Saturday 11 April 2020

Freebie Zine & Recent Publications

I made a mistake publishing this prior so making it public here.
Was on my Patreon but I only just noticed link was to a defective version.

I'm a bit crappy at managing Patreon really and have missed money before from posting too late or mistaking what I had already done. My Egyptian 3folds have got up to six now and I have been doing more 8-12 page adventure zines. Some more underground stuff too.

The break has me revising and fixing stuff and I'm a few months ahead mostly and fairly ahead of blog posts. Sadly plague has me shut-in and lucky to see one friend a week. My odds of dying double in a few weeks so sooner I get it the better.

Here is a terrible pic of some recent ones.
A few bucks get you in the door with a few items a month currently.
More sponsors at certain amount I make more stuff.

Im getting used to this format bit by bit so looking up.
Thematically setting most in hills

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