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d100 Strange Estates

So on the edges of kingdoms, on frontiers, in forests and mountains where it is easy to be isolated some noble houses, you come across are a bit off. Remember only those of knight or noble rank may drop in unannounced expecting help or the gate to open. Others will have to impress with good manners a letter of introduction or a gift. Often such estates are a bit less formal than cities but usually quite old fashioned. Sometimes your on near the frontier and just find one where maps say there shouldn't be one.

d10 Estate Size

1 Small fortified manor and some fences
2 Small fortified manor with various outbuildings, sheds and fences
3 Medium fortified house and several cottages and fence
4 Medium fortified house with multiple worker cottages, sheds, wall and gatehouse
5 Medium fortified house with a small village, chapel, graves, wall and gatehouse
6 Medium fortified house with a small village, church, graveyard, wall and gatehouse

7 Medium fortified house, with village, church, tombs, sheds, mill, stone wall and gatehouse 
8 Large manor with walls, village, various outbuilding including a mausoleum 
9 Large manor with large walls, various outbuildings, huge gardens and a folly 
10 Huge sprawling palace, with village outside walls

d10 Condition

1 Crumbling ruin possibly with dungeon or tower intact
2 Semi intact ruin occasionally used as a shelter by undesirables
3 Intact abandoned ruin looks gloomy and haunted with dust and peeling paint
4 Overgrown crumbling estate with many outbuildings collapsed
5 Damaged rundown old building with some sections no longer used
6 Worn older building in the usable state but needs work 
7 Repaired older building with half-completed repairs
8 Well maintained older construction
9 Good modern construction
10 The latest fashion, immaculate

d100 Strange Estates
1 Rundown old cottage with three old supernatural women, their pets and servants

2 Small overgrown estate with stone monoliths in the landscape, household secretly a druidic sect leading old faith against the kingdom
3 Walled estate of a wizard who makes beast abhumans with magical surgery for a menagerie
4 Cursed estate nobody can leave until angry ghost stopped somehow, anyone who dies here trapped in a time loop
5 Sorceress and her three students run estate and like to lure in handsome men to make undead slaves
6 Old retired privateer sea captain and islander servants, the estate has a secret tunnel to a local body of water and a hidden cave temple 
7 Noble brought dryad lover here and years later ruined overgrown estate houses dryad and her army of charmed lovers
8 Rich merchant family involved in smuggling and uses an evil priest to lead a dungeon of bandit monsters for cash
9 Estate lawn has a circle of evil carnivorous trees and people gone, prone to a strange mist  
10 Spider spirits in human form rule estate of frightened servants and a large graveyard
11 Manoir of inbred cannibal cult, welcome guests for dinner
12 Burned estate with happy former servants living in workers cottage, lost contact with the world out here alone
13 Goblins live inside walls and snatch people exploring
14 Wererats live inside walls and the queen mother is a witch
15 Family sealed a monster child in the attic and abandoned the estate 

16 Slimy horror thing lives in the well and is hungry17 Animal full of stuffed animals, spectral servitors keep clean and a dangerous spectral minion warrior of a military aristocratic code seals in victims to hunt them
18 Manor has had lots of staff vanish of late and a few guests. Ancient pagan stones on the property have begun to awake and crave blood by night
19 Nighthag lives here with charmed servants adopted human children, some monster pets and hybrid monster children from her prisoners, invites you to dinner with her family to evaluate if visitors are to be eaten or entertainment
20 House inside is eerily cold with icetoads inside, icicles, killer penguins, walruses and a weird time-space warp to a polar frozen waste with prehuman ruins. Manor owner wanted to open a polar gate to explore prehuman ruins but house overrun instead
21 Lord rules a cult including all estate staff and residence, serve a demonic lord and operate hidden shrines and monuments. The cult is a bit creepy but mostly hide from outsiders and take victims from large communities by carriage at night.
22 Lord has entrapped many fair maidens in secret and murders unwelcome gangs
23 Lord is an astronomer and has an observation telescope and mechanical astrolabe. Welcomes guests and shows them a mysterious misty object approaching the world and plans to visit it in a magical ornithopter
24 Cruel family keep girl prisoner and she desperately wants to escape. Uses some petty magic to send messages. She was married against her will into a family who are cultists. The husband promised is a horrible monster human hybrid kept in the family crypt
25 Cobweb covered house populated by a clan of were spider aristocrats and charmed servants. The attic full of mummified corpses, webs and egg sacks

26 Several curl young siblings with various adventurer levels killed their parents and squander their money and seek people they can marry to absorb their fortunes
27 House head is menaced by a succubus or incubus and is mostly bedridden and gravely ill. Servants look after them and keep visitors away
28 Lady of the house is a shape-changing lamia thousands of years old. Various thralls and servants of her snake cult. Underground catacombs and a temple thrive 

29 Devil swine lord has a staff of enthralled servants and everything is increasingly shabby and filthy. Lord wants to meet guests and charm them to get more servants but also has a dungeon would love to take over with some adventurers
30 Lord is in love with a dryad tree on the property and his wife plotting to cut it down and might pay and lie to some adventurers to do it
31 Lord worships a carnivorous plant god and has planted killer plants on estate. Has started to breed vegepygmies and has prisoners brought to them to torment and sacrifice They play the organ in a greenhouse often
32 Lady welcomes guests and tries to seal in the basement with basilisks. She can adopt a medusa form but likes to watch victims in her murder maze with a crystal ball
33 House overrun by similar-looking androgynous children. They warn strangers off and that a parent will be home soon and punish intruders. Children are mindlinked and each provides one level of a geshtalt mind as wizard (or illusionist or sorcerer). Each child overcome reduces the collective spell casting ability

34 Once doors closed magical barriers keep in and mad rich host and friends plan to hunt and murder victims due at this same time
35 Fog shrouded manour by night it is thick soup and multiple harmless spectral minions and  poltergiest haunt house due to a curse trapping all who die here as spirits
36 Owners away at seaand have left children and servants. A gate to fairyland inside has overgrown house in vegetation and a seamless opening to a fairyland kingdom
37 House left empty protected by gargoles who also repair the property
38 Wizard noble making human animal abhuman slave creatures and needs more animals or people alive or very fresh only
39 Bored widow welcomes adventurers to her house. Wants to fund an expedition to where her husband vanished to
40 Sea captains widow shows visitors her husbands treasure maps but wants a cut
A witch has cursed hall inhabitants and all cannot bathe and have long fingernails and unkempt hair. They cannot leave and the witch needs to be spoken to but she will probably demand a quest to end the curse
42 Lord kept a fairy maid as a wife and the three vicious mutant sons roam the estate killing and torturing animals and strangers. The fairy maid managed to fly out a broken window years ago and the mad bitter lord has studied where a gate to faerie land can be found to steel her back but they need adventurers
43 Lord worshipping insects had magicians make giant ones including locusts that 'harvest' crops then get eaten, giant bees tend giant flowers, giant ants mine and guard property. Mantis folk hybrids ate the lord and servants a while ago and now rule the overgrown bug-filled estate
44  The estate is pristine and lifeless and a strange pool in the greenhouse is full of ochre jellies made by an alchemical assassin were released here. Other slimes and gelatinous beings roam the estate
45 Dark elves overtook the house making residents into zombie servants. Dark elf youth play with zombie children like dolls. Household zombie pets guard estate. Dark elves don't  get the problem and offer peace dinner of human heads, fungus and rotten burned zombie farm animals
46  Lord who has sent away servants is struck mad with paranoia that assassins are after him. He will file poison arrows from the house at intruders then hide in the house, partly barricaded with secret doors over several floors. Anywho enter are stalked
47 A fox spirit has overtaken estate with charm spells and all love her and serve her. She is delighted to meet strangers who might make good servants
48 Sadistic lord will meet visitors and poison them and hack them up with an axe if he thinks nobody will miss him
49 Noble convinced guests lust after attractive spirit folk offspring and will patrol house by night in form of a giant snake
50 Noble wizard put servants souls into golems so they never die, welcomes visitors and offers to turn guests followers into automatons
51 Tunnel under the house to lake cavern where albino kraken is worshipped by some household members and a race of fish people

52 Swarms of flies surround the house and fly demons are tormenting residents
53 Killer trees on estate worshipped be residents who try to keep guests in till sundown the trees come out
54 House overrun by teen humanoid gangs fighting for turf and stirges in the attic
54 A ruined hall where bandit gangs hide here and youths come here to join them
55 Hall where vampires gather once a year for a ball but in meantime ghouls and vampire cultists guard the place
56 Estate menaced by a lycanthrope eating sheep and menacing workers cottages
57 House empty but gnomes have burrows and a secret observation places in trees and garden features. Outside garden immaculate inside house dusty with sheet ghouls lurking for prey
58 Necromancer lord has rendered workers and servants now all undead working night and day. Does not want to be disturbed but witnesses must die. Just wants to do research
59 House is partly burned and inhabited by a fire cult and their firetoad pets
60 House partly collapsed in earthquake and servants live on after householders buried. Elder worms from the deep ate household and some villagers are cultists
61 Strange fog beast haunts estate by night
62 All in house sleeping have dreams of frog cult and under the house is hidden cave temple connected to several underground rivers
63 Property has a haunted mill and spirit must be put to rest
64 Ancient barrows and stone megaliths cover the region and locals refuse to go out into mist at night
65 Visitors welcome to diner and room. Evil resident releases ghost from a bottle that hops bodies and stabs people. It has promised to teach owner spells in return for more sacrifices
66 Famous animal vivisectionist, artist and wizard has been making monsters and beast folk servants who are ready to revolt and hate humans
67 House is used by spies from Underland kingdom keep house and land well by night. Cavern under the house has an ancient tunnel. A local cult trade with them
68 Noble runs cult attempting to persecute demihumans for-profit wear hoods. Want to torture demihumans to learn about invasion plans and assume human friends are charmed
69 Village and manor part of a druid cult welcome strangers to whicker man festival

70 Manor house with secretly Bhut inhabitants, at night they are undead horrors
71 Estate inhabitants all turned to animals who aggressively unite to fight off intruders, all cursed by an elf lord in disguise as a hermit they offended. Leaving them offerings removes the curse

72 Residents all cursed into boar form by tree god for killing a sleeping dread, local boars have remains of clothes and jewellery and cry in a panic if they see armed humans. Boars live inside and sleep in own beds
73 An ancient cult dedicated to stabbing strangers is having an annual meeting in this ruined house, the ancestral family seat of notorious Stabbington clan
75 House overgrown with delicious treats with candy-canes and gingerbread folk on grounds. A cult lives here dedicated to a candy clown demon who steals teeth and children. Eating any of the candy turns visitors to children
76 Wizard lord has build an iron golem with a meat grinder in its chest and has ground up every living thing bigger than a chicken on estate. All this meat is in the house hall a living mass of flesh the wizard wants to open to the everliving land of flesh within Xor the meat god
77 Lord after trip far away brought home a drum that when beaten in jest by a guest, attracted a colony of ankhegs on the house lawn
78 Banshee haunts the hall with shadows who died from screams here
79 Welcomed in hall of minor noble, during stay one of explorers met someone who supposabley died a hundred years ago indicating a secret door
80 Criminal guilds having a meeting here to exchange money for narcotics, both are touchy 

81 Noble plotter in estate needs dupes to carry falls coup plans to city then will report party to king for treason to throw blameaway from plotters
82 Lord of estate recieved mysterious immortality potion that turned them into an ape person. Went on to convert rest to ape people and rules them in overgrown estate
83 Lizard people have built a 20 foot high step pyramid in grounds of estate and thelord was replaced by a changeling snake person who charmed the poulance to convert to the reptile cult
84 Crucified victims in front of the house are estate residence. Orcs claim lord killed their tribe and children. Orcs have turned fortified house to a staging base, humanoid forces start arriving with wolf and bat riders first
85 Young knight owns house and welcomes adventurers. He is cursed that his beloved is a wendigo roaming the high country. He will pay for her capture and any other aid party can provide in finding a treatment. Girl has some hope as she didn't become possessed for being a cannibal
85 Sad old noble regrets three heirs all missining in supernatural circulstances because the ruler offended elves long ago. Elves can be persuaded to hand back children but demand a quest per child. Each child returns high level and highly civilised from faerie court
86 Peoperty surrounded by several metres deep ring of mushrooms. A giant faerie ring has made area connected to faerieland. Faerie have been entering the world and planting forests
87 Property of mixed demihumans and humans, former adventurers operate land with common farm folk including orcs and goblins with elf and dwarf crafters. Traders here offer exotic goods and human lord has many non human advisors in court
88 Estate where noble has experimental animal breed for riding or war. Secretive barns with orc guards sponsored by the state with a wizard noble director. Strangers might become test subjects. Paranoidabout enemy spies or druids sniffing about 
88 Manour noble owes money to the bloody talon who use this as regional headquarters. Bloody Talon is a criminal conspiracy and cult who plan violent overthrow of the kingdom. Cult prefer no witnesses of their agents in robes training or moving prisoners or drugs
89 Noble clan leader is a black lotus user and has allowed the lotus cult control of the estate. Black lotus brotherhood now use as a drug distribution hub and now have local crops being grown. A greenhouse has exotic and magical drug plants. Has built a temple where a school of assassins train
90 Giant mushrooms overgrow estate and goblins everywhere and locals used to them and employ them for farm work. Noble close friends with several goblin tribes
91 Village is empty and so is manor, a gate to hell in the chapel has drawn in all the local population who are all prisoners on a guardhouse under lesser devils and hellhounds

92 Luxury walled estate has many noble visitors and  a village of servants. A d6 guest nobles each with 2d6 servants are visiting. Inside is home to a pleasure cult who practice nudism and free love. and other heracies. 
93 Secretive noble and manor has secret caves and tunnels leading for miles. The noble here helps slaves escape the country and this is a major stepping stone for runners who hide in caves and use them to move unseen for leagues
94 Giant has taken over estate with troll and ogre followers. Peasants live in fear and most of those too old to work have been eaten
95 An ogre magi has taken the lords place and instigated cruel reforms, mean taxes and brutish secret police. Peasants and others are in cages by the road 
96 A walled estate has domestic dinosaurs inside, noble traded with lizard folk on far away trip and received eggs. They are sure none will escape or anything. Peasants have come to love dinos
97 Estate with village on ancient hillfort with very old woodland sacred grove. On certain holidays the local ceremonies come to evoke faerieland and the costumed dancers turn into real stag-folk and the hobby horse becomes a dragon. They pursue strangers till dawn or to edge of county. Locals never remember. A tunnel complex in the hill fort may hold a hidden temple controlling the elder magic
98 Lords of the manor for generations studied comuning with the beings of the outer void. A ritual brought the estate partly in the nightmare dimension. Horrorible nighmares of local people are attacking and ransacking the place (but not killing those who spawned them). The lord has become fused with a daemon of darkness which required a host to gain a foothold in the world. Strange hypnotic and temporal events surround the domain making it haunted and misty  
99 A fierce storm breaks out driving explorers to the estate. A vampire noble desires interesting blood and new thralls. Various servants some part vampire and monsterous pets live in the castle  
100 The house is from faerie land belonged to a clan of dark elves. Strange creatures and exotic artworks are common here. Inside overlaps partly with the otherworldl and is a gate to dark faerie kingdom

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