Tuesday 30 July 2013

d100 Shore Leave

What happens ashore stays ashore

d100 Shore Leave
Feel free to alter for female sailors if needed
1 Press ganged by other ship
2 Horribly drunk, sick for days
3 Food poisoning, sick for days
4 Love gone wrong, painful VD
5 Robbed blind while drunk
6 Bitten by possibly rabid or diseased rat
7 Bad case of fleas
8 Parasitic worm infestation
9 Gang chasing you for money owed
10 Found funny fishman idol
11 Crazy old man gave you map for a drink
12 Addicted to drugs need a few days cold turkey
13 Ate exotic foreign food stuff
14 Accidentally married while drunk
15 Found exotic foreign coin from hoard
16 New tattoos
17 Lost your knife
18 Clothing shredded by misadventure
19 Accused of piracy
20 Offered cheap goods
21 Got bottle of exotic grog
22 Developed horrible weeping sores
23 Found tiny pornographic pictures
24 Hair stolen while drunk, shaved or cut off
25 Monkey or parrot or cat or dog followed you home
25 Vendetta from pirates against you
26 Duel results in vindictive friends and family
27 Drunken brawl results in wound and battered face
28 Saw shipmate kidnapped
29 Got a lucky charm from a bet
30 Flogged for public drunkenness
31 Horrible fever causes weird dreams
32 Fight with rival ship crew
33 Projectile vomited on officer, locked in brig
34 Take in exotic local sights
35 Follower by sermonizing preachers
36 Con men almost robbed you
37 Beaten and stripped while trying to procure prostitutes
37 Saw fellow sailor procure scandalous sexual service
38 Found amorous companions for pleased shipmates
39 Found ornate key
40 Heard news of friends of family
41 Awake in bed with orangutang?
42 Awake with tentacle sucker or stinger wounds
43 Temporarily blind from bad grog
44 Some one in crew comes back with artificial limb
45 learn how to eat unusual sea creature most are afraid of
46 learn a folk remedy for a type of marine venom
47 learn of a type of superior bait recipe
48 Found medal dedicated to maritime saint or god
49 Found quality hat suitable to your station
50 Ate bad meal dreamed of being enslaved by seahag
51 Gourd with juice claimed sea monster repellant 
52 Encountered fish man dragging victim beneath the docks
53 Encounter rat man dragging body into drain
53 Dreamed of dead shipmates spirit haunting you
54 Heard horrible tale of ghost ship
55 Heard story of brutal mutiny
56 Heard of explorers on a magical island
57 Heard of lost starving crew turned cannibal
58 Heard of horrible sea monster with memorable name
59 Horrible hand grasped you but you cut it of, now a curious memento
60 Deluded do-gooder wants to marry you
61 Found wanted poster seeking a friend or shipmate
62 Got some loaded dice or marked cards
63 White porcelain jar with blue art holds a sweet spicy perfume that ladies love
64 Wake up with a new piercing
65 Priest offers to help you escape life on the sea
66 Found dead sailor your size with a second set of clothes for you
67 Won scrimshawed whale tooth
68 Won strange scrimshaw tooth of unknown beast
69 Attacked by cultist and got his knife and a strange medallion
70 Refused shore leave - singled out as bad influence
71 Sold box or bottle with preserved tiny fairy corpse
72 Survived horrible disease now immune to it
73 Obtained a small instrument while gambling
74 Gained a colourful local nickname that may stick
75 Given a sturdy old sea chest with blankets and a oilskin coat
76  Given a sturdy old sea chest with secret panel with map inside
77 Found bottle with help message in it
78 Scholar or bard pays you in grog to tell stories
79 Learn catchy new sea shanty that proves popular on ship
80 Shipmate spreading rumours about you
81 Found map tattooed on corpse
82 Found poem on scroll in tube
83 Found coded message on scroll in tube
84 Found dead carrier pigeon with message
85 Found really nice dagger in someones back
86 Locked up for sleeping on the street
87 Vomited up worms in the street
88 Spent most of leave on toilet
89 Lost a tooth in a fight 
90 Temporary limp
91 Earned a few extra coins helping some grave robbers
92 Angry parent insists you marry their child
93 Won a ornate compass that does not point north
94 Won a creepy dancing hand carved puppet
95 Found sheet of old parchment with woodblock of naked witches
96 Spent time with merry old widow
97 Spent time with church mission
98 Had a great time roaring and gorging
99 Found key inside a fish
100 Found a coin purse

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