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Experimental Operations Command vs Gygaxian Ecology

These recently came out and got me interested in my Long Stairs stuff
Basically modern armed forces vs gygaxian monsters
Im gonna remaster my old PDF to be prettier and add some more content
I made some stuff for a con game also which were not in that PDF (see downloads)

These are by Christian for his "Into the Jungle Game\

The Game
Character sheet:

My original PDFAustralian army invading a sentient dungeon dimension through a gateway
Or stargate vs tomb of horrors
My redbrick dungeon was originally designed for this

Has several untrue facts on aboriginal history i will fix even though schools taught this and many Australians believe them. Revising this book shortly. One of my blog link pages devoted to this also.

Possible Extra Stuff to do

Lists of officers and personalities at three bases (about a third to half play time was in base).
Maps of base and local zones
Print out equipment lists and info for players
Need to get my modern era skills sorted...
More stuff to do in bases and more tables on carousing
I have used Earth kill squads as encounters in dungeons

This table could be handy for juniour murder hobos in a shanty town or dungeoneering corp from the empire in my normal setting. Home Base Missions In the various firebases near the wild dungeon all kinds of petty problems emerge especially from dungeon entities infiltrating the humans. In base missions are a good way to get to know base personalities and show the corrupting influence of the dungeon. These adventure seeds are more mysteries than combat oriented than the dungeon exploratory team missions. A table on missions dealing with things leaking onto earth will follow and possibly a black market mission table. It's as if the dungeon wants to contaminate invaders and the outside world. A home base mission and some carousing in between a dungeon crawl are handy.

d100 Home Base Missions & Mysteries

01 Stirges in home base have attacked personnel, search and destroy their nest
02 Outer tunnel patrols with listening equipment checking for burrowing creatures
03 Giant rats have gotten into stores, kill them and find where they got in
04 A mimic is loose on the base and has maimed and killed several personnel
05 Dangerous mould has been growing in the garbage and it has attracted giant crickets
06 Someone on the base is a lycanthrope, find them but avoid causing a panic
07 The morgue has been overrun by undead requiring they be destroyed quickly
08 Someone has taken classified scrolls and might try to use them 
09 A doppelganger was shot performing sabotage, search for more infiltrators 
10 Soldier was found dead covered in slime, was it murder or a monster?
11 Someone on base is a carrier for a dungeon disease find them fast
12 Someone has been selling black market goods on the base
13 A giant scorpion was shot on base, dissection revealed it had just laid eggs somewhere
14 Someone on base stole a cursed dagger, find them before it is too late
15 Someone was caught smuggling eggs out of the base, find their collaborators
16 Someone has tried to steal vampire ashes, possibly someone has been charmed
17 A deceased soldier had a map of an unauthorised cache on the base, find it
18 Rumours persist some soldiers conducting unauthorised interrogations seeking treasure
19 A red glowing gem has been stolen from the arcane science lab
20 Personnel have been approached by a devil offering wish for a soul, stop this
21 A imp has been causing mischief, spying on personnel and
22 Several sterilised guard and sniffer dogs have become pregnant, find out how
23 A captured wizard apprentice had detailed plans of the base, how did he get them
24 Several magic dungeon pies have been found in the cafeteria, how did they get there?
25 interrogation of some personnel in brig revealed they had memory loss of their crimes
26 On several occasions guards have been found asleep on duty
27 Several personnel have somehow been turned into dangerous sheet ghouls
28 Something has been stealing food supplies from storage
29 Tiny footprints in the motor pool possibly linked to missing truck springs and other parts
30 Something has been stealing rail sections between bases freight lines
31 Camp goat mascot has vanished find out where it is
32 A strange tunnel has been found big enough to crawl through, investigate it
33 Several personnel have been sleepwalking around the base at night
34 Someone has been taking landmines from the base perimeter
35 Several soldiers have been caught using addictive healing potions from the dungeon
36 Someone has been stealing uniforms and is up to something, find out who
37 Someone said they saw shadows moving on base, confirm if this is a threat
38 Video footage of a unknown officer has been found, find out who the stranger was 
39 Rumours are circulating about a monster bar in the dungeon, who started them?
40 Someone on the base has been dealing in wizard weed from the dungeon
41 Take flamethrowers and clean up the weird fungus in the garbage dump
42 Something seems to be living in the base septic tanks, investigate
43 Giant ants have been atracted to the base canteen, capture or kill the queen
44 The black market are dealing with a gang of dungeon creatures somehow
45 Some one on base has been making counterfeit items to replace ones in base lock up
46 Someone exchanged meat in the cafeteria kitchen with human flesh from the morgue
47 Cult paraphernalia including books and idols was found hidden in base warehouse
48 Someone helped a unsuccessful monster prison outbreak, find out who and why
50 A wizard has been cooperating with scientists but needs 24 hour guards in shifts
51 Someone tried escaping back to earth unauthorized with an invisibility item, find them

52 A new officer was found eviscerated in his office by something nobody saw, find it
53 Someone said they heard monsters in containment chanting, need close observation
54 Someone has been breaking into the morgue, who and why?
55 Several orcs have been willing to defect, some one needs to train and evaluate them
56 Kobold prisoners become pliable if they get drunk, interrogate several drunk kobolds
57 Black market have been trading possibly dangerous videos of nymphs and dryads
58 Some spiders on base are in fact baby giant spiders, someone needs to clean them up
59 Black market has been dealing in possibly deadly goblin and orc grog, stop them
60 Someone in a hurry left a USB in a officers computer, investigate possible espionage
61 Falsified records indicate men went on a unauthorized sortie into the dungeon, why?
62 Video logs of a dungeon mission have been falsified, find out why
63 Someone in barracks have been spreading rumours alarming troops
64 Some men have been trading wild dungeon food in base, find out who
65 Unauthorised stills and brewing kegs have been found on base, search and destroy
66 An experimental base garden has reported some strange plant growth, investigate
67 Supervise a proposed soldier vs orc prisoner team football match
68 Prison guards have been betting on monsters in unauthorised monster fights, stop them
69 A visiting politician needs supervision while inspecting the base
70 Someone has been adding confusing signs to base facilities, find the comedian/sabotuer
71 Someone is rendezvousing with earth based criminal cartels in the dungeon

72 Someone in the base has been leaving dungeon cult graffiti in bathrooms
73 Personnel have reported strange dreams of late about dungeon, interview them
74 Some items on base have inexplicably become magic, using a item search the base
75 A mimic has got loose in the base warehouse, locate it before it eats anyone else
76 Doppelgangers are infiltrating the base to escape to earth, search everyone on leave
77 Someone on the base has stolen transcripts of spellbooks from the cryptography labs
78 Someone on base is pregnant yet all personnel have birth control implants
79 Someone offering reward for recordings of a siren and troops taking taking bad risks 
80 A general is coming to make a inspection, make sure the base is free of surprises
81 A general is coming to make a inspection, make sure the trip happens without problems
82 Personnel have been gambling with undeclared treasure on base
83 Someone in rec room tried a Ouija board and had strange results, needs more tests
84 Strange feed on base camera system and monitors has been disturbing tech staff
85 Numerous baby monsters require lots of care and love to help scientist studies
86 Guests from another nation gate program are visiting and need subtle security detail

87 Strange lights and signs of haunting have been seen on base morgue
88 Something or someone sabotaged machine gun nests at the base gates
89 Kobold defectors have offered to help trap the base perimeter but need supervision
90 Glowing orbs have been seen floating on the base perimeter and spooking guards
91 Someone has been stealing trade packages used to befriend dungeon inhabitants
92 Base clocks and watches and video logs have had mysterious time gaps

93 Something has been killing camp guard and sniffer dogs in their kennels
94 Mystery packages have been found in base with strange magical effects
95 Several drones in the base have gone awol, find out why and stop it

96 Several veterans have experienced beserker behavior, develop protocol for this
97 Several priests on the base have exhibited miraculous powers and require monitoring
98 Techs needs help testing if monsters can be used as capacitors for energy weapons
99 Techs want to test if captured monsters can be trained like guard dogs or used as traps
100 Someone tampered with the base reactor risking the entire operation


  1. Reminds me of the old Paranoia adventures kind of. Super cool idea!

    1. a reasonable comparison
      Laundry Files a good fit too
      it has more horror than most dnd


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