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Necromancy and You

Necromancy For Emo
As im working on meat mages again i need to map out my necromancers and meat magic is a wierd heretical sub school of necromancy. Oops lv1 no12 empty

Interestingly necromancers spell components are corpse parts or compounds derived from grave remains like bone dust, grave soil,maggot from a corpse, stool from a corpse, mummified bat, dried brains or livers, or a ear, eyeball, testicle. But fingers are best because you can buy mummified hands good for five uses!

Also introduced here is idea that undead might react neutrally to you. Normally they are the enemy of life. Free roaming skeletons are enemies of all living humans but might ignore a neutral person.

So orcs in orcland borders might be hostile, out hunting in wilds might be neutral. In orc house with orcs you know might be friendly.

d12 Hostile

Wearing enemy tribes or kingdom flags or colours or clothes
Unwelcome intruders in territory
Traditional racial enemies

1 Charge confidently
2-3 Sound alarm and advance
4-9 Ambush if unseen sound alarm and skirmish if seen
10-11 Fall back to safety
12 Becomes neutral

d12 Neutral

Around own kind peasants or market place or traveling highway
Around allies, hirelings, mercenaries, guests, approved visitors
Those guys must be on our side this deep in the dungeon

1 Becomes hostile
2-3 Fall back to safety
4-9 Verbally challenge them
10-11 Ignore them
12 Becomes friendly

d12 Friendly

Dressed as peers, own kind or homeland
Meeting in a festival or party or feast
Meet at temple or familiar place with friends

1 Becomes neutral
2-3 Ignore them
4-9 Verbally challenge them
10-11 Approach in friendly manner
12 Greet cheerily to trade or talk

Zero Level Necromancy Spells

Befriend Dead make lesser under 4HD undead save or be nuetral to you within 1 range for a turn
2 Brimstone makes a puff of nasty smoke covers the caster for a round 1 area circle
3 Cauterise seals a bleeding wound or stops a wound regenerating
4 Corpse Candle make a body part such as a finger, ear, glow with supernatural candle light, 1 area lit for hour per level 
5 Create Crawling Hand HD+3 HDd4 d3 unarmed, Mov 12 jump 1, turn ritual over severed hand, obedient for d12+12 hours then wanders off, spider like intelligence
6 Dark Ray
3 range ray of darkness d3 damage or d6 to beings of light
Detect Corpse can detect body and its age through 1 range through soil or 3 in scrub or a wooden house, stone thicker than hand span will block the spell
8 Evil Eye victim within 3 has -1 on next save
9 Exterminate kills flies, mosquitoes, fleas in 1 area circle or d6 to one giant bug or rat
10 Fortify with touch +1 temporary HP for one turn, can halt bleeding
11 Ghost Light form eerie glowing green light illusions that may spook some people within 1 area
12 Poltergeist moves and rattles objects in a room over 3 area for a d4 rounds alarming people
13 Puppetry animate a doll, toy or small dead animal for a turn with a touch

14 Putrify turns meal or drink to foul and decayed by touch
15 Snuff can put out a light a torch, candle or small fire within 3 range
16 Stun a foe within 3 under 4HD must make a Will save or be stunned for a round

1st Level Necromancy Spells
Alarm Skull prepare skull in 10 min ritual, will moan for a round per level and/or alert the caster if anything passes the skull with 3 area around it, then the skull loses enchantment
Cause Fear  holds a person for a round per level if they fail a save 9 range
3 Charm Undead 9 range undead saves or feels loyal to caster for a day

4 Chilling Touch d4+1 cold damage touch per round, lasts a round per level, victim saves or loses point of Might and Mov till spell expires
 Darkness creates unatural magic darkness instead that non magic light cannot enter, 3 circle of light for a turn per level range 9, if target on person they are blinded, if the save the dark stays on their location
Detect Spirits enter a ritual trance to see invisible non corporeal spirits such as those of the dead for round per level within 6 range, often they might notice you also
 Invisible To Undead lasts turn per level by touch and can protect one person per Lv. If anyone effected attacks or casts a spell picks up or drops a object the spell ends.
Know History learn interesting fact about a person or object per level by touch
 Phantom Hand spectral hand lasts round per level, may grasp object 4 range per level or inflict effects of touch spells, can move a ENC per level and moves at speed of 6, can punch with casters hit chance for d3 once per round or grab something like a weapon
10 Skeletal servant hour ritual by night, animate a single skeleton to serve you, maximum of one per level, if extra made they all rebel
11 Spectral Voice make your voice come from the mouth of a undead or corpse you can perceive with sight, round per level often used with Corpse Link spell
 Summon Undead Circle I Summon one 1HD skeleton per Lv for round per Lv

2nd Level Necromancy Spells
False Life touch grants a d6 +1 per Lv HP buffer for turn per level
2 Shroud of Darkness hides true features of caster or undead servitor touched under a shroud of shadow, turn per level by touch, easier to hide in dark and harder to recognise
Speak With Dead hour ritual over a corpse can question it, the reply is at least one word per level, more if the spirit is friendly and gets a good reaction
4 Ghoul Touch round per Lv touch causes paralysis for 2d4 rounds
5 Ice Knife range 6 2d6 damage, might save or lose d3 Might and Mov for a turn, extra missile per 3 levels, can freeze liquids on contact
6 Ghastly Stench 3 area cone, stinking cloud causes vomiting, if fail save inside area, can only move out and unable to fight or cast for round while inside and next round
7 zombie servant hour ritual by night, animate a single zombie to serve you, maximum of one per level, if extra made they all rebel
8 Summon Undead Circle II Summon one zombie per Lv for round per Lv
9 Enfeebling Ray range 6 causes -1 per level on might, victim gets a Vigor save to resist lasts a turn per Lv, can lower to 0 rendering character helpless
10 Corpse Link can see eyes through those eyes of a corpse or a skull by touch then a turn per level with km per level range
11 Embalm halts all decay in a corpse rendering it leathery and hard. +2HP per HD on zombies and corporeal undead based on animated corpses, prevents raise dead but not ressurection
12 Hand of Glory cause persons asleep behind a 3 areas beyond a door or portal to not awaken, 3 area circle beyond door  of, they get save if loud noises, harmed, smell smoke etc might reasonably disturb someone, burns finger of a severed hand in use

3rd Level Necromancy Spells
1 Animate Corpse can animate a regular corpse as if a zombie puppet the caster directs it's every movement at will. Corpse has a HD per level otherwise is a zombie. Requires full concentration unless it stands still
Cause Disease inflicts mummy rot disease with 12 range if target fails a Vigor save, cannot heal & lose a Vigor point per day
3 Command Dead can effect a HD per level  undead 12 range, must make a Will save or obey mental suggestions of the caster for a round per level, intelligent undead can be questioned
4 Continual Darkness creates a permanent magical zone of darkness non magic light cannot enter
5 Create Flying Skull animates a floating undead skull AC7 HDd8 Bite d4 Mov 12 fly, if you create more than your level they try and eat caster, used as spies, messengers and guards. They scream as they charge to bite enemies. 
6 Create Lesser Undead Create 1HD per level of obedient lesser undead like skeletons and zombies by touching corpses in a turn long ritual 
7 Flesh to Dust turns a human corpse or a HD of skeletons or zombies per level into dust that can be collected for easy storage. Can be reversed with second casting later to recover intact corpses or skeletons as long as dust is not mixed. Zombies and skeletons destroyed with spell lose their remaining animus force and need to be reanimated
8 Ghoul Servant hour ritual by night, 
animate a single ghoul to serve you, maximum of one per two levels, if extra made they all rebel, being intelligent undead they will twist your desires or act on own when orders dont apply, more difficult to manage than lesser undead
9 Skull Trap skull explodes for a d6 per level in a 2 radius if any being comes within 1 of it the round after being placed by caster. Agility save halves damage.
10 Spectral Minion ritual on recent corpse of someone with strong incomplete purpose, arise as often as guard, lover,  soldier, priest. Are transperant glowing figures, if died armed have a weapon 1HD/Lv or victims HP whichever is lower, the spirit will be released when mission ends or they are destroyed.Some sacrifice armed guards or gladiators as tomb guards
11 Summon Undead Circle III Summon one ghoul per 2Lv for round per Lv
12 Vampirism touch for d6 damage per 2LV if fail save, caster gains half HP lost

4th Level Necromancy Spells
1 Animate Apprentice sacrifice an apprentice of up to 4th level as a skeleton with +3AC HD as per LV in life and ability to cast spells daily as apprentice caster did in life, if you make more than one per 4 levels they all become independent, free willed and hostile to caster, lich often use them as bosses for minions 
2 Awaken Skull 12 hour ritual animates the skull and lets it speak as it was in life. If used on a animated skeleton the talking head has no control over the animus of the body
3 Draining Touch touch drains a level or d4 attribute points if victim fails Vigor saving throw
4 Medeum victim in 12 make will save or possessed by random spirit 1=self harm 2=on mission 3=violent rage 4=idiot. Spirits stay for d4 1=turn 2=hour 3=day 4=week
Summon Undead Circle IV  Summon one ghoul per 2Lv for round per Lv
6 Sickening Ray 3 cone ray, all struck save vs Vigor or half all melee damage for round per level for all muscle powered weapons
7 Shadow Servant hour ritual by night, animate a single shadow to serve you, maximum of per two levels, if extra made they all rebel, being intelligent undead they will twist your desires or act on own when orders dont apply, more difficult to manage than lesser undead
Wraith Form caster becomes non corporeal cloud of darkness and immune to non magical weapons or level drain  and can squeeze through keyholes or cracks, undead will be neutral to you

5th Level Necromancy Spells
Bind Undead traps HD of undead per level within confines of defined space such as graveyard or castle forever by making enchanted ward and walking around the area in a hour ritual. Intelligent undead get to save to resist. Undead must be in area to be confined
Cause Death will kill a victim in 3 range who fails a saving throw
3 Corpse Mirror undead servant assumes casters form and caster can use them as a puppet and see through their eyes hour per level
4 Create Bone Golem for 5000gp materials in a week ritual
Dark Seduction undead find you friendly and greater ones that save will be neutral, turtn per level, handy for negotiating with powerful undead
Summon Undead Circle V Summon one wight per 3Lv for round per Lv
Twilight turns daylight into dusk conditions for a hour per level, km per 4 levels
8 Wight Servant  hour ritual by night, animate a single wight to serve you, maximum of one per 3 levels, if extra made they all rebel, being intelligent undead they will twist your desires or act on own when orders dont apply, more difficult to manage than lesser undead

6th Level Necromancy Spells
1 Death Ray fires a 6 range beam kills foe on failed Will save, one beam round, 
Death Ward turn per level, one person by touch per level will have wounds stabilize automatically if damaged below zero HP or from bleeding wounds 
3 Mummify caster is wrapped in corpse bandages and can cause disease on touch and +4AC for turn per level, mummies and all lesser undead will be neutral to you
4 Mummy Servant can create a mummy,  six hour ritual by night and 5000gp ingredients, animate a single mummy to serve you, maximum of one per 4 levels, if extra made they all rebel, being intelligent undead they will twist your desires or act on own when orders don't apply, more difficult to manage than lesser undead
5 Power Word Stun 9 cone effect, under 4HD creatures unconcious turn per level, 5-7HD creatures stunned for round per level, 8+ save or stunned for round per level
6 Regenerate 1HP per round a turn per level by touch will regrow organs or limbs but not a head, fire and acid wounds do not heal 
7 Summon Undead Circle VI Summon one mummy per 4Lv for round per Lv
8 Wight Claw hand does d6 unarmed cold damage and drains a energy level, round per level, any victim killed arises as a hostile half strength wight immediately, is immune to energy drain abilities while on

7th Level Necromancy Spells
1 Corpse Chariot creates a chariot or waggon or carriage with a pair of skeleton beasts per 6 levels, AC+6 4HD per beast  24 Mov hour per Lv, d4 per beast damage with trample
2 Create Flesh Golem for a week ritual and 10000gp materials in a workshop. Create one per 8 levels or they rebel
3 Summon Undead Circle VII  Summon one wraith per 5Lv for round per Lv
4 Wraith Servant can create a wraith,  twelve hour ritual by night and 10000gp ingredients, animate a single wraith to serve you, maximum of one per 5 levels, if extra made they all rebel, being intelligent undead they will twist your desires or act on own when orders don't apply, more difficult to manage than lesser undead

8th Level Necromancy Spells
1 Create Colossus a months labour with workforce (3 months if alone) with 200 HD of corpses and 20000gp worth of ingredients creates a hideous undead giant in scaffolding with AC+6 a HD per caster LV and two 2d10 punches per round MOV12, always strikes last. If caster dies it goes on a killing frenzy of eating victims, each heals 1HP
Summon Undead Circle VIII  Summon one wraith per 5Lv for round per Lv
3 Power Word Kill  9 cone effect, under 4HD creatures dead, 5-7HD save or die, 8+ save or stunned for round per level
4  Vampire Servant can create a vampire, 12 hour ritual by night and 20000gp ingredients, animate a single vampire to serve you, maximum of one per 8 levels, if extra made they all rebel, being intelligent undead they will twist your desires or act on own when orders don't apply, more difficult to manage than lesser undead

9th Level Necromancy Spells 
1 Assume Lichdom transforms caster into immortal undead in year long ritual that must not be interrupted requiring 100000gp worth of materials
2 Awaken the Dead  d6 lesser undead and one major undead per level arise over a mile area and begin to rampage and terrorise living in the region, they could be rallied into a army by a competent necromancer or powerful undead
3 Summon Undead Circle IX Summon one basshee per 9Lv for round per Lv
4 Wind of Death - every 1HD or less creature over a km save or die

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