump the turnip king - the terrible turnip lord feeds and protects the chosen

3 Jonny Hopper - some know as (Jenny Hopper)  a seductive bard frog with manny funny adventure stories
4 Jack Rabbit - a rascally rabbit who torments poachers, hunting dogs and fights unfair agents of the crown, beats victims and dogs with a club
5 Bright Elf Cult - worship the king and queen of fairyland, considered a charming source of fairy-day holly-days and tales of people taken to elfland to serve faeries forever
6 Black Alice - frightening hag locals fear but she sometimes punishes the wicked
7 Jenny Cutter - weeping female troll said to have formed a water-filled cave with tears
8 Krell - a hard-working hobgoblin labourer who when angered by abuse of power or swearing goes on murder sprees, wandered the land working hard for a pittance, rare cult where goblinoids and farmers share and farmers meet and hire goblin farmworkers they pay poorly but must house and feed to a minimum standard 
9 The Gibbet Phantom - lurks at crossroads where the body was left in cruel gibbet, attacks those who travel by night and is warning to the wicked  
10 The Beast of the Moors - the baleful beast who howls and has glowing eyes like sources, people pray to keep away and make children safer 
11 Saint Clarion - growing popular attractive new saint who still lives, keeps commoners safe from undead, lycanthropy and false witch hunters who stir up trouble and murder for money
12 Firefang - a great red dragon who lives in smoking dragon, worshipped by local kobolds and villagers who believe sacrifice halts draconic disaster

 Local Harmless Cults of River Kingdoms of Exilon
1 Fishmother - she gives a bounty of fishes to common folk and meets in boat sheds, she saves drowning and takes worthy to her underwater palace forever in glory
2 Father Hydra - a great titanic beast of underworld sea who brings fertility and the wisdom of many heads to surface, healer who fights and tricks tyrants, father of dragons

3 Galeb - shaman-healer dwarf trickster, who aids childbirth and preserves respect of ancestral lore, helps commoners face evil and mocks rich  
4 Bull of Heaven - worshipped by cattle folk and appears in seasonal festivals, special perfect bulls are chosen and sacrificed
5 King Crocodile - sacrifice helps keep crocodilians away, they also protect their young and faeces used for medicine and birth control, the shrine has sacred crocs who are mummified on death, cult warn of were crocodiles when a problem 
6 Girdan - the great bird who waged war with gods and devours whole elephants and dragons, has aided kings and youths (ones he didn't eat anyway) and let some gods ride him since reformed from serving chaos, also the god of redemption and travel
7 River-Cow - hippo goddess, devout jolly mother and defender of the night
8 Lilit - hairy night beast mother of monsters and child killer, requires appeasement 
9  Pazu - wind demon who scares demons away from beds and cribs, helps exorcists
10 Girian - great cobra who protects saints and young gods with her hood 
11 Mara - ancient snake goddess, known for prophecy, drumming and ecstatic dance rituals 
12 Polestar - an old god, grandfather of stars, kindly old wise king, helped separate earth and sky with strength, helps navigators or young find destinies 

d12  Local Harmless Cults of the Forest Knight Kingdom Auldwood
1 Tommy Elfdart - naughty sprite who plays tricks, appease his shrine to avoid trouble
2 Grumbleduke - devil from hell who comes to take wicked children to hell, scare the borderline and perform mean pranks on the good children to scare them straight as a warning

3 The haunted hunter - mysterious being who stalks night travellers with petty hauntings and sometimes kills an evildoer or one who escapes justice 
4 The Red Lady - a ghostly spirit whose appearance means danger and trouble ahead 
5 The Questing Beast - a mysterious beast grants wishes if caught but can lure you to death if unworthy, many knights and hunters tried to catch it, a few heroes did. Leads youths to adventure
6 The Beekeepers - a fraternal order who meet seasonally to talk bee business and thank the great bee queen and judge honey and discuss movements of thieving bears
7 The Devil Hound - roams roads killing travellers especially those who owe devils their due, sometimes comes into village to kill someone who cheated hell, you can hear it some nights howling for the wicked
8 The Woodcutter - spirit that sometimes comes from the woods to save a lone commoner 
9 The Lady of the Wood - a much-loved dryad who volunteer to serve these beings as lovers and compete in sports, music, poetry and dance to get a chance to be chosen  
10 Zurian - beast of the woods, 4m tall hairy spirit in wolf pelts who protects the worthy and slays the wicked, swearing in the forest or breaking the hunter's code of game enrages it 
11 Wild Ones - these hairy wild folk of the woods are shunned mostly but some have been cavorting with them and joining their strange prehuman rituals 
12 Lord of the Dance - an elflord in a chariot pulled by wyverns accompanied by musical dancing satyrs comes to celebrate and spread cheer, spreads the dancing plague. The cult build stages and put on music in anticipation and help it pass with a festival. A few say as a few die at such events yearly the cult should be banned and kept away from cities

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