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D100 Things found on monsters tabletops or in lairs

Have not done any dungeon trappings tables in a while. Hope to play DnD again soon possibly a new area of my setting or develop a new one or dig out a old one. Am getting some good ideas.

d10 Quick things found on monsters tabletops or in lairs
1 Light source or related materials
2 Documents
5 Rations

 Work tools
 Home tools
10 Something nasty

D100 Things found on monsters tabletops or in lairs
01 Candles d4 1=stubs 2=single large 3=2d6 candles 4=d12 candle candelabra
02 Simple clay oil lamp and 1d6 hours of oil (not very flammable)
03 Brass household lamp
04 Tin lantern d4 1=camp lamp 2=mining helmet 3=coach lamp 4=
05 Wooden torches in bundle of 1d6, smokey if poorly ventilated
06 Elaborate smallish ornamental lamp
07 Skull used as candle holder covered in melted wax with 1d6 candles intact
08 Glowing flower of faerie realm pining for the sun 
09 Luminescent mushroom in a pot
10 Jar of glowing liquid 
11 Letter from kin d4 1=ma&pa love you 2=dishonour1 3=tragedy 4=death
12 A personal journal from some literate person could be any age
13 Map d4 1=treasure 2=local area 3=kingdom 4=indoor area 5=dungeon location
14 Trashy printed booklet from famed debauched city 
15 Scrolls in jars or tubes d4 1=legal 2=receipts 3=religious 4= propaganda
16 Soiled prints of scenes illustrating a scandalous book in envelope, possibly illegal
17 Orders from bosses d4 1=monster roster 2=secret info 3=mission 4=warning
18 Crumbling old tablets in forgotten languages
19 A popular holy book with woodblock prints and family tree written inside
20 Mystical document 1=soothsayer warning 2=prayer 3=fragment of a spell 4=cantrip
21 Knife d4 1=rusty 2=bronze 3=iron 4=steel 1in6 are ornamental
22 Dagger d4 1=rusty 2=bronze 3=iron 4=steel 1in6 are ornamental
23 Rod a 30cm-1m fighting stick d4 1=ash 2=pine 3=oak 4=yew as used by sub-bosses
24 Whip 1=horse whip 2=bullwhip 3=cat-o-nine tails 4=fail
25 Hatchet suitable for melee or throwing possibly stuck in table
26 Ammo d4 1=knives 2=shuriken 2=bolts 3-arrows 4=darts 5=sling stones 6=rocks
27 Mace d4 1=stone  2=copper 3=bronze 4=iron 5=flanged 6=morningstar
28 Improvised melee weapon d4 1=club 2=chain 3=lasso 4=big rock
29 Other melee weapon d4 1=flail, 2 battleaxe 3=spear 4=bow (various types)
30 Sword d4 1=short 2=long 3=sabre 4=executioner two handed sword
31 Shiny metal buckler as used by city duellists
32 Crude wooden tribal buckler with carved face
33 Small round wooden shield with metal boss, art and metal rim and leather
34 Crude square wooden shield with some leather  
35 A knightly target shield with family crest
36 A large kite shield good to cover horse while retreating and foe walls
37 A round shield like a hoppilite of viking style
38 Helmet d6 1=leather cap 2=iron&felt hat 3=horned cap 4=steel cap 5=knight 6=jousting
39 Curiass chest plate d4 1=leather 2=riveted linen 3=bronze 4=steel 
40 Gauntlets d4 1=leather 2=studded 3=chain 4=plate all with leather palms for grip
41 Water supply d4 1=bucket & ladel 2=small barrel & cup 3=water skin 4=jug and cup 
42 Box with seven days of dried camp biscuit made from dried hide with grains 
43 Haunch of roast meat with some bite or cut marks, not sure the species
44 A coil of sausages, smoked and preserved, just not sure what kind
45 A huge grub or bug in a jar or roasted on a stick
46 Jar of pickles d4 1=dill cucumbers 2=eggs 3=onions 4=mustard pickles of mixed veg
47 Meat on a stick d6 1=rat 2=lizard 3=rabbit 4=frog 5=human fingers 6=dog paws
48 Big bowl of groats made from grains just add water, milk or salt or berries to taste
49 Piles of unclean dishes and cups in a heap
50 Big pot of beans, reduces your sneaking chances if eaten
51 Common gardening tools like spade, shears, bucket, hoe, seeds, bulbs, pots 
52 Builders tools like measuring string, plans, charcoal, trowel, chalk, hammer, nails
53 Miners tools like helmet, lamp, pick, spade, mineral samples, acid, dustmask
54 Lumberers tools including saws, axes, ropes, steaks, hatchets, hat, bottle of syrup
55 Masons tools like hammers, chisels, ropes, cords, samples of stone, drawings
56 Hunters tools including d6 traps, butchery knives, scraper, net, line, bait, hides, horns
57 Slavers tools like chains, manacles, yoke, keys, brands, ropes, blindfolds
58 Seamen or fishermen tools like knife, ropes, line, fish, hooks, marlinspike, baling hook
59 Animal handlers tools like saddles, harnesses, hides, meat, brands, bloodline chart
60 Merchants tools like scales, weights, bags, string, bags, stamp, stencil, sign, goods 
61 Medical tools like bandages, saws, belts, thread, rags, alcohol, hammer, knives
62 Cooking tools like pots, pans, knives. kettles, herbs, spices, recipe book, leftovers
63 Torture tools like chains, thumbscrews, brands, hammers, saws, sack of rats, brazier 
64 Musical tools like drums, flutes, bagpipes, horns, lutes, pan pipes, whistle, sheet music  
65 Carpenters tools including plane, lathe, hatchet, saw, files, hand drill and wood items
66 Artist tools like easel, paint, brushes, eggs, oils, canvas, wood, stone, chisel,drawings
67 Accounting tools like a abacus, ledger, stationary, nice quill, ink, wax, I.O.U.s
68 Clothiers tools including thread, needles, loom, spinning wheel, fabric, leather, frames
69 Scribe equipment like paper, wax, quills, pen knife, stylus, clay, notebooks, books
70 Scholar tools including stacks of old books and scrolls, many in strange languages
71 A hat full of numbered balls or coloured stones used for votes, duties or bingo
72 Board game with carved figures similar to chess variant or backgammon or checkers
73 Jacks or knuckle bones or marbles or bone dice for gambling
74 Deck of cards d4 1=crude bone chits 2=tattered & old 3=hand painted 4=block printed
75 Wooden toy d4 1=spinning top 2=doll 3=moving erotic figurine 4=tow weapons for kids
76 Puppets mostly articulated wood or cloth, often include monsters and adventurers
77 Carved tiny soldier figures with fort carry case, tiny trees, paints, brushes, dice
78 Fire crackers saved for special occasion or possibly smoke or stink bombs
79 Pipes for smoking from wood, horn, clay, glass or metal with stash tin, tinderbox, stoker
80 Lab d6 1=herbalist 2=poison 3=medicine 4=drugs 5=brewery 6=distillery
81 Hunting trophy d4 1=head 2=stuffed beast 3=stuffed badly 4=ears 5=fingers 6=scalps
82 Ancestral idols including clay or wood figures or teeth used for ancestral cult
83 Small religious idol for household shrine or personal use
84 Small statuette of monster used as charm to keep monster away or just a collectible
85 Tiny pornographic figurines with lewd faces, banned but easy to sell 
86 Small strange pet restrained with leash or cage or box with some food nearby
87 Holy symbol d4 1=local cult 2=foreign cult 3=taken from good victim 4=collection of 2d6
88 Coins mostly copper of many ages and nationalities
89 Interesting hand warn stones from different areas including a fossil or fools gold
90 Odd collection d4 1=pinned insects 2=monster toenails 3=teeth 4=skulls
91 Magical lab d4 1=head shrinking 2=makes one potion 3=alchemy 4=dissections
92 Black magic ritual materials including pentacles, candles, goat skulls, mushrooms
93 Divination stuff like notebooks, charts, knives, bowls, dice, pendulums, coins, cards
94 Horrid collection d4 1=mutant babies 2=genitals 3=brains 4=baby monsters
95 Antiquarian collection of ancient tablets, idols documents and scholarly pamphlets
96 Personal shrine to a leader or someone the owner is stalking with creepy fan journal
97 Something shrunk or trapped in bottle d4 1=real ship 2=faerie 3=sorcerer 4=spirit
98 Study place of magic student with cantrip or prayer book and ritual paraphernalia
99 Strange elder idol causes nightmare and evil dreams that teach cult mysteries
100 Skeletons and fossils some incorrectly assembled with drawings and anatomy book

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  1. fantastic table this, great for filling in the minutia of dungeon treasure



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