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Puppet People of Toy Town

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Occasionally up some magic tree or cloud kingdom or in a mad toymaker-wizards tower you might meet these characters. Possibly they are golems but with souls.

Possibly candy golems need own d100.

Most are 1-2 HD but could be anything really

Mostly good puppets from dreamlands and evil from nightmare realms

d10 Types of Puppet People

01 Little guys about a yard/metre tall
02 Clowns, too  many clowns
03 Common animals
04 Scary animals
05 Monsters of toy land
06 Heroes of toy land
07 Leaders of toyland
08 Peoples of toyland
09 Helpful toys
10 Villainous Toys

Puppet People of Toy Town
01 Hairy Beast, stitched fur with ceramic creepy face, spies and watches to report to unknown master, might try to kill or kidnap someone asleep, scares children
02 Wooden gnomes often in a group of d6, often to or from work with animal toy friend
03 Faerie doll, can cast as a wizard and various levels, glows and often followed by other toys who admire faerie beauties
04 Jester doll rolls and falls and juggles, knows one joke changes every day
05 Baby doll crawls, chews and laughs or cries, often knocks things over and puts in mouth
06 Straw doll in tattered clothes with no face, tall, cant speak but friendly and can understand
07 Lead Soldiers often in groups of 3-30 on a mission to the death
08 Intelligent giant rats in vests and frocks trying to infiltrate toytown as adorable ratlings
09 Gingerbread man ambassador from candyland fast but gullible, kind of a jerk
10 Puppet moon goblin idiot with big bobbly head
11 Clown with drums, likes to bash lots, big feet, cant talk
12 Clown perpetually walks in handstand and tumbles
13 Mr Chuckle offers to help and invites into home, tries to lure one at a time into murder basement
14 Clown with cymbals, likes to bash lots, big feet, cant talk
15 Clown with horn, likes to honk horn lots, big feet, cant talk
16 Clown with kazoo, likes to honk horn lots, big feet, cant talk
17 Clown shaman doll, quite creepy from stuffed and stitched seal skin, casts as a priest 
18 Clown constantly falls and rolls to feet, sleepwalks by night, big feet, cant talk
19 Clown chef uses kitchen tools and food to beat people up and cook
20 Clown child, cries lots and doesn't talk, carries bindle and plays instrument sadly
21 Pantomime horse, gets quite stroppy if mistreated, helps the needy
22 Huge Squirrel in merchant suit, wants to be adventurer and kill monsters for their nuts
23 Wooden deer, shy at first then friendly, very alert to threats surprised on 1in6 
24 Furry stuffed bear often clothed, often in group of d6 on some mission
25 Furry funny bunny (as a blink dog)
26 Crocodile likes to surprise and bit bottoms
27 Monkey with fez and d6 1=ball 2=bells 3=cymbals 4=drum 5=unicycle 6=smoking pipe
28 Noble lion king, fuzzy and noble with booming voice, crown and majestic cape
29 Wooden dog is dopey and fun companion
30 Plush pussy trickster in suit
31 Duck sailor prone to violent or happy outbursts, drinks and smokes
32 Cowardly old lion, wears dressing gown, monocle and very theatrical
33 Scary grumpy big bear 
34 Long diamond patterned snake talks with lisp and has hypnotic powers, tempts people into bad moral decisions in guise of being helpful 
35 Spooky owl, judgmental and haughty but offers wise advice
36 Mr fox a murderous thieving trickster
37 Jack Hare, trickster expert of disguise and booby traps, like to play jokes
38 Billy goat likes to butt people in bottom, likes to leave coins about so people bend to get them, especially near pits, rivers, cliffs, etc
39 Wolf often used disguises and tricks victims before eating, release strong wind as breath weapon that knocks people and light shacks down
40 Giggly Piggly, greedy and filthy and wants to be your friend
41 Old woman is really a witch who eats children
42 Grumpus punishes bad children with beatings, mean gifts or carries to the devil in a sack
43 Hunchback slasher stalks and stabs
44 Nasty troll wants to gobble people and animals up
45 Hideous fanged ogre
46 Grumpy hydra
47 Vampire doll, drains life to heal self, can be charming 
48 Plush owlbear growls and sits on treasure or any eggs it finds
49 Wooden chimera often bites and fights self, heads hate each other
50  Plush manticore, is grumpy and shoots  spikes from tail, hates he looks like adorable grump and wants respect and power
 Spining Top Man, in hurry a bit out of control and dangerous while spinning
52 Toymaker puppet who makes toys and has a d6 different companions
53 Pierot silent melancholic mime in black and white suit with cap
54 Columbine doll a clever problem solver, earthy maid doll with folk dress
55 Halequin in diamond pattern suit with cap
56 Punchinello with huge head, cap and club
57 Judy with huge head, cap and club
58 Jack in a box, lives in a box, can extend waist rediculous distance, wearing jester clothes with a club
59 Man in the moon, with great moon shaped head, sometimes good sometimes scary
60 Old man winter, sometimes cheery gift giver other times cruel icy fiend
61 Humpty dumpties, bossy fragile egg folk sits on wall hurling drunken abuse
62 King and queen, sit on thrones bossing everyone around, mostly avoided
63 Old wise gnome was one of the first toys who has seen everything with long beard and spectacles, has d6 normal toy gnomes with him
64 Knight seeking questing beast or giants or monster nobody has ever seen
65 Angelic maiden with halo and wings, beats wicked with a club or any with bad thoughts
66 Wizard with beard and pointed sat with astrology designs, made of wood but as a wizard
67 Pompous fat man yelling he is mayor and everybody should respect him, has childish tantrums

68 Princess, a beautiful porcelain person with fancy big white dress and a wand that makes random things happen possibly useful only she can operate and it always teleports to her hand, she is mostly kind and good but sometimes is patronizing or helps people who don't want it - like help people find true lov
69 Brave prince with sword hand, brave and keen for any quests or missions, likes to assume leadership and speak for people without their choice or desire
70 Wise old woman who gives advice often unwanted personal advice
Sailors looking for drinks or a good time, sometimes they get aggressive and drunk
72 Bees of wood painted to look sweet and happy, gathering honey and working on hives
73 Wooden Skittles often in a d6 group
74 Wooden Soldier, very brave dutiful monster fighter
75 Wooden Butler strict and can manage a house sand care for a gentleman
76 Cloth Maid Doll full of whimsy, care for care for lady and her wardrobe
77 Wooden Chef makes meals for humans but serve puppet people carved realistic wooden food that makes them cry
78 Sheriff with whistle and club and helmet,possible with some bailiffs and beadles
79 Wooden Family with mother, father, two children and a dog, always happy usually near home doing chores or off to work
80 Pop up People are wooden with no legs, just a heavy round spere waiste down, if knocked over the instantly stand up, often congregate in families and hold many toy town jobs
81 Woodcutter is made of wood and cuts wood for toy makers and for firs even though the need no heat and fire scares them, has beard and axe and often a pet, often called in to kill monsters
82 Bluebelle a 
porcelain doll boy in crushed velvet suit, helpful and heroic, bell can be heard when he is running, 
83 Karam a hero shadow puppet with a curvy sword who slays monsters and conquers the wicked
84 Grumphus a huge slobbery wooden bulldog who bites monsters and saves babies from hazards or villains, smart but only barks and wags tail
85 Katie Cream a plucky milkmaid doll who is always getting into adventures, kidnapped or stumbling across criminal enterprises. She is a expert boxer and if missing overnight a d6 puppet people start a search party. Often has a pantomime cow with her
86 Lulu Blue a dancing doll femme fatal who occasionally has her underwear fall down. Death and murder follow her constantly and enemies have often fatally bad luck especially while laughing at her misfortunes. Curious and likes mystery solving
87 Sunflower is a great friendly faced flower who can drag self along with tendrils and wears a bright yellow pot. She likes helping people and often wants to join adventurers
88 Rory Crow, a cheeky black bird of wood, likes jokes and they get crueler and meaner with greedy people he dislikes. Curious and likes to follow people
89 Nanny Roberts a wooden nanny doll with fabric clothing, is over ten foot tall and thinks all short people are children, will try and spank monsters while scolding them
90 Gnor the friendly giant made of painted wood with fhair glued on, has a club and likes pretty things like pretty people  top pat and stroke. Smushes anyone who hurts pretty things
91 Leopold a evil wizard fond of stroking his beard and twirling moustache, made of wood with big head, black robes and pointy hat and wand of fireballs only he can use
92 The black knight made of painted wood, always scheming evil plots, often dupes locals 

93 Captain Payne a sea captain with one eye and holding a harpoon. Made of painted  wood
94 Ten headed rat king out to conquer toy land with d6 rat folk and 2d6 giant rats
Dragon that can breathe as a real dragon likes to goggle up animals and people
96 Devil offers temptations then later at low moment beats wicked with club or pokes with pitchfork or burns with fire
97 Shadow man puppet, 2 dimensional, non-solid, creepy stalker that laughs and murders
98 Prince Igor a villain who convinces innocent toys to do his bidding with terrible lies
99 Maxine Mordred evil rich puppet lady always up to schemes employing monsters and villains, all toys find her sorcery scary
100 Master Talon a masked villain who employs evil clowns, his gang operate crime waves

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