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Flower Power Forever & Weapon Immunity

Flower Power Forever & Harming Magical Beings
Immune to non magical weapons

Silver weapons hurt devils and lycanthropes and wights and some undead Iron weapons hurt devils fairie beings including elves and changelings born on other world Immune to non magic/silver/iron/blesses weapons isn't just weapons not hurting you

It is wounds gruesomely regrowing instantly

Or a flickr or blur that resets being to unwounded instantly as if reset or a jump cut

Leaves horrible gory wounds that are visual only with no loss of hp

Weapon passes through being as if unreal to it

Weapon breaks if fails save with no effect on target. Quality weapons do better

More gruesome
More awesome to describe
More scary
More supernatural

Just call this tamms law

More alternates to just no damage?

Tom McGrenery
You snap back in time to the moment before your attack. You didn't really strike it, you just imagined that. My bonus the monster smirks knowingly at you

Tito B.A.
I like describing weapons rebounding or bending, like when you hit an anvil with a hammer.

Dallas Mc+1
Bone shards sprout out of the site like Doomsday in The Death of Superman.

Dallas Mc+1
Matrix bullet time limbo dodge

Dallas Mc+1
Lightning crashes overhead when struck

Dallas Mc+1
Dampening field inches away from body which slow and stop weapons like the field generators in Dune, or the reason why Superman's clothes don't get damaged, or reboot Daleks.

Dallas Mc+1
The round plays out then resets exactly like a Doctor Who time loop: the baddie's damage is reset, but not the PCs.

Dallas Mc+1
Hit points wind down like normal but when they hit 0 the opponent spontaneously reincarnated: roll on table for new colour, horns, scales, etc. This happens endlessly

Dallas Mc+1
Angelic/demonic refutation.
Attack was refuted by a higher power (perhaps the monster) and profound sense that the act will be held against the attacker in the afterlife.

Angus Warman
It's exactly like stabbing playdoh. Squish- and then it gets pushed back.
Hydra-style regrowth.
Your weapons seem to be less real compared to the vibrant nature of the target.
Against angelic beings, you hear the clear sound of metal bells being struck instead of the thunk of weapons on flesh.
Demonic wounds split, revealing tiny tortured half-souls trying to claw their way out as the skin seals over.
The treat their flesh being damaged like you would a shirt being torn. Exactly the same tone of voice.
"Spare parts" appear out of nowhere and adhere into place.

Flower PowerStandard EMO dnd equipment from now on

Posies to huff in city or dungeon to protect you from miasmas and disease checks 1cp

Herbal mask covers lower face with days worth of scented herbs to protect you from miasmas 1sp elves and hobbits and herbalists make them

Plague dr mask with goggles and "beak"
Some include personal incense burner face mask 30gp

Plague dr suit complete sealed suit with helmet with valves and replaceable filters. Very advanced ones of dwarves or gnomes have air tank 10 minutes of pressurised canned air 150gp or delux 1000gp

"Quick everyone that monster has a runny nose get your posies" needs to be said in every game

Finally samurai in 1st Ed OA now benefit from flower arranging skill

Holy Rowan Wood Hit anything with silver or iron but no effect on elven or faerie - druids and faeries and elves monopolies it, rowan arrows and staves are most common. Wood tip arrows bump to a lower die for damage expt vs supernatural beings. Detects as magic. Trees keep evil away and form barriers keeping out evils in elf forest. Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Oak protects vs madness and lightning, acorns for pigs and was grain of druid days before grain arrived, Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Beach protects against decay. Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Willow can induce sleep or madness and possibly holds bad spirits
Apple smoke dispel an evil miasma, Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Bog-Oak Smoke roots make shelaighly that can hurt evil spirits requiring +1 to hit or smoke can also drive away evil spirits but not purity like regular oak
Ash is the foundation of the universe and the cosmic tree, best for making magic items, staves, spear shafts, axe handles, construction if you dont have oak, Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon
Pine attract evil spirits and madness, make poisons, hags like them
Birch associated with death and weather magic, can make books from it's bark, make tannin
Mistletoe, make a wreath, berries, powder, juice. Purity repels certain evils and counts as a blessed weapon Wreath +1 save vs evil magic (evil ppl us nightshade)
Mandrake unholy and poisonous, some experts use diluted amounts as drug. Ingredient in many enchantments, conjurings, divination, summoning, bindings, homonculi and other uses. Kills in agony slowly

Look up tree and plant powers reputed easily
A special bless spell might activate the power

Obviously druids and priests and wizards and faeries would use these effects

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  1. Really liking this stuff, and the book ones from awhile ago. Excellent as always.


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