Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Stone Age Mountain Pass Point Crawl

Anyone playing this look away! (Dallas, Matt, Richard, etc)

So I rolled up these with my Stone Age Sorcery Book and made it into a mountain point crawl. When they get to the plateau there will be more tribes they can interact with and a more homogenous culture with less remnants of elder ages and old races. It is where humans and orcs are the dominant people and technology is very simple. I rolled a d4-1 for how many paths diverged from the first and from every room.

Ice Valley - icy glacier caves where white apes worship ice devils. A gate to the frozen hell is in the deepest cave guarded by an ice devil and other creatures.
Elderwood - Giant forest where elves, gnomes and cave folk fight. Elves live in trees, gnomes hide in secret places and humans live in cliffs around the valley. Elves here are working on expanding forests over all the mountain ranges.
Valley of Xor - Strange land of living flesh and strange hairless tribe and folk with no heads!
Monster Eaters - a kaiju was pinned under a mountain by a god. A tribe mine it's an immortal sleeping body to get meat which mutates devourers who increasingly worship the thing and seek its freedom.
Mystery Valley - the valley where tribes living well here all fled or vanished. Vampires and creatures of the Underland preyed on the people who eventually had enough and fled.
Spider Zigguratt - wizard giant spiders live here, their queen beneath a ziggurat built by human slaves. The old and sick and weak are devoured. Loyal spider cultists kidnap more human cattle
The city of the old ones - a strange city of the evil monster kings from the last age, steeped in black magic and cobwebs. (will use one in my book)
Dragon Bone Valley - dragons and giants had a war here leaving their bones scattered. A clan of wizards study the bones and seek dragon knowledge of magic.
Vampire Burrows - Burial mounds everywhere with many undead but several vampires rule this land, servants of the age of night

Hopefully, party will see resources on plateau in need like salt and want to return through the mountains to the coast. They can find alternate paths and end some of the menaces. Some places best to scout and flee. Also, some of these valleys might be rushed through for later adventures. Being a sandbox there is a trick of knowing when you are too low level.

Will roll up dozen or so tribes and for the plateau soon. For now .....

Hill Gnome Tribe (Dog Clan)

pop20 plus 40 odd dogs Neutral Good
Specialisation: sewing, copper use, trade domesticated dogs, fire, slings and hatchets, pictographs
Customs: gnomes turn into dogs to make love dog pets

Wood Elf Tribe (Pine Clan)

pop60 elves 3 dryads Chaotic Neutral
Specialisation: tree cultivation, short bow, human slavery, domestic deer, dagger, pictographs
Customs: dislike young races, haughty and arrogant, slavers

Kobold Tribe (Flint Clan)

pop20 plus 40 odd dogs Lawful Neutral
Specialisation: flint, mining, fire, traps, slings, clubs
Customs: afraid of open outdoors, forests and sunlight

Cave Folk Tribe (Skull Clan)

pop 40 Chaotic Evil
Specialisation: cannibalism, club, dagger, hatchet, dart, net
Customs: betrayal is virtue, cannibalism, shun fire

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