Wednesday 8 June 2016

Settlements of Xor

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Send your XOR! requests for me to develop this setting
Just been sugested a electrical nerve region and heard about vagrant nerves that move about your body - medical practitioners and surgerey fan ideas welcome

When running a game of Xor you must insist on being called the meat master!

d10 Types of community

1 Nomad or hunters temporary camp site
2 Semi permanent camp possibly move seasonally
3 Cluster of shacks around a resource
4 Village with a light defensive wall
5 Large fortified village
6 Sprawling town
7 Fortified town
8 Citadel often grown or built on Xor
9 Castle or fortress
10 City with walled defenses

d10 Technology
1 Hopeless stranded people with no local survival skills and scraps of supplies
2 Hunter gatherers using bone, sinew, hair, teeth and other secretions of Xor
3 These people sculpt and grow Xor by living in harmony and everything is grown from Xor for them
4 A mixture of local technology with some expensive imported technology
5 A hybrid of local and imported technoloy
6 Local technology but with inclusion of recycled scraps like metal and glass used
7 Mostly local technology but have some metal and local materials to replace things used outside
8 Forigners importing everything and improvising a few local resources
9 Religious community that rely on priestly magic to feed everyone and use anything they can find
10 These peoples sculpt Xor to live in luxury and use best technology organic or otherwise. They have forgotten more than others have ever learned and might posses high tech and magic

d10 Local Defenses
1 Locals too lazy, starving, drugged or pacifistic too put up a fight or flee

2 Some local hunters and warriors defend tribe
3 Every male of age trains weekly and has a melee or missile weapon
4 All eligible males drill regularly and women train in missile weapons
5 Trained militia with armoury with some permanent on guard
6 Locals rely on pets or allies for self defense
7 Locals flee to defensive position with missile weapons

8 Militia and arms training for all plus specialist exotic troops or pets
9 Locals train daily and kill or enslave the weak - usualy classist and/or sexist
10 Locals have built well fortified walls and well drilled guards and stores for seige

d10 Local Specialist
1 A superior hunter well respected monster slayer

2 A cunning trickster who saved everyone with lies and tricks and murder
3 A wizard who defends and aids the locals
4 A sorcerer who is a respected cult leader and vice addict

5 A priest who preaches the traditional local religion
6 A new priest who introduces new ways to Xor
7 A druid who preserves the balance of community and nature
8 A wandering hero has been accepted by tribe for heroic deeds
9 A cunning business man who has improved local trade

10 A shapeshifter in human form has become a trusted community leader

d10 Interesting Local Resource

1 Fresh water either from a sunken flesh pocket of refined somehow
2 A tear duct where hormonal potions are gathered for trade
3 On route of migratory species which locals exploit
4 Have access to a underground trade route
5 Slaves found wandering are sold in markets and common

6 A viable meat mine feeds the populace with steaks and roasts
7 Is incredibly ancient with remnants of ancient inhabitants and lost vaults
8 A well full of blood feeds most of the populace used in all kinds of ways
9 Parasite herders keep mites, ticks and bugs for food
10 Local species used every day by locals for food, travel or war

d10 Local Problems
1 Everyone sick of local but reliable food source

2 Water is always short and precious
3 Local humanoid tribe competes for resources
4 Beastmen or orcs constantly raiding

5 A local monster receives sacrifices to leave people alone
6 Quakes have been increasing making area unsafe
7 Xor has illness or taint which must be found and healed
8 Some material resource is in high demand like metal
9 Outsiders infiltrating the community for the worst
10 Local meat caves or flesh tower a source of evil

I might finally write up a 100 foot high flesh cube of Xor as a dungeon and some tables for adventure generation. Some spells for the mysterious meat mages needed too. Beware the rancid meat sceptre of the beast!!!


  1. I've got an incomplete concept on Nerve-tapping neuronauts for Xor I'm typing up right now (it's been lurking about since the cults post). I'll keep it skimpy and conceptual only for now because I really want to see what yuo come up with.

  2. elictrical nerve stuff suggested by a reader on FB plus this

    The gut has a nervous system mostly independent of the central nervous system, called the enteric nervous system. The CNS keeps tabs via the vagus nerve, so called because it wanders about like a vagrant, all the way from the brain. Perhaps this can be incorporated in?

    Don't forget the lymphatic system - it transports white blood cells and also takes care of fat transportation. Lymph gets scoured at collections of lymph nodes, players could transport from one area to the other swiftly through the lymphatics, and get power-ups from the nodes.

    The kidneys, oddly, dump adrenaline into the bloodstream as well as the whole urine thing. The adrenal cortex sits on top of the kidney like a cap. Some kind of power-up? Awesome cells called podocytes wrap 'feet' around the blood vessels entering the kidney - the feet have slits the podocytes can open or close to control urine production. So awesome. Some kind of gatekeeper?


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