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1d100 Angry Mobs

Mobs are common in cities and happening daily in big cities like Rome. They are easy to set off and many towns are full of tension that can easily boil over to violence. The first tables are to create a randomish mob, the full d100 is example mobs that could lead to adventures or subplots

d.10 Quick mob find a victim
1 Witch
2 Local Monster
3 Gods offended by pride
4 Local loner d4 1=homeless 2=scholar 3=old person 4=
5 Local sinner angered heaven
6 Local spell caster gone wrong
7 Evil from the bowels of underworld
8 Non humans
9 Corrupted church
10 Angry dead

1d10 Quick mob leader
1 Local respected family leader and concerned parent
2 Local hellfire calling priest
3 Professional witch hunter or inquisitor
4 Local commoner speaks for fears of the mob
5 A sadist uses accusations of evil to avenge themself on others
6 A mad youth having fits and visions is interpreted by mob hysteria as targets
7 A mentally ill person who imagines they are a victim of crime or witchcraft
8 A demagogue from among the mob emerges driving them on
9 A cultist trying to turn commoners of mob evil
10 Local power mad leader using imaginary fears and mob to gain more power

1d10 Quick proof for mob?
1 Convinced by visions that gods want them gone
2 Had a strange dream they were in league with evil
3 Is really really certain they are up to no good
4 Gets a funny feeling when see them
5 Victim has assets that community members want to steal
6 Troublemaker d4 1=defies authority 2=disrespect church 3=foreign 4=questions local wisdom
7 Victim branded a criminal and already tried guilty
8 Strange omens interpreted by folk divination
9 Stranger seen doing funny things!
10 Victim d4 1=lower class 2=not local 3=no family 4=disabled

1d10 Quick mob intent
1 Beat victim to inch of life and leave on edge of local area
2 Humiliate with stocks for d6 days then dump on border or region
3 Drag to local noble to judge or imprison
4 Drag to church for religious approval for mob
5 Mutilate the victim and drive from area d4 1=face tatoo 2=missing body part 3=scars 4=branding
6 Imprison victim 1d6 months d4 1=pit 2=cave 3=cellar 4=grain silo
7 Humilate till get bored d4 1=tar&feather 2=throw in pig shit 3=stoning 4=public flogging
8 Common execution d4 1=hanging 2=beating 3=strangling 4=drowning
9 Brutal execution d4 1=beheading 2=disemboweling 3=impaling 4=saw or tear to bits
10 Burn in a bonfire

1d10 Quick mob requests if they meet adventurers
1 Party must be for us and join us or against us and with them
2 Party must join us and actively take a lead in violence
3 Are you strangers in league with the evil ones?
4 If party have reputations or superior arms asked to lead the mob
5 Request join us or give us your weapons, rope, fuel, torches
6 Offer party torches and rocks to join them
7 Ask party to be witnesses in case of legal consequences of lynching
8 Does party have any spare magic power or items they could lend to mob?
9 Command trouble makers surrender to their authority till trouble blows over
10 Surrender to the mob justice or face their wrath!

1d10 Quick mob overenthusiasm
1 Beat up a few people on the way who might kinda look like intended victim
2 Smash and damage businesses and homes on way to
3 Start a fire and burn property on the way to get victim
4 Open churches and run about with holy symbols and treasures
5 Beat up some other undesirables for a warm up
6 All gotten really drunk
7 All wear hoods and masks and have become a secret society
8 Have brought along lots of viscous dogs
9 Burning and smashing effigies of target
10 Have made signature prop for members d4 1=facepaint 2=hat 3=badge 4=weapon

1d10 Mob Arms 
Basic mob carry sticks and clubs

1 Sticks and rocks
2 Shepherds weapons including staves and slings
3 Farmers weapons like pole arms, flails, scythes, sickles, clubs, maul
4 Hunting weapons with a few bows and spears and knives
5 A few beadles, bailiffs and the sheriff help a stick wielding mob
6 Militiamen among mob with leather armour, spears, shields, daggers
7 A few old veterans with professional soldier kit and possibly a few horses
8 A few of lords men have got caught up with chain, crossbows, spears, swords
9 Religious pilgrims have got involved with staves, flails, maces, crossbows and daggers
10 A local magician is helping the mob

1d100 Angry Mobs
1 Mob of commoners have decided to get rid of the old woman living alone on edge of town
2 Mob of farmers convinced magic has attacked crops are hunting for witches
3 Shepherds think that someone is a werewolf and are looking for hairy people
4 Fishermen think locals secretly helping evil fishmen and providing them with children
5 Dairy farmers outraged by cows drying up seek a hidden sorcerer from area
6 Disappearing things bother everyone but not affecting one house which must be to blame
7 Local wizards experiment got loose, monsters and wizards all must die
8 Witch hunter leads mob as a scam to blackmail and rob victims
9 Witch hunter serving true church seeks enemies of religion or heretics
10 Exorcist priest convinced trouble caused by possessed agents of local lord
11 Templars back from crusade lead mob to destroy forces of evil
12 Lumberjacks sick of elf tricks are gonna find all elf sympathisers
13 Miners are sick of dwarves and gnomes stealing the best mineral veins
14 Local cooks and housewives sick of hobbits eating the best food
15 Militia men lead mob seeking a foreigner, probably a enemy spy
16 Sheriff and men leading locals to dispatch a bandit gang
17 Commoners outraged by new tax going to march on lord with petition
18 Lords men with mob seeking deserters from military recruiters
19 Lords men with warrant and mob looking for escaped fugitives, enemies of the crown/
20 Mob is charmed by a faerie being of one gender and driving mob to attack local polluters
21 Druid of the old faith stirred up mob against church who destroyed druid monolith
22 Drunken mob from a local festival looking for who stole their grog
23 Flagellants lead peasants in mob with ecstatic self abuse
24 Plague doctors come with miracle cure looking for plague carriers who must be burned by experts
25 Local gang have convinced mob that the local sheriff is the real crook
26 Bard lead teens and children on rampage stealing food, dancing and swearing
27 Goblins have drugged villagers with mushrooms and lead them to smashing up town for fun
28 Necromancer has raised zombie ancestors of villagers who now follow and obey the wizard
29 A visiting wizard sets a local mob against a nearby wizard so he can nab all the books and flee
30 A sorcerer has locals hooked on drugs and amazed by illusions and now follow him in a mob
31 Local witches pretend to be witch hunters and get mob to kill anti witch forces in area
32 Imp in form of animal miraculously point mob to evil doers who are then hung and robbed
33 Two local mobs circle each other ready to kill each other in bloody battle over differences
34 Two local mobs meet for annual brawl over a trophy bag of dried peas, takes several days
35 Drunken carnival revelling out of control acts attack those who don't join in madness
36 Plaguebearers fornicating, fighting, eating all attack those who don't join in madness
37 Puritanical old ladies lead mob to destroy local tavern and other places of indecency
38 Adventurers lead mob tearing up houses and digging holes looking for gremlins
39 Old ladies now after music, lead a mob searching for bards, written music and instruments to burn
40 Peasant mob out to destroy civic records in name of freedom, young demagogues from city lead
41 Peasants outraged over land division system changes, out to smash new border stones
42 Family of hicks thought to be part fish folk need to be burned, mob is busy gathering torches
43 Old lady in area thought to be witch and new priest is leading masked congregation members
44 Strange teenager wears too much black or something, must be a witch, local mob ready for action
45 Pa and Pa have no family left and locals want their land, greedy leader provokes mob with lies
46 Drunk and high sorcerer using illusions to lead a violent mob across countryside for fun
47 Local snobs are sick of shanty town of immigrants so have formed a secret society to lead a mob
48 Local trader hates freeloading homeless drunks, has accused them of committing terrible crime
49 Local mad Dr loved by locals who willingly hunt and kill anything he tells them
50 Local guys out to beat every non local man they can find fer lookin at their womens!
51 Local fishermen sick of badluck found scapegoat to punish and accuse of being part fish
52 Zealous new priest wants to lead local people into the beast men holy ground in blood season
53 Local priest tried to convert a ogre which instead ate some kids, now mob destroying church
54 Locals have heard of a funny hermit nearby and all keen to see him off
55 Two local gangs feud over a games rules and incite a riot over which is one true rule set
56 Local hermit has got several women pregnant time to throw him down a well
57 Horse riding hooded swordsmen burn and execute locals they deem impure
58 Local bandits have convinced villagers to join them and destroy town and kill sheriff
59 Religious zealots discover kids plan on having fun so lead mob to round all kids up and beat them
60 Cult psychopomp has taken over area with drugs and elder horrors, now insane mob just destroy
61 Puritanical sect plan to burn all books that mob can seize from anywhere
62 Heretic youth preaching church is hoarding secret luxuries, incites mob to seize goods
63 Village out killing any animal that could be a familiar or intelligent led by unstable zealot
64 Mad witch hunter convinced everyone fornicating in forest plans on busting a witch coven
65 Mad church elder convinced a village child is a imp and wants to test all local kids with dunking
66 Village elder believes locals keep sinful pamplets from city and wants mob to collect them all
67 Militia and sheriff making house by house search for unstamped goods, locals ready to riot
68 Armed commoners fearing disarmament marching on lords estate
69 Local scholar convinced has found new true heir of region rouses locals to revolt
70 Mob believe locals are feeding vampires and need to be staked and burned
71 A youthful bard from city convinces villagers in world wide revolution against the rich
72 Villagers have been tricked to burning a sylvan grove by dark elf changelings with plans
73 Madman convinced a third of locals secretly a cabal of changelings
74 A changeling in human guise convinced a mob of hunters to kill it's arch enemy
75 Ugly locals accused of being part orc being rounded up to be put in stocks to humiliate and beat
76 Furious elders lead church congregation to drive out adventurers and mercenaries
77 Puritans out to enforce ban on smoking and dancing and bear bating search town
78 Hypnotist convinces mob they are his loyal zombies and he marches them on local leaders
79 Druid has had enough and has followers destroy the new church and priests
80 Village sects quarreling in streets about to explode into brutal riot
81 Inquisitor of Law comes to hunt for chaos, uses mob to find signs of the unclean among them
82 Merchants lead mob by fear of price speculation to destroy new local industry
83 Local parents ready to beat those poets camping in the willow grove
84 Some one has been getting all the fish and mob of local fishermen forms to get them
85 Upstream damned or irrigated water and locals howling for blood follow a angry jerk
86 Crusading old people form mob to find who is spreading vice into area
87 Mob of youths listening to bards and drinking get mad when sheriff tries to send them home
88 Adults killed witch who gave treats to local kids, now the kids run riot and burning buildings
89 Fans of famous bard, show cancelled has turned mob angry enough to destroy inn
90 Locals want to lynch taxman a act of treason, several leaders try to sway mob to them
91 Moralist mob want to beat people who swear, smoke, snort snuff or read lurid pamphlets
92 Religious students learn some people not preying enough so seek mob to forcibly re-baptise them
93 Drunken mob looking for fight will start hurling empty jugs and jars and bottles if not given grog
94 Old moralist woman leads mob who wish to castrate sleazy men who disrespect local ladies
95 Furious prostitutes complain village tab too high and are ready to burn it to ground
96 Hungry mob search for secret food hoarders but start thinking cannibalism of strangers tempting
97 Riot between those tainted by fish folk bloodline versus those resisting conversion
98 While anti witch mob meet and yell, witches drop spells on them with a broomstick flyover
99 A demon in the village has stirred up mob into tearing up streets and brawling
100 Deranged man convinced reptile folk hidden among people and his mob are ready to strike

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