Thursday 24 December 2020

Farewell 2020 & Uncanny Xmas 2 u All

Big writing session on my homebrew ready for a proof round. When it is looking better I can base my mostly system-neutral stuff around it. Trying to finish rebuilding my lost links page for this blog 6/8th way through. Found plenty I had forgotten. Also trying to write stuff that has been left in a draft pile. Here is what's left and half done:

d100 Second Hand Sex Androids and Robots  
a-z desert ruin
d100 minor mythos mystery museum pieces
d100 global villains for mod era 

have finished mostly - repaired my blog links page

Not having this has been a pain 
Will put to work for end of year patron item

put some reviews and game theory things in place

a few fixes but at least I can use it in-game and for new books in works
Hoping a few prezzies for the new year coming too

Good links on Sumerian mythology
is the season for ancient middle eastern religion so...
first has some typos in  my print version of this from OCR unedited
the second one is a must-have

My Hombrew book about 90% done of 108 pages so far
gets updated a bit so worth checking
needs contents, druid spells updated, index, and a few bits
its bare bones so will probably make a users/designers companion to go with it
It's still being tweaked a bit but plans to ready before I get onto next big projects

Stuff in Works
I'm waiting for 2 works of art to finish some books
-psychon players book - rules stuff, guns, psionics, mutants, robots, cyborgs
-new edition of planet psychon - to be more system-neutral than my player's book

Hoping to put up some stuff on drive-through and lulu in the start of the new year
Some kind of other media stuff as I need for other projects

Possible stuff to do
Try to do some of my dungeon book series again
Magic book with more elemental and necromantic spells


  1. Really nice compilation of rules you have here very smart inspirational choices here.
    Super idea of the alignment Gifts! I'm going to make a distinctive list of 12 Gifts for each alignment, specifically representing the mechanical aspects in character alignment choices in game play. Thank you

    1. actually bunch of gist tables possible
      though i like lawful ppl go for skills and spells and weapons while chaos go for gamble with mutations. i like amping alignment beef up more

  2. I also really enjoyed the Encumbrance system. I had the same basic idea here as you do and you have a great list of items with the ENC already done. thanks again for the great work!

  3. cheers - im pretty sure its a pretty common system

  4. I used some of your beastmen variants to cobble together an adventure and also added some of the beastmen troubles you wrote as rumors. I used one of them as the setup for a big boss fight at the end. My players loved your details and want to go back and investigate more rumors and interact with more of your beastmen in the future.

    Lately I have just run published adventure modules, but this was fun to do too, even though it required some more work on my part. Thanks for the material, and I hope you have another good and productive year in 2021.

    1. its great to hear ppl use my stuff in play thanks


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