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Black Lotus Dreams

Ive long used black lotus in the tradition of pulp in my games. I also liked mythos drugs like leng dust, plutonian drug and space mead (which is more interesting in books than the game). Clark Ashton Smith used plenty of drug references. Yoon Suin is a pretty good read for lotus and tea effects. It will fit nicely under my crumbling empires under sway of drugs from a secret society from a subterranean city. It has lots of mythos horrors and underworld spirits on the loose too. Lotus in my setting is a dreamy narcotic found mostly in smoking resin but many variant strains are used. A hallucinogenic injectable or contact poison version are commonly used in Lotus lands. This table is used for misadventures with drugs and other tainted nightmare inducing magic. Good opportunity to inject history and horror.  You might assign these to a batch. Lotus is also used as a consumed universal material component especially by drugged cultists. Some cults teach using lotus is worth the risk for wisdom and enlightenment.

Chad suggested this for the record

Duration of trance
d4 1=d10 rounds 2=d10 ten minute turns 3=d10 hours 4=d10 days
Percieved duration
d4 1=d10 minutes 2=d10 hours 3=d10 days 4=lifetime

First batch of lotus
make a WIZ save or roll a hallucination
make a CON roll or throw up
make a WIZ save to see if hallucination leaves any personality changes

Large dose or more than three doses a day
make a WIZ save or roll a hallucination
make a CON roll or sleep for a d3 days
make a WIZ save to see if hallucination leaves any personality changes
make a WIZ save to resist addiction if not adicted already

Regular doses for regular use puts them into a d4 hour pleasant trance

d10 Side Effects
roll once a week if use more than three doses
1 Flatulent

2 Diarrhea
3 Sleepy
4 Hungry (plus weight gain)
5 Detachment
6 Feel no pain
7 Berserk rages
8 Hair and fingernails falls out
9 Hair and fingernails grow long
10 Obsession with sexual perversion

d10 Quick hallucination types
1 Nightmare dream horrors torment victim 
2 Visions of the past especially when old ones ruled
3 Torments from the underworld and the dead
4 Shadowy evil from the land of darkness
5 Own body distorted and mutated 
6 Spirits attracted to victim to torment
7 Devils in hell torment victim for sins
8 Another life in a foreign land or alien world
9 Dreamland of delusion and false desire
10 Unearthly clarity without emotion or attachment or desire

d100 Black Lotus Dreams
01 You are trapped in a nightmare where a horror stops you crossing a bridge
02 You are imprisoned in a tower by monsters and your every escape fails
03 A nightmare from your child hood torments you and kills your loved ones
04 Your loved ones are kidnapped and hidden by a taunting phantom
05 You are naked and stalked in a maze and killed again and again by a nightmare thing
06 A nightmare demon strips your humanity turning you into a shadow
07 Doppelgangers torment you and perform uncharacteristically vile deeds
08 You are perused in a cave by a hidden nightmare beast
09 A nightmare posing as a loved one assails you with nightmare horrors
10 A nightmare demon torments and changes you into a beast who kills your loved ones

11 Fetid misty fern forests where nightmare tings covort and writhe in a stone city
12 Dissected and tormented by elder things in a laboratory

13 Trapped in the floppy flaccid body of a elder being while its mind uses your body
14 Participate in a unholy screaming sabbat with animals, witches and demons
15 Trapped in a lifeless crumbling ruin in a strange body with inhuman mummy sarcophogi
16 Trapped in a beach where slimy lumps, sea scorpions and amphibians try to eat you
17 You are the play thing of a inhuman race for sex and torture in their unearthly citadel
18 Tentacled horrors grope and molest you while you run around a dark fleshy cavern
19 The sun is black and millions of chittering demons swarm in the sky over a temple
20 Icy frozen dark plain crawling with shaggy horned horrors mad with hunger
21 Ghost of your family are suffering in underworld and blame you for failing your sacrifices 
22 Judge of the dead shows what sinners like you will face in underworld
23 Death challenges you to a game where your dead loved ones are pawns
24 Underworld demon torments souls of your loved ones forcing you to watch
25 In the garden of the underworld you meet a perfect mate but discover they are long dead
26 Underworld judge places you in a eternally recursive loop where you suffer same fate
27 Underworld judge shows you how others suffered terrible fates to save you as infant
28 Demons throw you naked in pit forcing you to wrestle a mirror opposite of yourself
29 Demons strip you of your items and clothes at each gate till you are naked and dead
30 Demons abuse your loved ones while you are bound and have eyelids cut off
31 In a lightness void being hunted by unseen beast that bites and claws your naked body
32 Shadows of your loved ones and allies torment you in a maze of darkness
33 Dark tentacles pull you into the primal depths to face the elder gods
34 The great dragon of darkness burns away your flesh again and again
35 A demon of darkness swallows you into it's feeding pits where your soul is digested
36 You are a shadow walking in the ruins of the world in eternal night
37 You are perused in a dark forest by a shadowy strange beast
38 Darkness pours into your body eating your soul and turning you into a shadow
39 Dark demons carry you into the starry void of space showing you meaninglessness
40 You cross the universe and travel to a planet spanning palace of the demon of darkness
41 You are a spirit while everything else is frozen driving you to dispair
42 Your body becomes a gelatinous mass and you try to communicate and flail helplessly
43 Your skin is torn off and you brain is exposed, you see mysteries of the cosmos
44 You become a beast and you act like a specific animal spirit occupies your body
45 You melt into a pool of coloured liquid light and you perceived coloured patterns
46 You can perceive the universe vibrate, you feel nausea and increase in air pressure
47 Your brain, eyes and nervous system escape your body and is lost in a astral reality
48 Your higher soul ascends leaving you trapped in your rotting shambling mumbling corpse
49 You transform into a hungry carnivorous reptilian who hates mammals
50 You burst into flames and the sensation torments your souls screaming
51 A malevolent spirit chases you through your memories tormenting you
52 A ancient elder ghost takes your body and tries to commit suicide while you watch
53 A hideous evil spirit takes you to it's awful lair to use you as a concubine
54 A spirit hurls you into a pit of snakes and talks about all your failures
55 A dark spirit offers to release you if you serve it in the waking world
56 Evil spirit tells you the hopelessness of your goals showing demons ready to impede you
57 A spirit takes half your body and you fight yourself in a nightmare battle
58 Dream spirit torments you with visions where you make everything worse
59 A horrible hungry ghost occupies you and you desire to gorge yourself impossibly
60 A spirit takes your soul o it's lair and implants lesser spirits inside you that cause phobias
61 Devils stuff you with live toads, worms and excrement to punish your gluttony
62 Devils grope and molest you forcing to watch in a mirror for vanity
63 Devils torment you in beds of fire, leeches, spikes and other horrors for sloth
64 Devils torment you by nailing trophies, crowns and medals to your flesh
65 Devils feed you tasty delights while you cry, too bloated to move while your works burn
66 Devils laugh while you bezerkly massacre loved ones and innocents
67 Devils maim and cripple you while you watch others feast and celebrate your state
68 Devils having taken your own form torture, mutilate and molest you
69 Devils torture you while telling how your every achievement will be undone and fail
70 Devils torture you while beggars throw filth and abuse at you and eat scraps 
71 You live as peasant farmer in a strange land till one day you try some black lotus
72 You live as a spoiled king bored with your life of pleasure and opulence
73 You serve cults of the elder gods murdering, screaming and performing vile acts
74 You live as a wild forest person roaming the woods and performing savage rituals
75 You live as a ancient sorcerer serving revolting gods for power
76 You spent a life serving the lotus cult and it's secret masters from under the mountain 
77 You live as a crippled beggar in some city far across the world
78 You live as a slave in a long ago temple complex eventually being sacrificed
79 You live as a witch spreading curses and corruption til you are caught and burned
80 You live a privileged life in a temple till sacrificed to a horrible elder god
81 You frolic in a wonderland of magical food while your body eats nearby stuff
82 You are in a strange world full of mutants and dinosaurs
83 You wander in a huge treasure vault where you find all your dreams
84 You are in a alien library avoiding some inhuman guardian creature
85 You are in a heaven full of attractive concubine servitors who worship you
86 You are in a weird drug den occupied by alien beings and strange spirits
87 You wander a strange market populated by creepy goblins selling strange things
88 You wander the bazaar of a strange foreign city where you don't speak the language
89 You fall into a haunted cavern full of gibbering and meeping horrors
90 You are lost in a strange misty forest with sounds of scurrying creatures
91 You experience the void and eternal non existence
92 You are tiny rodent sized being in the celestial temple of the dark gods
93 You are one with a universe of refracted light rays from holy gems
94 You are one with thousands of people inhaling lotus smoke
95 You feel the eternal recursion of the universe leaving you cold and detached
96 You become one with thousands of deities moving through celestial spheres
97 You commune with your own spirit that gives you personal advice
98 You experience a life time of vice and depravity then feel uninterested in pleasure
99 You feel a lifetime as a god ruling a heaven then return uninterested in ambition
100 You battle a demon of wrath among the million spheres returning unable to feel anger

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  1. 'I was stared at, hooted at, grinned at, chattered at, by monkeys, by parroquets, by cockatoos. I ran into pagodas, and was fixed for centuries at the summit or in secret rooms: I was the idol; I was the priest; I was worshipped; I was sacrificed. I fled from the wrath of Brama through all the forests of Asia: Vishnu hated me: Seeva laid wait for me. I came suddenly upon Isis and Osiris: I
    had done a deed, they said, which the ibis and the crocodile trembled at. I was buried for a thousand years in stone coffins, with mummies and sphynxes, in narrow chambers at the heart of eternal pyramids. I was kissed, with cancerous kisses, by
    crocodiles; and laid, confounded with all unutterable slimy things, amongst reeds and Nilotic mud...'

    - Thomas De Quincey, 'Confessions of an English Opium Eater', 1821

  2. Cool ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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