Monday 15 October 2018

Dungeon Zine 6 Arcadia

Here is my last dungeon zine I did
It is a ruined post apocalypse game arcade for Planet Psychon, MCC or Gammaworld
Some extra details here to include

PDF here

Thanks to my Patrons will be a new book and dungeon zine soon

Entry foyer I originally considered more robotic skill testers with descriptions

Lobby Testing Machines (one token each) 

Claw toy machine - Dexterity (win a plush deity doll)
Muscle Tester - Strength
Block Drop 3d Puzzle - Intelligence
Love Tester - Charisma
Pain Tester - Constitution
Target Shooter - Wisdom (dont shoot wrong people)
Whack a Commie! - Dexterity

If all your stats are tested by all machines the Gods can make a holographic duplicate or clone of you.

A token is worth a cheap food item, a days worth of water, domestic currency unit or a bottlecap or some bullets

Prize Ticket Awards
Win a 1 prize tickets if succeed
d4 prize tickets for top score or
Bio Feedback Games might give minimal skills  of some kind

What Are Prize Tickets Good For
1 Slice of pizza or or a hotdog or a choccobar or pack of crispychips
1 Hot meal and a bed for the the night or one days trail rations
1 Day worth of clean water or a can or bottle of soda
1 Five tokens or take a risk and take d10 tokens
1 Helium balloon shaped like a cartoon character
1 Gets you a hot bath or a bed for the night with meal or first aid from a holy healer (1HP )
1 Gets a priest to listen to your problems and offer some snappy maxim
1 Token gets you a novelty holographic photo booth print
1 Dance and flirt with a holy courtesan or eunach
1 Pocket novelty torch or comedy fake photo ID or Magnifying glass or Water Bottle
5 Digital watch or pocket calculator or plastic figure of a god or micro music player
5 T-shirt with Arcadia Sign and a token graphic or a baseball cap
5 Roll of salted dried animal hide or a chicken
5 See nude dance of a holy virgin and perhaps 1in6 chance for a quick kiss on the cheek
10 Feast for friends or family, a young goat or puppy, large iguana, young pig
10 Plush bear, Solar Toaster, Maths Fun Robot Toy, Cure Light Wounds Spell
10 Two pack of chem cells or hydrogen cell recharge
10 Pair of rollerskates or com bracelet or Backpack holds 20lb
10 Perform sex rituals with a holy harlot or eunuch or priest
10 Packet of cigarettes or Bottle of beer or a fun novelty bottle of alcho-pop
100 Android Doll or Digital Tablet with games and movies or
100 Atomic fuel cell core, Functioning charged hydrogen fuel cell
100 Horse or slave or cow
1000 Atomic fuel cell with core

Other Characters

Archie the Pizza Bot
This robot believes it is a fine American teenager working here after school to save for a hot rod for summer break. Will babble about this and listen to your stories and repeat them to all comers. Also preaches how pizza is the best and how all the ancients ate it three times a day. He Runs Archie's Apocalyptic Pizzeria, with a d4 initiates who help him and one day got to start their own dshop. Archie is considered a minor divinity and you can buy figures of him and learn mysteries of the pizza menu. He has a new menu made from wastelands and ruined foods like "Lizard Meatzilla" or "Pineapple Ground Hog" or "Peyote grub and magic mushroom surprise". He looks sorta like the classic late deco 60s robot. He spends 4 hours a day closed to gather food and hunt and prepare some of the food, but somtimes his staff cover for him. The huge mute barbarian chef Momo, butchers the animals and makes sausage and jerky and hide biscuit.

Alphy the Atomic Ass and Kimmy Kola Koala Animatronics
The lobby might have some robot animatronic animal toon characters that offer arcane dialogue or laughing madly offering good times. They ask who is the birthday child is and give the first to say yes a free token! They probably sing about having fun allot. Prhaps thy sing a song after every death.

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