Wednesday 24 March 2021

Some More EMO Spells

Spells are pain to write and the biggest thing slowing my homebrew EMO clone.

Started buying dungeon magazine and realised they would have been a better buy than dragon but I guess pre-internet colour fantasy art was exiting at the time. Counts of useful non add pages I think dungeon mag won out. Id brother a monthly adventure mag than a dragon revival.

Got me a POD version of 2nd ed Darksun as a hardcover. Part of me grumpy at huge borders and one of the scanned booklets they left huge white borders but the old man needing glasses part of me enjoys reading without glasses. Also Questing Beast reading DMG got me looking at that book again and started a writing frenzy. In 4 months broadband have found quite a few vid bloggers burned out and slowing or quitting.

Noble Knight post just doubled for me in Straya - thankfully I have most of what I want now but if other retailers follow I probably won't touch. Drivethrough still good. 

Also thinking when my homebrew book did i could do a more conversational companion explaining stuff more and extra detail lacking in the bare-bones book. Thinking as my current version bloating I might go back to a basic A5 book of mostly tables and then a bigger a4 book of full waffle version. Think just include simple skills and spells in basic book and then include Mutants, Robots, tech stuff in bigger one with huge spell lists. Probably more attainable goal as current version is proving to be work. 

Will just add stuff here as notes for my book.

Spell Ranges (R)
S self caster only effect
T touch     requires touch to effect*
L line 10cm wide line in range 
P point         affects point in range**
C30            30 degree cone 
C90 90 degree cone 
*unwilling target requires hit vs target ignoring armour or shields but includes magic or Agility bonus if unwilling
**target object or person in range, some spells area of 
effect centred on the point such as fireball

Spell Area (A)     
diametre of the circle of effect in range units 1=3m

Spell Duration (D)
I instant or one second
R round per level
T turn per level
H hour per level
D 24 hour day
P permanent

Save (S)
H halves - reduces damage
N negates - resist effects
S special - outcome varies

Level Zero

Ardour [R1][DI][SN] target notices the caster in a flattering light for a second, often in form of a glistening smile or wink.   

Banger [R3][DI] create a loud startling bang sound that upsets animals and causes distractions 

 [RT][DI] create spectacular bubbles from hand or mouth or a pipe or use to suds up a load of dishes or laundry

Elfdart [R6][DI][SN] inflicts a stinging pain for d3 rounds of -1 on hit or attribute rolls, more effective on animals who may flee or be upset. A cow wont give milk and a chicken wont lay the next day

Fart [R1][DI][SN] subject releases loud embarrassing fart (belch variant possible too) 

Knot [R3][DP][SN] tie a knot in string or cord or rope. Can attach two items together like shoe laces if the target has footwear close and still. A skilled rope expert can untie the knot easily in an action, others may struggle for one whole round 

Stink [R1][A1][DR] invisible smelly cloud of gas, if used on a trail will confound creatures that track by smell making their track skills more dificult 

Wart [R3][DP][SN] target gains large wart on random body location requiring a surgeon to remove and week to heal

Level One
Colour Shift [R6][DP][SN] permanently changes colour of a person or animal or object, save to resist if unwilling, another casting and other spells can restore original colours. One colour per level can have hue and saturation shifted

Level Two
Smoke Cloud 
[R6][A2][DR][SN] save per round while in smoke, once failed -2 all rolls and 1hp/round damage vs living living things that lasts while in cloud, will drive away insects and many creatures

Level Three
Arcane Strike [R6][DR] casters melee weapon can make ranged attacks, wave the weapon and if hit wounds appear on victims body 

Alter Body [RT][DP][SN] make permanent cosmetic changes to appearance of target permanently changing skin colour, hair length, ages, sexual characteristics and species characteristics. The effects are cosmetic only and height and weight are not effected. Can be used to disguise as an orc, lizardfolk or other species but a humanoid cannot be made into centaur or a mermaid or radically non humanoid form. S
ave to resist if unwilling, another casting and other spells can restore original colours. 

Level Four
Corpse Eater [RT][DR] horribly devour one human-size corpse per round healing caster a d3 damage, smaller creatures only give 1hp each but only one per round can be eaten still. 

Dream Sending [DR] send a dream message to a known sleeping person or a person seen my magical means like a crystal being. The dream can take any form the caster imagines and can include spoken words, images, sounds for the duration. The dream is obviously supernatural and some might believe the vision is divine or from spirits. A person who is familiar with receiving these messages knows it is a spell.

Level Six
Arcane Decapitation [R12][DI][SS] under 4h lv no save, higher level save negates. On fail the targets head explodes in a cloud of gore and blood geyser splats everyone in 1 area (Varient Exploding Heart spell tears out victims exploding heart that flies into casters hand)

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