Sunday, 9 October 2022

Recent Shenanigans & Kosmosaurs using adventure generators

Have 2 regular games now which I hoped to be alternate weekends but now on same weekend. My regular group hasn't been able to meet up to finish an adventure with everyone sealed in so hoping to finish off. Been playing an old B series adventure while waiting for the gang to be in same room at same time again after almost 3 months. I knew going in a sealed dungeon was trouble and my normal sandbox play its not really a problem.

Been testing my druid spell book and my last homebrew bits.

I have entered into 2 collabs with more commercially successful creators which might be good.

Last issue of my Zine in digest format dropping shortly on Patreon and working on Sunderland exploration 3folds for a while, Did drop a 1st draft of exilon book also and some more drafts for upper tiers shortly.

Kosmosaurs has been good. Have 5 players and we had an extra drop in. Good to get out my SF minis and have new players. Its nice to have a simple system where ammo and other details aren't a big deal. Im enjoying as game goes on to put more obstacles and penalties as the adventure goes on. I have some urge to tweak but resisting and just working on content. Being so light we can have fantastic happenings easily and lots of handwavium that makes fun results. I'm a bit mean in I assign dinos a weight score and make dinos the correct size for species which is kinda funny in play. I also stole some other SF game aliens.

I have been using the tables in the book to generate adventures on the fly.
They work very well, especially with complications.

We got:
Banish supernatural creature > dimensional horrors
set in a palace > emperor Slorgs imperial palace
NPC a spaceship captain > a smuggler on the run
Complication - mercenaries > Kalaxian mercs called in to help

We had Dr Anklo, and two raptors ready for action.

What Happened:
Several crew were sent to OHS training about not eating coworkers (2 absentees) and the rest were on patrol. Detected an SOS and detected 3 Hypno-worm fighters attacking a space hopper. Captured two worms and sent a third fleeing with a homing drone and reported to local authorities. The hairy space ape captain didn't seem to want any more help even though on fire so the cosmonauts insisted and found stolen treasure including gold crowns. 

Turns out he was a tradesman on a planet fixing some wood in the mega palace of Emperor Slorg who found a secret crypyt. So reported to Chief Stacy and went to deliver the treasure home. Met the grateful emperor who asked them to help find the secret crypt and they got the info from the ape. Inside was a far more ancient structure with three crypts. One open and one tampered with. Also footprints of the sewer bug aliens who work sewers all over the sector. Tracked some dust to a wall and built a scanner to analyse the dead end to find an entity had phased through. Opened the tampered crypt and found dead sewer bugs drained of vital life and fluids. 

Went to report to the emperor and an alien horror came through the wall and the heroes saved the emperor and were showered in medals. Invited to stay as long as they wanted. They hoped to see if there was one more creature and went to work on building a quantum pentacle to trap the third still-sealed crypt. Meanwhile, the emperor called in Kalaxian mercs and had his throne bath replaced with a metal pod to protect him. He had sacked the imperial guards.

Then more Kalaxian ships showed up and the emperor apparently welcomed the new overlords. The team were no longer welcome. They spoke to the chief of the guards and made plans to free the emperor. The various sewer bug folk were helpful too. A stranger came in the office ripping off a fake moustache revealing it was another Kosmosaur (an emergency player arrived and had a character in 5 min ready). He was a Trex master of disguise undercover in the city and after a Kalaxian who killed his partner years ago. So they took a grave skiff in disguise up the central palace shaft to the palace com tower to boost a signal off-world for help and to hijack the Kalaxian teleporter array.

The guards on hoverbikes were searching all traffic but the DrAnklo drugged the guard and T-rex detective took the Kalaxians uniform (despite weighing 5 tons). He got the gang past guards to the com array console. Of course, it was on a narrow pylon in the open air with a kilometre drop and very windy like all such consoles.

The operator scratched his head.
"Have you put on weight?"

"I need to use that console"
"Ok but look out for Kosmosaurs some have been seen in the palace!"

So sexy rexy got the console and DrAnklo called the Kosmosaur HQ. The raptor engineer modded the console to take over the teleporters and beamed the emperor in his now prison pod into his safe winter palace and then beamed the team into the bridge of the Kalaxian flag ship. Also let the Chief of Guards take over public broadcasting to announce a revolt. They immediately began fighting the bridge crew and the engineer raptor seized the helm and rammed various destroyer class ships before landing on some skyscrapers badly. Lucky everybody was on the streets rioting.

Rex of course recognised the lasersabre-wielding overlord as the one who killed his partner and witty banter ensued before the bass went down. Then the other dimensional horror left the body and attacked, taunting the team. Was a big fight they won the end.

Give more medals and the sewer bug folk offered tho Kosmosaurs the means to access their secret smuggling network if they needed it.

Was very fast and furious and 3 hours felt very busy. 
A great improved story from a few prompts.

Pacing wise I like making success easy early on then as more frantic I add more complications like time to bring in more penalty dice so the risk goes up. Possibly one player has a weapon gadget and a dino body bonus and a skill their combat odds get pretty huge. As they get more experience I might need to amend this. I started giving a penalty die for every extra defence roll after the first in a round which helped quite a bit so at least team-ups proved more effective vs the big bad guys.

Serious fun and will play again. My first all-ages game in a while.
Found all my space minis and need to prep up.

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