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Exilon Beasts of Burden and Barn and Battle

Horses are rare, riding is rarer
Some cities deploy small ponies can carry a messenger rider with no saddle
Donkeys, goats, ass. camels, ponies or oxen are common 
Vehicles like covered wagons, carts, chariots, sleds or battle wagons are common
Chariots will use mostly these common animals
Barbarian horse riders are new and a menace to civilization
Horses that can be trained are poorly developed in cities
Barbarian beast cults can ride many animals not considered mounts

d10 Common Beast of Burden

1 Donkey 1HD
2 Goat 1HD
3 Llama 1HD
4 Ass 1HD
5 Camel 2HD
6 Pony 1HD
7 Oxen 4HD
8 Dog d4 or 1HD
9 Yak or Bison 3HD
10 Pack Lizard 1HD

d20 Barbarian Mount Table

1 Strider 2HD
2 Terror Bird 
3 Riding Lizard 
4 Boar 
5 Riding Cat 
6 Bear 4
7 Elk 2HD
8 Moa 2HD
9 Mammoth 10HD
10 Riding Beetle 2HD
11 Raptor 2HD
12 Horse 2HD
13 Pteradon 2HD
14 Flightless Bat 2HD
15 Riding Rat 2HD

16 Giant Sheep 3HD
17 Riding Lion or Tiger or panther 4HD
18 Dire Wolf 4HD
 Saber Tooth Riding Cat 6HD
20 Giant Scorpion 4HD

Fantastic Hero Companions

1 Wyvern 4HD
2 Griffon 4HD
3 Unicorn 4HD
4 Lion 3HD or Tiger 4HD
6 Wolf 2HD
7 Eagle or Vulture 1HD
8 Fire Drake 4HD
9 Centaur or Faun 3HD
10 Beastman 2HD
11 Bull 4HD

12 Giant Snake 4HD

d12 Other Large Beast of burden
1 Giant slug or snail 8HD
2 Baggage Worm 12HD
3 Gargantua Beetle 6HD
4 Pack Rhino 8HD
6 Brontosaurus 16HD
7 Glyptodon 6HD
8 Pack tortoise 8HD
9 Giant armadillo 6HD
10 Diprotodon 8HD
11 Mosochops 6HD
12 Megacrops 8HD

d20 Household Pets

1 Parrot d4HD
2 Rabbit d3HD
3 Dog, lap d3HD
4 Dog, ratter d4HD

5 Dag, guard d6
6 Dog, warhound 1HD
7 Cat, house d4
8 Cat, hunting 1HD
9 Owl d4
10 Hawk or Falcon d4

11 Snake, garden d3
12 Snake, poison d4
13 Snake, python 1HD
14 Ibis d3HD
15 Iguana d4HD
16 Tortoise d4HD
17 Toad d3
18 Mongoose or mink or ferret or weasel d3HD
19 Giant Rat or squirrel d4
20 Monkey d4

d20 Farm Animals

1 Chicken d3HD
2 Duck d3HD
3 Goose d4HD
5 Turkey d4HD
6 Peacock d4HD
7 Rabbit d3HD
8 Capybara d4HD
9 Goat 1HD
10 Dog, herder d6HD
11 Dog, hound d6HD
12 Dog, wolfhound or bar hound 1HD
13 Doves or pigeons 1HP (often in a house)
14 Sheep d6HD
15 Fish, crayfish or eels d3

16 Reindeer d6HD
17 Monocratops d6HD
18 Deer or Gazzele d4
19 Huge beetle d4
20 Giant Iguana d4

d20 Guard Beast

1 Dog, Guard d6HD
2 Dog. Warhound 1HD
3 Goose d4HD
4 Giant Rat d4HD
5 Terror Bird 2HD
6 Wolf 2HD
7 Bear 4HD
8 Raptor 2HD
9 Lion 3HD
10 Tiger 4HD
11 Panther 2HD
12 Snake, poison d4
13 Snake, python 1HD
14 Spider giant 2HD
15 Scorpion, giant 4HD
16 Giant Crab 4HD
17 Giant Eel 2HD
18 Giant Centipede d4HD
19 Carrion Worm 3HD
20 Crocodile 2-4HD

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