Friday 27 November 2020

The Mystery of Manly House

Free PDF was on my Patraeon long time ago
I was probably wary of mass release then but care less now
It might seem timely but the truth is based on a Popey cartoon. In the adventure like the cartoon their is a excessive masculine club where muscle bound brutes work out do manly stuff and have a test area full of automated death traps for the truly manly. Though in the module that was years ago and locals afraid of the ghosts of those who died sealed in the house itself a giant deathtrap test they failed. Time to explore for the manly treasures and toxic masculinity so thick you could carve it. Love it? Hate it? Feel Dirty and wanna fess up? please comment

Link was broken i fixed 3pm sat 28th

Manly house PDF LINK


  1. This is a little too light on interactivity to be much use at the table without reasonable prep time. And since the greatest benefit of the 1 page dungeon is their pick up and go nature, I'd expect to see more of that (interactivity) in this kind of thing.

    I'd argue that moving parts are the most difficult thing to improvise at the table. Your tables are generally really good at spurring those cogs. In this case, it looks like a hack fest. Perhaps there are some tables of yours that might complement this dungeon and bring it to life?

    Don't take me too seriously though, I love what you do and it's fucking free, so fuck me.

    1. link was broken
      pic is just map of 8pg zine
      its not one page it is one double sided sheet and the pic here is inside map only

  2. i dont understand most of ththis
    moving parts?
    its pretty much the same as the last 50 adventures ive done. Everything i do is hack fest but this has plenty of talking and interaction with weird stuff

    its a tiny zine a few inches wide

  3. I see, I was judging it off the pic alone. I couldn't see a link so I assumed that this was it. Apologies, I meant no offence.

    For me, D&D is about exploration and finding stuff to meddle with. Talking is one part of that. So is killing stuff. But I meant something along the lines of a (for example) very particular gym; maybe some barbells that make one swell temporarily or some such.

    As a one page pic, obviously that kind of thing wasn't there. So...

    1. thank you im glad we sorted this out
      apologies i went off half cocked when my link was bad even though i checked it....

      ive considered doing a mutation list of muscle mystery - cosmetic and extraordinary

      steam room phantoms

  4. Downloaded the pdf now the link has appeared. That's a lot more like it!


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