Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Stuff that is so good I wish I did it Part 1: Kosmosaurs

Kosmosaurs - by Diogo Nogueira ðŸ’–💖💖💖
This book is spicy bananas of awesomeness that beats you in the face with a fluro nerf bat. It's a day-glow dino space patrol Saturday morning cartoon that never was. It is a thing of beauty. Mostly I'm more into utility than art game books with limited use but this stands out and is a spectacular product. You could play this with kids or cool adults. I've been slow off the mark on this because it was too awesome and I was a bit envious. Full of 80s breakfast cereal and Kirby crackle and pop. Lots of delightful 80s and other references in amazing art. Although it is simple it does it better than most games and you could use the plot gen tables to adlib lots of adventures. Lots of art games to me have limited appeal for a campaign but this bucks that trend for me. The evil factions are great too. Simple mechanics that don't distract you from play. Inspiring stuff and beautiful design and art. VIP stuff!

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