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D100 Towers part one

Desert hexcrawl - i did about a dozen here
Temporate hexcrawl
Frozen fun hexcrawl
In progress now - a few of mine

found an unfinished gammaworld one i might try to revive - just as good for weird fantasy worlds - dead since april

Been sick and working and moving. Teaching job cancelled due too lack of enrollments (paid my rent and restaurants for over 6 years). Move over and new home is awesome as i have friends, good food, a gaming club downstairs and my books on shelves after 3 years in boxes. Will be blogging now this overblown post mostly done. Some difficulties ahead but im optimistic. Trying to walk to bank and chemist today - was invited to paint wall today but doubt i can move enough.

This is dedicated to two towers of dads homeland Estonia - the fat margaret and kiek in der koch (above) in Tallinn. Named because you could peek in the kitchens of houses.

If results contradictory pick best result or go crazy trying to justify it

Tower Age or Style d10
1 Ancient 400+
2-3 Antique 100-400 years
4-6 Vintage 50-100 years
7-10 Modern last 50 years

Tower Height and width
1d6+2 - exploding d6 so roll extra d6 on a 6 result till your over it
many towers have very high ceilings so feel free to halve floors per story
1d4 sub levels possible
1d6+1 x10 wide, explode dice once or or more if desired

Shape 1d20
1-10 Round
10 Triangle
11-15 Square
16-17 Rectangle
18 Pentagon
19 Hexagon
20 Octagon

Tower Condition d20
cover is a measure of weatherproofing, rooms with ceilings and how sheltered the structure is. Optional.

1 Crumbled ruins 10% under cover
2-3 Intact ruins 50% under cover
4 Shambling mess of garbage 30% cover
5-6 Decayed over time 90% cover
7-8 Flooded and water damaged 75% cover
9-12 Burned out 50% cover
13-14 Vandalism and graffiti 96% cover
15 Rotten, bug ridden, collapsing 75% cover
16 Partially Collapsed 30% cover
17-19 Abandoned, dusty and mostly intact 100% cover
20 Immaculate and well cared for 100% cover

Interesting tower features d20
1 Attached to building like a church, store house or barracks
2 On remains of ancient ruins
3 Heavily fortified vs siege with oil, balistia, molten lead, spikes, etc
4 Charmingly decorated with gargoyles, paintings, relief art and ornamental features
5 Decorated to be grim and frightening with gibbets, heads on pikes, demon faces, etc
6 No doors, possibly some windows on upper levels for those who like privacy
7 Drawbridge and moat
8 Animal nest like ravens, beehives, pigeons, giant eagles or griffon nests
9 Covered in vegetation like vines or tower is a tree, or a greenhouse on top
10 Surrounded by graves
11 Has a lamp, bell or other signal device
12 Twin towers near by, possibly joined
13 Gatehouse possibly a toll house or controls local passage
14 Actually a windmill or waterwheel mill or converted from one
15 Cracked and damaged from age, war or poor building, possibly ruined
16 Execution and prison facilities
17 Secret exits and tunnels beneath
18 Covered in banners, flags,sheids and other heraldic doodads
19 Observatory or airship/baloon/ornithopter dock on top
20 Tower has a lean or can rotate or a elevator or some bizarre building feature

D100 Towers

1 Necromancers tower - reeks of death and surrounded by graves and funerary ornaments. A death wizard and his followers dwell here to work forbidden arts in privacy. Also has undead aplenty as servants and guards and commands terrible death magics.

2 Fire elementalist tower - reeks of sulpher and smoke with hint of spices and oil. Walls burnt and sulpher coated with burned patches of ground around. A fire wizard and his followers live here, researching pyromancer battle magic and planing future campaigns. Some fire monsters as vassals.

3 Air elementalist tower - surrounded by playful zephyzs, strange music and birds. Strange vapours and clouds in area. A wind wizard and his followers live here, contemplating the weather and wonders of the sky. Some may have airship, balloon or creature nest for air transport. Windmills, flags or a weather vane possible. Air creatures as vassal also.

4 Water elementalist tower - surrounded by a mote or lake or with a stream or well or coast nearby. Area is damp and possibly drizzling or shrouded in fog. A water wizard dwells here with followers researching hydromancy and and mysteries of seas and water ways. Some may have a boat or subterranean waterway sub pen or exit. Water wheel, flowing water fountains and other features possible. Water and amphibious creatures are guardians.

5 Earth  elementalist tower - surrounded by wall or boulders or monoliths, often near cliffs or on hilltop. Possibly area has sculpted earth works and cut turf art. An earth wizard dwells here with his followers researchin geomancy and the secrets of minerals. Some may have caves or mines beneath them. Blacksmithy, smelter and refinery all possible too. Earth and subterranean creatures are guardians.

6 Summoner tower - caller and binder of otherworldly beings from the outer planes. Often covered in runes with sigils in various metals and semiprecious stones. Strange scents of other worlds from sulpher to cinnamon or incense to fresh bread. The summoner may limit himself to own alignment or opposite alignment. A Diabilist calls devils and demonologist calls demons. A Balance-Middle one manipulates any freely. An evil or good men may summon an angel but with different approaches. Summoners have many strange followers. The greatest call the lords of hell or beasts and might even try the gods.

7 Lich tower - a fearsome cold place often lacking a door or long sealed. Local life tries but dies off leaving dead plants and bones everywhere in area. The tower is of a long lost era a d4 thousand years earlier. He studies and kepps up with scrying the outside world. May even have agents living or dead. Mostly everyone who deals with them passes on eventually. A lich will easily drive of a party and may want to terrorize a victim but they never last long enough. If a party gives cause o be remembered he will send spectral assassins or demons or elementals  after them.

8 Elf tower - often a tree fort but many elves build elegant slender towers of great beauty. Such places are ancient and often prehuman with +1d6 floors (possibly in branches). The elves light or dark will have all the living creatures of the tree domesticated. Birds, squirrels, wasp nests all may serve the elves. The entrances are hidden and inside are beautiful and grown by skilled tree tamers. The elves are usually lightly undermanned and sections become inhabited by other critters like giant beetles, spiders, weasels or some such beasts.

9 Dwarf tower- a solid tower +1d6x10ft wider than normal, and twice as resilient to harm, including from arial and subterranean attack. Clanging of forges are sometimes heard and the sounds of dwarves training, but sometimes these are sounds of ghosts.  Goblins and undead sometimes infest such structures. Traps, secret doors and various guardian creatures inside.

10 Kingdoms watchtower - a tower of the kingdoms of humans, past or present. A solid practical building in good condition. Attended by soldiers, alert and possibly isolated from home. Often such towers are ruined and occupied by d8 1=bandits 2=beserkers 3=hermits 4=runaway children 5=orcs 6=cultists 7=degenerate or crazy old dwarves 8=dwarf soldiers

11 Basalt tower of serpent men - a prehuman ruin made from a single piece of black volcanic stone by unknown means. Usually unadorned and worn by elements into an irregular shape over time. A smell of reptile house and aura of ancestral memory dread fills air. It may be hard to tell long abandoned from used to humans. Serpent men of different epochs vary greatly. d6 1=Advance science with crystalline ray guns 2=science and sorcery 3=degenerate albinos with a single true blood 4=hybrid human cult 5=undead lizards 6=lone shape shifter.

12 Hell tower - a red hued tower with a huge face of horror with a portcullis gate for a mouth. Cruel spikes, tattered red banners and cries and moans from within. Area burned and smells of sulpher. Inside ornaments depicting torture of humans by devils. Some towers actually are linked to hell or plane shift back and forth. Inhabitants vary. 1=anti paladin and war band with devil familiar 2=medium devil with squad of lesser devils on maneuvers 3=cult with some devilish familiars 4=some devils busy torturing 5=hellhound or devilcat 6=a evil wizard with devil companions and charmed mistreated slaves

13 Ravens tower - a black tower surrounded by ravens, nearby trees decorated with gibbets with raven pecked rotten corpses. Area stinks of death with a palpable aura of fear in the air.  A place of evil and foul magics. Such places are sacred to underworld gods. 1d6 1=harpy nest 2=witches coven 3=cultist sects 4=black knight and bandis 5=necromancer and undead followers 6=an avian demon dwels here

14 Ghost tower - a pale tower, shrouded by mist, broken bones litter the area. Long abandoned and undisturbed, foul spirits lurk here often guarding lost treasure and secrets. Living shun this evil silent place. 1d6 1=ghost cursed for evil deeds 2=phantoms living as they did in past 3=poltergiest hurl objects at intruders and scare them 4=skeleton soldiers led by skeleton warrior 5=spectre with undead servants 6=shadows await living to feed from

15 Flesh tower - a grotesque quivering living flesh tower growing from the earth. The door is the mouth and inside is mucous covered wet flesh. Left by a chaos god or crazed biomancer this place is disturbing to behold. An ecology of creatures live inside its wet interior including parasites, worms, and others. 1d6 1=kobolds nest 2=goblin clan 3=a minor demon 4=crazed magician 5=blood druid caring for this living wonder 6=sentient flesh golem

16 Tree tower - a huge tree grown over millennium and with a complete ecology of fauna and interior chambers. Glowing with life and crawling with critters. Some might mistake for just a big tree. Inside riddled with chambers from roots to the crown. 1d6 1=dark elves 2=bright elves 3=intelligent animals 4=druids keep some secret here 5=beast men 6=goblins

17 Cyclopean tower - built from massive irregular stones sandwiched together somehow. A wonder of ancient engineering, possibly built by pre-humans. Seems long abandoned and unoccupied on first glance. 1=Beast men with magician 2=cave men with shaman 3=hideous demonic tentacled toad, forgotten spawn of elder god 4=undead of some ancient empire or prehuman civilization 5=ogre clan have adopted as home 6=cyclops shepherd and his flock, possibly some captives

18 Stone age tower - moulded from stone by prehistoric magicians, survived several ice ages. Black crudely wrought stone, surrounded by bare stone and gravel, with possibly wells, pits and stone foundations of prehistoric village. Cold and foreboding, possibly sealed for millennium. 1d8 1=lich, possible insane or even no longer able to cast spells 2=cavemen weights hungry for living 3=Hibernating Ice trolls awaken when door opened 4=mammoth skeleton with cavemen zombies 5=stone golem guardian 6=stone giant guardian 7=Undead ogres 8=dracolich

19 Crystal tower - elegant crystal minaret with high windows and fine crystal lace structures. A beautiful wonder like never seen before. Quartz gravel and crystal shards and growths cover ground around it. Some have colored hues, smell sweet and even sing. Made by prehuman magic as a place of seclusion. Chambers are crystal grottos, often with running water. 1d6 1=Slowly dwindling kindly Elves with at least one unicorn 2=crystal men from elemental plane of earth, hostile to meat beings 3=Winged elves from dawn time make beautiful music here 4=Wizard with his students, generally not interested in visitors 5=A goddess comes here to bathe and relax in peace 6=A crystal golem guards the entrance

20 Bone tower - a tower built from moulded bones by some god or necromancer cult. Stinks like a abattoir house, reeks of decay and fear. Ground is chalky, crumbled bones, Most know to keep away on sight. 1d6 1=Black druid sect making undead to protect the wild places 2=necromancer school 3=lich studying in seclusion since ancient times 4=minor demon or devil 5=bone golem guardian 6=army of skeletons led by skeleton warrior or death knight

21 Ice tower - a tower made of ice or encrusted in frost, surrounded by a zone of unearthly cold. Grounds covered in slippery frost or snow. Doors often sealed by ice or buried in snow drift. Often linked to the paraplane of Ice or both plane of water and air. Cryomancers of great power often build such a towers. 1d6 1=Cyromancer and minions 2=Frost lich 3=Ice toads 4=Ice Trolls 5=Ice Golem 6=White Dragon or Frost Drake

22 Ogre tower - a crude stone tower, often misshapen and seemingly about to topple. Some have vegetation growing from in between the stones. Often decorated with bones and flayed corpses and crude signs ogre optimistically call writing. A band of ogres or a single specimen lives here often with pets such a bears, wolves, sabre tooth cats or other menacing creatures

23 Goblin tower - a grey crumbling structure that looks almost like it is toppling. Loose stones sometimes fall off and stones from the tower litter the base. Moss, lichen, fungi grow in the cracks making climbing difficult. Puffballs and magic fungi traps are often employed. Rats, bats, lizards and bugs crawl through the cracks. An ancient clan of demented goblins live here often with some strange purpose. 1d10 1=fungus farm with a specialist potion brewing shaman 2=a goblin warlock seeks recognition from higher planes keeps sacrifices in cages 3=a goblin experimental aviation centre with airship, gliders, rockets and other dangerous devices 4=goblin brood mother who is constantly pregnant produces huge litters and is served by fertility shaman 5= school of goblin magicians uniting to teach next generation enhanced magic 6=servants of an underworld power training, preparing and spying on locals, often with a non goblin leader 7=goblin death cult preparing an army, robbing local graves 8=goblin merchants here to trade strange goblin market goods 9=weird local breed can breathe water, fire resistant or some other mutation 10=goblin animal trainers with bats, wolves, giant weasels, ravens, riding snakes or other specialty breed

24 Kobold tower - a skillfully built tower with a tiny door and windows, smooth and seamless, from solid stone. Doorways often concealed and trapped. Sounds of tiny hammers and voices from within can be heard if they dont see you coming. Smoke often bellows out. Interesting goods like cart wheels, old barrels and trunks scattered about the tower are all trapped. Hundreds of empty grog bottles are in a heap nearby. d6 1=lascivious koboldi care only for drinking and frisky antics if lest undisturbed 2=trappers clan leaving traps everywhere for miles around 3=this clan love using burning oil and possibly gunpowder grenades and suicide bombers 4=mechanically skilled clan armed with balistia and repeating crossbows 5=operate a mine beneath the tower 6=have dangerous monster pets they raise from birth

25 Orc tower - a simple but menacing black tower belching smoke, the land around it is sour and polluted. Clanging of weapons and forges sound out. Fearsome drums are common. Cries of pain and hate are frequent from within. Gibbets, stocks, prison pits are common adornments. Always working towards waging war and brutally murdering locals. 1d8 1=orc breeding pit where orc shamen use rituals to create new orcs from foul mud pits 2=orcs with imprisoned elves or men preparing to convert them to orcs led by a orc sorcerer 3=keep human and half orc slaves who serve orcs to the death 4=led by a human magician and obedient to the masters schemes 5=a minor other planar being advises the orc leader 6=keep pet trolls or ogres or wolves

25 Beastmen tower - Different beastmen have different tastes in towers but most just inhabit ruined ones. Local terrain often dictates what types dwell inside. 1in10 have mixed beastmen colonies which might be more friendly. Savage beastmen towers are ill kept and strewn with food scraps and dung. While Swan and cat people might be more refined. A few examples here 1d10 1=goat men demon coven with sacrificial altar or monolith 2=pig men gorging themselves on food being served by slave humans or halflings 3=raven witches acting as messengers for evil in the region 4=ape men plotting destruction of human kind 5=ibis men scholars and wizards solving riddle of a book or artifact 6=mole men with complex of subterranean tunnels 7=chaos cult rat men spreading disease and evil 8=lion men dueling to see who will be their king 9=wolf men with prison full if girls and grandmas 10=fish men cultists use this as a base for their plots against surface world and unwilling breeding stock of prisoners

26 Lycanthrope tower - pretend to be rough and isolated rangers or bandits or freedom fighters, actually hideous man eating were beasts. Looking human important but signs of their pets and smell may pervade area. A few examples here 1d10 1=werewolf viking brothers 2=wereboar hunters 3=were rat gang of thieves 4=werecat sisters seek playthings and lovers 5=wereraven hags curse intruders 6=weresnake family of snake charmers seem very friendly 7=werespider folk offer strangers dinner invitation 8=werebat clan of explorers seek treasure in underland and surface worlds 9=werefox family welcome party and try to divide with intrigue and mindgames, try to rob party 10=wereweasel serial killer family of degenerate inbred cannibals

27 Demon tower - a horrendous evil looking blight on the land with features depending on demon types present. Often highly ornamental, ancient and foreboding. Smoke, sulpher and other smells abound. A few examples here 1d6 1=fly demons home, crawling with maggots, decayed filth and diseased pools of ichor 2=blood demons lair with savage torture equipment and stinking pools of old blood 3=fire demons with pools of burning oil or magma and smell of burned flesh 4=slime demons in a gelatinous stinking tower 5=ice demons in a frost covered tower with frozen corpses arrayed like a statue garden 6=incubus or succubus pleasure palace offers party food, drugs and vice

28 Chaos tower - a hideous deformed blight in this world that appears unstable and almost about to topple. Its texture varies to the touch some are slimy or fleshy others feel like loose sand or semi insubstantial. Such towers may travel in time or to other planes, carrying doomed travelers devolving into beings of raw chaos. 1d8 1=Shoggoth or gibbering mouther screaming madness 2=Slaad cotrol towers travels by rolling dice, keep raw chaos safe from law 3=Mutant Chaos wizard like Zeberdee who has a spring instead of legs with a gang of mutant warriors 4=Demons attempting to subvert raw pure chaos to serve evil with own cult 5=Degenerate mutant scum and shoggoths battle for supremacy of tower 6=Champion of chaos with war band seeks to spread mayhem 7=Ochre jellies, devolved former adventurer party 8=Other planar being from parallel world

29 Law tower - a straight featureless tower with rigid geometry and uniform stone work. Some towers contain stasis zones, with frozen beings from other times or worlds. Magical wards often bar undesirables from entry or certain alignments from entering. 1d6 1=champion of law with mechanical companions and a ornithopter 2=wizard of law with his modron servants 3=modron expeditionary force monitoring chaos loose in this world 4=crystalline men singing in harmony, outraged by imperfect outsiders sullying their tower 5=war band of law, many with cyborg parts and advanced weapons 6=A lawful sect (like Marduk) has an outpost here where clergy divine what is best for the local peoples (possibly includes conquering them or culling local chaos)

30 Elder wizard tower - a strange stone tower, often freshly exposed from a mountainside or glacier or even burried so only top most level above ground. From an elder age of forbidden black magic. Beware of relics found here for many allow communion with best forgotten horrors of old. Spartan and long abandoned, some contain remnants of the wizards works. 1d10 1=bound demon trapped in circle 2=gateway to other world where black wizards dwell 3=guardian golem 4=spirit of dead wizard awaiting a host body - will embark on world shaking plot 5=lich 6=mummies 7=shoggoth or formless spawn 8=devolved race of albino cannibals descended from wizard who they worship as a god 9=crawling with worms who if intruders have magic assemble into a humanoid with ancient wizards will 10=pre human race wizards in cocoons, awaken if air pressure or temperature changes

31 Hedge wizard tower - a lonely abandoned moss covered ruined tower has been adopted by a local hedge wizard with some pets. Smoke from a kitchen smells of good things and a tiny house garden surrounds the tower with possibly some farm animals. Locals come here for healing, love advice and astrology readings. Hedge wizards are usually friendly and often are protected by local folk, animals and even spirits of the woods and countryside.

32 Sage tower - an ancient tower adopted by a sage as a quiet place to study. The sage will have servants and guards and is available for consultation for a price. Some may even know some quests or provide adventurers with interesting information on their items or ancestors. Sages have various specialties and vary greatly.

33 Alchemist tower - a solid tower built or refurbished in the last generation. Often with visible signs of boilers, scents of strange chemicals and weird patches of strange warped vegetation. Many alchemists dwell in secluded towers as their pollution makes them unwelcome in built up areas. Alchemists often have guards and some have golems, homunculi and other servants. Servants often well supplied with potions, flaming oil and gunpowder. Most are willing to trade but some are paranoid about spies and thieves. Some supply locals with their creations to gain support from nobles and villagers. Occasionally mutants dwell down stream from the towers effluent.

34 Beastlord tower - often overgrown with vegetation but more from camouflage than neglect. Beastlords have many pets and provide homes for many local animals which act as messengers, guards and spies. Inside they maintain a surgery, cages and pits. Some are cruel and aid hunters, trappers and other human intruders into the natural world while others are opposite. Some live with nature but still may catch and sell monsters, mutants or other aberrations.When abandoned such places are often inhabited as lairs by many creatures.

35 Angel tower - a tall, narrow fluted tower of great elegance and hewn from white stone. Some glow or are bathed in magical holy auroras. Some towers are only here briefly in the world as tests for heroes. Evil beings may shun such places and if mighty enough will assault them. Often highly visible beacons by night.  The gods may curse those who defile such places. 1d6 1=group of pilgrims here to behold the wonder 2=knights on a quest seek healing and knowledge of their quest 3=occupied by maidens, mostly virgins but led by virtuous nuns and widowed noble women, will provide healing and food for good persons 4=priest and acolytes here to prey and defend the monument 5=peaceful angels reward the good with gifts and exhort others to become good 6=wrathful angel slays non good with fire and sends souls to hell

36 Monk tower - an order of monks (feel free to replace with nuns) dwell here often with a walled area with garden and craft workshops and shrines. Floors include a scriptorium, libraries, training halls and abbots chamber. Many tiny monk cells fill several floors and a crypt below contains remains of monks and their founding saints. Some monasteries have peculiar decor tastes such as decorating every surface with polished bones of long dead monks.  Wicked monks may practice torture, keep prostitutes and prisoners. Some monk towers are abandoned to ruin and often become filled with other inhabitants. 1d10 1-4=Monastic order 5=cult of killers pretending to be monks 6=undead monks from the catacombs 7=bandits 8=a demon 9-10=wicked monks engaging in depravity

37 Hermit tower - a crumbling old tower seemingly abandoned but home to an aged hermit. Most seek isolation but with coaxing may provide wisdom, healing or knowledge. Usually have very little goods and some dont even have a fireplace. Many are aged from exposure. Some rich may employ a hermit to show off and will hunt them down if they escape. Such hired hermits are held by contract. Occasional hermits are deranged maniacs. 1d6 1=holy hermit at one with nature and has many pets 2=holy hermit with priest powers 3=holy hermit who communes with higher powers 4=hermit was someone very important believed dead 5=contract hermit paid to amuse rich 6=crazed killer cultist or cannibal

37 Warriors tower - a fully functional warriors tower, guarding the region from some threat past, present or imagined. Some posts are actually punishments to keep victims far from civilization. Well armed and equipped mostly, many include a blacksmith, surgeon and decorative banners. Some towers and men are run down and undisciplined from long isolation. Some towers include signal fires or heliographs. Some towers may actually be maintained by hostile forces from other lands. Some men may act as bandits or exploit locals for food, sex or labour.

38 Rogues tower - a long abandoned tower has been seized by a gang of thieves. Often seem abandoned from afar, thieves use for storage, training and for a place where wanted men can lay low. Many have a few levels dedicated to elaborate training halls, trapped chests and other mechanisms to test thief skills. Some keep many orphans as students with some unwilling captives. Ransomed hostages, secret ledgers and gang secret rituals are all possible too.

39 Wizards tower - a wizard has built this tower to study, train students, enchant items and other secret wizard business. Usually not a specialist, such wizards have a variety of magic from many schools. Some have guards, pets and constructs as apprentices not usually good for defence. Magical traps, wards and failed experiments are common. Often willing to trade but others value privacy and even kill witnesses from paranoia.

40 Sorcerers tower - a sorcerer has converted or built this tower to be a pleasure dome for his cult. Often decorated with art and gardens and smell of incense and other exotic smells (like narcotics). Where a wizard keeps a lab and a library, a sorcerer keeps a harem or a lounge filled with pillows, veils and hookahs. Sorcerers often maintain a cult to keep them in cash and the forbidden pleasures which they indulge in. Some give lip service to their otherworldly masters or ancestors. Guards keep out unwanted visitors and riffraff. More powerful sorcerers on speaking terms with otherworldly masters may have a private chamber with maps and documents detailing plans for region.

41 Bards tower - usually a converted tower, now home to a bardic school led by a master. Sounds of sweet music abound and usually some farm animals, a garden and a pile of empty drink containers. Some even have a small amphitheater (or a shallow depression) for performances. One floor usually main practice room with many instruments. Many bards also keep a library and a art collection. 1d6 1=druidic bards work with nature religions and may be barbarians 2=arcane bards work more with wizards or sorcerers usually from civilized lands 3=priestly bards serve as musicians for priest ceremonies 4=evil bards serve wicked cult or master with secret agenda 5=spies for a foreign power to aid in destabilizing area with gossip and lampooning leaders 6=revolutionaries attempting to spread dissent in service of some ideal or cause, well intended but would be executed if discovered by nobility

42 Druids tower - often a crumbling over grown refitted tower but sometimes created by shaping stone from a natural outcrop or great tree. Druids use it for meetings, ceremonies or keeping some treasure hidden. Ofter inhabited by many animals, students and guards. A few bards may be present. Some may have more magical fey beings, elementals or  other mosters as guards. Many have a monolith or stone circle or grotto nearby. 1d8 1=green robes who commune with nature, often with treemen or plant guards 2=brown robes caring for animals 3=white robes preserve the balance and officiate ceremonies of the locals 4=red robe blood druids sacrifice blood to natural powers and slay those who defile nature 5=black robes who use undead to guard the wilderness from mankind 6=all of the above druid types meet here for druidic council meetings and all contribute own defenses

43 Science tower - a strange seamless metal tower with antenna and a low droning hum sound from within. Access can be difficult needing magic or electronic bypass or wait till opens. Such towers are often alien or from other worlds or even a manifestation of law. Inside are strange labs, machines and possibly strange living specimens. Some are long ruined or have fallen from space. 1d8 1=guarded by robots 2=inhabited by androids hostile to living 3=cyborgs with advanced weapons seek more bodies to convert 4=grey aliens studying local life 5=rocket men tower is actually a space rocket 6=alien monster loose inside killed builders 7=scientists from alternate plane or lost civilization 8=AI with combat drones

44 Cannibals tower - a run down tower often littered with bones, trash and fragments of clothes and armour about. Stench of rotten meat may abound. A degenerate clan of cannibals calls this home. Some start out trying to hide it but grow increasingly insane. Often outcasts driven from old home. 1d6 1=pretend to be normal and invite visitors inside for ambush 2=insane constant laughing from brain eating make this clan creepy as hell 3=albino nocturnals evolving into morlocks 4=gourmets keep cookbooks and keep prisoners to fatten up, often pretend to be jolly chefs 5=seek to marry outsider, get pregnant then eat when no longer needed, try to deceive but kidnapping fine if need be 6=all possessed by wendigo and turn to monsters when victims try to flee

45 Bandits tower - a gang of bandits from many lands inhabit this forgotten old military watch tower. Some are all male others are communities with families and livestock. Bandit chieftains rule by strict code and kill or banish trouble makers.  Different gangs have different reasons some even honourable like robin hood. 1d6 1=former landholders turned outcast possibly over succession 2=oppressed peasants have gone wild due to injustice 3=supported by noble of foreign power 4=led by dishonest evil knight 5=common thugs looking for cash 6=de-commisioned military unable to find other work

46 Wights tower - a bleak crumbling tower, sometimes long sealed up, surrounded by ancient black trees and gravestones. Cold and fearsome surrounded by dead grass. No birds or bugs make any sound. Sometimes enraged screams are heard from within. Cursed inhabitants long ago became undead.

47 Vampires tower - various conditions depending on the type of vampire. More degenerate the more decayed, while some vampires maintain the illusion of normality. 1d6 1=ruined tower where insane nosferatu dwells and brutishly dismembers and feeds from intruders, barely human with only rats and wolves and bats for servants 2=noble vampire with living servants, invites guests inside for dinner, antiquated decor but charming and seductive 3=elder vampire in tower from earliest human civilization, has evolved into demonic horror and barley able to appear human briefly, reguarded as a great ancestor of vampires, often has ghouls for servants 4=beautiful vampire enthralls victims and drains lovers slowly by mere presence, often has lovers already enthralled 5=vampire knight a corruption of all knightly virtues riding a nightmare with zombie squires 6=vampire werewolf with vampire animal servants, bestial and finds difficult to  (other were beasts possible)

48 Golden tower - a glistening golden tower seemingly new and unheard of. No effects on surrounding terrain but sometimes music heard from within. 1d6 1=test from the gods for the adventurers with mythical dilemas and challenges inside, possibly even a god appears before victorious 2=a demonic or diabolic trap to tempt the greedy and wicked, golden demons within torture victims by force feeding gold and using gold torture implements 3=a plane shifting tower often with trapped victims from many worlds 4=an illusion covering a ruin, a wizard enslaves victims who believe they are wealthy nobles but actually wretched slaves 5=everything fools gold and actually full of kobold traps, part of a plan to rob adventurers 6=giant bees inside make delicious magic honey for a god

49 Clockwork tower - a clock tower with a ornate weather vane and possibly a windmill. Sound of gears and possibly music box sounds. Outbuilding workshops and piles of scrap and old cogs lay about the yard. 1d6 1=gnomes working on cognitive engine to solve a great riddle dont like visitors who might touch something 2=champion of law with ornithopter and firelance uses this as her base 3=clockwork wizard building automatons like clockwork soldiers 4=human DaVinci like mad genius working on world changing tech, perhaps the gods will destroy him for hubris 5=astronomers using giant astrolabe for astrology calculus about upcoming great doom 6=a clockwork intelect killed its creator and is building clockwork insects or spiders to conquer the world

50 Gun tower - a large tower new or recently refurbished has a cannon on top. Inside a shaft drops to bottom and is used to make shot by dropping lead from top into water at bottom. Gunsmiths maintain the great gun and build smaller cannons and firearms within. The are friendly to any with gold. Well armed soldiers guard the tower which is often built somewhere strategic. Guns often tested and sounds of explosions and clouds of smoke not uncommon. Some also use incendiaries, rockets and poison gas.

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