Tuesday 8 December 2020

d100 Stuff for sale from a hooded guy in an alley

Some recent thoughts
Films Hansel & Gretel and VanHelsing are about artificers in Ravenloft.

Tasha's Guide is pretty fun and i like some of the loosey goosey options on race.
Realised with my dnd5 reading that many who helped me make a character in last 3 years playing 5th ed railroaded me and didn't mention options to me. I can see helping newbs you sometimes minimise choices but I would never build those characters again. I find the battle master mechanic painful and the huge options list they get could be mechanically different or more common. A few things like max hp i don't get. Only through races and classes in the books i have. Explained why 5th ed kids don't fear spectres that are seriously nerfed. I will keep trying to get through it. Hoping to get over my Luddite urges.

I guess as my homebrew almost done I feel like I'm less liable to be influenced 

Pssst, wanna buy a potion?
In many adventurer taverns, dodgy guys selling illegal performance-boosting alchemical supplements are easy to find. In the lavatory or in the nightsoil lane outback, These shifty guys are here to sell you strange stuff cheap.

d12 Vendor Gimmick
1 Pet d4 1=rat 2=kobold 3=toad 4=dog 5=monkey 6=parrot
2 Likes to party with forbidden vice and outlawed pleasures
3 Has shakes, itches, rotting teeth and nervous
4 Paranoid about law or guild informers will kill any who talk
5 Wears good clothes like a posh merchant but a common dark robe
6 Has a fresh knife wound or old scar
7 Plays an instrument (possibly bard)
8 Only a child or possibly several
9 Elderly with d4+1 gangster children 
10 Tattoos and piercings
11 Keeps showing off oiled muscles and talks about parties
12 Creepy and weasel-faced

d12 Vendor Secret
1 Has a respectable job or family who doesn't know about this 
2 Ex adventurer now a drunken gambler 
3 Owes a local guild who spy on them often 
4 Failed alchemy student from good family needs money 
5 Member of a notorious gang family
6 Member of a cult 
7 Buys stuff by trading with a dungeon boss
8 Secretly a witch cultist 
9 Has huge dangerous bodyguard watching close
10 Humanoid in disguise fundraising for evil in secret 
11 Only part serpent person or some other elder evil  
12 Secretly a shapeshifting being 

d12 Prefered Trading Point
1 Public or tavern privy
2 Back of a pub alleyway
3 Public square
4 Public gateway
6 On a bridge
7 In a sewer
8 Pushcart vender as a front
9 Near a gibbet or stocks
10 In an exclusive club
11 In a garden
12 In an apartment building

d12 Alternate Potion Form
1 Coloured liquid in medium glass bottle 1kg - must chug whole lot
2 Small glass bottle of coloured cordial 200g - d4 tastes 1=bitter 2=rotten 3=herbal 4=wine
3 Large colourful pill 50g - a bit hard to swallow, kids and pets wont touch it 
4 Jar of ointment or oil 500g - smear all over body or subject object
5 Egg with glowing goo inside 100g - crack and swollow
6 Glowing crystal 50g - 
you crush and unhale vapour
7 Colourful strange fruit 500g - eat whole fruit
8 Juicy bug or grub 100g - eat whole or just suck out guts
9 Large syringe with formula 1kg - requires first aid roll for best effect
10 Smoke in pipe or ciggarette 10g d4 1=lotus resin 2=herbs 3=fungi 4=toadskin
11 Tea served with hot water and drink 5g - can make in advance and drink cold 1kg
12 Candy or cake 50g - delicious sweet magical taste sensation like fairy food

d10 Quick Types
1 Healing
2 Cosmetics
3 Pranks
4 Fetishes
5 Armoury
6 Pets
7 Charms
8 Drugs
9 Gadgets
10 Weird

d100 Stuff for sale from a hooded guy in an alley
01 Sunheart Potion, Small Healing potion d4, save if use more than one or addicted, use daily or -2 all rolls 1kg 30gp

02 Hero Oil, jar of body oil heals d3 but after one hour take a d3 damage poison .5kg 25gp
03 Arsinogen Powder, +4 to save vs ingested poison for hour if eaten 10g 50gp
04 Bludshroom, heals d3 HP if eaten but flatulent rest of day 100g 30gp 
05 Salamander Oil +2 save and +2 AC vs vire or cold creatures for d3 turns 1kg 50gp
06 Alchemist Healing Strips, self-adhesive bandages heal 1hp 10g 15gp each 
07 Luckys Miracle Brew, d4 1=coloured water 2=heal2d4 3=save or 2d4 poison 4=2d4 illusionary HP last hour 500g 50gp
08 Sleeping Draught, save if drink or go to sleep in 3d4 rounds for d4 hours, use responsibly and not for evil, 100g 30gp
09 Leafheal, neutralises d3 damage caused by venom or poisoned weapons, 100g 50gp
10 Saint Martins Bane, +2 vs paralysis saves for turn, splash self with fluid, 500g 50gp 
11 Xumpthars Charm Ointment +1 CHA for hour for urgent ugliness 500g 20gp
12 Clayface Paste, fleshy clay kit +4 for one disguise 1kg 50gp 
13 Wonder Wig, changes colour once a day and can be styled 1kg 100gp
14 Boots of the Mistress, boots van change height from ankle to thigh and heel length 2kg 400gp
15 Hat of the Birds, hear the speech of birds talk about food and sex, possibly useful, they dont understand you1kg 200gp
16 Tooth of Xor, stick this living tooth into your gum to take root, variety of styles, 50gp
17 Fan of Whispers, use to send a whispered message of one sentence 30 yards once per hour, 500g 500gp
18 Codpiece of thunder has a d8 short-range one shot flintlock pistol built-in 2kg 250gp
19 Stockings of Splendour, never hole, warm and woolly, waterproof, +2AC vs snakes 1kg 600gp
20 Glove of the Wizard, d5 one use shot of a door opening cantrip 100m range
21 Exploding Tobacco - pipe save or break or in cigar form 50g 15gp
22 Fire Cracker - noisy sold in strings you can separate or set off string 10 per round 1gp per cracker, 100 in a spark-proof dry box 1kg 
23 Fake Green Slime - litre bottle of fun 1kg 20gp
24 Naked orc clay figurine, collect all the races! 200g 5gp
25 Carved wooden phallus (novelty club) 1kg 5gp
26 Mirror whoever looks in it looks like an orc version 200gp
27 Erotic painted urn guaranteed to offend your elders, 40gp
28 Brimstone Pellets alchemical altered egg, makes a 3x3m cloud of smelly smoke for round, 10gp
29 Vial of lock acid 2d4 if splashed on living or if used on lock it saves or melts, 100ml bottle came in padded box, 1kg
30 Chicken Wand, fires a calling live chicken up to 10m before it lands and runs away cackling, you can shoot into oven or pot or aim as missile weapon if aimed at enemy,  d100 charged 1kg 200gp
31 Lucky Protection Charm +1 one use on a saving throw or attribute roll once 100g 20gp*
32 Lucky Fight Charm +1 one use on a hit or damage roll once 100g 20gp*
33 Fetish Club fist person struck save or cursed d6 damage wood or bone club 1kg 300gp*
34 Fetish Blade +1 to hit and damage uses up magic on first hit dagger 100gp*
35 Shrunken Head contains one first level spell, Identify or Speak with the dead will instruct you in spell use, soul of wizard destroyed when spell used up
36 Fetish Tree Axe +3 on the first hit versus any plant creatures or elves for one hit 2kg 400gp 
37 Orc Ear Necklace, you can speak orc but any orc seeing it will want you dead 500g 200gp
38 Necklace of Orc Teeth, d6 teeth if planted at sunset, next dawn an orc warrior is ready to serve planter for 12 hours, they mostly turn on bad masters after 100gp per tooth
39 Fertility Fetish helps you conceive a child once if by the bed if both in love 100gp
40 Infertility Fetish prevents lovers conceiving if kept in bed 100gp
41 Magic ammunition +1 d4 1=2d6 arrows 2=3d4 sling stones 3=crossbow bolts 2d4 4=musketballs 2d4 100gp per missile
42 Silver Amunition +1 d4 1=2d6 arrows 2=3d4 sling stones 3=crossbow bolts 2d4 4=musketballs 2d4 5gp per missile
43 Incendiary Bomb 2d4 3m circle save or on fire 1hp for d4 rounds, must light fuse. 1kg 20gp
44 Grenade 2d4 3m circle save to jump away to stop damage, must light fuse. 1kg 20gp
45 Glamour Shield, has permanent light and a detachable cover 2kg 350gp
46 Dark Hood, hides face with shadows, big seller 1kg 100gp
47 Wonder Helmet +1AC loses power as soon as take first damage 2kg 100gp
48 Magic Missile Wand 2d4 charges 50gp per charge + 100gp
49 Sleep Wand 2d4 charges 50gp per charge + 100gp
50 Charm Person Wand 2d4 charges 50gp per charge + 100gp
51 Magic Frog, while licking it can see invisible d6 rounds per day 300gp

52 Psi Frog, rabbits if any psionic or similar magics used in 6m circle 300gp
53 Sorcery Frog, lick it once a day restores the energy of one 1st lv spell 300gp
54 Craft Crab, has craft skill and carries tools d4 1=lock pick 2=trap lore 3=carpentry 4=cobbler, other varieties exist 400gp
55 Messenger Bat, whisper to it and imagine who requires message and bat will repeat it to them or die trying. It expects a treat before and after the message. After a d4 uses it dies 400gp
56 Moon Rabbit, if you fall unconscious and bleeding rabbit will stabilise your wounds by licking, only works on those it loves up to d4 times per day 300gp
57 Flooferdoodle, a fluffy featherboa like snake with googly eyes that lives off insects and honey and is bees sting proof. It has a mere long wormlike tongue it uses as hand or to climb. They are very lovable and squeak affectionately 200gp 
58 Shrieking Fungus, in a small pot, if kept fed and in dark or dim will scream if anyone disturbs its area but the owner it grows used to 100gp 
59 Grass Goblin Seed, if planted hatches a goblin baby you can raise as a slave 100gp
60 Phase Rat, can walkthrough up to 1m of stone or wood, can be trained a bit or use as a scout, needs treats and an hour of play a day likes to thieving shiny stuff 100gp
61 Anti Ghost Charm, put on house to keep out ghosts, they merely dislike it and it can make them angry and manifest 1kg 100gp
62 Fairie Charm, stone grows warm and wiggles if faerie or elves within 3m circle 100g 300gp
63 Vermin Charm, keeps rats and vermin out, ideal for cellar or storehouse 1kg 200gp
64 Cellar Charm, keeps stored goods fresher especially wine and beer 1kg 200gp
65 Hunting Charm, animal head trophy attracts that breed to the area and makes them curious 100gp
66 Filth Ward, ribbon tied on clothes or in hair makes repulse dirt and water from clothes so always immaculate and clean 300gp
67 Murder Hobo Swadling Cloth, nappy while worn you never need to go to the toilet without harm or smell, when taking off, all the missing waste appears, 10kg/round 100gp
68 Plague Charm skull medallion +2 save vs disease 400gp
69 Poison Charm snake medallion +2 save vs disease 400gp
70 Paralasys Charm spider medallion +2 save vs disease 400gp
71 Virginity Restoration Potion "Nobody will know" 1kg 10gp

72 Black Lotus Resin, save or have terrible dreams, wizards use for research, sorcerers for ecstatic visions and spell components, sold in 50g blocks with the stamp of the sinister king below 40gp nuggets 
73 Berserker Brew +2 hit and damage and can keep fighting in negative HP until -10. If no foes will attack closest moving victim, lasts one turn then save to see if causes heart attack (first aid can save) 1kg 100gp
74 Toad Milk causes seizures and save or go blind, see visions of the near future and possible dangers, for 4 hours after-4 all rolls 100g 100gp
75 Unicorn Poop heals d4 or cures blemishes, illegal for non-nobles to have, smells like cinnamon raisin buns 1kg 100gp
76 Zip Leaf chewed for d4 rounds +1 initiative for a turn, second use save or addicted craving daily, if used for a month save or hair and teeth fall out 10g 10gp
77 hobo Root, chewed for one hour then save, if fail become giddy -2 hit hour, users have +d4 HP for one hour. If used for 3 days save or addicted requiring daily use 200g 20gp
78 Crystal Dust adds +d3 STR for an hour if inhaled, on second use save vs addiction requiring daily use and surprise diarrhoea 1in6 chance per hour 100g 50gp
79 Elder Spores inhale to perceive alien thoughts from beyond for a d4 hours and can detect magic at touch range. If save failed experience is depressing and user determined to use daily. After 7 day use save or alignment becomes chaotic from the whispers of alien beings. Used for spell research or by edgy sorcerers 50g 50gp
80 Vordalaxine a brass and glass syringe from gnomes of the deep, injected with a syringe lasts an hour. Save or user panics and screams the whole time. On success, they can see alien spirits of the outer void and your Intelligence has +1 for duration 500g 100gp
81 Bayonette mount to put a magic dagger on your staff making it a spear 25gp
82 Wrist crossbow, like hand model but remain cocked and ready 240gp
83 Duckfoot Pistol, flintlock with multiple small barrels 30 degree cone d6 to anyone up to 6m, takes 20 minutes to load 2kg 800gp
84 Switchblade a springloaded d3 knife with blade folding in handle for quick deployment from gnomes below 250g 80gp
85 Double barrelled flintlock pistol with two barrels, can fire separate or both at same round, 
86 Gnome Goggles, thick metal goggles, immune to all gaze attacks and see in even magic darkness but vision becomes B&W and lacks detail. After a week regular use save or eyes turn white, check each week, 1kg 1000gp 
87 Flintlock pistol hand axe combination weapon 1kg 1000gp
88 Luminous Dried Fish from deep in the sea, less light than a candle but lasts years 30gp
89 Goblin Powder, sprinkle around and goblins keep away - see no goblins! 1kg a box 10gp
90 Kobold slave in a carpetbag with collar 15gp (1in6 trained to run away and return to seller)
91 Brain Crystal, with a safe operation to insert in the skull with surgery. New owner gains glowing eyes and spells cast on enemies are -1 save to resist, occasionally an alien planar being can see through users eyes 100g 1000gp  
92 Bag of Holding, after a week, teleports to the owner of a magic ring that is matched to it allowing a con artist to sell the bag cheap like they don't know its value then teleport bag full of loot to true wonder. 20kg content, opening 20cm weighs only 2kg 200gp

93 Death Rattle, bone and shell cistrum can place in front of a tomb it will rattle if cursed, tainted or undead within 1kg 600gp
94 Skull of plenty, once a day provides a hot cooked meal you eat straight from the skull. The eater dreams about ancestors 1kg 200gp
95 Silver Tankard of Plenty, with nude reliefs on sides, fills three times a day with beer, occasionally drunken whispered songs emerge 300gp

96 Wise Knife, d3 damage as a magic weapon, anyone cut you know their name 300gp 
97 Magic quill, always inked, spill-free 200gp
98 Slime Pellet, kills one slime or ooze (not puddings), just throw at them and a turn later they save or die 100gp
99 Enigmatic Idol, obsidian blank faced sphynx for some reason local cults and monsters fear it so it must be awesome 4kg 200gp 
100 Crystal egg, found in ruin, will hatch into a loyal servant you can train, hatches into a mindless black pudding that eats everything 4kg 100gp


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