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d100 Petty Magic Dealers

These are shops where you can buy magic stuff at low low prices
Some might not stay in the same place mysteriously
Locals will know but they can be hard to find
Fancy guilds of city frown on amateur non guild stores and warn people not to use them
Locals are reluctant to mention where to find them

Typical Stock

2d6 Faux Charlatan wares 1gp+ useless but popular
d6 Petty wares 1gp+ with minor effects
d6 Lesser magic wares 20gp+ some measurable effect
d6 Minor magic wares 50gp+ equal to a cantrip
d4 Quality Items 100gp+ equal to a 1st lv spell
25% of one excellent item

d10 Faux Charlatan Wares*

01 Love potion 6 doses
02 Good luck charm d6 doses
03 Hair restorer d6 doses
04 Fertility potion d6 doses
05 Monster bane potion d6 doses
06 Vitality potion d6 doses
07 Beauty creame d6 doses
08 Food or drink purification d6 doses
09 Plague cure d6 doses
10 Venom antidote d6 doses
*1in4 actually dangerous, sav or d6 damage

Petty wares
01 Quality pipe weed 1lb
02 Stimulant helps you keep awake or working d6 doses
03 Strong grog by gallon or exotic drugs d6 doses
04 Sleep brew helps you rest d6 doses
05 Pain numbing brew d6 doses
06 Delicious herbal tea helps relax 1lb
07 Exotic cooking seasoning d6 ounces
08 Mushrooms make strange dreams d6 doses 
09 Weed killer by gallon
10 Medicine -d4 days off flu symptoms d6 doses

d10 Lesser magic wares
01 Arousal potion 10 minutes duration, save to resist
02 Healing medicine treats 1hp once a day max
03 Purgative medicine +1 save vs poison (or a second save)
04 Curative medicine +1 save vs disease (or a second save) 
05 Night vision for ten minutes duration (low light not absolute darkness)
06 Delicious sauce makes anything taste good
07 Holy water
08 Flammable oil flask with fuse d4+save or 1pt dam for d4 rounds
09 Smoke bomb with fuse d4 rounds 1" blocks visibility
10 Stink bomb with fuse d4 rounds 1" save or -4 while inside and for d3 rounds after

d10 Minor magic wares
01 Attribute booster +1 on one stat lasts 10 minutes
02 Healing potion d4 1=d2 2=d3 3=d4 4=d3+1
03 Protection +1 on saving throw for 10 minutes
04 Light potion activate for d6 hours of 1" light 
05 Feign death for 10 minutes
06 Acid potion d4 damage if splashed on person or dissolve a lock or trap
07 Poison ingested 2d4 or half if saved after ten minutes
08 Blade venom +d4 or save for no damage, one blow,  1 hand weapon or 10 arrows
09 Bless weapon +1 magic for 10 minutes, 1 hand weapon or 10 arrows
10 Quality fire potion 2d4+save or 1pt dam for d4 rounds

d10 Quality magic wares
01 Attribute booster +1 on one stat lasts one hour
02 Attribute booster +1d4 on one stat lasts ten minutes
03 Charm potion as spell lasts 24 hours on first person seen after drinking if fail save
04 Healing potion 2d4
05 Feign death for d6 hours
06 Climb potion 10 minutes
07 Protection from evil potion 10 minutes
08 Detect magic potion 10 minutes
09 Detect evil potion 10 minutes
10 Conjure monster potion serves for 10 minutes then free *
*d4 1=goblin 2=kobold 3=dog 4=stirge

d10 Excellent Items
01 +1 dagger 1000gp
02 +1 hand weapon d4 1=sword 2=spear 3=mace 4=staff 1500gp
03 Bundle of 3d4 +1 ammo d4 1=arrows 2=sling stones 3=bolts 4=darts
04 Potion of fire resistance 1 hour minutes halves damage300gp
05 Potion of improved healing 300gp
06 Potion of water breathing 1 hour 300gp
07 Potion of cure poison 300gp
08 Potion of cure disease 300gp
09 Candle of speak with dead (1word/user Lv) 200gp
10 Potion of levitation 200gp

d10 Form
01 Coloured fluid in tiny medicine bottle
02 Quart of coloured fluid
03 Exotic herb
04 Pill
05 Ointment
06 Inhaled vapour
07 Candy
08 Cake
09 Suppository
10 Patch or wrappings

d10 Where to find it

01 Under a bridge
02 In dark alleyway
03 In sewer
04 Private inn room or tavern
05 Pushcart on market day
06 Wandering the streets
07 High street shop
08 Crossroads at midnight
09 Blasted heath
10 Just outside village in d4 1=swamp 2=cave 3=woods 4=overhanging cliff

d10 Quick Dealer Types
01 Old hags, witches and wise women
02 Old hermits and old madmen
03 Seedy criminals
04 Colourful charletans
05 Local shopkeeper sideline
06 Apothecaries and healers
07 Druids and nature priesthoods
08 Drop out wizards and sorcerers
09 Former alchemist student drop outs
10 Lesser shrine priests

d100 Petty Magic Dealers
01 Old Mad Millie, lives outside village in shack, crazed and worries adventurers fancy her
02 Mother Grumpus, lives in cave by mill with dozens of cats, barley comprehensible 
03 Agnes Stenchwater, lives by creek in cave with half ogre son, wary of strangers
04 Olga Corkeye, escaped witch purge, treats local women folk for free
05 Vanya Strange, powerful witch feared by locals but treats common folk ok
06 Binney Claw, scary crone lives on moors in turf hut, protected by phantom hound
07 Billy Gnarlfoot, lives with her goats in the forest and only deals with obviously needy
08 Rosa Stumpwater, lives under a bridge with her pets actually imps
09 Vera Willowwood, lives on riverbank under roots of tree with her idiot sister
10 Grandma Shroomhat, wears a mushroom hat and lived for years as servant of dark elves
11 Papa Crankley, lives in a shack in the woods with wild animals and brewing equipment
12 Mad Old Tom, reputed warlock lives under a bridge, don't visit him alone 
13 Mr Shabener, lives in an old ruin outside of town, who knows where he gets stuff from  
14 Cooder Gubersen, a half witted inbred fool with weird laugh lives in a mash shack
15 Mr Sian, strange foreigner washed up decades ago, lives in filthy hovel with evil cat
16 Crawley Hendersen, lives in stinking tent by roadside moving every few months
17 Old Man Hobbes, people fear this strange old man but use his treatments
18 Ebert Grimm, obese crepy old man who camps in a midden heap and collects scrap
19 Valden Potter, old man who chases children from his shack, sometimes sells stuff
20 Greebly Simms, finds odd things in ruins and makes strange brews that possibly work
21 Masterly Vrilman, sells stolen things from his coat in filthy alley ways
22 Corey Zvelda, dealer for the mob sells drugs and bad grog and pther items
23 Sally Marden, madame in brothel but sells other goods and petty cures on the side
24 Barney Glogg, sells potions from sausage cart but keeps moving when drinkers get sick
25 Mother Scrag, follows mercenaries and loots battlefields and sells odd things
26 Laurie Canders, robbed an alchemists warehouse and is still selling off goods
27 Polly Peckingham, sings in a music hall but as aged sells drugs and potions on the side
28 Mister Zan, thieves guild hustler, sells goods from blackmailed apothecary guilds men
29 Penny Sowpurse, pick pocket has a good collection of things from drunk adventurers
30 Eric Weedle, a slimy hoodlum who collects money and goods from drug addicted wizards
31 Barnaby Rutland, flamboyant purveyor of miracles, travels in his waggon
32 Lucretia Borr, flashy dealer in candy, cake treats and other occasional items
33 Shifty Molehill, greasy seller of fake pardons and potions and occasionally something ok
34 Rolando Wonder, purveyor of wonderous elixirs wears a spectacular coloured coat
35 Dr Horatio's travelling medicine show travels in waggon with a stage show with cast
36 Madame Zolanda, wonder worker travels in caravan with a colourful tent
37 Purina the holy healer works in a tent but moves constantly to share her miracles, honest
38 Kelbar the Fabulous sells miraculous coloured fluids from a case in taverns
39 Professor Dorian, creepy old man offers to rub special unguents onto customers body
40 Kaliban the cosmic chaneller sells crystals and potions from his tiny cottage
41 Hiram Ford, sells junk and scrap but keeps a special collection for certain customers
42 Henry's potions and curatives, sells potions, artificial limbs and second hand false teeth
43 Mrs Pickleby's Preserves sells pickles, potions and backyard abortions
44 Cut Throat Jim's Barber Shop, deals in all kinds of tonics and treatments on the side
45 Pewter Stables and Horse Doctoring, sells treatments and odd items traded for horses
46 Lady Scrapington's Baubles and Restoratives, sells odd magic stuff and novelties
47 Pappies Gimgaws, a shambling junk shop with all kinds mariners items and treatments
48 Shankies Scraps and Scrimshaw, sells carved whale teeth, tusks, junk and potions
49 Grandpa's Supply, former murder hobo now adventuring supplier and potion pusher
50 Aunt Petunia's Curiosities, sells dated once stylish second hand goods and some magic
51 Dr Ludvig VanErp, expert in plague treatment and leeches, travels following disasters

52 Miester Glerg, sells compounds, spell components and exotic ingredients in his shop
53 Madame Flaubert's Medicine and Grog Shop, also sells potions and other odments
54 Master Karl Lieger, Alchemist has a shop with several apprentices also sell glassware
55 Mrs Evangelyne Victor, widowed alchemist also runs a ceramic bottle workshop
56 Dr Falconhurst Apothacary, also sidelines as taxidermist, dentist and leech dealer
57 Dr Kimbal's Clinic, treats wide variety of commoners, animals and trades in petty magic
58 Dr Zebedee's House of Healing sells cheap and inexpensive potions and some that work
59 Madame Boverton's Healing Hospice treats rich patrons who often pay with petty magic
60 Dr Caldazor Sanitarium, treats rich illnesses and the insane with his experimental potions
61 Brother Calwyn, a old forest hermit friar knows many old faith treatments and cures
62 Bamble Rudge, rambling old heathen lives on moors in a turf hut, sells many odd things
63 Clarrisa Thune, reputed to lead coven of the old faith, sells potions from her cottage
64 Olrun Hawkwhistle, lives by the old standing stones and some say is really a druid
65 May Ramble, is a wild maiden who lives with animals in the woods and sells potions
66 Unrad Vaarglor, roams hills blessing cattle and sells charms and brews to commoners
67 Old Mave, a wise woman on the edge of the village acts as a midwife and sells potions
68 Scylla Stormwithch is a pagan priestess hated by local priests but commoners call on her
69 Zan Earthborne is a handsome bard of the old faith whe performs and sells magic
70 Kymora Willow, raised by an old heathen woman, now she sells potions from her shack
71 Robar Stumblebum, wizard schhol rop out manges to deal in petty magic from his house

72 Glimelda Corben, quit her wizard studies under her sleazy master and now runs a shop
73 Byron Thuneborn, operates shop on sly from abandoned buildings, fears his ex teacher
74 Cebella Taneldown, expelled for trading in potions has started her own sly magic shop
75 Geberon the Wise, sells hard grog, drugs and magic, was expelled for his addictions
76 Master Peldor, sells magic he obtains from lending money to wizard students
77 Lucretia Fantomos, rumoured ex necromancer, mortician and magic trader
78 Ebran the Old, toothless old wizard school dropout, with shop inside an old bridge
79 Enoch Hybor, runs a seedy magic shop and sells fake occult books and a few real items
80 Zodan the Mystic, became adventurer, never finished studies but trades magic items
81 Syrok Glan, former alchemist, couldn't afford to study but now trades in petty magic
82 Master Gyroc, secretly has an imp that helps him run his magic shop and make potions
83 Serena Sapphire, alchemists daughter, knows enough to sell petty magics and supplies
84 Kora Rann, expelled from alchemy school when her fake beard fell off, now has a shop
85 Lodon Mnar, dropped out of school, on good terms with old master who supplies potions
86 Vladek Ghuldan, sinister foreigner on run from homeland alchemist guild sells drugs
87 Barney Glumble, whose alchemist master died now he sells remnants of old stock
88 Erica Bright, stole her masters recipe book and now trades in petty potions and magic
89 Ceefer Cablar, survived masters accidental explosive death and now sells petty magic
90 Hrafnarl Kloran, alchemy student selling magic to help pay for his correspondence school
91 Master Han, shrine priest of the jug god sells strange potions and items on the side
92 Belor Vran,shrine attendant of the moon goddess, sells petty magic mostly in secret

93 Virago Slor, hearth goddess shrine maiden sells potions she cooks up and trades
94 Corben Rauss, serves rat god shrine in the sewers and also trades in petty magic
95 Fiona the White, cares for an obscure nature shrine and deals in odd petty magic

96 Master Thunn, reputed warlock of chaos, trades petty magic and curses
97 Heronymous VanBlan, reputed shrine master of sex cult trades in potions and drugs
98 Klaus Ebonthane, serves at sacrificial animal shrine, sells meat an petty magic
99 Vaugn Kravenheart, tends shrines of several petty gods who reward him with petty magic
100 Raven Dreadfang, serves shrines of petty dark goddesses and trades in lesser magic

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