Friday 17 September 2021

Post Apoc Locations 2 - Urban Ruins

So more tables for random locations for your treasure maps, hostages, gunfights or lairs. I might also add you can mix 2 or three into one and you can give them memorable names.

d10 Quick Location Types
01 Pre Fall Housing
02 Post Fall Housing
03 Services
04 Industrial
05 Retail
06 Leisure
07 Comunity
08 Vice
09 Science
10 Apocalypse

Urban Ruins Locations
01 Mansion estate or tasteless huge house often walled
02 Apartment complex or tower
03 Row of townhouses
04 Cul-de-sac of houses mostly intact
05 Haunted looking lonely old house alone
06 Burned out house ruin
07 Burned and collapsed apartment mounds of rubble and garbage
08 Ruined hotel complex often with pool and roof garden
09 Office block damaged with only rubble and burned structure
10 Office block with intact walls in fair condition
 Remains of shacks and recycled ruins with a crude wall compound
12 Shacks built on a section of highway or railway on pylons
13 Rooftop garden and shacks out of sight from the ground
14 Fortified damaged apartment buildings made by gangs
15 A trading post store operated by some merchants, secure or with hiding places
16 Caravan compound where merchants set up a fortified structure in ruins
17 Trailer truck wreck used as start of a shelter
18 Area full or abandoned tents and shacks and bodies
19 Watch tower formerly used by watch or sniper
20 Cluster of cargo containers used as shacks by survivors
21 School complex and grounds
22 Specialist clinic
23 Abandoned hospital ruin
24 Fire station wreckage
25 Police station ruin
26 Bus terminal or shelter
27 Train station for underground or monorail 
28 Townhall or council building or other local government
29 University or college campus
30 Community centre with gymnasium and or library
31 Ruined train wreck scattered over area among fallen pylons or partially in a tunnel
32 Aircraft wreck, possibly on the rooftop or embedded in a building or on street
33 Traffic jam with at least a hundred vehicle wrecks many with locked trunks and baggage and skeletons
34 Gravesite, possibly a morgue warehouse or open gravesite flooded with body bags floating
35 Damaged power stations often contaminated
36 Factory complex often damaged and picked over by scavengers and gangs
37 Industrial park with warehouses and piles of industrial wreckage
38 Canal or tunnel often full of garbage and vehicle wrecks
39 Sprawling garbage dump with vehicles and machines for recycling
Water purification station, sewerage recycling and city drains
41 Supermarket complex, vary from small to enormous warehouses
42 Shopping centre with supermarket and speciality stores
43 Shopping mall complex
44 Vehichle or robot show room
45 Warehouse complex hardware and garden store
46 Furnishing and home decoration store complex
47 Remains of a food court or multiple restaurants in the complex
48 Salvage yard where prospectors trade scrap
49 Specialty goods warehouse store
50 Courtyard of food trucks and minibars
51 Aquarium or zoo complex
52 Holographic game centre for faux combat
53 Go-cart racing track
54 Gymnasium complex for indoor sports
55 Park with statues and pond and a bandstand or war monument and playground
56 Overgrown botanic garden
57 Museum complex
58 Art gallery
59 Sports or entertainment stadium
60 Robot gladiator park
61 Army recruiting centre or barracks
62 Scouting hall for paramilitary youth groups or cadets
63 Private VIP club in a mansion
 Ruined church with graveyard
65 Political party office
66 Council office
67 Hall of a secretive fraternal order with weird paraphernalia
68 Church of major ancient religion and/or a graveyard
69 Cult headquarters
70 St Johns ambulances garage or cadet centre 
 Biker gang fortress
72 Drug lab in ruin
73 Faction stronghold or breach chapter house
74 Settlers farm compound
75 Black market where gangs and criminals trade dodgy or stolen goods
76 Slavers compound
77 Gang compound 
78 Drug den semi-hidden in a ruin
79 Gang battleground in badly damaged ruin ruin
80 Butchers yard where gangs massacre unwanted captives 
81 Cryonics mausoleum where frozen dead stored to outlive disease and mortality for a price
82 Emergency centre, from small checkpoint roadblocks to industrial-scale lab or bunker, most biohazard crews some dealing with mass terrorist and enemy mind control weapons 
83 Science Precinct of laboratory buildings, often highly secure and fortified
84 Synthetics Lab making androids, robots, cyborgs, AI or nanite oozes
Space lab controlling orbitals, satellites and planning colony missions
86 Bio Forge where food, transplant tissue or living creatures were created in with clone vats and bioprinters
87 AI Institure where experts communicate with research AI nodes
88 Spaceport where orbital shuttles come and go from
89 Global teleporter array and infrastructure
90 Hi-tech theme part with robots, androids and holograms operated by AI
91 Contaminated craters left by atomic. biological, chemical and psychotronic warheads
92 Area or battlefield ruins full of boobytraps, water-filled trenches, unexploded ammo, hostile robots and contamination
93 Area contaminated and crawling with undead, often still in apartments where they lived or places they worked. Some roving bands occupying ruins they can sleep by day
94 Area full of mutants and not the pathetic sad ones, but the tentacled infectious cannibalistic ones who lust for murder
95 Area occupied by animorphic abhuman gang who are protective of territory and wary of humans. Often occupy former human areas especially feral animals
96 Area overgrown with vegetation or fungus or even living mutant flesh, many unfamiliar perils lurk here while tribals know secrets of dwelling here
97 Dangerous military robot, borgs and androids guard this area killing humans on sight
98 Dangerous animals lair here and the local ecology is full of dangerous and giant mutants
99 A known ruined bunker abandoned long ago often used as a lair
100 A hidden advanced force here kill intruders and locals speculate they live underground in a bunker or sewers


  1. I love that the shock is that the heads are wired up "in series" when clearly a sane person would wire their heads in parallel.


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